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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #140
 February 27, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

    "Strategic Alliances"
       - John Reese
       - Moderator's Reply

 + Ongoing

    "Cultural Differences and International Commerce"
       - Tiempos Mejores

 + The Corkboard

    "BITE Expo '98"
       - Krishnan J Iyer

 + Question of the Week

       - Irwin


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

The promised Pegasus Special Issue is nearly finished 
and will be published as soon as it is complete.  I was 
going to wait until Monday, but figured since so many 
here are SOHO business owners subscribed here there would 
be a good sized portion of readers who will see it over 
the weekend if published earlier.  So, when its done, its 

On another note, John Reese's post in todays issue was 
originally sent to me as intended for the "Marketing Question 
of the Week" mailinglist (no longer operating), but I thought, 
since he is a subscriber here, I would use it here today.  
Thanks, John.  Hope you don't mind the sideways direction 
your post took on its way to publication. 

One last thing...  don't mist Tiempos Mejores' post on
"Cultural Differences and International Commerce".  
It is quite thoughtful - and from a non-US perspective.  
Thanks Tiempo.

I hope you all have a restful weekend.

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 New Topics

From: John Reese 
Subject: Strategic Alliances


I would like to submit a question concerning strategic 

As a website design company since early 1996, we have 
been concentrating in our local area. As I have subscribed 
to more and more discussion and newsletter mailing lists, 
I see the term strategic alliance or just alliance being 
mentioned, but never an explanation. The mailing lists that 
I am on, I just feel that bringing up this topic is not 
appropriate. I have only been a subscriber to your mailing 
list for a short time, and that perhaps raising this issue 
in your forum would be appropriate.

I have a general idea what this means, two or more companies, 
businesses, organizations etc. coming together to help one 
another out. 

Some questions that I have are:

1. Who has developed an alliance, and what are the products 
   or services that each sell or perform?

2. As a web design company, what type of business could I 
   try to align with.

3. Is there an exchange of money or compensation between 
   each other?

I hope that the topic will be appropriate for this forum.



John Reese
Riverbend Communications - Worldwide impact at small town prices!
Website design, domain name and web hosting

[Moderator's Reply]

Hi John,

Thanks for posting this question.  As a web designer you could 
align yourself with your local ISP.  They are the 'home' of 
your marketplace.  As for a money exchange, that depends on 
the individual situation.  A very busy ISP might want finders 
fees from a new alliance, while a new or small  ISP might 
*give* finder fees to an active design house.

Just my thoughts.  Anyone else?



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From: Tiempos Mejores 
Subject: Cultural Differences and International Commerce

Hi Gary and all readers: 

Many posts (in several lists) have been seen during the 
last couple of weeks about this matter. Certainly, now is 
the time for ROW (Rest of World), as it has said in one 
of them.

About your questions posted on last issue, I don't know 
if I have the answers, but I do have some ideas:

> + Can you offend certain cultures with 'normal' words?

May be. Ussually, it won't happens when you're exposing 
your English site, due to visitors know that they are 
looking at the work of other "culture". But it could be 
true if you've translated your site (see below).

> + How good/bad is the current English-centric net for 
international commerce? 

International commerce IS English-centric and the web is 
trying to use this characteristic due to it is (more or 
less) well known. Probably, it'll evolve to a different 
level because it's necessary to reach other kind of 
customers. Traditional international commerce is between
companies, and web commerce target not only companies 
but individuals.

> + Should you be offering multi-language site versions?

Yes, since you are trying to sell something and many of 
your customers don't speak English. Of course, if your 
market is English-speaking population in the US, UK or 
Australia, you don't need it.

> + How do you manage effective site translations?

Well, this is THE problem. I think a good and accurate 
translation can be get by only one way, which is a 
combination of:
1- Do the translation yourself or hire a professional 

2- Third party revision.

If you do the work for yourself without a PRETTY ACCURATE 
knowledge of the foreign language, you may obtain a 
product like this (mine) post :)  I know what I want to 
say, and I think (hope) it will be understandable for 
English-readers. But, probably, it has some grammatical 
mistakes. May be not bad, but not a very professional image.

If you hire a good translator, you may obtain a well 
written site in the target language. But, if the 
translator do not know well the web or your product, his 
work will look less proffesional yet. Here is when 
"normal" words can be offensive or, at least, "wrong 

A third party revision by a native x-language-speaking, 
who has English as a second language and a good knowledge 
of the web, can bring you a better accuracy. Of course, 
translators can have this qualities, but I've seen sites 
from large companies (which is supposed to do the things
the right way), written in Spanish with many mistakes. 
And not only grammatical ones, but yet in the concepts.

This third party revision is like that used by ad agencies, 
when testing a new product or campaign with a little group
of customers, before deciding which alternative is the best
All that IMHO, of course

Very interesting topic. Surely it will continue...

Best Regards
Oscar Gonz▀lez Alba

*    Tiempos Mejores - Internet en Castellano        *
* Estrategias de Promoci=n para sitios en Espa▒ol    *
*     * 
*             ICQ UIN 3738599                        *

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 The Corkboard

From: Krishnan J Iyer 
Subject: BITE - Miami, Florida March 4-7, 98

Dear Fellow E-Marketers,

We invite you to join us at BITE EXPO '98, the
Latin American Technology Exposition and
conference, March 4-7, 1998 in beautiful Miami
Beach, Florida. The Conference and Exhibits for
this premier business to business information
technology event will be located at the Miami
Beach Convention Center. Visit us at Booth 602! 

We are looking forward to seeing you and
participating in this event. 

Best regards

Krishnan J iyer
Redefining Global Fax Communications

 Question of the Week

Hi All,

This Week's QOTW is a two-parter, the first is quantitative 
and the second qualitative;

  1) How Many Business Mailinglists Do You Subscribe To?"

  2) What do you gain from this participation?

Please reply in as much detail as you can to the second 
half of our QOTW.  Just what is it that you get from your 
list participation in all these lists?

To respond to this week's QOTW send;

***  RESPONSES  ***

From: Le Homme 

Hi Gary,

Answers to your questions:

>  1) How Many Business Mailinglists Do You Subscribe To?"

Trimmed down to 23.

>  2) What do you gain from this participation?

1.  Lots of knowledge, especially in business. Coming from a
    non-business background, I find it very interesting to
    actually gain self-satisfaction (and monetary) rewards
    from being your own boss. I believe that can only be found
    in business! Also, coming from Malaysia which Internet is
    fairly "young", I hope to know what the rest of the world
    is doing differently from here.
2.  Some business leads. Eventhough I'm not from a business
    background, I'm learning. A lot from you guys! Thanks.
3.  A chance to offer help/opinion to others.

Khairiz Sabri                 Internet Advertising Services
KRMQuest Marketing, Peti Surat 7798, Persiaran Dato Menteri
          40670 Shah Alam, Selangor, MALAYSIA
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From: Irwin 
Subject: My Response

Hi Gary: 

My first newsletter came from you !! Since then, my 
list has grown.

From: Irwin 

  1) How Many Business Mailinglists Do You Subscribe To?


  2) What do you gain from this participation?

1.  Knowledge and information from SO many people.
2.  Help on basic BUT important issues.
3.  Some fun. Some discussions do bring out a smile :)
4.  I get to know of other sites from the Posts of others.
5.  I get to introduce others to my Company and what we offer.

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