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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #141
 March 2, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

       - Christel Mantel

 + Ongoing

    "Strategic Alliances"
       - Benjamin Yoskovitz
       - Barb Sybal
       - Allan Gardyne
       - George Matyjewicz

    "Cultural Differences and International Commerce"
       - Allan M. Rivera-Rufz
       - Elaine Winters

 + The Corkboard

    "Meat & Potatoes" Online Shopping Survey"
       - Thom Reece

    "Looking for Success Stories"
       - Kirsten Darrow

 + Question of the Week

    "Responses to Last Week's QOTW, How Many Business 
                  Mailinglists do you subscribe to?"
       - George G. Miller
       - Ron S. La Vine, MBA
       - Alan Knudsholt
       - Judy Schramm

    "This Week's QOTW, Hard Sell vs. Soft Sell, 
                       What Works Online?"


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Happy Monday.  Today's issue is particularly large, 
so I will simply say to you;

And now, on with the show...

Your moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 New Topics

From: Christel Mantel 
Subject: links


I would like to get some insights about the following, which I 
think is a very important issue in keeping visitors on your site. 
How many external links are possible/allowable on a page with
risk/prevention information without distracting or confusing 
the reader and without losing the reader? 

Thanks already for your feedback

Christel Mantel


From: "Benjamin Yoskovitz" 
Subject: Re: Strategic alliances

Strategic alliances, or whatever you want to call them, are a 
definite advantage in the web design/new media industry.

> 1. Who has developed an alliance, and what are the products 
>    or services that each sell or perform?

My company, meep! media inc. has develop alliances with a number of 
different companies.  The idea I think, is to find companies in the 
same industry but that offer slightly different services.  This way 
you can start exchanging projects, contacts, etc.
> 2. As a web design company, what type of business could I 
>    try to align with.

Well for example, an ISP would be a critical partner to locate.  
Maybe a multimedia firm.

Partnering with different companies, that offer a slightly different 
service/product allows you to "look" bigger than you are, go after 
bigger contracts, and offer a "full solution" (whatever that means).
> 3. Is there an exchange of money or compensation between 
>    each other?

I don't think this is an issue really.  A handshake agreement should 
be good enough, although we have partnered with a number of companies 
that have turned out flaky.  At least you don't lose too much, but 
you gain nothing when the other company is flaky.
I think there are varying degrees of partnership, from an 
understanding to work on projects together, or exchange projects, to 
literally becoming the same company, moving into an office together 
and...getting married.

The biggest problem with partnering with companies is that it is hard 
to tell whether they will pan out.  We have had a number of so-called 
partners that have never done anything for us.  When you put the 
effort into finding them, and working out some sort of arrangement, 
you want something in return.  That's life I suppose.

Good luck!

Benjamin Yoskovitz
meep! media inc. - web and intranet development
Cold Fusion Solution Developers


From: "B.A. Sybal" 
Subject: RESPONSE: Strategic Alliances

> 1. Who has developed an alliance, and what are the products 
>    or services that each sell or perform?

I'll first make the presumption that when anyone is discussing
an alliance, they don't mean entering into formal partnership

> 2. As a web design company, what type of business could I 
>    try to align with.

Wow, John, you are in the perfect business to align yourself
with ISPs, programmers, internet marketing companies, among
many, many others that I can think of off the top of my head.

If I were a potential customer and you referred me to any number
of companies that would make my life easier, you would probably
have me as a customer forever :)

I think this is the whole point to an alliance: ensuring that you'll
have a "loyal" customer base ... who will then turn around and
refer other individuals/companies to you.

>  3. Is there an exchange of money or compensation between 
>    each other?

Each company in an alliance is probably resonsible for their own
billing. Again, only in a formal partnership arrangement would
monies flow through all the parties based on their ownership

There are probably many benefits to an alliance, eg:
if you find an ISP that would like to take your referrals, they
might give you free access or some other perq based on
your referrals. It's an exchange of each other's benefits
and strengths, as opposed to money.

I would think that each member company in an alliance should
also be fairly well conversant in each other's business, eg:
if you refer a customer to an ISP, you should give more than
"call Jimmy and tell him I sent you" or "they are good" ... you'll
need to give them information that they can make a thoughtful
and thorough decision based on knowledge (how do they
compare, in customer service and equipment, to other ISPs).

I would love to be able to find giftware companies that
offer complementary products: it's not only a strategic
alliance, it makes good business sense, both online and
offline ... trade shows is where I see this being a great
resource  :)


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
My Sentiments(TM) Fine Art Cards
"Your source for sending a smile"
1-888-ART-FOR-2 (Canada & US)
(905) 828-7399 ~ (905) 828-4143 (Fax)


From: Allan Gardyne 
Subject: Re: Strategic Alliances

Re: John Reese's questions on strategic alliances.

In my humble opinion it's just a fancy term for co-operation, and
exactly what form it takes is restricted only by your imagination
and ethics.

>1. Who has developed an alliance, and what are the products 
>  or services that each sell or perform?, with 30,000 associates, is the king of little 
partnership arrangements. Imagine having 30,000 partners giving 
you publicity. also makes big strategic alliances. 
For example, it made a three-year deal under which it is the 
exclusive bookseller on Excite. 

In July, 1997, also made a three-year deal with 
America Online under which is the exclusive bookseller 
on and AOL's NetFind search engine.  AOL will get $US19 
million over the three years, with additional payments if sales exceed certain levels. When the deal was 
announced, the companies said that under the agreement, would receive a permanent front-screen button on 
the home page.

>2. As a web design company, what type of business could I 
>   try to align with.

Any services or products that Internet businesses need: such 
as those supplying web hosting, URL redirection, autoresponders,
maybe even marketing books or specialist directories which 
provide useful info that your buyers need.

>3. Is there an exchange of money or compensation between 
>   each other?

It could simply be an exchange of advertising, as long as 
the exchange is fair, or commission on sales measured by 
click-throughs, or whatever you can imagine.

There are probably a huge number of little strategic alliances 
going on that most of us don't recognize. In the newspaper 
industry, journalists' unions worry about codes of ethics 
and try to keep an eagle eye on what they call "advertorials",
advertising disguised as news. On the Internet, there are 
almost no such restrictions.  Anyone can be a publisher, form 
some sort of partnership and then artfully promote the partner.
Is that product on the top of the top ten list really the best? 
If it's not, why is it there?

Regards from sunny Queensland


From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Strategic Alliances

>1. Who has developed an alliance, and what are the products 
>   or services that each sell or perform?

I have been involved with strategic alliances since 1984 and
developed some very large ones (MAI Systems with HP, NCR, IBM &
Sun) and some small ones.  I have also advised clients on
alliances.  Change the word strategic to synergistic and you may
get a better handle on how they work.  You capitalize on your
strengths and compensate your weaknesses with a strategic
(synergistic) alliance.  

Just about any product or service will work -- but especially
information systems.  The **major** problem I have always found
with strategic alliances, and the main reason they fail is
everybody waits for the next guy to do something.  You as a Web
design company waits for me as a marketeer to drive business to
you, and I wait for you to bring me your Web design clients who
need marketing.

To be successful you need to identify each other's strengths and
weaknesses, and who is going to do what and when.

>2. As a web design company, what type of business could I 
>   try to align with.

To answer this, your first need to address your strengths and
weaknesses.  Do you host systems?  Do you promote sites?  Are you
a graphic artist?  Are you a copy writer?  

If you answered yes to all of these, you don't need a strategic
alliance. If you are lacking in one or more of these areas, a
strategic alliance can help.  

Secondly, are you limited to a certain type or size of client
that you can service?   If so, a strategic alliance can help in
that you can go after larger deals with more people involved.  A
lot of ISP's are offering strategic alliances whereby
(supposedly)  they refer the Web design work to you and you the
server work to them.  The problem is, nobody makes the first move.

>3. Is there an exchange of money or compensation between 
>   each other?

Depends on the arrangement, but usually not.  Sometimes two or
more companies will align and throw money into a pot for
advertising or to give the appearances of one company.  

Some tips with strategic alliances:

1.  Have a clear understanding of the purpose of the alliance.
2.  Know who is doing what and when.
3.  Be comfortable with the parties in the alliance.
4.  Don't sign any long-term commitments unless you know what you
    are getting into.
5.  Know what you cannot do as a result of this alliance.

They will work very well, and they will work on the Net.  We have
formed many strategic alliances with companies on the Net,
whereby each takes a piece of the project.  For example,  I would
have no qualms working with Gary Foote on a client's Web site
whereby he designs it and we promote it.  I have seen Gary's
work, and know his capabilities.   Barb Sybal summed this though
up a couple of weeks ago, when she mentioned her site that Gary
designed and some of the promotion work I did for her.  

Good luck.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
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***  NEXT TOPIC - Cultural Differences and 
                  International Commerce  ***

From: (Alan Rivera)
Subject: Languages, lenguajes and otras diferencias...!

About your questions posted on last issue, I don't know
if I have the answers, but I do have some ideas:

> + Can you offend certain cultures with 'normal' words?

Is not a matter of semantics, is a matter of MARKETING. How 
well you know the substance of your products or services. In 
our case, we are art collectors and brokers. We represent fine 
arts in a variety of genres (writing, music, paintings, art 
crafting and culinaries). The first step is to be sincere 
and knowing deeply into what is offering to a specific
kind of client. If you know what are you talking about, no 
matter to what language you are translating the offer, you 
will reach!


> + How good/bad is the current English-centric net for
international commerce?

>From my high school days, the teacher always said that 
english is THE english language. In the last part of this 
millennium, we don't think so! We think that we are closer 
of a cybersperanto than ever! If you take for example 
cool language translator system and very business like 
approach to the languages barriers. We are using this beta 
and encouraging them to keep going!

> + Should you be offering multi-language site versions?

We think that at least, in your native language and in 

> + How do you manage effective site translations?

We apply our personal know-how of the products and services 
that we are marketing. Then, there come the cavalry of 
friends and critics that put us in perspective of the pros 
and cons of each copywrighting. Then, we use some spell 
checkers and programs (like COMPRENDE), to filter this
second drafts and a final spell checking.

We always let the door open to clients and friends to 
suggest better ways to reach them. Their suggestions are 
not only appreciated but also rewarded!

Very interesting topic. Surely it will continue...

Best Regards
Allan M. Rivera-Rufz

P.S: If you find any errors or misspellings in this comments, 
please let us know at
Your help will be appreciate with a 10% discount in any art 
product of your interest!

Galerfas Artesanales De Puerto Rico
100% Puerto Rican Arts, Books, Music & Gourmet!


From: Instructional Design 
Subject: Cross Cultural Issues

Cross Cultural Considerations:

Color considerations are many and sometimes complex; 
here are a few examples to think about:


China prosperity good fortune

Ivory Coast - mourning

Malaysia - strength 


many countries - environmental awareness

Muslims -associate with Mohammed


Ghana - joy/happiness

American Hopi - religious significance 


Malaysia - royalty

USA - caution 

China - wealth

Do you know of others?


Elaine Winters
/communicaton that leaps cultural boundaries/

[Moderatotr's Comments]

Hi All,

Just thought some readers might not be aware of the following 
webpage translation service, offered free online by AltaVista.  
I tested my Weather by E-mail front page by translating it from 
English to French and back to English again.  Since I don't 
speak French I can't comment on the English to French phase 
of the test, but the final translation back to English is VERY 
different from the original.  Interested readers may see the 
pages in question at;

Original English Page:

English to French:

French back to English:

The AltaVista translation page is at;



 The Corkboard

Subject: "Meat & Potatoes" Online Shopping Survey...


I just discovered the Ernst & Young Internet Shopping
Survey and it is something that all E-MARKETING readers 
will want to read...especially if you are attempting to 
sell directly from your web site.

The survey is available at the E & Y website at:
( It's also available as a PDF download from the site).  
When I first saw this I thought "Oh, boy...another 
statistical mumbo-jumbo report."  WRONG!  This is filled 
to the brim with extremely valuable data, information and 
analysis, which will make you a better online marketer and 

If you are trying to sell products and/or services directly 
from your site (and who isn't), then you won't want to miss 
this  report by one of the most prestigious consulting firms 
in America.  

This is real "meat & potatoes" stuff that will start a lot 
of mental wheels churning.   While you are there make 
sure to click on the "Idea Factory" button.  Jam-packed 
with good ideas.  This whole site is certainly worthy of a 
book-mark and is made-to-order for E-MARKETING subscribers.

Thom Reece
On-Line Marketing Group
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dead in their tracks.  

***  NEXT TOPIC - Seeking Success Stories  ***

From: Kirsten Darrow 
Subject: Looking for Success Stories

I am hoping that some of you may have some success (or failure)
stories to share with me.  I am doing some research for a 
seminar I am presenting on small (under 2.5M) business websites 
that have been successful  in contributing to the growth of the 
business.  The types of businesses I am interested in are not 
related to computer or internet/web services.  Please feel free 
to email me directly.  

Thank you,

Kirsten Darrow
Gate Corporation             Tel 617.323.1227
P.O. Box 54                    Fax 617.469.9934
Boston, MA  02131        Marketing Communications

 Question of the Week

Last Week's QOTW, "How Many Business Mailinglists 
                   do you subscribe to?"

***  RESPONSES  ***

From:             "George G. Miller" 

1) How Many Business Mailinglists do you subscribe to?

2) What do you gain from this participation?
    a. First, a chance to stay ahead (hopefully) on the 
       new technology and/or ideas or ways of doing things.

    b. I'm starting to get to know my peers. (or at least 
       more about them)

    c. I also gain some good technical skills from the 
       different questions and aswers.

    d.  Networking, if I need to I can contact certain 
        people for advice, etc.

     e. A chance to check out new web sites for creative 
        ideas and/or possible products.

George G. Miller, CNE
Information Manager / Webmaster
North American Arms, Inc.
The worlds smallest .22 caliber mini-revolvers in production!


From: "Ron S. La Vine, MBA" 

  1) How Many Business Mailinglists Do You Subscribe To?"

22+ at last count.

  2) What do you gain from this participation?

Answer Part 1. 

Free intelligence on a wide variety of areas including:

Technology - Hardware, Software, Networks, Inter-Intranet, etc.
Fortune 1000 company information
Stock market
Software Quality
Year 2000 Issues
Web site assistance 
Free Stuff
Travel tips
Writing Copy
New and unusual web sites
International Business
International Sales
Web site promotion

Answer Part 2.

When you actively participate in those lists that accept 
posts you are provided with an opportunity to share your 
knowledge and assist others plus you receive the benefit 
of a little free advertising via the use of your signature.

Any other thoughts...


Ron S. La Vine, MBA - President - The IntellWorks
Live Call Telesales Training & Lead Qualification
Phone: 818-991-6487   Fax: 818-991-5938    Voice Mail: 800-975-1724 or or


From:             "alan knudsholt" 

Hi all !

 1) How Many Business Mailinglists Do You Subscribe To?"
This gave me a chance to take tally: 18 until today (and still 

 2) What do you gain from this participation?

I am one of the last dinosaurs (61 years old); I know a bit 
about a lot of things, a lot about many things and very much 
about a few subjects. I believe specialization is for insects. 
I feel information is the key to success, or staying ahead or 
just staying afloat. One thing is for sure: without it you 
sink like a stone.  But beware. Information isn't about 
filling your hard disk and then getting a bigger one and 
repeating the process. To me the value of information is not 
so much having the answer at hand but rather in knowing where 
to find it.

In this the internet, or www, or however you want to call it 
is truly remarkable and those of us who access it are a 
minority, a privileged minority, because of the edge it 
gives us over the unfortunate masses of disinformed or 

I can work and communicate with anyone (via modem or 
printout) and, without leaving my seat, can check out 
the Library of Congress, or the Louvre or AsiaOne 
(Singapore's on-line paper) or any number of places, 
for a fact and not just A fact but ANY fact ! 

The amount of information out there is awesome, 
overwhelming, humbling in its profusion.  Perhaps my 
generation, more than the younger ones, can truly appreciate 
these benefits.   But I hope they too may someday 
understand the value of this.  Information is freedom. 
Ignorance is slavery.  

Thank you for the chance to communicate.

Alan Knudsholt


From: "Judith A. Schramm" 

>>1) How Many Business Mailing lists Do You Subscribe To?

About 3 dozen that come on a fairly regular basis; probably 
another 2-3 dozen more that come out irregularly. Most of 
the second group belong to companies I am tracking for clients
 -- you sign up on their web site and they send you news when 
they have it, which could be monthly or even less often.

>>2) What do you gain from this participation?

Huge amounts of information...
Internet news items, the latest marketing strategies, 
information about what is happening with my clients' strategic 
alliance partners and competitors, news about the markets 
and industries my clients sell into, new software products, 
new e-zines and magazines that are potential public relations 
resources, tips for web site design and Internet promotion,
information on how to better manage my business, tips on how 
to use my software programs, and lots more. The list is 
almost endless.

Several of the lists I subscribe to and actively participate 
in are forums where my prospects congregate. I'm starting to 
see more and more business coming from those lists.

Judy Schramm

Judy Schramm   *   JMR Consulting
Phone 703-931-9273   *   Fax  703-824-8482
"Cost effective marketing for small software companies"

***  This Week's QOTW  ***

"Hard Sell vs. Soft Sell, What Works Online?"

Have you tried both approches online?  If you have, please post
to this list about your experience, which method you opted for 
and why.

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