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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #143
 March 4, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

    "List Servers"
       - Richard M. Ask

    "Pegasus Autoresponder and 
     Mailinglist Tutorial - Part I"
       - Gary K. Foote

 + Ongoing

    "Cultural Differences and International Commerce"
       - Jose Camilo Daccach T.
       - Sharon Tucci

    "Strategic Alliances"
       - Pat Muccigrosso

       - Michael Franco

 + The Corkboard

    "Internet Shopping Survey"
       - George Matyjewicz

 + Question of the Week

    "Hard Sell vs. Soft Sell, What Works Online?"
       - Rick Smith
       - Shannon Kinnard


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Since I'm in the middle of a detailed site design today I'll
pass on writing a long opening to this issue and simply say...

"...on with the show!"

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 New Topics

From: "Richard & Cyndi Ask" 
Subject: question

I have been working for months to launch an E-zine. Through 
a seris of happenings that Woody Allen would love I am without 
a list server.

I want people to be able to subscribe via E-mail and off my web 

Any suggestions as to where to look?

Richard M. Ask

[Moderator's Reply]

Hi Richard,

You can go to The List Exchange Toolbox;

There you'll find links to many list management packages.  
There are also people on this list who provide this service.
I'm sure you will hear from them as soon as this issue hits 
their respective mailboxes.

You could also use the methods I will be outlining in 
Part II of the article on using Pegasus to create unlimited 
autoresponders and mailinglists on your own computer.

***  NEXT TOPIC - Pegasus Autoresponder and 
                  Mailinglist Tutorial - Part I  ***

Hi All,

Well, better late than never.  Here is Part I of the long 
awaited Pegasus Autoresponder/mailinglist tutorial.  
Part II will follow on Friday.  I use Pegasus v2.54.  
Your details may vary from this tutorial's if you run a 
different version.  OK, here we go...

  Pegasus Autoresponder and Mailinglist Tutorial
  Setting Up an Autoresponder

First you must prepare your autoresponder text file(s).  
Make sure you use a plain text editor and place hard carriage 
returns at the end of each line of text.  Keep text lines to 
a 65 character maximum.  At this time you should define the 
SUBJECT of your autoresponse text.  You will use this later 
to set up your filters.

Once you have your autoresponder text prepared and Pegasus 
operating on your computer, follow this path from the top of 
the window menu to open a dialog box where you will build 
filters to control your autoresponders.


At the bottom of this dialog box is a series of buttons.  
Choose the button that reads;


This will open yet another dialog box where you will enter 
the paramaters of your filter.  At the top select;


Check the box marked;


then check the box marked;


Further down in the dialog box you will see a text entry box 


In this text box you should enter the SUBJECT you defined when 
you created your autoresponder text.  Use a carat ^ to force 
the software to only recognise exact matches.  Here's an example;


Notice the carat at the beginning of the subject.  Again, this 
forces the software to only respond to exact matches.  If
you don't use a carat and someone responds to your autoresponder 
they will receive yet another copy of your autoresponse text 
because the original subject is included in the Re: subject.  
You must use the ^ top prevent this by forcing exact matches.  
there have I reinforced that point enough?  ;->

OK, make sure you DO NOT check the box marked;


If you select this box your filter will not work correctly.

Now, at the bottom of this dialog box is a selection text area 
where you choose the action to take when the filter is 
activated.  It is labeled;


Click on the down arrow on the right hand side of this text 
selection box and a list will appear.  Choose;


Another dialog box will appear.  On the lower right is a 
directory box where you can 'click' your way to the 
directory/folder that holds your autoresponder text file.  
Once in the correct directory select the autoresponder filename 
from the lefthand box and click;


The dialog box will go away and you will be faced with the 
previous dialog box.  Click;


The dialog box will go away and you will now be at the original 
rules dialog box.  Click;


And your first autoresponder is in place.  Easy, yes?  Now 
all someone has to do to trigger your autoresponder is to send 
you an e-mail that contains the correct trigger text.  Of
course, you should test your autoresponder fully yourself 
to eliminate any glitches.  Test, test and test again. 

Friday I will publish Part 2 of this article, "Pegasus 
Distribution Lists" which will cover setting up mailinglists 
using Pegasus. Until then you can go to the...

Pegasus Homepage URL:

and download/install the software.  Its free and EZ.




From: "Jose Camilo Daccach T." 
Subject: RV: Cultural Differences and International Commerce

Hello Gary and fello E-Marketers!

Gary opened the debate on this topic, and here are my two 
cents on it.   

  + Can you offend certain cultures with 'normal' words?

This certainly happens with some words in Spanish that mean 
different things in different countries.  There is one word 
in Mexico, ch**ga, that has too many asceptions to be described 
here but they go from holy to dirty....

The best bet is to use real complete language dictionaries.  
Some, like the one from the Real Academia de la Lengua Espanola,
has significatio for different words in different countries.

  + How good/bad is the current English-centric net for 
    international commerce?

It is as good/bad as the consumer stay English-centric.  I 
believe that more than English-centric being the problem it 
is USA-centric.  Most of the business set on the net do not 
provide for shipping outside the USA or access methods different 
than an 800 number (which do not have the same effect outside 
the USA).  Businesses have to realize that the net only serves
as a new way of carrying business along.  Of course, for some 
businesses like books or Software, the net has changed even 
the rules of the game.  

If I usually buy bronze from a supplier in some other country, 
I have spoken or written with him/her in a common languaje.  
Mostly English is considered universal for people carrying out 
international business.

  + Should you be offering multi-language site versions?

It all depends where your target market is.  If you have a 
site for selling or posting information of interest only to 
a particular market that is not language-sensitive,there is 
no reason to have multi-language site versions.  

On the other hand, if the market is the world, there better 
be some translations done at least for the major languajes: 


On the other side of the coin, Altavista and it's babelfish
service are making it a lot easier to read other languajes.  
I believe that if a person is interested in something it will
read it no matter what languaje they get it in, as long as
they can put it through the translator.  

  + How do you manage effective site translations?

Only one way, have people that know very well BOTH languages, 
the original one and the translated one.  It would be advisable
to have an automatic translator specially if you will be 
uploading large amounts of new info.  

Use Grammar and Spelling checks in all the languajes used!!!

  + When is the wrong time to mention money in an 
    international transaction?

I believe this has to do with the product at hand and the 
pricing strategy used by the site.  If competition is set on 
price, then, it has to be the first thing to pop up! (also get 
in the competitors prices...)

If the competition is set on some other features like quality, 
warranty, features, etc, price should be the last thing 

Still, I believe that making it very clear on HOW the product 
will get from the producer to the client, and HOW will the 
money get from the client to the producer would be the first 
information to handle.  It is very annoying that after sifting
through pages of catalogs, including items in shopping carts,
and filling in lots of information, you get, after an hour of 
virtual shopping, a message saying "sorry, we do not ship 
outside ........"

Well, just my two cents....


Jose Daccach
    Jose Camilo Daccach T.  
      Asesor Externo                (Independent Consultant)
  Calle 8 No. 2N-47 Of.401 Cali, Colombia. South America
     Tel: +57 2 667 4820         Cel: 93 551 5917        
 Editor: El Reporte DELTA.  Para suscribirse, enviar correo a: con las palabras SUSCRIBIR DELTA


From:             Sharon Tucci 
Subject:          Translation

Hi, I checked out the French translation and it is horrific.
The problem with most computer translators is that it will 
translatele the words literally rather than the expressions.  

***  NEXT TOPIC - Strategic Alliances  ***

From: Pat Muccigrosso 
Subject: Strategic Partnerships and Mailing Lists

Hi, I am new to the list (been reading but not commenting) but I thought
I might be able to add a little to the question about strategic

Our company is called  We offer partnerships to individuals,
charities and businesses.  We have partners like Moms Online, The PGA
TOUR (to be announced at I-World next week) ActionAIDS, The Black World
Today, Hecklers (AOL), StockPoint and Astronet.  

We pay out commissions of up to 29% of the gross margin on every product
sold.  If you send us the customer, you keep them.  We electronically
tag customers from your site and when they sign up as members (no cost
and no obligation to them) and give you the revenue from every product
they make every time they come to the site -- even if they never go back
to your site again.

We provide turnkey retail operations for our partners building your
marketplace for free, providing fulfillment and customer service and
even hosting your web site if you don't have one.  Ad Age said's program is, "not a bounty program like other types of
revenue-sharing programs."  We have also been written up in Billboard,
The Web Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer and
The Philadelphia Business Journal among others.  

Of course, I am prejudiced, but I think a strategic alliance with us is
powerful.  We have multiple products, we pay commissions on EVERY
product -- not just the one your customer clicked through - and we
really do believe they are your customers.  You keep them and share the
profits in every sale.  

Okay, enough about  Here is my question for the list who
subscribe to lots of lists.  How do you find the time to read the lists
and do your job?  I subscribe to, maybe 10 and I frequently feel
overwhelmed by them.  

I really enjoy reading this list and I do learn from everyone who
contributes but sometimes I have to print them and read them over the

thanks for listening!

Pat Muccigrosso

***  NEXT TOPIC - Links  ***

From: "emaxworld" 
Subject: Re: Subject- Links

Hello everyone,

This post is in regards to Cristel Mantel's question on 
how many external links to have without losing the reader 
which is a very important issue. Well, there really is no 
limit as to how much content to have on your site but it all 
depends on the type of business or website that you are 

I believe the most important thing to have on your 
site is CONTENT.  If you can have sort of a one stop shop 
for your readers and enough content that is informative to 
their interest, then you will not only satisfy their needs 
but keep them coming back for more and more. For instance, 
if you are in the business of web hosting or design for that 
matter, you have a greater possibility of clients take your 
services more serious if you also offer additional links that
deal with helping your client succeed. For example, adding 
links to website promotion services,resources containing tips
on how to succeed on the net, tools that are available to a 
business person to promote their business and market their 
products and services, accepting credit cards online, 
interactive services like chat and forums that they can 
participate in asking questions that may help their business 
and best of all, offering free services that may lead to sales.

Let them know that there is such thing as a free lunch. As you 
can see, you told the reader or potential client that you have 
done most of the reasearch for them and that you are 
interested in their success and not just their money. This 
creates plenty of referrals for your company. At the same time,
you can earn referral fees from those external links while 
saving your client a percentage if they decide to use those 

So yes, links are not only important but can be profitable for
you as well as long as you choose the right ones. Here is one 
that I recently discovered that you should visit if you are 
looking to add content to your site.  . They include affiliate,associate,bounty 
and referral programs ranging from adult, astrology, banner 
ads, books, cards, classifieds, computer, education, finance,
food, health and fitness, marketing, music, photos, retail 
products, services, sports, toys, travel, video games and 

I hope this has been informative and can help you in 
acheiving your goals.

Michael Franco
EMAX WORLD: Internet Commerce Link(tm)
Web Hosting,Design,Free Domain Registration...

 The Corkboard

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Internet Shopping Survey

Hi All:

Don't know if any of you remember Michelle Kunz,  and her 
retail survey taken last year on the use of the Net for 
shopping -- "On-Line Customers: Identifying Store, Product 
and Consumer Attributes which Influence Shopping on the 
Internet" which was Michelle's Dissertation presented for 
her Doctor of Philosophy Degree.

Well Michelle got her PhD, and is now an Associate Professor 
at Morehead State University and doing another retail survey.  
Since I am very involved in retail, and in Net surveys for 
the various articles and talks I do, this latest survey seems 
to be on-target and one of the better ones that I have seen.

Go to and
complete the survey.  The target audience is the general Internet
population and their use of the Internet for purchase of goods
and services.  The data will be collected  through May 1, 1998.  

And please forward this information to other colleagues.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Seminars & Trade shows:

 Question of the Week

"Hard Sell vs. Soft Sell, What Works Online?"

***  RESPONSES  ***

From: Rick Smith 

Gary -

I don't want this to sound like a copout.  Both approaches 
have worked for me online.  Allow me to explain.

1.  When posting to discussion lists such as this one, I use 
the softsell approach.  The old tried and true sig works its 
magic every time.  This lets folks get a free report, 
subscribe to my newsletter, etc.  I also have the report 
information in my contact information at the end of each 
newsletter issue.  Using this technique, many people have 
downloaded my reports and subscribed to my newsletter.
I have also written articles for various online publications.  
My contact information at the end has always pointed to my 
free report.  So this would be a variation on the discussion 
list posting method. 

2.  The hardsell also works in certain cases as well.  I 
have sent pure sales letters to my subscribers.  And the 
letters have sold the product I was offering.  I have also 
made direct offers right in the newsletter.  This has also 

While I'm not getting rich yet using these techniques, they 
have both worked.  I use whichever technique is appropriate.

Rick Smith, "The Guerrilla Computer Consultant"
+++ Free Newsletter Shows You How To Competition+++
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From: Shannon Kinnard 

Definitely soft sell. The first reason is that I don't like 
the hard sell approach used on me...on or offline. But 
particularly with the Internet, the target market (at least 
for my business) is small business owners with small marketing 
budgets. Most members of my online target market will want
to do their online newsletter or discussion list themselves.

I would much rather take the soft sell approach and teach 
prospects how they can do for themselves what I can do for 
them than take the hard sell approach and tell them nothing 
but that they should hire me.

I figure that writing and managing online newsletters is my 
area of expertise, one which I do well and do quickly. Once 
a small business owner (dealing with the other million to-do's
associated with running a business) tries to publish an online
newsletter without me, they'll learn that their time is better
served outsourcing. But many business owners will only realize
this after trying to do It themselves. 

On the other hand, many will do it themselves successfully 
and my free advice will help. More power to them! I'm happy 
to help because down the road, someone may ask them for a 
recommendation and my name will likely come up.


Shannon Kinnard, Online Newsletters
Pocket of Words, an interactive newsletter
about Small Business Online Marketing
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