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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #146
 March 11, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

    "The Future of Online Marketing/Advertising/Sales"
       - Gary K. Foote

 + Nuts 'n Bolts

    "Web subscriptions and other thoughts"
       - Paul Myers
       - Moderator's Comment

    "Pegasus Tutorial Part Deux!"
       - Khairiz Sabri
       - Moderator's Comment

    "Search Engines"
       - Dean Walker
       - Mel Eperthener
       - Moderator's Comment


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

This issue I have added a new category called, Nuts 'n bolts, 
a kind of help desk for the discussion of the more technical 
aspects of online marketing.  Two good examples of topics that 
might be covered are in today's Nuts 'n bolts section, "Pegasus 
Tutorial Part Deux!" and "Search Engines".  The regular 'New 
Topics' and 'Ongoing' sections will be reserved for discussing 
the less technical issues involved, like marketing surveys, 
targeting, ethics, marketing psychology, copywriting, PR, etc.  
I hope this will foster dialog in both areas.

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 New Topics

From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: The Future of Online Marketing/Advertising/Sales

Hi All,

We all know the basic rules of finding & reaching your target 
market, the first step in making money online.

Keyword searches at Dejanews, participation in both newsgroups 
& mailinglists, surfing for related websites, offering value 
to the net community, etc., all capture the attention of your 
target market...  or do they?  Is the net the same place it 
was a year ago?  Will last year's marketing tactics yield the 
same or better successes as they did when first put in place?
In other words, will your online marketing pay off in real

The following PR, addressing the issue of where the net is going
commercially, came to me by way of one of our subscribers, Phil 
Doyle.  [Thanks, Phil]  In part it reads;

re: Internet e-Commerce

Last week, back-to-back Internet e-Commerce announcements 
awakened sobering entrepreneurs to the reality that the 
intoxicating potential of the Internet is an elusive, 
entrepreneurial high.

Time magazine admitted it has no clue as to how to make 
money on the Internet. Microsoft announced the closing of 
numerous entertainment sites.  I-Sales and NUA both 
reported that neither advertising nor subscriptions 
are supporting web publishers.


Other news announcements last week suggested that few 
corporate sites are generating new sales. It is widely 
suspected that the few sites that claim to enjoy significant 
sales have simply redirected existing business to a 
web-based order form, which might translate to decreased 
costs except for the considerable expenses of creating and 
operating a website. Several publicized "successes" are 
losing millions.

[Moderator's Note: The copy then offers an editorial by 
WebAgency Marketing and Consulting, Phil's own company]

WebAgency Marketing and Consulting predicts that the number
of Internet publishers and entertainment sites will drop 
dramatically in 1998 for lack of income. The flood of 
"free information" available on the web will recede to a 
stream of business-to-business sales copy. The undercurrent 
of hobbyists and business amateurs is weakening with the 
realization of the difficulties and expenses of selling on 
the web. Contrary to popular misconception, Internet 
e-Commerce is expensive and is loaded with risk of 
international credit card fraud (for the merchant). And 
someone has to pay for the time, talent and energy required 
to operate a website.

I [Your Moderator] have to agree with much in the first part 
of Phil's PR - the 'intoxicating potential of the internet' 
has seduced many a small to medium sized business to spend 
way too much time and resources on a medium that should, in 
reality, be a *part* of a business' existing marketing and 
advertsiing mix.  What seems to have happened is that many 
businesspeople - especially many of the small business 
entrepreneurs - have made the internet their *entire* field 
of activities.  Thus there have been an inordinately high 
percentage of non-success stories (I hate the word 'failure').

As for "I-Sales and NUA both report[ing] that neither 
advertising nor subscriptions are supporting web publishers", 
this statement is most likely true and going to stay that way 
unless there *is* a shakeout and lots of 'hobbyists and 
business amateurs' drop out of the industry.  My personal 
opinion here?  I don't see the amount of free information 
decreasing - indeed, it seems to be increasing exponentially.  
I believe it will continue to do so as long as online marketers 
continue to recognize that this activity is a very valuable 
part of their overall marketing programs.

"International Credit Card Fraud"?  This is a potentially big 
issue in my mind.  Maybe it's just my ignorance of the subject, 
but the various laws of the world's nations do not always have 
a common ground on important subject like this and the friction 
spots between them could cost money to many small international 
business operators.  Sure, big business has been doing business 
internationally for centuries, but do their methods apply to 
today's small businessman?  I'm not sure how much needs 
revamping (again, my own ignorance of the subject), but I'm 
sure there is work to be done.  Do any readers have experience 
in this realm?  Please share with us.

My own predictions for the future of net marketing, advertising 
and sales?  I think the net will soon evolve in new ways not even 
thought of today.  Personalized service will make an even bigger 
impact on net marketing and sales.  Face to face point of sale 
software will blur the line between speaking to a clerk in the 
shop and speaking to the same clerk online.  IMHO - Real time 
customer/storekeeper interaction will be the 'wheel that grinds 
the corn' of future e-commerce.

What do you think?



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 Nuts 'n Bolts

From: Paul Myers 
Subject: Web subscriptions and other thoughts

Rick, et al...

> As far as getting subscribers from the Web site, you can setup 
> e-mail forms that will e-mail the subscriptions to wherever 
> you want them to go.

If you have cgi access, go straight for the latest release of
cgiemail. This program will let you specify all sorts of things
in the reply, including the To, From, CC, BCC, etc. And it will 
format the input into a template that has huge numbers of uses. 
I have set it up to do automatic webpage makers, webpage based 
autoresponders, etc.

More to the point, it lets you make sure the subject is properly 
set up for your Pegasus filters.

The latest release also has a program called cgifile, which 
allows you to APPEND input to a file, in the specified format. 
Including comma delimited.. (hint, hint ... hint)

One additional idea for the Pegasus users out there. Get the 
free autoresponder that Rick mentioned. Set that up as your 
welcome file. Next, bounce the web page form contents off the 
autoresponder to your home address. This way the new subscriber 
gets the info immediately, even when you're not online, and you 
get the file with a clear and unmistakable filter basis. The 
autoresponder address!

And you get to keep the ad space in the newsletter or list for 
your own products, services, or sponsors.


Download our Direct Marketing Shareware

[Moderator's Comment]

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the valuable information.  I took a look at 
the homepage for cgiemail;

I found the documentation to be a little daunting.  Have 
you installed this script yourself and is there a short 
version of the installation instructions that you know of?  
I'm sure many here - as technically challenged as I - would 
like to utilize cgiemail but don't have the know-how.

Want to write a quick how-to for us?  ;->



***  NEXT TOPIC - Pegasus Tutorial  ***

From: Khairiz Sabri 
Subject: Re: Pegasus Tutorial Part Deux!

>Next we test the list by sending a message to the distribution 
>list.  We compose a test message, address it to ourself, add 
>the proper subject;
>Animal Friends, Issue #0001
>..and click on the 'Special' tab to reveal the BCC address 
>box.  We make sure our cursor is in the address box and choose 
>the fifth button from the left on the Pegasus toolbar to open 
>the DISTRIBUTION LISTS dialog box.  We double click on the list 
>ANIMAL FRIENDS and click the button labeled CLOSE.  We confirm 
>that the list filename - ANIMALS - appears in the BCC field (it 
>includes some additional characters, but is quite recognizable).

In v2.55 that I'm using this is not needed. With the DISTRIBUTION
LISTS dialog box opened, highlight the list ANIMAL FRIENDS (I'm using
your example for simplicity sake..) and click the EDIT button. ANIMAL
FRIENDS dialog box will appear with four fields:

  2. To: field - this can be anything you want,
                 say, "ANIMAL FRIENDS SUBSCRIBERS"
  3. Reply-To: field - an email address for replying
  4. Addresses field - all email addresses of subscribers
                       which is automatically added using
                       the filtering rules.

Having done the first 3, click SAVE. The DISTRIBUTION LISTS dialog
box is still opened. Now, double click on ANIMAL FRIENDS. A new
message dialog box will appear with ANIMALS appears in the To:

If you send this message (with your own address in the list), you
will receive a mail with "ANIMAL FRIENDS SUBSCRIBERS" in the To:
field! No email addresses can be seen! Ain't that neat?

So, there's no need to put your own address in the To: field. I have
seen the message sent with this method in Pegasus and Eudora, and in
the To: field is "ANIMAL FRIENDS SUBSCRIBERS". Correct me if I'm

That's my 2 cents.

Khairiz Sabri
Editor, CyberJaya Newsletter
"CyberJaya Newsletter" provides information and tips to present
and future entrepreneurs in business marketing, promotion and
advertising. It is FREE and sent only on request. Subscribe by


[Moderator's Comment]

Hi Khairiz,

Thanks for posting this.  My own version has this feature 
too, but I have not used it in the manner you described.  
It will surely save many of us setting up distribution lists 
a bunch of time.



***  NEXT TOPIC - Search Engines  ***

From: Dean 
Subject: Search Engine Blues

I have completed (hopefully) redesigning my website and 
would like to begin promoting it but really have no faith 
in the search engines. I have submitted to a few but when 
I do a search, it never comes up.

I am very disappointed in the search engines and don't 
believe they work very well. The main reason being, and this 
is not the only occurance...

...For example, I did a search on "Excite" for the keywords 
'internet email marketing' and came up with the following 
as the number one (83%) of the Top 10 matches.

83% FCI Summer Sales Contest - $500 Winner  [More Like This] 
Summary: !!. Steve Minasi personally sponsored 57 people who 
returned their FCI service agreements during the contest 
period! We work at this as a team, Rebecca handles the 
promotion and I handle the email.

This site has no meta tags and the only place I found the 
word 'internet' was under the Link Exchange banner!

The search word 'email' was not present at all!

and the search word 'marketing' was not found at all either!!

I am always hearing: use meta tags with kewords, have 
keywords in the title, use keywords at the top of your page, 
etc., etc. I'm confused!

Could someone please explain this to me and the group?

Thanks and BTW, everyone is doing a great job with this list.
The Pegasus Tutorial was great.


Dean Walker


From:             Mel Eperthener 
Subject:          Search Engines


After two long years, I have finally gotten both a listing 
AND a description in Yahoo!  It is my opinion that, because 
of the nature of search engines (often giving you millions 
of hits), that a directory such as Yahoo is more valuable for 
both consumers and webmasters.  As such, I worked very hard 
to get Yahoo to list my page.  I would like to know if the 
other people on this list have had similar experiences with 
Yahoo, or what their opinion is of the service.  Alternatly, 
I don't know if this has been covered in EMD, but this could 
also be a question on search engines in general.



--Mel Eperthener
president, Gowanna Multi-media Pty

[Moderator's Comment]


The above two posts point up the need for a clearer 
understanding of how the various search engines work.  
We are all familiar with Danny Sullivan's 'Search Engine 
Watch' website;

But there must be some tricks our readers have discovered 
that work quite well for them.  Let's see what we can put 
together on search engines that might aid all of us here.

Who's been studying search engines?



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