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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #147
 March 13, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

 + Ongoing
    "International Credit Card Fraud"
       - Phil Doyle

    "The Future of Online Marketing/Advertising/Sales"
       - Prad

 + Nuts 'n Bolts

    "CGIemail Tutorial"
       - Paul Myers
       - Moderator's Comment
    "Search Engines"
       - John Selby
       - Joshua Reimer
       - Christine Ryave
       - Terry Van Horne
       - Christopher Knight
       - Vicki Simons
       - Oscar Gonzalez Alba


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Today's issue continues the discussion on Search Engines.  A lot
of folks are interested in this subject and the response shows.
Thanks to everyone who posted on this topic today.  You have each
provided us all with a lot of valuable info.

Phil Doyle offers some good advice on international credit card
fraud, Prad comments on the future of online
marketing/advertising/sales, and Paul Myers has written a fine
tutorial on CGIemail forms processing that appears in today's
Nuts 'n Bolts section.  All in all an issue you'll want to read
in detail.

On another note, The E-Tailer's Digest, a Webbers Communications
publication focused on online retail, has been languishing a bit
due to my own lack of time to keep at it.  Believing the
E-Tailer's Digest to be a valuable resource with great future
potential we went looking for a new moderator with the necessary
retail expertise, online experience, and demonstrated
editing/moderating skills.  We found that combination of fields
of expertise in none other than George Matyjewicz, "Rainmaker
Extraordinaire" and owner of Gap Enterprises, Ltd.  You may see
his site at;

George has already produced his first issue - today in fact - and
we are all more than happy with his premier effort and future
plans for the E-Tailer's Digest.  I personally recommend this
list to anyone selling products at retail online.

If you're interested in subscribing to the E-Tailer's Digest

Lastly, the subscriber base for The E-Marketing Digest has been
'stuck' at just over 1200 for about a month now.  We are getting
new subscribers, but the unsubscribe rate has grown enough to
negate any subscriber gains.  We are trying to get a handle on
just why this is happening and decided to take the issue to you,
good folks.  As you have probably have noticed by now this list
does not adhere to a strict topic like most others do.  If a
subscriber wants to discuss web development ideas here I feel
that has an effect on online marketing so it will be allowed.  If
a subscriber wants to discuss surveys this is also an acceptable
topic.  In other words, I try to facilitate and allow
conversation on many subjects here - ranging all across the face
of the online experience.

Now, lately this list has been more focused on how the net works
mechanically & technically rather than on more traditional
marketing issues and I wonder if this seems like too much topic
'wandering' - causing a bulge in the unsubscribe rates.  I would
like your opinion on the looseness of this community's focus.
Specifically, do you prefer a tighter focus in mailinglists than
we present here or do you see value in the wide ranging
discussions that occur?  Further, is there something you would
like to see included here that has been missing in the past?
What ideas do yiou have that might improve this list's
effectiveness and value to online marketers?  Your input will
help me define the future of this list, so please give me some
feedback on this issue.

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 New Topics

 ***  FIRST TOPIC - International Credit Card Fraud  ***
From: Phil Doyle 
Subject: International Credit Card Fraud

Thanks for publishing my post, Gary.
Did you leave out my address on purpose?

[Oops, sorry about that, Phil.  It was an accident...  really!]

Every time you've included one of my postings, I've always 
received great email from wonderful new people. On this 
issue, I would expect an emotional response from many.

Brainware Video is close to netting $50,000 a month 
with nil expenses.  My numerous pages score in the
top-10, often #1, in the Big 8 search engines.

I have hands-on experience with  e-commerce success. 
I'm a believer. The WebAgency 8-step marketing plan 
($20,000) includes proven strategies and a state-of-the-art 
shopping cart with sophisticated credit card fraud protection. 

B2B eNews International Business Journal is in the process
of being sold to a new e-commerce trade association. 

The latest trick by international credit card gangs is to find an
automated site and "slam" stings of credit cards through it, not
to buy anything but to determine which stolen or manufactured 
cards are valid, and they sell or use the good ones.  When the 
bank discovers the "card slamming" they suspend the merchant 
account, and often the merchant cannot get it reopened because 
the bank wants to know what measures will prevent it from 
happening again. (Sounds like an ISP spamming reaction?)

Credit card fraud is bigger than drugs. Some stolen cards are 
"inside jobs" at the bank and are activated before they are even 
assigned to new cardholders.

Credit card fraud risk resides 100% with the merchant, not with
the card-holder or bank. Cardholders don't pay for criminal
shopping sprees and banks are protected by merchant account
security deposits. There is no time limit for a card holder to
create a charge-back to the merchant for any reason. Shoplifting
via the Internet is growing. You can order with a valid card,
receive the product, and then tell your credit card issuer that
you're not paying, for whatever reason, and they launch an
investigation, but they'll take the money back from the
merchant's security deposit. The game is in the hands of the card
holder. The merchant pays, period.

There's no easy solution. The answer is to know your customer,
which is difficult if your site is an international cyber vending

WebAgency offers a sophisticated e-commerce system which
routinely checks 13 different frauds before sending the card to
the bank for authorization. If your shopping cart or merchant
account doesn't do that, you're a sitting duck for the credit
card gangs who are primarily in Egypt, Malaysia, Netherlands,
Russia and Philippines. They are lock step with the e-commerce
technology, so the fraud measures must change often.  

These things are not well-known, and my experience is that 
beginners and amateurs on the web who think they have their 
own business because they put up a site, and even experienced 
business people also, are woefully naive about the risks, which 
are serious.

Phil Doyle, President
WebAgency Marketing & Consulting
Brainware Videos - B2B eNews
tel: 707-538-5043   fax 707-579-1197
PO Box 1397  Santa Rosa, CA  95402 USA

***  NEXT TOPIC - The Future of Online 
                  Marketing/Advertising/Sales  ***

From: Towards Freedom Enterprises 
Subject: The Future of Online Marketing/Advertising/Sales

Sure, big business has been doing business 
internationally for centuries, but do their methods apply to 
today's small businessman? 

My own predictions for the future of net marketing, advertising 
and sales? I think the net will soon evolve in new ways not even 
thought of today. Personalized service will make an even bigger 
impact on net marketing and sales. 

Big Business has a different agenda specifically "this entity
must survive and dominate" even at the expense of the very
environment that supports it. Small business is closer to the
cottage industry style, more service oriented and personable.

I think you are right.  There will be major changes.  We need to
stop just getting bigger and wanting more.  The increase in
effective interpersonal communication that the Internet makes
possible and the inability to misuse this power via BigBusiness
methods suggests that a different era is already in place.

In friendship,


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 Nuts 'n Bolts

***  FIRST TOPIC - cgiemai Tutorial  ***

From:             Paul Myers 
Subject:          CGIemail Basics

Sorry if this seems a bit rough and basic, but I didn't get
much notice. I rather didn't expect that Gary would want "Nuts
and Bolts" on it. 

CGIemail Quick Course

1. Why I like CGIemail:

It gives you much more control over the formatting of the
messages you get from web based forms, and it doesn't require
serious configuration to use. If you've used Matt Wright's, you know what a pain it can be if you're not used
to tinkering with configuration in Perl scripts. And while it
does return all the information sent from the form, it also
includes a lot of things that might interfere with your purpose
in having the form.

Anything that can be sent with email can be sent with CGIemail
and a well designed form. You can make certain fields required
or leave them optional, and can *completely* control the look
of the email the form generates.

2. How to to get it:

CGIemail is not a script, but rather a C program. As such, it
uses much less processor time on the host machine and is in some
ways more secure than a script. Most systems have it installed,
and the ones that don't can get it fairly easily. The code is
public domain, and available from:

Put the compiled program in your cgi-bin and you're ready. If
you don't have it and your sysadmin won't get it for you, check
around for someone with the same OS as is used on your server
and get a copy from them. Or look on the download page off the
link above for a copy that will fit your server's OS.

If you can't work either of those options, you'll have to get
the source code from the page above and compile it. This is best
left to people with experience. Or those who are REALLY good at
following instructions.

3. How it works:

CGIemail uses a text file as a template for the finished email.

There are two tricks to making cgiemail work. The first is the
way you call the program from the form. Let's say the template
is called "sendit.txt" and is in the directory "forms" below
your website's root directory. In other words, the URL would be

The first part of the form action will always be the same.

After that you just add the path to the template as though the
/cgi-bin/cgiemail part wasn't there. In this case, the finished
opening form tag would be (line broken to fit the space here):

That's the hardest part. (Really.) If you're reading this with the intention of actually using it, you know how to write html forms. Each input has a VALUE that is either hidden and specified in the code, or is the text that the visitor fills in. Let's say that the name of the value in the form field is "email". (Your form asks them to enter their email address.) To specify the location for that in the template, just include [email] (with the brackets) wherever you want the value plugged into the form. A simple example template for subscribing to this digest would consist of these five lines saved as a text file: To: From: [email] Subject: New Subscriber SUBSCRIBE E-MARK That's it. If you want to make the email address required, just change the name to required-email in both the form and template. Anything that starts with required- must be filled in for the form to be processed. If the visitor leaves out required info, they'll be shown an error page telling them what they forgot to fill in. To specify email headers, you can use any valid headers, or make them up, as long as they appear at the very top of the file, and there is at least one blank line between the headers and the body of the message. For a more personalised form, use the values required-firstname, required-lastname and required-email, like the template below. Let's say the person signed up to get site updates, and Gary wants to thank them "personally". From: Gary Foote Bcc: To: [required-firstname] [required-lastname] <[required-email]> Organization: Webbers Communications Subject: Thanks for stopping by! [required-firstname], Thanks for stopping by our web site at I hope you found the information useful. I would be interested in your comments on what we can do to make the site more valuable for you. We'll let you know about updates as they're made. Thanks again, Gary Note that this setup sends a personalised greeting. Much nicer than a form letter, even though it really is. The Bcc is used so that Gary actually gets the data. He can use filters in Pegasus (using the subject line *exactly*) to add them to the list automatically. Personalised service without a person! The different addresses for Gary are so that if one is not working, as happens with the best providers occasionally, you don't create a loop. 4. Examples: Some working examples for you to check out to see how this works in "real life". To see the actual templates for the first two pages, send any e (autoresponder). When you have the templates file, go to the pages and look at the source code to see how this all fits together. In Netscape, use the menu option View | Page Source. In Explorer, View | Source. In Lynx, hit \ to see the source code. This page links to a simple secure order form. Note that the URL for the form action is https: to maintain security of the information. A page that generates a simple web page from user input and emails it to the user and a second party. This is a VERY simple version, used to keep uniformity for a member directory. Feel free to try it out. This page was moved and set up for this example. When you receive the page in email, cut and paste the html portion to a file with the .html extension and load it into your browser. Yes, it works. Won't have the graphics, as the form is set to create files to be used on the same server. Using drop lists and radio buttons, you could easily make a form that was very complex and would return a fancy user defined webpage. This is a personality profile at Nancy Roebke's site. Nancy used to compile the results for people manually. A time consuming process. They are now done without so much as a minute's time needed to get the results back to the visitors. Fill it out and look at the resulting email. A simple and very useful application in adding interactivity to a site. This is her most popular page. There you go. Basic cgiemail instructions. If there's enough interest, I'll expand on this and make it available via autobot. There are enormous numbers of applications for this in a site, ranging from simple subscription forms to web based autoresponders and promotional systems. If you also have access to lists on your server, the possibilities are huge. Hope you find it useful. Paul -- Download our Direct Marketing Shareware [Moderator's Comments] Whew... thanks, Paul. After your well written tutorial I am ready to make the change from Matt's to CGIemail. It has so many more capabilities. I'll let everyone here know how hard/easy this is. I'm not schooled in CGI or its installation, so this will be a good test of the ease of installation and configuration. YM, GKF *** NEXT TOPIC - Search Engines *** From: John Selby Subject: Search Engines - not what they seem to be. Dean Walker's comments are interesting. I guess many people have wondered about the apparently non relevant returns they get at the top of a search engine search. Sure, it must be helpful (in obtaining a good listing position on a search engine) to have a good understanding of how search engines work. But, there's another factor, a commercial one. >From reading discussions on a moderated internet advertising list, I have been surprised to discover, from repeated comments made by professional internet advertisers, that it is common practice to purchase a position on a search engine. So, overriding all the mathematical and logical design factors in a search engine's operating system, is the hand of commerce? If you want to be at the top, it seems you can purchase favourable listing, associated with your preferred key words. The exception, apparently, is Excite, but a contributor mentioned a theory that Excite may have a weighting based on some indirect commercial factors. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who can throw more light on this. John Selby. __________________ John Selby __________________ *** SAME TOPIC - NEXT POST *** From: Joshua Reimer Subject: Getting Listed On Yahoo >After two long years, I have finally gotten both a listing >AND a description in Yahoo! [Moderator Snip] >I would like to know if the >other people on this list have had similar experiences with >Yahoo, or what their opinion is of the service. Hi there, I guess I could say that I know a bit about the search engines. Whatever the case, I have done quite a bit of research on Yahoo. I have learned that there are certain tricks to getting listed. Some ways get you listed a lot easier than others. I have written an article on the subject which can be found here: . I would post it here, but it's probably just a little bit too long! I hope this helps someone! Joshua Reimer Joshua Reimer Promotion World! Learn How To Promote Your Site For Free! *** SAME TOPIC - NEXT POST *** From: Chris Subject: re:search engines Dean Walker wrote: >I am very disappointed in the search engines and don't >believe they work very well. The main reason being, and this >is not the only occurance... The search engines are not perfect animals. However, if you use them properly, you can find what you're looking for. You should never limit yourself to one engine, either when searching or when trying to place your site. >This site has no meta tags and the only place I found the >word 'internet' was under the Link Exchange banner! You're right, I found the same thing. Excite certainly isn't known as one of the most accurate engines. However, it DOES NOT look at META tags, so that would have been irrelevant. But the text certainly didn't match up either. What about the other engines? Are you watching those as well? >I am always hearing: use meta tags with kewords, have >keywords in the title, use keywords at the top of your page, >etc., etc. I'm confused! This is all good advice. However, your keywords are very general. "Internet marketing opportunities, Business opportunities, self-employment..." Do you know how frequent these words are on the Internet? Zillions. You must be more specific. Email marketing is better than Internet marketing, and I must say, quite more appropriate. As a professional Internet Marketer (promoting websites via several means), I must say that the loosely-used term of Internet marketing concerns me. True Internet marketing involves placement in the search engines (which is very important), negotiation of strategic links, advertising programs and various other practices. Internet marketing should not be deemed a "make money fast" technique, but rather a way to promote your website, draw targeted traffic and make your website a success. Best Regards, Christine Ryave Internet Marketing Director Internet Services Corporation *** SAME TOPIC - NEXT POST *** From: Sam King Subject: FW: Search engines Hi all, I am just about to launch a site which will require major promotion if it is to be successful. As such I have been reading up on getting listings in Search Engines. After much deliberation, I believe my first step will be to create a 'splash page' full of relevant tags - since many search engines only look at the initial text of a site. I also believe that by speaking to people who know our core business and having them make a list of keywords they would use to access my site, I can obtain an appropriate indication of keywords I should be trying to list under. One of these keywords is to be 'Software', so I know I am up for some stiff search engine listing competition 8-) After I have had the site up for a few weeks I will keep you informed as to my progress! Regards, SAM KING Marketing & Logistics SPRINT Software ICQ#5978282 22 Green st Richmond 3121 Ph. (03)-9427-9996 ext.23 Fax. (03)-9427-0705 --------------------------------------------------------- ps. (love the list) *** SAME TOPIC - NEXT POST *** From: "Webmaster T's World of Design" Subject: Search engine help Hi Gary You asked for some information on search engine placement and I thought I'd pass along a chance to subscribe to a Search Engine Placement Online Email Seminar I'm contributing to. It is set to start in a few week. So far the contributors are: March 28th - Terry Van Horne (Webmaster T's World Of Design) Subject: Using Search Engines To Promote a Web Site Follow Up Article And InfoSeek Listings April 4th - Bob Minnick (Northern Webs) Subject: Web Design For Search Engines Without MetaTag Support April 11th - Brien Holcome (Webtread 2000) Subject: Search Engine Listings - Excite April 18th - Bill Tulloss (InterNetGain) Subject: Search Engine Listings - Lycos April 25th - Jerry Wallace (Wallace Marketing) Subject: Search Engine Listings - Alta Vista Subscribe Today And Get The Schedule Of Events To subscribe, Subject: subscribe Any one who'd like to help by adding this announcement to a newsletter or other discussion lists feel free to pass it along the more the merrier! I have several articles on search engine placement with information on specific engines at In the mean time I'll provide a little advice on improving search engine placement. Place your emphasis on the text and title of your documents! Meta tags are far from being the silver bullet that many would have you believe they are. Especially if you don't know: how to properly format them, the number of keyword repeats allowed the right amount of characters (less then 900 on most) to use. Meta tags done incorrectly will hurt you more then help and this is why you see people saying that removal of meta tags improves the positions of their pages. Of course it does because they were being penalized for poor tags! It has nothing to do with engines that are supposed to support the meta tag suddenly changing their mind. I'll give an example of how to build a title and and first paragraph of text optimizing for these Keywords in their order of importance to give some clues as to how to optimize a page: search engine placement secrets search engine placements search engine positions improve search engine placement improve search engine positions search engine tutorials increase web site traffic free This would also be the exact order they would be formatted in the meta Keywords tag along with my favorite spelling errors palcements and saerch emgine Search Engine Placement Secrets:Free Tutorials to improve search engine placements or positions and increase web site traffic Notice how I used words like "and" and "or" and "to" to turn a list of keywords into a statement. The : sets this up nicely and I use it extensively. For optimizing text I use document structure to gain increased relevency for some words and to set up my opening paragraph. Document structure refers to the tags which in the pre image days of the net acted as titles and subtitles allowing researchers to quickly find the meat of a document or find the information they were looking for faster. Note how the tag correlates to the listed words and the importance I'd put on them.

Search Engine Placement Secrets

"Free Tutorials to Improve Search Engine Placements or Positions"

How Do I Increase Web Site Traffic?

I am often asked "how do I increase my web site traffic?". The easy answer is to reply "improve search engine placements at the major search engines". This is too simplistic so I've prepared a number of search engine tutorials entitled "Search Engine Placement Secrets" or "Position Secrets? What Secrets!". These search engine tutorials provide a number of ways to improve your search engine positions along with some of the known quirks such as frames support, meta refresh support and indexing of password protected sites.

Lastly, the first 300 words of text will make or break most pages because this is where the most weight is put and some engines don't index the whole page stopping at about 300 words even though they would have you believe they index every word on every page of your site(Yeah Right!). A Quick look shows I have used every keyword phrase in an tag and repeated it a minimum of two times between the tags and the text in the paragraph. In longer documents as I go I begin to curb the use of the phrase because it does hurt the copy after several repeats. This method of optimization has enabled me to get several pages in the top ten and some of them have been there for over 8 months. Hope this helps. See Ya At the TOP!! Best Regards Terry Learn why 900 characters should be used instead of the maximum 1024 when writing keyword meta tags for search engine placement. Visit *** SAME TOPIC - NEXT POST *** From: Search Secrets Subject: Search Engine Secrets >...Let's see what we can put >together on search engines that might aid all of us here. >Who's been studying search engines? Hi Gary & Friends, I've not only been studying search engine science, but I've built a Moderated Search Engine Secrets discussion list which has taken off, with over 1400 subscribers, including representation by techies from the leading search engines! :) It's published twice monthly, on the 1st and the 15th of each month, and each issue starting with this Sunday's, has a SES (Search Engine Secrets) Resource Section dedicated to uncovering the best URL's on the net, to give you the edge on leveraging the power of Search Engines. You're all welcome to join, by sending an Email to: and you will automatically be added. Cheers! -Christopher Knight, SearchSecrets Moderator. *** SAME TOPIC - NEXT POST *** From: Vicki Simons Subject: Re: Search Engine Blues Dean wrote: > I am very disappointed in the search engines and don't > believe they work very well. The main reason being, and this > is not the only occurance... --- snip example of search performed on Excite --- > this site has no meta tags and the only place I found the > word 'internet' was under the Link Exchange banner! Dean, most of us feel your frustration, as there are thousands of new websites being added weekly to the search engines, and a limited number of top positions. Companies abound which can submit your webpages to the search engines for you, including some which claim they can get you top billing therein. Although my success has been limited in this area, I suggest that -- *without spamming* the search engines -- you perform some tests to find out which combinations work to get you higher rankings in which search engines. Please note this: each search engine has its own peculiarities. For example, Excite does not search on meta tags. It would be a thankless, endless task to continually visit each search engine, type in the keywords upon which you hope your pages will be found, and check your pages' rankings -- were it not for one particular program I've found. Please visit this page for more information: Hang in there! It takes perseverance, but it's worth it. I wish you the best! -- Vicki Simons Pre-Paid Legal Services(R), Inc. & Subsidiaries - Independent Associate * Lawsuits. Car Accidents. Consumer Rights. Updating my Will. What U.S. families and small business owners need to know! Learn "What's Worse than Needing Legal Help?" Get our FREE autoresponder; Write to Today! 262 Eastgate Drive, Suite 391 Aiken, SC 29803-7698 803/652-1727 *** SAME TOPIC - NEXT POST *** From: Tiempos Mejores Subject: Excite & Yahoo! Hola Gary and all readers: In last issue of the list, there was a couple of posts about problems with two of the major SEs (Excite & Yahoo!). Those of you who have the same problems, please note: - Excite: They don't read (nor index) Meta tags. They extract your site's description from the body tag text content. Try to include your keywords on the first 200 characters and repeat they in other places. There's an article in NothernWebs Search Engine Tutorial, which says you can add more keywords to be picked by Excite robot using the , with your phrases and repeating it a few times in the same page (see / I don't try this, and don't know if it works.) Not all the engines read meta tags. In the same E-Mark issue, Gary mentioned the excellent SearchEngineWatch. You can take a look to this site to have a better approach on how the SEs work. Each one have their own rules. Also you can visit the SEs help pages, they have a brief explanation about this matter. And you may post your doubts in the SE Forums at - Yahoo!: Many people in other lists or forums had said they note a very long delay to get listed. According to that I've learned (and tried), many times the reason for not being listed is inadequated submissions. Think about this: Yahoo! have no spiders (robots), they have surfers (real people). These people review each site and they decide to list it or not. If your submission is wrong or not complete, you chances go down (or dissappear at all). When submiting to Yahoo!, you'd must: 1- Choose the appropiate category and press the AddURL button FROM this category. Do not overwrite the category field. 2- If your site is in anyway a comercial one, submit ONLY to Business and Economy category. 3- If your site is written in a language which is covered by a Regional Yahoo! (French, German, Japan) submit to them, not to main Yahoo! 4- Do the same if your site is in English but are related/located in Great Britain or Australia. 5- If you site is related to a city or state which has its own Local Yahoo!, submit to them and not to main Yahoo! 6- If your site is not covered by the above statements, then submit to main Yahoo!. In all cases, your site must be "well done" at the submission date. Finished, without spelling or grammatical mistakes, broken images, etc. If you not get listed during the first month, resubmit AND contact them. The best way to do that is following the procedures they establish in their site. If you have a previous listing, surelly you've received a mail from a Yahoo! surfer. E-mail him/her asking for your listing or possible mistakes done. All the sites I have submitted are Spanish-written (not regional Yahoo! yet) and outside the US (Argentina - not a local Yahoo! yet). So, I must submited to main Yahoo! I really have a delay (5 months) to get listed my first site. But since that, I only have a delay of about 1 month, the time they said take to get listed. Of course, they can improve their service decreasing times, but we can help doing the things the right way. I recommend to read their "How to Suggest a site" and follow all their procedures. You'll have a better chance. Hope this helps Best Regards Oscar Gonz▀lez Alba ****************************************************** * Tiempos Mejores - Spanish Web sites Promotion * * Promote your site in Latin America and Spain * * * ****************************************************** ---------------------------------------------------------------- Archives are at: To Post to The E-Marketing Digest: The EMD Discount Pool is located at; For Information on sponsoring this publication send; To modify your subscription go to the following URL; and use our 'Subscriber's Dashboard'. 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