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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #148
 March 16, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + Ongoing

    "Online Language Issue"
       - Klaus  Arnhold

    "The Future of Online Marketing/Advertising/Sales"
       - Helmut S. Krug

    "International Credit Card Fraud"
       - John Vinokur

    "The Focus of This List"
       - Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer
       - Nancy Roebke
       - Jan Crowell
       - Ken Evoy, MD
       - Derrick Robinson

 + Nuts 'n Bolts

    "CGIemail Tutorial"
       - George Matyjewicz

    "Search Engines"
       - Nancy Roebke
       - Moderator's Reply

 + The Corkboard

    "Internet Marketing Issues Mailinglist"
       - Paul Myers
       - Moderator's Comment

 + Question of the Week

    "What is your most effective method for 
     finding your target market online?"


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Welcome to another fine week in cyberland.  Today's issue of the
EMD carries thoughtful posts on the subjects of "Online Language
Issue" by Klaus  Arnhold, "The Future of Online
Marketing/Advertising/Sales" by Helmut S. Krug and "International
Credit Card Fraud" by John Vinokur.

There are also a number of responses to my post in the last issue
about the focus of this list and how it impacts subscribers and
circulation.  There are a lot of good ideas presented and I will
be implementing many.  Thanks to everyone who posted on this

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


From: (Klaus  Arnhold)
Subject: Re: online language issue

On 09.03.98  schrieb Bill Dunlap zu "The future of the online 
language issue"
 * Implanted millimetres under the
 * skin on the back of his head a tiny "brain-link" connects to a
 * computer, which instructs his brain how to speak in Dutch,
 * Polish or whatever language he needs.

That is a sort of "Wunschtraum" a lot of people have but I don't
expect to see anything like this in a foreseeable future. By now
scientist are hardly able to translate spoken words properly into
another language.

A friend at the University of Duesseldorf, he is a linguist, is
involved in such a project which is supposed to lead to some sort
of software that will maybe translate German to Chinese (a
by Deutsche Telekom). But there is a big problem: it is not only
a matter of correct translation of words but meaning of these
For example it does make a lot of difference if one says:
"Will you go down the cellar?" or "Will YOU go down the cellar
 * This technology this far is
 * already available. The only thing missing is an accurate
 * translation engine.

Bill you named it!
 * An open question to the group here: what do people think about
 * the potential for automatic translation to happen on the Web
 * within the next 5 years?  Any ideas?

I doubt that even within the next five years any significant
will take place that enables translation "on the fly".

Herzliche Gruesse
aus Duesseldorf

Klaus Arnhold

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***  NEXT TOPIC - the Future of Online 
                  Marketing/Advertising/Sales  ***

From: "justClick!" 
Subject: Re: The Future of Online Marketing/Advertising/Sales

> I think the net will soon evolve in new 
> ways not even thought of today. Personalized service 
> will make an even bigger impact on net marketing and sales.

> The increase in effective interpersonal communication that the 
> Internet makes possible.

Hi, e-marketers,

I'm referring to both postings. We at the justClick! Target
Network try to shape the new era. Since 1996 we are working hard
to implement a new business model which is based on competence.
We believe that the interpersonal communication and the
relationship building will be the future of the Net.

We are preparing the launch of CommunityBuilder 98. I would like
to invite you to study the business model implemented:

   Reshaping Business Models: From Content To Competence.
   Expanding Options For Conducting Business.
   The Net empowers consumers, not advertisers as in traditional
   Win Your Target Audience: Competence Is Key For Loyalty.
   The future of relationship building on the web.
   Price brings in, content keeps, competence activates the

Many terms used are new on the web, so please do not expect an
easy to read story.

Best regards,

Helmut S. Krug
justClick! Target Network. Since 1996.
> Targeting Multilingual Markets & Building Interactive
> With the Premier Target Network of Affiliates and Agencies.

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***  NEXT TOPIC - International Credit Card Fraud  ***

Subject: Re: International Credit Card Fraud

Phil Doyle's letter describing some of the tricks pulled by
inter- national credit card fraud gangs was quite sobering, and
points out quite clearly some of the less-obvious risks to which
merchants who accept credit card sales over the 'Net are exposed;
this is, of course, in addition to the risks to which the
customers/cardholders themselves are exposed, when sending
financial information to the vendor (even in a so-called "secure"

To bypass all of this risk, our company has created a service
which works in conjunction with - but separately from -
order-taking via the 'Net.  Very simply, our service accepts the
"delicate" financial information by telephone, instead of
directly through the Internet; in this way, we can keep all
transactions *truly* absolutely secure. For the 66% of all 'Net
surfers who a recent major survey indicated were willing to
obtain purchasing information by browsing, but were completely
unwilling actually to purchase the product or service through the
'Net, this can be a very welcome and comforting alterna- tive!

And BTW, since our service knows the phone number from which each
call has been placed - and can limit the number of calls from a
given phone number per day (or week, or whatever), the scam that
Phil described in his letter simply could not be carried out
through our phone service, as it has apparently been through the


John Vinokur
Automated Response Technology, Inc.
1615 Military Turnpike
Plattsburgh, NY 12901-7364
Tel: 514-946-8825
Fax: 514-345-0585

      "Developing customized automated telephone messaging
                         for clients since 1990"

***  NEXT TOPIC - The Focus of This List  ***

From: "Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer" 

Hi Gary!

I saw in your emarketing digest your comment about the size of
your list and request for comments.

While most of the time, I find something always of interest or
value in the discussion list, I greatly miss the focus on email
marketing and all its related intricacies.  I subscribe to lots
of lists.  And usually I select times when I'm going to be
advancing my learning on particular subjects -- so I tend to like
to stay with newsletters that really stay on-topic.  Many times
now, I find myself relegating Emarketing digest to a lower place
in my "pile" cause I know that when I open it could take my mind
into a million other directions than I expect.  That's good.
But, for me, it's also bad.  I see that my behavior has changed
from long ago when I opened it and read it quickly/immediately.  

Email marketing is, to me, I guess, a big subject in and of
itself. There's so much that I'm sure I could be learning from
others as we forge through the frontier together.   I miss
knowing that that will be the subject of the day in the

But I'm probably the only one feeling this way.  Dunno.

Just my two cents.


From: "Nancy Roebke" 


I still think this is a great forum, even though subscribership 
is "stuck". I know for myself PERSONALLY, I have a hard time 
reading the "techie" posts..I don't understand them and if they 
are about a program I don't have, they don't pertain to me. But 
on the other hand I DO SAVE all those techie posts that I think 
I MIGHT need in the future so I still get some use from them. So 
don't STOP them.

But then, neither do some of the none techie I 
wouldn't unsubscribe because of that.

I noticed the QoTW is gone- lack of response?

[Moderator's Interjection]

The response has been less than in past weeks, but with the
number of people mentioning its disappearance I have reinstituted
it as of this issue.

[End Moderator's Interjection]

The name of the forum is E-Marketing. People may be coming for 
marketing stuff and getting lots-o-other things and that may be 
a challenge.

Maybe a contest in order to get subscribers? Or maybe 1200 is a 
GREAT number and we shouldn't worry about it. If you are looking 
for advertisers, that may be a concern..but if not, I wouldn't 
be too concerned..

The GOOD people stay anyway..

Nancy Roebke

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From:             Jan Crowell 

Hi Gary,

I was shocked that people are unsubscribing but then,
thinking about has been very technical
and  dry--not boring, but dry.  I've
had a hard time understanding a lot of it, but I 
figure I'll understand it --and need it--later, and 
I skim it and save it.

Don't tell Audette, but I always read your newsletter
the first of the 100 or so I receive.  I have to admit
that has changed this last week--now I have to read it
when I am freshest because it is hard to follow.  

Search engine registration is one of the big topics on 
almost every business discussion list.  Everybody is 
concerned and half the web is struggling.  That's the 
up side as a topic.  The down side is that a lot of 
bandwidth (whatever that is :))is going to these 
search engine registration discussions. I do see it
every where I look, and that's the downside.  Still,
the need is very real.  I think the problem is the
attention span.  

Another topic that seems to me was very much in evidence
and is still is to an extent is the all the information
flow about affiliate programs, again very necessary
and much needed by those that need it.  Me, for instance,
but very boring to those who don't.  Once my site is
up and into Yahoo, I won't be nearly as interested as
I am right now.  

I wouldn't want to have any of that information
not available, but maybe you could still have some
of the non-technical in there too.   

The thought occurred to me that maybe it be a help 
to put the more technical papers on an autoresponder, 
and those who want it can 'order' it.  Paul's cgi
tutorial is a case in point.  I want it, but I
don't want it today--I cut and pasted it into
word to study later anyway--so putting it on an 
auto-responder would have been right for me.

As it was, I just scrolled past it after the
two paragraphs, because its something I'll have 
to come back to when I'm prepared to really study.

I think Paul could offer that and the Pegasus 
tutorial series that he's doing in his sig file
and the news groups and really get some good
exposure.  It should have a web home, but gee,
it was long and gee, it was complicated, and 
gee, it did require the work of real concentration.
That's not a bad thing, but that isn't who your
audience has been.  

The thing is that although we all read the news
letters for information, we all mostly skim each
one.  Its the big drawback of so much information
available.  Our attention is constantly drawn to
the next thing, the next thing.  So much information,
so much to do, so little time.

I-Sales and I-Advertising both also have an index 
at the top, and I check it before I read the whole
thing.  I rarely read I-Advertising because man,
when those people start a thread.....well, they
are obviously a lot more interested in it than 
I am.  I-Sales is another one.  50% of the time
I read the index at the top and just file it in
a mailbox without reading it--the other 50% I
find two or three topics that interest me and
read them and scroll past the rest.  

I think thats pretty typical.  I've unsubbed from 
both of them for a while, but then I miss it *all* 
and miss the names and some valuable urls in their
sig files, too, so that's out.

A mix of the usual fare which is easier to read and the 
highly technical in each issue might help, with more of
the former.  I just think that you had a lot of lurkers
who aren't sophisticated enough to understand search
engines and meta tags and cgi scripting.  If I had
gotten three issues like that even a year ago, I'd have
been convinced that I'd stumbled onto some group of
real techies by mistake, and I'd have unsubscribed, too.

You know, even a note at the top that this issue is
going to be rather more technical than usual might
be enough to stop the unsubscribes.  

You might also send the unsubs an "exit" interview 
form that they can check off.  I got one from a list I 
recently unsubbed from, and thier questions were pretty 
searching although they were all multiple choice.
"Was this just re-hashed information", redundant, some
pretty strong stuff, so you knew they wanted real
feedback.  Started out with we are sorry to lose you,
and ended up with If you would ever like to resub, 
we'll be glad to have you back.

Hope this helps.


     Jan Crowell  
   Profit Point - - coming soon
    Watch for it!   Sales, Marketing, Promotion Information 
See 25% increased sales in 90 days with less work, time and
       Set up painfree referral and followup systems, more! 


From: Ken Evoy 

Hi Gary,

I'll just tell you my overall impression.  I rarely notice 
anything of much value.  It usually takes me only 30 seconds
to scan the topics and blow it off.  If there is a title of 
interest, I'll do a quick find down to that topic, scan it
quickly, find it of little value, and then leave.

Today's issue was an exception.  The cgi e-mail was great,
and there were two nice posts on SE techniques.

But generally, if you include useful content related to 
marketing your Web site, you will have happy campers.  Like
any product, yours needs a tight definition so people know 
what they are buying.

Yes, buying.  The currency of the internet is attention.  They
buy your content with their attention.  Your goal is to convert
that raw currency (like the power in a river) into money (the 
electricity generated by a dam).  

But if you don't keep their attention...

Hope this helps,
Ken Evoy, M.D.

P.S. By the way, when you put the title of a topic in the 
table of contents, you should put the identical topic
in the content below. -- I always have to do a find by 
author name to get where I want quickly with E-marketing.




My feeling on the matter of technical issues is positive. I am
not a old veteran on internet marketing. Any technical advise is
well received by me. You may have discussed the subject of
segmentation on the net before I joined the list. Segmentation
-on line and off line is what most internet marketers would like
to master. I know the approach to segmenting on the net is
different from conventional off line approach.

Can the list members who have had any success in internet
marketing segmentation share the process and procedures?

Derrick Robinson

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 Nuts 'n Bolts

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: CGIemail Tutorial  ***

>Sorry if this seems a bit rough and basic, but I didn't get
>much notice. I rather didn't expect that Gary would want "Nuts
>and Bolts" on it. 

Excellent tutorial Paul.  We switched to CGIemail late last year,
and love it.  I highly recommend it, as it is unlimited in it's
potential.  Our's comes with our ISP.

One thing to note is that it is distributed for free by MIT,  and
I like their statement....

"The purpose of this software is to function efficiently and
reliably for MIT. It is advantageous to give it away, because
people outside MIT are often the best testers of the software.
Bugs can be found and fixed before they affect MIT. Bug fixes and
improvements have been supplied by non-MIT people, enhancing the
software's reliability and functionality."

They also have a user guide and a wealth of information at their

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Seminars & Trade shows:

***  NEXT TOPIC - Search Engines  ***

From: "Nancy Roebke" 
Subject:          Internet Marketing Issues Mailinglist


I'm sure you know Terry Williams, of Internet Marketing Issues.
He mentioned to me recently that he had lost his entire
newsletter subscriber list in a fire at his office and was
starting to rebuild it. (The list, that is...)

I asked him for a copy of the promo piece he's using, and am
going to post it in my next newsletter. I know how I'd feel if my
entire subscriber base was lost like that.

Seems like it would be a good example of the old philosophy of
cooperation we all talk about to help him out. Here's the piece
he sent me for my newsletter. I'd consider it a personal favor if
you would consider running it, or your own comments, in your next
issue or telling a few people about it. He really does put out
some good info.

Thanks for your time,


---- Begin Promo ----

"Internet Marketing Issues", a FREE weekly ezine, provides online
marketing tips, techniques and secrets that'll EXPLODE your
online profits. Come find out why IMI was chosen as a Starting
Point Hot Site! To Subscribe: and
put "Subscribe" in the subject line.

[Moderator's Comment]

Hey All,

If you're interested in a qual;ity publication you should
subscribe to this one.  Terry Williams does a fine job.



 Question of the Week

"What is your most effective method for 
 finding your target market online?"

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