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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #149
 March 18, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + Ongoing

    "The Focus of This List"
       - Claudia Hafling
       - Moderator's Comment

 + Nuts 'n Bolts

    "Splash Pages"
       - Ecki Soemarmo
       - Moderator's Comment

    "Search Engines"
       - Dave Thuillier
       - Moderator's Comment

 + The E-mail Corner

    "A New Category - by Popular Demand"
       - Gary K. Foote

 + The Corkboard

    "Marketing With Online Newsletters"
       - Shannon Kinnard

 + Question of the Week

    "What is your most effective method for 
     finding your target market online?"

       - Marian Banker
       - Moderator's Comment
       - Nancy Roebke


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Today's issue covers a number of different topics, both technical
and creative in nature.  It also introduces a new regular
section, "The E-mail Corner", focused on e-mail marketing.  

Don't miss the great responses to this weeks QOTW either.  Lots
of good stuff there today.

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


From: Claudia Hafling <>
Subject: The Focus of This List

Nancy Roebke wrote;

"I still think this is a great forum, even though subscribership 
is "stuck". I know for myself PERSONALLY, I have a hard time 
reading the "techie" posts..I don't understand them and if they 
are about a program I don't have, they don't pertain to me."

I agree with this statement by Nancy.  I haven't read the Digest
as thoroughly lately, because we seem to be spending so much
time on technical aspects that I neither know nor care about
(sorry, Gary).

I'm much more int'd in the creative aspects of marketing.

My two cents.

I still love this list, though, so don't get the wrong idea.  I'm
a big fan of yours, Gary.

-Claudia Hafling
Media & Marketing Concepts

[Moderator's Comment]

Hi Claudia,

There seems to be a clear division between those who read this
digest for technical reasons and those who are more interested in
the creative side of things.  In light of this everyone will find
a new category in today's issue, called "The E-mail Corner".  See
the introduction I've written in today's section.

And, thanks for remaining a 'fan' of mine.  You say the nicest
things. ;->



 Nuts 'n Bolts

From: (ecki_soemarmo)
Subject: Splash pages

Hello all--

I'm usually just a lurker, but I felt I had to comment on the

> I am just about to launch a site which will require major
> promotion if it is to be successful. As such I have been >
> reading up on getting listings in Search Engines. After much
> deliberation, I believe my first step will be to create a
> splash page' full of relevant tags - since many search engines
> only look at the initial text of a site. 

As a user, I really HATE splash screens. I don't have a super
fast Internet connection, so I get really annoyed when I have to
click through a splash page (or a splash page loads then
redirects) to get to the "real" content. Also, if you use a
redirect on your splash page, some search engines (AltaVista,
Excite, InfoSeek and WebCrawler) will only use the redirected URL

I don't see the point of going through the trouble to make a
search engine friendly splash page if it annoys your audience. 

Anyone else agree (or disagree)?

--Ecki Soemarmo


3300++ Free Ad Sites: The Grandfather of All Links


{Moderator's Comment]

Hi Ecki,

Thanks for your observation.  I too dislike 'splash pages' and
consider them time and bandwidth wasters.  When I come across one
I usually go away - unless I *really* want the info that I know
is there somewhere behind all that stuff that only says, "See how
technically competent my site is"?

Does anyone here have an actual use for a 'splash page'?



***  NEXT TOPIC - Search Engines  ***

Subject:  Search Engines

> But there must be some tricks our readers have discovered that
> work quite well for them.  Let's see what we can put together
> on search engines that might aid all of us here.

Here's some more resource info on search engines

The Search Engine Secrets Discussion List
Moderated by Christopher M. Knight 
To Subscribe, Send An Email To:

This Issue's SearchSecrets RESOURCE URL's: 

Red Lawhern, Ph.D.

Kansas City Public Library
Introduction to Search Engines

Various Search Engine Science Articles:

Washington Posts' Search Engine Overview:

[Moderator's Interjection: The above URL is split in this issue.
You will have to cut and paste it together for it to work. - GKF]

I just joined the search engine secrets list today so I don't 
know much about it. It appears they have only sent out three 
digests so far. The questions look to be on target and there are 
a couple of people introducing themselves as experts in the 
field. We shall see.

Dave Thuillier
Owner, Dreamer's Den    
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                603-464-4762
  Collectable Card Games                 Models & Hobby Materials
    Role Playing Games                Pewter Gaming Miniatures  
             Fantasy & Sci-FI Books and Audio Books

[Moderator's Comments]

Thanks, Dave,

This is a good list of SE resources.  I think I'll be joining the
Search Engine Secrets Discussion List too.  Chris Knight does a
good job with his other publications.



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 The E-mail Corner

From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: A New Category - by Popular Demand

Hi All,

Welcome to the E-mail corner, a place in this list to discuss
e-mail marketing in all of its many aspects.  While I'm not ever
going to allow this section of the EMD to become a proponent of
spamming, I do believe there are ethical ways of using e-mail to
reach large groups of potential customers.

As a jumping off point for this section I'd like to invite
everyone interested in e-mail marketing to retrieve my article
entitled, "Effective, Ethical E-mail Marketing", written early
last year.  I'd like to hear comments, criticisms, new ideas, old
ideas with new twists...  In other words, let's make this section
of the EMD valuable to all the e-mail marketers on this list.

To retrieve the above referenced article send;



 The Corkboard

From: "Shannon Kinnard" 
Subject: Marketing With Online Newsletters

> Email marketing is, to me, I guess, a big subject in and of
> itself. There's so much that I'm sure I could be learning from
> others as we forge through the frontier together.   I miss
> knowing that that will be the subject of the day in the
> newsletter.  

I'm in the process of launching a moderated discussion list on
the topic of Online Publishing, specifically, using online
newsletters and moderated discussion lists to market your
business. I'd like to keep it along the lines of 'how-to' and
'why-to.' Topics will include mechanical issues, writing and
content issues, making money through sponsorships, things like

My planned date for the first issue is April 7th. Until then I'm 
happy to start dialogue with some charter subscribers, whoever is 
interested. See my sig file for all the info you need.


Shannon Kinnard,
The Idea Station
Blank email to
To join a moderated discussion list about 
Marketing With Online Newsletters

 Question of the Week

"What is your most effective method for 
 finding your target market online?"

Please Post Your Responses to:

***  RESPONSES  ***

From: Marian Banker 

Hi, Gary & All,

Since I'm just starting to market my services and have not yet
completed my website, I've found lists such as this one to be a
great place to introduce myself and my services.  Perhaps the
fact that I'm temporarily waiving the fee for my new program
during the Pilot Series has strong appeal also.  Waiving the fee
gives me a tremedous chance to introduce the program and build
relationships without having to sell it.  It also gives me a
chance to refine the program to provide maximum benefit to
participants.  It's really a win-win for everybody.

My target market is small business owners (SBO).  My program is
called The Virtual Advisory Board(c). Here's the overview for
anyone who may be interested in participating on a Board while
the fee is still being waived.

Participation in the Virtual Advisory Board(c) program lets you
tap into the business minds of your peers and multiply your
network. You will learn to use the same brainstorming and
decision making power traditionally employed by major
corporations.  Once each week for 6 weeks, 6 small business
owners meet by teleconference and take turns presenting their
business situation while the others act as advisors. Those who
join one of the Pilot Series starting in March will have the
regular fee waived as a *thank you* for helping to develop and
improve the program. for

Marian Banker
Business Development Coach
*Specializing in Building Other People's Business*
212-679-1209  Fax:  212-679-8247

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Marian,

I think this is a great idea.  I think this is one terrific
method for not only introducing a new program, but for building
community and credibility.




From: "Nancy Roebke" 

Here's my list: 

Statistics vary but most will agree that there are upwards of 40
million people in the world with Internet accessibility. That's a
heck of a lot of people to get to know.

But we also know that we can't get to know them fact, we
don't want to. Not all those people could be in a mutually
beneficial business relationship with us. If we are here for
business, we need to narrow the field of contacts down to ones
that we can help and/or that can help us.

Where do we start? First, decide WHO you need to get to know. Not
their names, but what they do. Who can refer you clients the
easiest? Are they Bankers? Lawyers? Realtors? Printers?
Contractors? What fields of business would help you most by
having associations with them? What fields of business are you
currently looking to expand your client base in? Are most of you
clients doctors? Would you like more? Or what fields of business
DON'T you have any clients in but would like to? Would you like
to START servicing CPAs? You need to make a list of the FIELDS of
business that would best help you.

Once that list is made, you want to narrow down the volume of
people you associate with to those in places where your target
professions can be found. How do you do that?

1. Find lists that your target professionals participate in. You
can contact for Liszt Searchable Directory
of E-mail Mailing Lists. Here you can search by profession if you
wish. If you already HAVE contacts in the fields on your target
list, ask them what online lists they participate in.

2. Find Newsgroups that your target professionals participate in.
Visit This Web Site that keeps track of
all the Internet Newsgroups and the postings to those groups. 
Using keywords for each of the professions you're seeking, you'll
find newsgroups that discuss topics that are relevant to those
professions via Deja News.  As with any keyword search, the more
specific you are, the narrower the search, and the easier it will
be to pinpoint the information you're seeking.

3. Search on the Internet for associations that your target group
might be members of. Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations,
Fraternal Groups, and various civic groups would be excellent
places to start.

4. Read sig files for everyone who posts to the lists and
newsgroups that you are currently active on. Watch for your
target professions.

5. Put a request at the end of YOUR sig if there are specific
fields you are looking to make contact with. Something like:

I am currently seeking Realtors, Bankers, Title Companies, and
Attorneys for possible business referrals. 

6. Use AUTORESPONDERS to provide information about who you are
looking for and why (looking to exchange referrals, expand your
client base, get opinions on new products and services, etc.)
These work 24 hours a day for you and are so reasonably priced, I
don't understand why EVERYBODY doesn't use them. I have 25
running right now.

7. Participate in online networking groups. 

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
Increase income, cut costs, and put an end to cold calling.
Get our FREE series of articles that teach you the secrets
of successful networking. Today!
ProfNet, Inc  Execdirector@Profnet.Org

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