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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #150
 March 20, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

    "Affiliate/Associate Programs"
       - Clay Cook
       - Moderator's Comments

 + Nuts 'n Bolts

    Search Engines"
       - Oscar Gonz▀lez Alba
       - Moderator's Comments
       - Oscar Gonz▀lez Alba
       - George Matyjewicz

    "Splash Pages"
       - Sam King
       - Joe Tartaglia

 + The E-mail Corner

    "Viewing Header Details in Pegasus"
       - Hubertus Rank
       - Moderator's Comments

 + The Corkboard

    "Asia Pacific Paid Advertising Question"
       - Krishnan J Iyer

 + Question of the Week

    "What is your most effective method for 
     finding your target market online?"

       - Roy Hinkelman


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

The EMD Subscriber's Gallery;

...has a number of new entries.  We now have 10 subscribers who
have sent their bio and picture (.jpg format, 150 pixels wide)
and it certainly is nice to begin to put faces to those who post
here.  Here's our current list of entries - in alphabetical

 + Oscar Gonzßlez Alba 
 + Casey van Bronkhorst 
 + Geoffroi du Chambon 
 + Gary K. Foote 
 + Shannon Kinnard 
 + Keith E. Londrie II 
 + George Matyjewicz 
 + Marybeth McInnis 
 + Nancy Roebke 
 + Barbara Sybal 

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NEW! The EMD Bulletin Board is now open as an (almost)
unmoderated forum for discussions between other E-Marketers.

[Moderator's Note:  You will have to paste the above two lines
together in your browser location window to get to the EMD BBS]

We have decided that one way to build the subscriber base for
this publication is to offer our members a small graphic they may
display on their own website to identify them as participants in
the EMD.  To this end I would like to announce;

"The Great '98 EMD Member's Icon Design Contest"

1) To enter design an "EMD Member" graphic.
   (Graphic size must be 80W X 50H pixels)

2) Attach the graphic to the following e-mail;
   Be sure to include your anme and e-mail address with your  

The designer of the Winning Graphic will receive the following;

1) A design credit on the Webbers Communications website page
   where it will be displayed along with instructions for
   downloading and installing it on any website

2) An announcement, with credit to the designer, of the winning
   design in this publication. 

3) Three free ads in the EMD, to be run as the paid-for
   advertising schedule allows. (Currently there is a two ad per
   issue maximum.  Paid-for ads will take precedence over the
   contest winner's ads.)

Ans finally, I would like to offer a big Thank You to EMD
subscriber George Matyjewicz for doing such an excellent job as
the new, full-time moderator of The E-Tailer's Digest.  With just
over a week's worth of issues published to date he has already
proven that he is the best choice we could have made for the job.
His 15+ years of experience in running a multi-outlet retail
chain (among other equally stellar qualifications) shows in his
depth and width of retail knowledge, demonstrated in each issue.

The E-Tailer's Digest subscriber base has more than tripled since
he took the helm and we are all hoping to reach 4,000 subscribers
by the end of the year.  If you are a retailer - whether online
or offline - you should subscribe.  Here is how;


OK, enough of my comments for now.  On with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

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 New Topics

From: Clay Cook 
Subject: Affiliate/Associate programs

I would like to start a new topic... Affiliate programs.

My company 'Business Web' has had our affiliate program up and
running for a few months now, and I am happy to say that we
reward affiliates with 15% commission on ALL sales (initial sale
plus repeat and ongoing).

(Business Web specializes in submit programs, much like
Submit-it. Our dream
affiliates are major search engines, directories and web
promotion web sites.)

Over the 3 months that our affiliate program has been running we
have 80+ members, most however are clients with small to medium
traffic. What I would like to know is how to approach/attract the
larger web sites.

We recently registered our program with refer-it's affiliate
program directory and received the highest rating they hand out
:) 3 signposts! Does anyone know of any
similar directories.

Our affiliate info page is...

We are willing to offer 20% commission to large traffic web
sites. Would love to know how to attract larger affiliates.

Clay Cook

Business Web

Clay Cook
Business Web
Web Design & Promotion

Link to Business Web

[Moderator's Comments]

Thanks for opening this topic, Clay.  Your business model looks
like it is tailor made for small to medium affiliates, but it
seems to me the larger traffic sites you list as 'dream
affiliates' already have in place for-sale banner programs and
would not be interested in dropping revenue generating banner
impressions in favor of an 'unknown quantity'.  Remember the old
hunter's adage, 'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush'.
The momentum built up by their existing cash flow(s) might be
hard to compete with.

Sure, a big traffic site would be great to get involved, but you
can still build a good traffic generating base by refining your
dream affiliate's list and focusing your affiliate building
activities on the small-to-mid traffic sites.  How to reach this
audience in large numbers?  By participating in lists as you have
done here.  By mentioning your affiliate program as often, and in
as many forums as net ethics allows.  Build a separate .sig file
that pushes your program and use it in these forums.

This is just my opinion, of course, and there must be many others
here who already run, or would like to add their own affiliate
program.  Want to widen your online exposure?  An affiliate
program is one good method.  How do you do it?  Let's define how,
right here.

Your turn...



 Nuts 'n Bolts

***  FIRST TOPIC - Search Engines  ***

From: Tiempos Mejores 
Subject: SEs: Quality vs quantity

Hi Gary and fellow readers:

I've read the last two post from Nancy Roebke, where it is said
that Search Engines provides less qualified visitors than other
methods of promotion, such as participation in newsgroups or
discussion lists.

I think that's OK, but needs a little clearness. Your
participation in any of those "communities", while they are
directed to your target market, will bring you more PROPORTIONAL
qualified visitors. This means that you can obtain more (or less)
qualified visitors depending of the work you are doing in both
areas (SEs and lists). A well placed listing in one of the major
engines can bring you more (in absolute figures) potential
clients, that a general comment in a list.

As many things in life, all is relative. As you say, Nancy, not
all web sites need a listing in the engines. And not all of them
can attract enough qualified visitors from participating in

And not all engines works in the same way. For Spanish sites, as
example, minor Spanish directories work better (much better) than
a first place listing in Excite. And participation in lists has
little influence. (Hmm, the "language matter"...)

In the other hand, let me know where you've heard SEs are selling
top listings. Last notice I have, says that only a few minor ones
are doing that. The major engines aren't, since Open Text failed
experiment in 1996. Probably, they are doing it "off the
records"? In the facts, when you know the "rules", it appears to
be no very difficult to obtain a well listing. But, of course, I
didn't try with all possible keywords combinations.

Finally, I've just read a similar post in LinkExchange Digest.
Nancy: how can you write so much? :) I think you're doing a good
job with lists, and this is the cause for your success attracting
qualified visitors to your site. Keep up it. 

Best Regards
Oscar Gonz▀lez Alba
*    Tiempos Mejores - Internet en Castellano        *
* Estrategias de Promoci=n para sitios en Espa▒ol    *
*     * 
*             ICQ UIN 3738599                        *

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Oscar,

The 'language barrier' issue keeps entering into the equation,
doesn't it?  I wonder how many other readers deal with this lack
of language oriented internet communities in their daily online
marketing efforts?  And what are some of the strategies they have
developed to 'get around' these problems?  Amnyone want to
contribute to this thread?

And, Oscar.  This next post is also from you.  And you wondered
about Nancy: "how can you write so much?"  I wonder the same
about you!  ;->




From: Tiempos Mejores 
Subject: Yahoo!: "Disappointed Volunteers" required

Hola a todos:

As you may remember, I've said in a previous post that I haven't
experienced any great delay to get my sites (or my clients sites)
listed in Yahoo!, except for the first time I tried to do that.

Assuming that Yahoo! has no preferences for Spanish sites (those
submited by me), I think that the way I've been following is the
right one. And that way is the one that Yahoo! has published in
its own site. No magic, no misteries.

Here's the point: Since a few weeks ago, I begun to work with
translated-into-Spanish sites too. And, may be, my next step will
be working with English sites. Till that moment arrives, I want
to "test" if the Yahoo! submission process works so fine for
these sites. May be, the "language matter" has a role in this
subject (?).

If any of you think it could be interesting, I need your "help":
I'm looking for 5 (five) URLs to submit. (Five more URLs will be
required in other lists). Just send me a (please, only one URL per
subscriber) asking for details.

Results of this test will be posted in this list.

Please note: this is a test. If you have any hurry to get listed
or you want to do it in other accurate way, don't come with me
[yet :)]. I'm thinking in those of you who have get tired after
submitting many times, saw no results and have lost all hopes :) 

And, please, if I'll receive more than five mails, I'll must to
select. Don't hate me if I don't choose yours. It's only a test,
nothing more.

Best Wishes
Oscar Gonz▀lez Alba
*    Tiempos Mejores - Internet en Castellano        *
* Estrategias de Promoci=n para sitios en Espa▒ol    *
*     * 
*             ICQ UIN 3738599                        *

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From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Search Engines

>I just joined the search engine secrets list today so I don't 
>know much about it. It appears they have only sent out three 
>digests so far. The questions look to be on target and there are 
>a couple of people introducing themselves as experts in the 
>field. We shall see.

I was one of the first members of the search engine secrets, when
it started as an unmoderated free-for-all. Very disappointing,
even now in digest form.  Seems like a lot of folks looking for
quick answers to get to the top.  Danny Sullivan's list and site
are far better.  He has been doing this forever, and does a great
job.  His site and company were recently purchased by Merkle

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Seminars & Trade shows:

***  NEXT TOPIC - Splash Pages  ***

From: Sam King 
Subject: splash pages

hi ecki, gary & readers, 

in reference to your previous comments upon splash pages; - we
have attempted to make our splash page as small as possible to
minimise wait- I agree with this concern, - as for further
justification for splash gets our logo in the netizens
face first and foremost before they are presented with the
information barrage of our main pages...this way we know that
everyone who has looked at our site has at least seen our logo
and subsequently will hopefully recognise it when they see our

*NB. If anyone would like to tear apart a site, visit & with your
constructive criticism! 

Marketing & Logistics         SPRINT Software            ICQ#5978282
22 Green st Richmond 3121
Ph. (03)-9427-9996 ext.23 Fax. (03)-9427-0705


From: (Joe Tartaglia)
Subject: Splash Pages

> Does anyone here have an actual use for a 'splash page'?

We use the splash page on our virtual tradeshow site
< > to allow visitors to:

1. Download necessary plugins 
2. Access the site with or without having to use plugins

We really couldn't think of another way to handle the
"fork" between our "no-plugins" and "plugin-enabled" 
sites.  Can anybody suggest an alternative?

Joe Tartaglia    Exponauts, Inc.    212-684-5559
Creators of Virtual Tradeshows
<  >
< >

 The E-mail Corner

***  FIRST TOPIC - Viewing Header Details in Pegasus  ***

From: "Reise-Profi Service GmbH" 
Subject: E-mail Corner

Hi Gary,

thanks for your great lis, I think this E-Mail Corner is a good

I have one question to the list. I am using also the Pegasus
email program and I love it. I have read that I can see all
details from which the email come and I can enable this function.
But then all emails will be bigger I have to work on. I just
wanted to see from specif emails the whole information. But as
far as I know If i received already an email, then its not
possible to go back and grab the information from the sender. Do
you know a way to get all this information after I have load the

I receive every two days some spamming which the following

Authenticated sender is 
Subject:  January
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

I can see in the meantime at once that this is spamming (they
make promotion for the Bull's Eye Gold Email Program) but you
never know so you have to look into the mail. I have send some
information out to cancel us from the list but the mail bounced.

Could anyone help?

Best regards
Hubertus Rank
"Travel Europe with our special Service" 
Drive Europe Travel Guide 
Reise-Profi Service GmbH
Offenbachstr. 6 - D-26810 Westoverledingen / Germany
Phone +49 (0)4955920905 - Fax +49 (0)4955920906
Subscribe the FREE monthly European Travel Newsletter.

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Hubertus,

Thanks for your words about this new 'E-mail corner' of the EMD.
I hope it will be of value to everyone interested in ethical
e-mail marketing.

Regardsng Pegasus, you can open the e-mail in question, choose
READER from the toolbar and select SHOW ALL HEADERS.  You should
now be able to see all of the headers in the e-mail.

You could also consider setting up a filter to look for this
exact address (Remember to use the carat ^ in your filter to
avoid filtering all e-mail from that domain) and delete the
e-mail when it is found.  Sure, you still have to download it,
but you never really have to see it.  Its gone almost

Also, I never respond directly to spam, for two reasons;

1) The e-mail almost always bounces and I have wasted my time in

2) If the e-mail address turns out to be valid I am simply
confirming that I have received the spam (my address is valid)
and have read it - or I wouldn't be complaining.  Spammers use
this kind of feedback to *keep* good addresses, not remove you.



 The Corkboard

From: Krishnan J Iyer 
Subject: Asia Pacific Paid Advertising Question

Hi Fellow E-Marks

Of late we are toying with the idea of going for 
paid advertising but only at regional levels

Could someone here guide me through to
some of the best trade sites where we
can advertise. 

We are looking for something like
mexico trade monitor or dejanews
or similiar stuff. Current focus is
on Asia-Pacific (incl. all of Asia
and Australia NZ), Latin America
(though language is still a problem).

Your any help is highly appreciated.

Best regards

Krishnan J iyer
Redefining Global  Fax Communications                        

 Question of the Week

"What is your most effective method for 
 finding your target market online?"

Please Post Your Responses to:

***  RESPONSES  ***


I am just starting up my services, so I don't know how effective
my networking is YET. But my plan is:

    - provide free information, relevant to my target market
    - set up some free sites to garner referrals and testimonials
    - locate 6 to 8 discussion groups that are relevant (done)
    - post 3 to 5 relevant comments or questions TOTAL to the
      lists weekly.
    - set up an exchange page and ask 3 to 5 non competitive
      sites weekly
    - use a press release service to announce to the press.

You'll note that placing a listing in search engines is not up
there. I will register, but my opinion is that I'll get lost. The
think search spyders will pick me up, and I have placed a 
tag in my home pages. I am not depending on search engines to
market my services.

Roy Hinkelman

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