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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #151
 March 23, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + Ongoing

    "Affiliate Programs"
       - Angela
       - Moderator's Comments
       - George Matyjewicz

 + Nuts 'n Bolts

    "Search Engines"
       - Christopher Knight

    "Shopping Cart Software?"
       - Barry Levine

 + E-mail Corner

    "Anti-Spam Resource"
       - Michael Hammons

    "Labeled a Spammer in OZ"
       - S.V. Zylph
       - Moderator's Comments

 + Question of the Week

    "What one online activity has been your 
     most successful traffic builder?"

    "Responses to last week's QOTW"
       - Michael S. DeVries


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

After hours of fighting with majordomo I believe I have it
working again.  My comments today are sparse because I have been
trying to solve the majordomo problem e-mark seems to be

So I simply say, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


***  FIRST TOPIC - Affiliate Programs  ***

From: "World Wide Information Outlet" 
Subject: Affiliate Programs

Hi Gary and all,

First, it was a joy to read the latest issue of E-Marketing

I am working on an introduction to add to the gallery (although
I'm not sure about that picture. I don't want to scare anyone off
:^> ) and the EMD Discount Pool now has our very special offer
for people who have been thinking about starting an e-mail
newsletter of their own but haven't because of the price. How
about $49.95 a year, a $50 savings and it's only offered to

The NEW EMD Bulletin Board has a listing of a nice resource I've
found. I hope many subscribers enjoy it.

I love the logo design contest and am working on it this weekend.
I'll send you my submission as soon as possible.

As for defining an affiliate program I think this is the perfect
place to do that. I have been considering setting up an affiliate
site for a client and have looked at many programs online. I used
The Associate Program Directory, , extensively for my
research. There are so many options available. I want a program
that will give the associates a reason to join and I think that
the payout is probably one of the most important. I'm considering
paying affiliates monthly no matter what amount they have earned.
Some only do it when you reach $25, $50, or $100. I personally
believe that it's the affiliates money, they earned it, why
should they be made to wait for it. So it costs a little more in
accounting, wouldn't it be worth it to have associates out there
making us all more money than ones waiting to see if they were
going to get their money.

I'd like to see other's thoughts on this and any successful
associate programs that you're running now.

Thanks for this great opportunity.

Stay excellent,
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[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Angela,

Thanks for your posts, both to the EMD Discount Pool; the brand new EMD Bulletin Board;

[NOTE: You will have to paste the above URL together 
for it to work.  Its just too darned long to fit on 
one line]

...and to this list.  We at Webbers Communications are writing
our affiliate/associate/reseller program for our web design
services, so you see your timing could not have been better.  We
are considering the following factors;

 + Ease of sign-up for new affiliates
 + Communications logistics
 + Tracking actual sales
 + Ease of accounting
 + Dealing with currency exchange rates
 + Regular payouts

The most important, in my mind anyway, is communications
logistics.  With the service we are offering it is vital that the
end-client have input into the process.  We would be mired down
in endless 'changes' without paying special attention to this

What other factors do EMD readers consider important?

BTW - I look forward to seeing your design for the EMD Member's
graphic button.  I hope others out there in EMD-land are working
on theirs too.  Remember, there are valuable prizes to be won, so
send in your designs as soon as they are ready.

Here's the announcement once more;

   The Great '98 EMD Member's Icon Design Contest
   Deadline for submissions:  March 31, 1998

   To enter your design of an "EMD Member" graphic.
   (Graphic size must be 80W X 50H pixels)

   Attach the graphic to the following e-mail;
   Be sure to include your anme and e-mail address with your  

   The designer of the Winning Graphic will receive the

1) A design credit on the Webbers Communications website page
   where it will be displayed along with instructions for
   downloading and installing it on any website

2) An announcement, with credit to the designer, of the winning
   design in this publication. 

3) Three free ads in the EMD, to be run as the paid-for
   advertising schedule allows. (Currently there is a two ad per
   issue maximum.  Paid-for ads will take precedence over the
   contest winner's ads.)



Autoresponder:FREE STUFF for Internet Marketers


From:             Rainmaker 
Subject:          Re: Afilliate programs

>My company 'Business Web' has had our affiliate program up and
>running for a few months now, and I am happy to say that we
>reward affiliates with 15% commission on ALL sales (initial sale
>plus repeat and ongoing).

I am interested in the mechanics of an associates program, but
don't think yours is what I am seeking.  If anybody else has
such a program I would be interested in knowing how it is done.

Let me explain.  I want something similar to Amazon whereby you
get credit for a visitor to your site who comes to mine for
services.  But I want to go one step further.  With Amazon, you
display books at your site and if I visit, you get credit for
**that book** I purchased from Amazon.  If, while at Amazon, I
purchase more, or change my mind and don't purchase the book I
found at your site, you don't get credit.  Worse yet, if I go
back to Amazon later an buy, you get **nothing** even though I
found Amazon through your promotion efforts!

I want a similar thing, except I want to give you credit for
folks coming to me now or whenever they come back, or for
whatever they buy.  And, I don't want to ask the visitor where 
they came from.

It needs to be controlled from the referrer source in a cgi
script.  Cookies won't work.  I have tried a couple of cgi
scripts, but found glitches in them.



George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner   
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821  Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
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 Nuts 'n Bolts

***  FIRST TOPIC - Search Engines  ***

From: Christopher Knight 
Subject: Re: Search Engines

Rainmaker  said:

>I was one of the first members of the search engine secrets,
>it started as an unmoderated free-for-all. Very disappointing,
>even now in digest form.  Seems like a lot of folks looking for
>quick answers to get to the top.  Danny Sullivan's list and site
>are far better.  He has been doing this forever, and does a
>job.  His site and company were recently purchased by Merkle

Yes, I agree that Danny Sullivan's site and list is by far the
best on the planet.  I have had a hard time finding the second
best search engine watch type of website.

Since I'm the moderator for Search Secrets, 
I thought I'd throw in my .02:

First, in the unmoderated free-for-all, it just got stupid, just
like all lists that mature into the thousands do without

Second, I've reduced it to a bi-monthly publication, because of
time constraints and I wanted to keep and distribute only the
best posts. Unfortunately, I receive over 70+ posts for the
digest, of which at least 55-60 of them are blatent spam, that I
have to toss.  :\

Third, I'd bring back the unmoderated version in addition to the
current digest form, (unmoderated are always my favorite when I'm
into a topic I really love) but this list consumed 100% of the
resources of $500/month server, and digest was more feasable
until sponsor supported.

Lastly, the next issue comes out on 4-1-98.  Everything being a 
test or experiment, for 2 months, I'll bring it to a weekly dig
instead of bi-monthly, and we'll see if we can't draw out some
of the experts who have joined us.

-Christopher Knight,
 SearchSecrets List Moderator 
 ( )

***  NEXT POST - Shopping Cart Software  ***

From: barry levine 
Subject: Shopping carts

Does anyone know a good place to find a comprehensive comparative
list of shopping cart software and utilities..?? 
Barry M. Levine - President
Image Nine, LLC      
1333 Broadway                  phone: 212.268.0490, x15
Suite 1028                     toll-free: 888.814.1919, x15
New York, NY 10018             fax: 212.629.7478

 E-mail Corner

From: "Michael Hammons" 
Subject: Anti-Spam Resource

In EMD #150 Hubertus wrote:

>never know so you have to look into the mail. I have send
> some information out to cancel us from the list but the mail
> bounced.

I have developed SPAM resource list at this address:

that lists a very successful way I have significantly
reduced the amount of SPAM I receive. There is also a number
of quality links to other resources for getting rid of SPAM
from your email box.

Hope this helps!



Ham-bone Web & Multimedia
Helping clients develop profitable and effective websites
1-888-926-5020 US & Canada
1.770.926.5020 International

***  NEXT TOPIC - Labeled a Spammer in OZ **

From: ZYLPH 
Subject: Labeled a Spammer in OZ

E-Mail Corner

It's a sad day in Oz, list-mates:

Mci suddenly, without warning and apparently without cause 
or confirmation of misdeeds on my part, rescinded my right
to outgoing Internet email. Including that to MCI's Postmaster.

As far as I can determine, MCI's action is arbitrary and 
unfounded. It's unfair and violates my rights as a legitimate  
consumer of MCI Internet services. 

In addition, MCI has branded me a "spammer", when in fact I
have never sent unsolicited commercial emails. A thorough
reading of MCI's corporate pages and policies regarding spam, 
including their online glossary's definition of the term (UCE), 
clearly indicate I have not violated their policies in regard to 
this issue.

Apparently, the activity which precipitated MCI's knee-jerk 
action was the emailing of my free monthly Restaurant Diners 
Discussion list to roughly 350 subscribers. Every subscriber 
has personally requested his subscription. Each issue contains 
instructions on how to unsubscribe. Most content is provided by 
subscribers. There is no commercial content of any kind.

So MCI has labeled me a spammer!  In doing so, MCI has not 
only maligned me, but violated their own definition of a
published so prominantly, self-righteously and repeatedly within 
their Internet pages. 

I suspect many others are being similarly victimized and abused 
by a corporate giant who shows no sympathy, empathy or humanity 
in their heavy-handed mistreatment of customers. 

It's now been a week. I've spent at least 24 hours pleading with 
various MCI personnel to correct this situation. They do nothing. 

Has anyone here experienced anything like this?  Can you suggest
some action I might take to gain MCI's attention. Where can I go
get a decent ISP who won't demand I cease publication of my 
beloved discussion list?  Any advice and/or suggestions will be 
greatly appreciated. I'm at my wit's end.

S.V. Zylph, Publisher
Foodie Forum
The Restaurant-Diners Discussion List

[Moderator's Comments]

Sounds like you've been victimized by Spam in a way many do not
think about.  Most only point to their own mailbox's load of spam
to define the problem.  In face, nearly every list owner on the
planet is at some risk of being labeled a spammer and forced to
find a new ISP.  That hasn't happened to me because I have c
close relationship wirth my ISP and they are quite aware of my
various lists and autoresponders.  

I have encountered outside ISP's who have blocked my domain,
thinking I was spamming their clients, when I was really
delivering copies of the same publication to a number of their

As for your current dilemma, I would suggest you go to the List

...and look in the List Owner's Toolbox section for some
independent list service providers.  By using an outside service
you can remove the danger of your own ISP kicking you offline, at
least regarding their concerns with the number of e-mails sent,
because you only send one e-mail out, not hundreds.  You may,
however, still get complaints to your ISP from subscribers who've
forgotten they have subscribed.  (Yes, this really does happen.
That's why I keep copies of every subscribe/unsubscribe request
that is generated by my lists.)



 Question of the Week

***  THIS WEEK'S QOTW  ***

"What one online activity has been your 
 most successful traffic builder?"

Please Post Your Responses to:


From: "Michael S. & N. Lynnetta DeVries" 

"What is your most effective method for 
 finding your target market online?"

IMHO the most effective methods for finding your target market
* Referrals
* Email Discussion Lists related to target market topics
* Newsgroups related to target market topics
* Links from other sites that attract your target market

Hope this helps,
- Michael S. DeVries
  Moderator, the I-Barter Moderated Discussion List  

*************** I-Barter Discussion List ***************
  Moderated Discussions of Trade / Barter in Business
*************** **************

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