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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #153
 March 27, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + Ongoing

    "Affiliate Programs"
       - John Watkins
       - Moderator's Comments
       - Allan Gardyne
       - Moderator's Comments

    "Gary's Goal of 2,000 subscribers"
       - Angela
       - Moderator's Comments

 + Nuts 'n Bolts

    "Affiliate Program Mechanics"
       - Dan Miller

    "Alternatives to Search Engines"
       - Nancy Roebke

 + E-mail Corner

    "Email list content dilemma"
       - Shannon Kinnard
       - Moderator's Comments

    "Only Email Access"
       - Nancy Roebke
       - Moderator's Comments

    "Misc Spam Notes"
       - Sharon Tucci

    "Labeled a Spammer in OZ"
       - Claudia Hafling

 + Question of the Week

    "What one online activity has been your 
     most successful traffic builder?"

       - Nancy Roebke
       - Joshua Reimer


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Joshua
Reimer for the popular 'Expert Interviews' section of the
Promotion World website.  The process was fun, his questions were
smart, and so were, I hope, my answers.  ;->

If you would like to read this somewhat different look at yours
truly, please stop by the Promotion World website at;

The interview is on the following page;

I also took some this week time to poke around the Associate
Programs Directory located online at;

For those interested in building in an associate's, or
affiliate's program I recommend you stop in and register with
them.  Their guidelines are clearly written and there is an
example of a 'perfect' submission so you may simply copy the
format presented by inserting your own info.  See their
guidelines at;

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


***  FIRST TOPIC - Affiliate Programs  ***

From: The Simple Society 
Subject: Re: Affiliate Programs

Hi Gary,

>I like the idea of different URLs for each affiliate's client's
>entry page.  It clearly shows where the new customer came from
>and future sales can be tracked by attaching the ID to the first
>sale - to be referenced at each subsequent sale.
>Do you envision any method of simultaneously reporting this info
>to the referring affiliate?  In other words, how can the
>referring affiliate be assured that each transaction is
>accurately reported by the actual seller?

My first reaction to the question is that there must be a certain
level of TRUST between the affiliate and the seller even before
the relationship is established. Sending reports and paying the
fees on the agreed schedule should be enough information unless
you want to involve yourself in trivia that's really unrelated to
your primary purpose. However, if the seller needs to offer more
assurances upfront, their own sales/customer database should make
it possible to generate periodic reports of activity (using the
referrer ID) and mail or Email a report. It should be
administratively easy to send the referrer a copy of an order
acknowledgment or invoice. It might even be possible to program
the database to send a notification whenever an order is entered.
But, I really think trust is the best method.

John Watkins, Executive Director     The Simple Society

FREE--a subscription to Simple Solutions: the Email newsletter
that proves there are simpler solutions to major public problems.

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi John,

I think you hit the nail on the head - trust is necessary in
these relationships.  But there is always an affiliate who wants
'absolute verification', as if such an animal exists.  It is this
group that I am concerned about getting involved the Webbers
Communications  soon-to-be-unveiled affiliate programs in a
manner that satisfies their needs.

I don't think that it would be too hard to set things up so each
order is verified in two directions, one to the seller and one to
the affiliate.  A simple form with two addresses in the POST=
field that would be unique for each affiliate should work.  I'll
have to test Formmail.cgi to see if it will send to more than one
address.  Does anyone here using CGIemail know if it has this

Thanks for the good suggestions, John.




From:             Allan Gardyne 
Subject:          Re: Affiliate programs

Hi Gary

Apart from the features of associate programs which you mentioned
here are a couple I like:

1. It helps me if the company has a fast-loading, small,
eye-catching graphic which I can use to promote the company's
products or services. If it's small in pixels it's easier to use
in web page design. For example, Spree, Web Site Garage and
alt.bookstore offer these. If it's small in file size it won't
slow my page too much.

2. I would like a company to send me marketing tips and perhaps
hints from their most successful associates. I've been selling
Jim Daniels' book, Insider Internet Marketing, for six months or
so but all he ever sends me is a monthly cheque. Guess I
shouldn't complain!

Regards from sunny Queensland.

Allan Gardyne

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Allan,

Branding your affiliate program by offering a small graphic -
like - will do wonders for your visibility.  People
remember visual patterns better than they remember a phrase or
even a jingle.  Picture a pair of golden yellow arches...  what
company comes to mind?...  See what I mean?

I think the idea of providing promotional materials to your
affiliates is one that can't be ignored either.  The more
successful you can make your affiliates the more successful your
program will be.




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about our format, or simply tell us off!  

Come on...  give us FEEDBACK:


***  NEXT TOPIC - Gary's Goal of 2,000 subscribers  ***

From: "OurList" 
Subject: Gary's Goal of 2,000 subscribers

Hi Gary,

I'd like to help you achieve your goal.

> would like to grow to over 2000 by then.  To that end, please
> consider this to be the obligatory plea for you all to 'pass
> this issue along and encourage others to subscribe'.

I recently started a newsletter called OurList About TheirList.
Once a week subscribers receive information on other newsletters
and discussion groups that may be of interest to them. (Sort of
like NEW-List only in a newsletter format). 

What's unique about OurList is that we put the submissions into 
categories for the subscribers.

Anyway, I invite you to sign up for OurList by sending a message

The welcome letter will tell you how to submit your own list. 

With over 400 subscribers in the first 24 hours (and no end in
site to more subscribers) you just might reach that goal of 2,000
by May.

To everyone else with a list to announce, please check us out.

Stay excellent,

We're setting up 100 FREE listservs for exceptional
e-newsletters. If you've been thinking about testing the waters
of offering a free newsletter to visitors, customers or
prospective customers then send your ideas to: for all the details.

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Angela,

Thanks for the tip.  There is another list that announces
additions to its database.  The site is The List Exchange.
The companion newsletter, published weekly, carries all lists
added to the web database during the past week, listed by name
and category in a table of contents with the list owner's own
descriptions in the content.



Send the following e-mail to our autoresponder:

 Nuts 'n Bolts

***  FIRST TOPIC - Affiliate Program Mechanics  ***

From: Dan Miller 
Subject: Affiliate Program Mechanics

>I want a similar thing, except I want to give you credit for
>folks coming to me now or whenever they come back, or for
>whatever they buy.  And, I don't want to ask the visitor where 
>they came from.

>It needs to be controlled from the referrer source in a cgi
>script.  Cookies won't work.  I have tried a couple of cgi
>scripts, but found glitches in them.

George, your requirements make for a tough challenge.
The referrer source in a cgi script is great for the first 
visit, but cookies are by far the easiest way to track 
return visits.  One answer may be something I've been 
working on.  I'm trying to offer a co-branding option, 
which more seamlessly integrates the associates' sites 
with mine.  Each associate gets a template on my 
server that dynamically presents current info on my 
services surrounded by the associate's specific 
information and graphics.  This gives them a unique URL 
while automatically keeping all info current.

I don't have an example to show you yet, but feel free
to call or e-mail me offline for more details.

Dan Miller
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***  NEXT TOPIC - Alternatives to Search Engines  ***

From: "Nancy Roebke" 
Subject: Alternatives to Search Engines


> ...I am a new subscriber because
> of a personal referral from someone whose opinion I respect, 
> so... 

See how well that works.. :)

> * How do you build relationships online? *

Request my autoresponder at
for an article on this topic.

> How do you direct people to your site from other angles? - 

Sig files are my favorite way.. Getting your sig seen is what 
the key is..

> Which other angles? -

My favorite are autoresponders and writing articles.

 >How do you establish links for these other angles?


> If you only get 10 visitors and all 10 buy, then isn't
> this better than 100 visitors and only 1 buyer?  So, how do we
> get the 10 to "buy" is my question?

That, to me requires the same stuff that selling offline does..

> ...what are some good ways to get the autoresponder
> address in front of qualified prospects and get them to use
> them?

Write articles.

Post to a lot of lists.

> What are some good ways to follow-up on those who request
> information through autoresponders? without being too "pushy"?

I think it's wise to TELL them you will be contacting them when 
they request the autoresponder..

Nancy Roebke
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 E-mail Corner

From: "Shannon Kinnard" 
Subject: Re: Email list content dilemma

I come from a marketing background and you've done a great job of
taking the first two steps in a new marketing program: you've
established your goals and you've defined your audience. 

> The list's goals are:
> - to help establish Telogy as a leader
> - increased visibility of the company/product name
> - promote useful feedback from participants
> - get leads/promote sales
> My quandary: I want to keep the engineers interested, but
> also want to attract the managers. If it is all
> marketing/business
> the engineers will leave in a swarm. If it is all-tech,
> the managers won't care.

The next step I would recommend is the specific tactics you will
take to establish your goals per your target market.

I think that offering up a mixture of content via regular
departments or columns could work for you. For example, you may
have these departments: 

"What's News at Telogy" - new hires & their qualifications, new
clients, new products, new policies; this interests both

"Success Stories" - talk to both managers and engineers about
client success stories...quote them in the report. That should
encourage participation. It also shows prospects how others use
your product, encouraging them to become clients.

"Product Tips" - find subscribers who are engineers AND can
translate technical stuff into plain english (they're out there,
I promise), and get them to author this for you. They write it
for the managers, and it is of intest to both groups. This could
also end with a question and answer section.

Throw in a strictly for managers section and a strictly for
engineers section, and I think you'll have a well-rounded-enough
publication to satisfy both markets.

Good luck! Hope this helps.


     Shannon Kinnard ~
      The Idea Station ~
     = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
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    for the "How-tos" & "Why-tos" of Online Newsletters
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[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Shannon,

Good suggestions.  I have evolved a similar arrangement here in
the EMD.  there is a large contingent of readers who are involved
in e-mail marketing, while others do no e-mail, but instead
depend on their website to do the job.  Some want discussions on
ethics and methodologies while others want to know how to get the
most from a software package that has been recommended here or
where to find a script to automate some marketing function.  

The first rule of thumb in developing and evolving a list's
content is, 'Give the audience what they want or expect them to
stay away in droves".



 For a copy of THE emd Insertion Order/Rate card 

***  NEXT TOPIC - Only Email Access  ***

From: "Nancy Roebke" 
Subject: Only Email Access

> I would like to know if anyone has any ideas for tapping into a
> market that only has e-mail capability?  Of course,
> in mailinglists is almost a no-brainer method, but what about
> different angles of approach?  Any ideas?

I, for one, would love to only have Email... I love it and can 
work with it in many ways.

Have any of you see the video program that is out that can be 
sent through email? All that is needed is Win 95. A sample was 
sent to me, which I'll forward if anyone is interested. You can 
make your own video and send it by email.

Also, I have gotten graphics in email, with color et all..

I use Email to sell, to train help, to distribute articles I 
write, GET help I need...

But, then I think...If I gave up my website, where WOULD I hang 
all those awards I get??? :)

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
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ProfNet, Inc  Execdirector@Profnet.Org

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Nancy,

I guess we all know how addicted you are to ethical e-mail
marketing...  me too.  :)  My autoresponder offerings grow daily
and I get as much traffic there as I do at any one of the Webbers
Communications websites.  And the ability to qualify info
requestors by their interests is phenomenal.  

I'm fascinated by the video by e-mail program you mentioned.
Please consider this my request for a copy.  Of course, I assume
I'll need a video camera too???



***  NEXT TOPIC - Misc Spam Notes  ***

From:             Sharon Tucci 
Subject:          Misc Spam Notes

I thought you might be interested in hearing about Ameritech's
policy and enforcement of SPAM. (See appended below) Perhaps it's
old news to you that ISPs and dial-up providers are starting to
charge users for violating their policies. This is the first
instance I have heard of it actually HAPPENING.

On a similar note, I received a slew of emails from GEN (Global
Entrepreneur's Network) that they are finally making changes in
their security to stop spamming from happening. As many of you
might know, GEN's mail servers are often used for relaying spam.
As part of these procedures, they will no longer offer free email
forwarding for domains.

While on the subject.... in the last issue of All About Biz
(refer to ) I wrote a commentary
about UCE and SPAM. Well, two nights ago around 2 am, I logged on
to send email and checked for new email. I shouldn't have had
that much given the time and that I had recently checked my
email. It said that I had 500+ emails waiting. After seeing the
first dozen or so were all the same, I stopped downloading.
Someone had replied to the issue of AAB, repeating my email
address about 50 times and appending the line "F*** YOU - SPAM
WILL LIVE!". The idiot was smart enough to change their return
address, but not smart enough to realize I could find out where
it came from by the message headers. I forwarded one of the
emails to the isp (it was a Atlanta based dial-up ISP) at and Thank god for
24 hr support. They immediately shut the user's account down, but
not before 3000+ emails got through and I received a call from my
own ISP. (Do the math - 3,000 emails x 30 k each.)

It's really sad that there are so many idiots in the world. 

>Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 18:44:27 -0600 (CST)
>From: abuse 
>X-Autoresponder: AutoResponder 2.0
>To: Sharon Tucci 
>Subject: Re: Unsolicited email
>This user account has been terminated and charged $1,000 in
>  accordance with our Terms and Conditions agreement.
> is strongly commited to stopping spam.  We are
> aggressively taking on the spam problems.  We have 
> established anti-relay rules and are
> placing new software on our systems to help defeat user spam.
> We are planning other methods of discouraging spam such as
> increasing the fine and further modifications of our 
> software to keep up with emailer tech.
>Jim Lynch 
>On Fri, 6 Mar 1998, Sharon Tucci wrote:
>> Someone is using your servers for relaying spam. 
>> This is one of quite a few
>> I've received lately. Just thought someone might 
>> like to know about it.

Sharon Tucci

{Moderator's Comments]

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your post.  I applaud the fining of spammers by the
ISP's they have accounts with, but I am also always wary that
anti-spam measures like these are properly authenticated before
the spammer is levied any fines and/or penalties.  Like any good
justice system there needs to be some kind of 'checks and
balances' system in place to avoid knee-jerk prosecutions.

Dont get me wrong - I agree that your case is clear cut and in my
mind there is no question that you were victimized by a vulgar
mail bomber whose account should be permanently be deactivated -
everywhere.  It just concerns me that each ISP will be writing
their own terms defining abuse and some online businesspersons
may be wrongly labeled a spammer and treated as such.  I would
think the ISP's would of necessity take great care to avoid being
sued for loss of business by a wrongly accused and quickly
removed customer.

And to everyone else, read your ISP's terms of service.  Know
what you are paying for.



***  NEXT TOPIC - Labeled a Spammer in OZ  ***

{Moderator's Note:  This short continuation of a conversation 
 that began here was forwarded to my by Claudia Hafling.  I
 include it here as it is a direct example of the above 
 discussion on ISP's and their abuse policies.]

From:             Claudia Hafling <>
Subject:          Labeled a Spammer in OZ

Message text written by Simon Zylph

"Thanks for your interest, Claudia:
I'll answer your questions as they appear, below.

What was it specifically that prompted their suspension?  Did
>they receive a complaint?  Or were they just nosily sticking

---From what I can gather, no complaint was received. Their new 
software monitors for any mailing of "excessive" emails sent 
within a short time. That's all it takes to be cut off and put 
on MCI's "Spammer" list!

They owe me more than one. Cost me in time, effort and damage to 
my reputation. They were wrong, and after almost 2 weeks without 
mail or recourse, they contacted me, apologized and put me on 
their "Good Guys" list. What a crock!  Even though I'm now 
permitted to mail my monthly list, I'll eventually find another 
ISP. Just want to bug 'em a while longer. And warn others of 
their arrogance.

C'est la vie!


Dear Simon:

Amazing.  That they can call you a spammer and yank your
email privileges because of volume of mail sent, without
bothering to check and see what you are sending and whether
or not it was requested by subscribers.

Well, I know what ISP I won't be switching to.  I advise
you to get a new one quickly, to avoid any more problems.

They don't sound too reliable to me!

Glad you're back up and running.  

-Claudia Hafling*******************************
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 Question of the Week

"What one online activity has been your 
 most successful traffic builder?"

Please Post Your Responses to:

***  RESPONSES  ***

From: "Nancy Roebke" 

Writing articles for both on and offline publications, with a 
sig set up with autoresponders available in it. Does that count 
as more than one??? :)

Nancy Roebke
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From:             Joshua Reimer 
Subject:          EMD-QOTW

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Word of mouth.
There is no better way, in my mind, to increase your website

Build your reputation for good content, and you will get
referrals to your site.

Enough said.


Joshua Reimer    
Promotion World! 
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