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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #154
 March 30, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

    "EMD Feedback"
       - Marian Banker
       - Moderator's Reply

 + Ongoing

    "Affiliate Programs"
       - Brian Harniman
       - Moderator's Comments
       - Sharon Tucci
       - Moderator's Comments

 + Nuts 'n Bolts

    "CGIEmail Multiple Addresses"
       - Paul Myers
       - Moderator's Comments

 + E-mail Corner

    "E-mail List Content Dilemma"
       - Roy Hinkelman

    "Video E-mail (Was: Only Email Access)"
       - Nancy Roebke
       - Moderator's Comments

    "PostMe E-mail Software"
       - Klaus Arnhold
       - Moderator's Comments

 + The Corkboard

    "The Stealing Of Business Online and Information- Long"
       - Nancy Roebke

 + Question of the Week
    "What do you consider to be your 
     favorite online marketing 'Killer App'?"


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Welcome to another wonderful week in cyber-marketland.  Today's
issue covers a lot of ground, so I'll be brief in today's

I want to mention the newly added EMD Bulletin Board again.  It
is a web-based forum - sister to this publication - that offers
not only EMD subscribers, but anyone else interested in the
subject, a place to discuss online marketing issues in a
'threaded topic' format.  Please stop in and post a
comment/question, etc.  I apologise for the length of the URL.
You will have to paste it together in your browser location
dialog box because it is split onto multiple lines here;

The EMD Graphics Contest is coming to a close.  We have 6
submissions created by 3 subscribers so far.  I'd like to have
some more entries by the deadline, which is tomorrow at midnight,
Eastern Standard Time (Greenwich Time -5 hours)  Submissions must
be in .gif format, 80 pixels wide X 50 pixels high.

Lastly, our autoresponder file, resources.txt, has been updated
with additional links to things like Affiliate tracking programs,
web development tools, etc.  It has also been better organized.
To retrieve a copy send the following e-mail;

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

Send the following e-mail to our autoresponder:

 New Topics

***  FIRST TOPIC - EMD Feedback  ***

From:             Marian Banker 
Subject:          EMD Feedback

Hi, Gary,

All in all, I enjoy reading the EMD.  Time is always my nemesis,
so I appreciate it when the list is shorter rather than longer.
I'll usually skim the topics of least interest, but read and
check out links on those of interest.  Sometimes there seems to
be a lull where there's not much that's of interest to me, but
that's OK.  The list covers a broad range so that's to be

There's been a question on my mind for a while and maybe this is
the place and time to ask it.  I notice a lot of people post
questions to the list. I watch to see if anyone sends a reply.
Many times, there is nothing.  Is that because no one has
responded at all or have they sent their reply directly to the
submitting individual?  It must be frustrating to take the time
to submit a question and then receive nothing.  Has anyone else
ever brought up the issue?

Thanks for your great job in running EMD.

Marian Banker
Business Development Coach
*Specializing in Building Other People's Business*
Fax:  212-679-8247

[Moderator's Reply]

Hi Marian,

Thanks for your feedback.  In recognition of the shortness of
time available to read everything in each issue the EMD now has
more clearly defined regular sections, like the newly added
'E-mail Corner'.  I hope this makes your skimming of the Table of
Contents a faster process as well as presenting a more focused
image, while simultaneously offering a wide range of topics.

Regarding unanswered questions, I too have noted this and have
begun to pay more attention to the previous issue than I have in
the past when assembling each publication.  Unanswered questions
leave the poster unsatisfied and most likely soon make them an
unsubscriber if it happens too often.  They can also make the EMD
seem somewhat less than focused, so you may conasider this my
promise to pay better attention to what is going unanswered here.



----------  Let us know what you think of the EMD  -------------

Comment on our publication.  Make a suggestion, complain about 
something we do, or simply tell us off!  ;^>  

Come on...  give us FEEDBACK:



***  FIRST TOPIC - Affiliate Programs  ***

From: "Brian Harniman" 
Subject: Affiliate Programs

Hello all.

> Associates are a proven way to drive traffic to a website. 
> This will > get you more visitors, and hopefully you can
> convert a good number of them into sales.

> The hidden value in an affiliate network is the branding
> capabilities that they bring

> Branding your affiliate program by offering a small graphic -
> like - will do wonders for your visibility.  


If you select your partners carefully and supply approved copy
and art for linking, you'll not only get more visitors, but
you'll be getting free impressions to those that aren't yet ready
to buy.   Getting your message out there--and letting your
disciples go out and preach it for you-- is a powerful thing if
done correctly.

Part of any affiliates plan should be to have a some facility to
react again member "poaching"-- these affiliates will need to be
protected after they've signed up. 


Brian Harniman
A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single CLICK.

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Brian,

What kind of 'affiliate poaching' do you envision?  Do you mean
like when a phone company 'steals' your business from the one you
originally signed up with - without asking you first?  How could
this happen if an affiliate manages their own website?  




From: Sharon Tucci 
Subject: Affiliate Programs

We've spent months looking at the different options for setting
up our own affiliate program. After carefully considering all of
the different options available we decided to go with Viaweb
< >. It's pricy compared to some options,
but still not as bad as others. ($100/mo for up to 50 items and
then it jumps to $300/mo) Some of the features:

* Your e-commerce solution is actually hosted BY them. You can
make it either transparent or as a site on its own. We set up
our own domain through them.

* Affiliates can check their stats online, including clicks
resulting from their lines. (one day delay)

* You can pick up your orders on the web and get them in a
variety of formats. You can also have viaweb automatically
fax you orders at specified intervals.

Some of the challenges with it we've discovered is that
although you can choose the percentage to give each individual
affiliate, you can't give different percentages for different
items. The shipping & handling module is not flexible enough
(we have some things with shipping and some without and it
can't handle this.) Also, their online documentation for
setting up your pages is kind of scarce. It's sufficient for
basic things, but not for more complex items.

In our case, it's a good beginning solution for us. We're
going to our own dedicated server this week and I didn't want
to deal with the additional expenses of getting a secured
server set up on our own. 

I really like the idea of having third party verification.
However, the other currently available options fall into one
of three categories:

1. High set-up charges 
2. High percentage of sales or
3. charges affiliates to sign up or based on # of affiliates

Sharon Tucci

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 our new Affiliate Program! Up to 20% referral fees, third 
  party verification of orders, monthly payments and more! 

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for the info.  This looks like a full-service operation,
often the best to get involved with as there is less
mis-communication built in to the process.

I have noted that there seem to be a fair number of startups
jumping into the Online Affiliate Tracking service.  If anyone
else knows of such, please post them to this list so we can all
check them out.

BTW - I have added some of these to the free resources.txt file
we offer by autoresponder.  I'll keep adding them as they come to
my attention - plus I'll post them here for everyone else to
'have a go at'.



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  #Long-distance/paging/Phone/Voice-mail/fax .. ALL in one
  #HomeShopping via SATELLITE and the Internet.
  Why not send an e-mail OR visit our site? It's that simple. 


 Nuts 'n Bolts

***  FIRST TOPIC - CGIEmail Multiple Addresses  ***

From:             Paul Myers 
Subject:          CGIEmail Multiple Addresses


Yes, cgiemail can handle more than one address in the To: field.
It can also send you the order with a cc: or bcc: to the
affiliate. If you wanted, it could have an additonal address in
the To: field which would trigger an autoresponder confirmation
of receipt.

Another option would be to use emerge.cgi, which will do
everything that cgiemail does, in exactly the same way. It has
some interesting additional capabilities. You can have all the
info BUT the payment information included in the order copy sent
to you and the affiliate, preserving the purchaser's privacy.
Then you have the complete information WITH payment info written
to a file on your server.

Or, if you want the affiliate to get notices of orders without
giving them the customer name and other information, you could
put their email address in the From: field and bounce the email
off an autoresponder that sends the complete order info to you.

You can get emerge from
This is almost as easy as cgiemail to install. The disadvantage
is that you need to know the path to Perl5 and sendmail on your
server. That's easy enough. The advantage is that it will run
under any OS that supports Perl and it doesn't require messing
with different versions or compiling.

Editor, TalkBiz News

[Moderator's Comments]

Thanks for posting this info Paul.  I've been looking for a
simple yet powerful forms processor and this one seems to be the
one.  After I install it today I'll write about it's installation
in the next issue of the EMD.



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 E-mail Corner

***  FIRST TOPIC - Email list content dilemma  ***

Subject: Email list content dilemma

You may be interested in an article about the editorial
considerations of doing an email newsletter that I wrote sometime
back. You can find it at . It
gives you some ideas about putting together an editorial
schedule, finding online news sources, marketing your newsletter
online and more.

I can forsee problems reaching your target market if you only
advertise the e-newsletter online. Many professionals are still
not online, or if they are, do very little surfing, but do use
email extensively. Bulk email is NOT an option, as many consider
it an intrusion, and your image will suffer.

For such a specialized newsletter, I would consider using a
simple postcard or small brochure mailed to your target market
with a return response. I've used a postcard sized product from
the USPO that comes with a return postcard included that is very
effective. They run for $.40 each and can be taken to a print
shop or run thru some computer printers.

Roy Hinkelman

.......Put our FREE site directory on your website!.......
Syndicated Marketing

***  NEXT TOPIC - Video E-mail (Was: Only Email Access)  ***

From: "Nancy Roebke" 
Subject: Video E-mail (Was: Only Email Access)


> I guess we all know how addicted you are to ethical e-mail
> marketing...  me too.  :)  My autoresponder offerings grow
> daily
> and I get as much traffic there as I do at any one of the
> Webbers
> Communications websites.  And the ability to qualify info
> requestors by their interests is phenomenal.  

I can relate.. :)

> I'm fascinated by the video by e-mail program you mentioned.
> Please consider this my request for a copy.  Of course, I
> assume
> I'll need a video camera too???

I do not know HOW this is done. I just know THAT it can be done. 
For any of you who request the sample, I wanted to let you know
the video file that you request is large and will be forwarded 
by me, but will probably not come with my email address. Just so 
you know and don't think it's a spam or virus.

Any further info on HOW to do this will need to be directed to 
the person who sent me the sample. Her email address should be 
in the email I forward to you.

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
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ProfNet, Inc  Execdirector@Profnet.Org

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Nancy,

I got the video e-mail and, though the filesize was large (nearly
1meg), but ran with a clear picture and great sound.  As soon as
the bandwidth restriction imposed by today's 'normal' modem
speeds I'll be adding it to my reperitoire of marketintg tools.



***  NEXT TOPIC - PostMe E-mail Software  ***

From: (Klaus  Arnhold)
Subject: Nice advertising idea with German mail program

Dear Gary, dear listmembers,

just recently I came across a German eMail programme but also
a really nice advertising idea. I am by now involved with 
promoting it but wouldn't have mentioned it if the advertising 
idea behind it wouldn't be an interesting good one.

PostMe does of course what every eMailer does but a few things 
more. As for example "REs" in a mailthread are counted up, you 
not only see the Subject in your different mailboxes but the 
first four lines of the message. PostMe makes a ZIP-File of
any attachment automatically without the use of any separate
programme. As like in PEGASUS it is possible to distribute
newsletters and mailinglists. 

These are only a few features, but please take a look
at to learn about the rest.
Sorry that so far that page and the programme itself is in 
German, we are actually looking for people to translate and
distribute the programme in other countries. Please mail me
if you are interested.

Now about the advertising idea: Companies that do obtain a
licence can have their company logo fitted to the main screen,
have their name and URL added to the HELP-Menue and last but
not least can have one or more adresses put into the adress
book. Companies are also granted the right to distribute their
version freely & worldwde without ANY limitations.

With PostMe 2.0 - to appear in summer - the advertising oppor-
tunities are even better. PostMe 2.0 will use a modular structure
and it is possible to have a logo fitted to individual modules
or program them yourself and maybe offer them for a download at 
your web site.

Thanks for listening!

Best wishes from

Klaus Arnhold 
(Invited Speaker, Internet World Berlin/Germany, May 26th, 1998)  
============> NETPROMOTIONS - Always on Target <=============== - We let the World know Your Web Site!  
NetMarkting: Join the biggest German Online Marketing List for 
free @

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Klaus,

Thanks for pointing out this new software.  I'll go download it
and post a review here soon.  In the meantime maybe you (or
anyone else who has tried it) can give us a first-person opinion?



 The Corkboard

***  FIRST TOPIC - The Stealing Of Business 
                   Online and Information- Long  ***

From: "Nancy Roebke" 
Subject: The Stealing Of Business Online and Information- Long

I apologize in advance to those of you who will see this post
more than once. It is a topic that SO concerns me that I intend
to post this anywhere where it will get seen.

It appals and angers me that I, again , am writing on this 
topic. I wasn't going to. I was going to handle it and go on. In
fact, people close to me told me I should be flattered that my
material is so good that people less skilled and less experienced
would want to steal it.

But the favorable ending to my story happened as a direct result
of the fact that it happened to ME. If this same thing were to
happen to someone with less exposure than me, with less contacts
than me, or with less name recognition than me, I know they would
have had a much tougher time getting the challenge rectified.

So lets see if we, as a small business community can, in our own
small way, help stop this crime. And it is a crime. The crime of
stealing. I have dealt with it twice in as many months. In the
last case, I found out about the theft from a client of mine. She
forwarded me a post, I checked the site- and lo and behold- there
was all the hard work that I had either done myself , or paid two
very talented people a very fair price to do. In all it's glory.

I immediately contacted the site owner, and as of this morning
the stolen material has removed from the site pending further
investigation by the offending site owner. Be sure I have already
done my own investigation and have the necessary information I
need stored in multiple safe places.

Now, as I said before, I found out about this and the last theft
of my material because people knew me- very well. What about all
those hard-working people out there that no one yet knows but are
still experts in their field? What happens when their material is
stolen? Someone else makes money off it and the original owner
doesn't even know why their business isn't what it should be.

And before I hear from all of you who say the information on the
Internet is "shared", let me remind you that "sharing" is a
mutually-agreed upon thing. We all learned that in kindergarten,
or should have. "Mutually- agreed upon" means that all parties
involved KNOW about the arrangement. Obviously, I did not. And
had I been ASKED, I would have "shared" without hesitation.
Anyone who has ever asked me to share, and I have turned down,
please step forward. As I thought- noone.

There's a serious concern here. If stealing is allowed to 
continue, without an outcry from the small business community,
here's what will happen. People who have material worth stealing
will stop making that material available to the public- such as
helpful information on websites. Good authors will stop writing.
People will start forming small, tight groups and only do
business within their group. The only people left out there will
be people with questions. The people with answers will no longer
be contributing. 

And the naysayers who say commerce will never work online will
have been right. A self fulfilling prophesy that we, the small
business community, will have let happen by our inaction. What
action should we take? Get to know people online and check out
their credentials before you decide they are experts in their
field. Find out how they GOT that expertise.

And if you see material online that sounds familiar to you, but
the location of that material seems a bit off- do what my client
did. Contact the people you know in that field and ask them about
it. If we all start watching out for each other, the thieves will
have less chance of getting away with their crime.

I promise you. I'll be watching YOUR back.

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
Increase income, cut costs, and put an end to cold calling.
Get our FREE series of articles that teach you the secrets
of successful networking. Today!
ProfNet, Inc  Execdirector@Profnet.Org

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Nancy,

The idea of someone potentially stealing my work really angers
me, yet I'm sure there is a lot of this going on online.  Since I
am so late getting this issue out (3PM EDT) I'll post a more
thoughtful response tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'll watch your
back for you.



 Question of the Week

"What do you consider to be your favorite online marketing
'Killer App'?"

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