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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #155
 April 1, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + Ongoing

    "Affiliate Programs"
       - Amy O'Neill Houck
       - Moderator's Comments
       - Cheryl C. Ho
       - Moderator's Comments

 + Nuts 'n Bolts

    "Cookie Files"
       - David Campbell
       - Moderator's Comments

 + E-mail Corner

    "PostMe E-mail Program
       - Hubertus Rank
       - Moderator's Comments

 + The Corkboard

    "CT Survey Results"
       - Sunni Freyer
       - Moderator's Comments

 + Question of the Week
    "What do you consider to be your 
     favorite online marketing 'Killer App'?"


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Welcome to Wednesday.  Mine has been a good week so far...  how
about yours?

Subscriber Greg Stuart  pointed out to me that
the URL I have been including in the masthead for our sister
publication, The E-Tailer's Digest, was incorrect.  I've made the
correction now, so all you retailers should all be able to go to
the ETD website and subscribe.  Thanks for the heads-up, Greg.

The Great EMD Graphic Contest is officially closed.  We have a
total of 10 submissions by 3 subscribers (It's my guess that this
list not exactly 'heavy' with graphic designers :).  I'll be
posting the winner's name and the winning graphic in Friday's
issue along with the HTML you will need to add the button to your
website.  I think the EMD Button Campaign will be a great way to
build the circulation of this list, increasing the valuable input
we all receive here.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

And now, on with the show...



***  FIRST TOPIC - Affiliate Programs  ***

From: "Amy O'Neill Houck" 
Subject: Affiliate Programs

Hello Everyone,

De-lurking because the issue of affiliate programs sparked my
interest. My web site ( does not sell
anything--we're "word of mouth online" for the Seattle area, i.e.
an interactive database where folks share information about their
favorite things to do, etc. We are ad-driven, however, and in an
effort to build traffic, I think some sort of affiliate program
would work well.

My question: what is the incentive (if any) of a site becoming an
affiliate of what is predominantly a content, not a commerce

I look forward to your thoughts on the subject.


find IT here!

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Amy,

Thanks for posting in this topic.  Setting yourself up as a
content add-on for other websites seems to be the way for you to
go.  Let other Seattle area site owners know that your site's
directory of information can be added to their own website to add
value to theirs, while simultaneously pointing to the resources
offered at yours.  

Case in Point:  I run a site called Weather by E-mail
 and, since weather is of
interest to everyone, my service is a natural content add-on for
most any website out there.  What I have done is to create an
autoresponder with the necessary HTML all written out so
interested parties only have to copy and paste the code into
their page(s) to add Weather by E-mail to their website(s).  I
offer a text link and two separate graphic button/banner links
for the site owner to choose from.  The graphics themselves are
called up from my server in the HTML so there is no need for
participants to deal with them.  In the 5 weeks this program has
been online I have had 34 requests for the code from my
autoresponder.  That is 34 more 'doorways' to my service.


***  SAME TOPIC - Affiliate Programs  ***

From: "Cheryl C. Ho" 
Subject: Affiliate Programs

Hi all-

Sorry for being a little behind in keeping up with the Digest.  

> I think you hit the nail on the head - trust is necessary in
> these relationships.  But there is always an affiliate who
> wants
> 'absolute verification', as if such an animal exists. 

Trust is definitely an issue, but I think that it can be
addressed effectively simply by having a trusted third party
manage the affiliates program.  As such, a separation of duties
is achieved whereby the affiliate is not dependent on the
merchant to tell him/her how much he/she will be paid.  That is
why I feel that the network affiliates model developed by
LinkShare Corporation has many advantages over the traditional
point-to-point affiliates programs.  With over 80 merchants and
more than 4,000 affiliate sites in the network, LinkShare not
only brings those interested in revenue-sharing agreements
together in one location, but LinkShare also maintains the
tracking and recording through patent-pending proprietary
software that ensures accuracy and completeness.  A monthly
consolidated statement is provided to both merchant and affiliate
with the proper commission amounts.  All members also have
password protected access to real-time numbers: click-throughs,
sales, conversion ratio, etc.  LinkShare charges a flat fee for
the software and initial set-up, which will work with most
commerce engines, and then a minimal percentage of all
transactions flowing through the Network.  As I like to see it,
LinkShare doesn't make any money unless the merchant is making
sales - a win-win situation.

> I think the idea of providing promotional materials to your
> affiliates is one that can't be ignored either.  The more
> successful you can make your affiliates the more successful
> your
> program will be.

I wholeheartedly agree with Gary on this point, and would just
like to emphasize this point.  LinkShare has consistently
encouraged its merchants to provide additional promotional
materials, including content, that would help an affiliate better
present their products to its visitors.  I'd like to point out
that one of our large food products merchants provided recipes
that featured its products for any interested affiliates to post
on their sites.  The response to this was overwhelming, and the
company witnessed increased sales from its affiliates almost

Best regards,

Cheryl Ho
Vice-President, Marketing
LinkShare Corporation
The Software. The Network. The Solution.

[Moderator's Comments]

Thanks for posting, Cheryl.  Third party monitoring may seem
cumbersome to some, but it works.  What more can I say?  :)  And
as regards the recipies provided by your client...  a great
example of support materials for affiliates that really work.


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 Nuts 'n Bolts

***  FIRST TOPIC - Cookie Files  ***

Subject:          Cookie Files

Dear Mr. Foote:

I enjoy your electronic newsletter.
I am new to the Internet and the WWW, 
you seem to do a very good job - why is
your membership not growing????

Well this was not really my question, I 
received a publication today, titled "The
MacAuthority." (As you can gather I have a
MAC - a fantastic Power Mac)

Can you or any of the members throw some light
on Netscape HTTP Cookie File ? Or the same type
of file on Internet Explorer? Can we edit these
file and keep on them only the sites that are
important to us. How come these sites don't let
us know that they are placing "cookie" on our
system - something does not seem to be quite in
order here. I have nothing to hide, but it seems
that we are the subject of research without any
due consideration. How do they work and how can
we screen them. I would greatly appreciate some


David Campbell

Hi David,

Thanks for posting.  I don't know too much about how cookies
operate, but I do know you can set Netscape to warn you every
time a site asks to place a cookie on your computer, at which
point you may deny such action on a case-by-case basis.  The only
problem is that cookies are so pervasive now that you would spend
a great deal of time allowing/disallowing cookies instead of
going straight to the content.

There must be a cookie expert onlist.  Anyone care to enlighten


 E-mail Corner

From: "Reise-Profi Service GmbH" 
Subject: Subject: PostMe E-mail Program

Dear listmembers,

I have downloaded the PostMe email program and it looks really

The software can update information from Eudora but not from
Pegasus. For sending Newsletters or mailing list you have limited
capacity, only up to 100 persons, the next version (2.0) should
have the limit for up to 1.000 for a list, they said.

I find the marketing idea behind it very interesting and when its
converted in english I maybe use it. The bad thing is that it is
a bit expensive, actually you have to pay DM 998,- (appr. $
555,-) for the individual version.

Best regards
Hubertus Rank
"Travel Europe with our special Service" 
Drive Europe Travel Guide 
Reise-Profi Service GmbH
Offenbachstr. 6 - D-26810 Westoverledingen / Germany
Phone +49 (0)4955920905 - Fax +49 (0)4955920906
Subscribe the FREE monthly European Travel Newsletter.

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Hubertus,

Whew...  that seems a high price for software with a limit to the
number of people one can include in a mailing list.  I wonder if
it only their marketing plan that is their differentiation


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Type the word SUBSCRIBE in the BODY of the message.


 The Corkboard

From: "Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer" 
Subject: CT Survey Results

My firm just completed the sending of a survey to 
the nearly 1600 readers of our email newsletter
Canine Times.   The primary purpose of the survey
was to determine what method the readership 
preferred for financially supporting the newsletter.
They were asked their feelings on paying a
nominal fee to receive the newsletter without 
advertising.  They were asked if they would be 
interested in paying to be a member of a Canine
Times club providing the membership special
benefits.  Queries were included on advertising

The survey was sent via email this past Saturday
and we have been swamped with response. We will
complete our tabulation within the next week.
A quick scan, though, shows interesting and
consistent results. 

I am wondering if members of this list 
would be interested in having us share the
results with them via this list?  Gary, what
do you think?  Might be of help to 

Please advise.

Sunni Freyer
CFNA, Inc.: PR/Marketing
Online and Offline

{Moderator's Comments]

Hi Sunni,

Please do post the results to us here.  Any info about e-commerce
from the frontlines is more than welcome.  Does anyone else have
survey results to share with the rest of us here?


 Question of the Week

What do you consider to be your 
favorite online marketing 'Killer App'?"

Please Post Your Responses to:

***  RESPONSES  ***

From:             Rainmaker 

We have two:

1.  Our Automated Press Releases service where we send client
press releases to over 7,600 media contacts in 256 subject
categories in 37 countries -- the largest such service on the
Net.  While it is not designed to be an advertisement for a
business it is one of the best ways to obtain maximum exposure
and awareness about your products/services.  As little as $50.

2.  Our Marketing Your Web (MYWEB) service
.  We send client's
our copyrighted 8 page WWW Marketing Survey which helps them
organize their thoughts and focus on their business.  The form
contains subjects like differentiation, competition, target
market and asks questions like Why should visitors stop at your
site? What makes you different from anybody else? Why should
somebody buy a product or service from you? Is your message

Too often folks  develop a site on a "shoe string" and hope that
some of the 45 million folks out "surfing" will stop by for a
visit. Then, when they do not see results they pack up their tent
and go back to what they were doing in pre-Net days.

We usually develop a seven point marketing plan to promote your
business and services, which includes short- and long-term
options.  Our goal is not to generate visitors, rather to
generate business.  

Our clients have said it was the best $3,000 they ever spent.
George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner   
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821  Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
350 Seminars & Trade shows:



I used to say that email was the killer ap, and it still is and
will be. The next generation of internet 'appliances' (read
telephones) will be email dependant, making email newsletters a
valuable commodity.

I am taking bets on content syndication systems as the next
killer ap. Scripts that can deliver your headlines to a
subscribers web site, or delivering articles in their entirety
will be used extensively by site managers. and when they will be
able to track click thru's and an affiliate program, watch out.

Roy Hinkelman

.......Put our FREE site directory on your website!.......
Syndicated Marketing


From:             Mark Rauterkus 

An Electronic Book. 

Let me explain: This is part CD-ROM (disk-based) and part
net-connected -- so it is a hybrid. It is a double-click
application, hyper-media, hyper-text, sound, animation, video,
and with network resources. A gateway to a catalog, and a
community. A segway to the archives and time-less resources.

An E-book can be built to be better than a web site for ease of
creation -- and ease of consumption for the end users. Our
FootNotes, is just a peek into what we are working on.


Mark Rauterkus, Publisher          E-books work in classrooms!           


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