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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #156
 April 3, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

    "New Subscriber Introduction"
       - Agentur Hensel
       - Moderator's Comments

 + Ongoing

    "Affiliate Programs
       - Brian Harniman
       - Moderator's Comments
       - Roy Hinkelman
       - Moderator's Comments
       - Richard Hauf
       - Moderator's Comments

    "CT Survey Results"
       - George Matyjewicz

    "The E-Tailer's Digest"
       - George Matyjewicz
       - Moderator's Comments

 + Nuts 'n Bolts

       - Bob Rankin
       - Moderator's Note
       - George Matyjewicz
       - Moderator's Comments

 + E-mail Corner

    "Nick's Ten Commandments of Effective Email Responding"
       - Nick Nichols
       - Moderator's Comments

 + The Corkboard

    "Reciprocal Link Bank Website"
       - Gary K. Foote

 + Question of the Week

    "What do you consider to be your 
     favorite online marketing 'Killer App'?"


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Welcome to Friday's issue of the EMD.  I want to thank all of
today's contributors for their well thought comments and
suggestions.  This group never ceases to amaze me.

Before we go to the real issues let me take a moment to talk
about the EMD Graphics Contest.  We have decided to throw the
voting open to subscribers of this publication, so to that end we
have put up a page where you may review the entries and vote for
the EMD button of your choice.  Please remember, only one vote
per subscriber...  we'll be watching  ;->

Deadline for voting is 12 Midnight EDT, (Greenwich Mean Time
-0400), April 10, 1998.

The EMD Graphics Contest 'Voting Booth' is at;

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Your Moderator,


 New Topics

FIRST POST - New Subscriber Introduction  ***

From: SHensel514 
Subject: Intro - Agentur Hensel , Info-Broker - Germany

Hello to all EM-Members,

special thanks goes to the moderator of these list,for the work ,
time and that they give us the chance,to get in contact to
another people,firms by this way.

We are new members on these list and want to introduce ourself by
a short way. The Agentur Hensel is a german company, which
provide information. Examples you can see below. 

Please notice,that we provide:"Only respectabe information".

Information Research
Information Delivery.
Internet Research
Database Research
Information Analysis and Decision Support
Information about products, companies, competitors, markets,
State of the market,market research,research findings and much

We hope for further good membership with all members on these

Thanks for your time and that you have allowed us,to introduce

Best Regards

Agentur Hensel,Info-Broker,Gackauerstr.12,27628 Bramstedt - Lohe,
*Germany*,Tel. +49 4748 7427,Fax. +49 4748 931273

[Moderator's Comments]

Hello and welcome to the EMD, Agentur,

I hope you get good vaqlue from our publication.  Just out of
curiosity, does your company have a website?  There is no URL in
your signature.



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***  FIRST TOPIC - Affiliate Programs  ***

From: "Brian Harniman" 
Subject: affiliate poaching

Hello again.

What kind of 'affiliate poaching' do you envision?  Do you mean
like when a phone company 'steals' your business from the one you
originally signed up with - without asking you first?

No...this isn't a reseller issue.  Basically the idea that I have
is this:  If someone were to start a network of associates,
affiliates, etc...they should logically start the plan by
marketing the service toward those who have already expressed an
interest and a facility for it--and those would be the people who
have already established a mini-site or a link on their site to a

How could this happen if an affiliate manages their own website?  

Real easy.  Most affiliates can be identified...after the initial
outreach, you could approach these affiliates via email and offer
higher rates per click through or sale--this is similar to a
credit card mailer or a phone solicitation.  

Does this approach border on spam?  Possibly.  But since most
hobbyist webmasters are just trying to pay off the ISP fees, the
higher rates might be welcomed with open arms.  And since some of
the small to mid size websites are seeking the alternate revenue
streams that an associate program can provide, I don't think that
the offer would be construed as entirely unwelcome by them

So the "associate poacher" has two hurdles to overcome...those
people that are emotionally attached to their program (think of
it as that first dollar taped to the office wall) or those that
don't have the time to change their code--and I'd argue either
way, increased chance of revenue will overcome these roadblocks.

that's my thinkin' on da matter.


Brian Harniman
\\A Journey of a 1,000 miles\\
\\starts with a single click.\\

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Brian,

It sounds like supply and demand are alive and well online.
Better profits = more affiliates/resellers.  Capitalism works!




Subject: Why Affiliate Programs


I look at affiliates as a way to offer services that I can't or
don't have the time to develop myself. So, if you wanted to offer
your readers news headlines or special credit card offers or web
site reviews , you could place them on your site.

I look at so many sites that try to do so much, and fall short.
They have an excellent database of , and feel that they
have to offer forums (but don't moderate them) or offer
editorials (but don't contribute to them consistantly). I feel
that they should either offer links to sites that specialize or
place an affiliate on their site to offer better solutions. Kind
of a 'stick to your knitting' sort of thing.

The drawback is that they leave your site, like they do with a
banner ad. Or, they are not reputable, and tarnish your image
with your visitors.

Roy Hinkelman

.......Put our FREE site directory on your website!.......
Syndicated Marketing

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Roy,

Content add-ons like you mention are good 'affiliates' to get
involved with, as long as the content you are adding is salient
to your audience.  For example, I would not place a news ticker
on a site for children.  Success with content add-ons is all in
the mix you choose to offer.

You're right about there being a downside to most affiliate
programs - the visitor leaves your site.  Of course you could
force a second window to open to display the content, but that
can use the visitor's computer resources up pretty fast.  Does
anyone have any good suggestions for keeping the visitor onsite
while still offering the content add-on?




From: "ShopSafe" 
Subject: Continued Follow-Up on Affiliate Programs

Hello everyone - 

It seems that all the talk on many of these internet retailing
newsletters surrounds affiliate programs. The topic is getting a
lot of press and it seems that everyone wants to jump on the
bandwagon. I have posted my comments and suggestions of what to
be on the lookout for in an affiliate program in the past and
from the website owners position. This post though, is written
from the merchants perspective.

In February, we implemented an affiliate program at our site -
ShopSafeMall ( The logistics of
initiating a program of this sort are certainly overwhelming,
especially when you want to get it off on the right foot. Well,
after much tweaking, we now have a rock-solid program. We reward
our affiliate sites on a per click-through basis. I have several
interesting observations and comments from the past several

We receive on the order of one hundred affiliate program
applications per week. This number overwhelmed us at first and
quite frankly I did not have the staff to handle this volume. In
many cases, it took weeks to get websites set-up as affiliate
sites and we heard our share of complaints about this. So it is
important for website owners to be patient when joining these
types of programs as their popularity is generally the cause of
the delay.

Secondly, we found that many website owners sign up for any and
all affiliate programs that they can get their hands-on, before
ever really considering whether it fits into their site content
and theme and whether they can really afford the real estate to
feature a 468x60 banner. Many times, we will set up these
websites only to have them never add the affiliate coding to
their websites. This makes affiliate programs expensive to

Third, we have received several inquiries from our affiliate
sites that were upset that their CTR was only 1.0%. Many newbie
sites have unrealistic expectations of 5-10% CTR's which is
unheard of. Again this comes back to my second point above. It is
critical to make sure as a website owner that the affiliate
program you are signing up for fits into the theme and content of
your site. As we take a closer look at many of these affiliate
sites we realize that they are advertising our ShopSafeMall
banner on their "UFO Sightings" website. Not exactly a good fit.
We have definitely become more selective about the websites that
we accept for our program.

All in all, our affiliate program has been extremely successful
thus far and we are pleased with the results. It is important
that website owners realize all that is involved with maintaining
an affiliate program and save everyones time by making sure it is
right for their site prior to signing up.

Thanks again,

Richard Hauf

Over 90 of the internet's finest retailers and
growing everyday....only at the ShopSafeMall !

Thanks for your comments, Richard.  You reinforce the comments I
made after the previous post (above) about choosing your content
add-ons carefully.



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***  NEXT TOPIC - CT Survey Results  ***

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: CT Survey Results

> My firm just completed the sending of a survey to 
> the nearly 1600 readers of our email newsletter
> Canine Times.   The primary purpose of the survey
> was to determine what method the readership 
> preferred for financially supporting the newsletter.
> They were asked their feelings on paying a
> nominal fee to receive the newsletter without 
> advertising.  

I can give you some experience with this.  Adam Boettiger
surveyed his Internet Advertising list some time ago, trying to
see if members would pay as little as $10 a year.  An
overwhelming no!

I have been member of the advisory council on the International
Business List since it's inception one year ago this month.  The
list now has 5,000 members in 150 countries worldwide.  It is one
of the best lists on the Net, and probably the best international
resource.  Ray Gabriel is the list owner, and spends the better
part of his day on the IBL, thereby  forgoing his business and
not making any money.   While lists are a great resource for list
members, they can be a drain on the owner.

Ray and I discussed various alternatives that could keep the list
free, and give him an income, and finally came up with a  program
called the Association for International Business (AIB) that has
five different levels of annual membership (from $20 to $500 a
year) and services available.  It appears to be working, as
members are signing up.

I would be interested in your results, and more importantly, how
many of your 1,600 members respond.  There is not doubt the Net
is going more towards fee-based information.  


George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner   
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821  Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
350 Seminars & Trade shows:

***  NEXT TOPIC - The E-Tailer's Digest  ***

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: The E-Tailer's Digest

> Subscriber Greg Stuart  
> pointed out to me that
> the URL I have been including in the masthead for our sister
> publication, The E-Tailer's Digest, was incorrect.  
> I've made the
> correction now, so all you retailers should all be 
> able to go to
> the ETD website and subscribe.  Thanks for the heads-up, Greg.

I'm glad to se the address is fixed.  Funny that neither I nor
Gary noticed it.

We just got a note from two publications who will be writing a
feature story about E-Tailer's Digest.  Seems the list is unusual
in that not only do we discuss on-line retailing,  but we also
address real world (physical) retailing issues.  

E-Tailer's Digest is published in a moderated digest form every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   The E-Tailer's Digest topics
include any, and all subjects that pertain to retailing, i.e.,
customer interaction, Psychographics, POS software, POP displays,
security issues,  effective merchandising and open-to-buy,  mail
order issues, shipping and tax issues, accounting and legal
issues, public relations, promotions and advertising, on-line
marketing,  differentiation, doing business internationally and
effective web site design.

We have members in 35 countries (in only two weeks) and varied
disciplines related to retail, and I haven't worked so hard since
being on the Net (and loving every minute of it).

George Matyjewicz             "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner    
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Moderator of E-Tailer's Digest
Your Resource for Retail on the Net  

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi All,

George's moderation of The E-Tailer's Digest has been excellent
for the publication.  Subscribership is soaring and his efforts
at promotion have paid off in lots of press coverage for the ETD.
As he pointed out it is the unique slant of the ETD - discussing
both online and *offline* retailing - that has made it so
interesting to the press.  This unique positioning of the ETD is
a great example of differentiation and niche building in action.

Good job George.



 Nuts 'n Bolts

***  FIRST TOPIC - Cookies  ***

From: Bob Rankin 
Subject: re: Cookies

Read my July 29, 1997 Tourbus article titled "A Closer Look At
Cookies" if you want to know how they work, more about related
privacy issues, and how to control them if you really want to. 

The short answer for busy people: Cookies are not a bad thing.
Ignore them and you'll benefit without worry.

Bob Rankin - Geek, Journalist, Bus Driver, and Virtual Florist
FlowersFast! - Great Prices - Fast Delivery - 

[Moderator's Note]

Bob's TOURBUS archives is on the Web at



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Type SUBSCRIBE in the BODY of the message.



From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Cookies

> ...but I do know you can set Netscape to warn you every
> time a site asks to place a cookie on your computer, at which
> point you may deny such action on a 
> case-by-case basis.  The only
> problem is that cookies are so pervasive 
> now that you would spend
> a great deal of time allowing/disallowing 
> cookies instead of
> going straight to the content.

I'm not a cookie expert but I do know that I have my cookie file
set to read only, and don't get any.  I also have a routine that
deletes temp files from my system, and clears out the cookie
directory when run.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner   
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821  Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
350 Seminars & Trade shows:

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi George,

Just wondering why you would want to avoid getting cookies set on
your machine altogether?  Privacy?  Security?  Is there something
more we should know about cookies?


 E-mail Corner

***  FIRST TOPIC - Nick's Ten Commandments of 
                   Effective Email Responding  ***

From: Nick Nichols 
Subject: Nick's Ten Commandments of Effective Email Responding

Hello List Members,

Recently, I posted a message to a help-style discussion list
requesting a Web graphics artist.  Many people were kind 
enough to respond.  But most of the responses were not as 
effective as they could have been.

In the interest of helping list members get the most from their
email marketing, I developed some suggestions for people to keep
in mind when responding to a request for help.  These tips are
aimed at the people who actually provide a requested product or

Nick's Ten Commandments of Effective Email Responding

#1: Thou Shalt Know Thy Prospect

Before you respond to a request for help, you should visit the
prospect's Web site to see what kind of business it is, what
condition the Web site is in, and to see if what you do might fit
in.  Don't respond blindly, thinking that what you do will
automatically apply to everyone.  You'll end up wasting a lot of

#2: Thou Shalt Know Thy Benefits

In your response to the prospect, you should state the three main
benefits of what you offer as they apply to your perception of
what the prospect needs.  Your benefits should be personalized as
much as possible to the individual prospect.

#3: Thou Shalt Know Thy Competition

After you list the three main benefits of doing business with
you, you should state how and why you're different and better
than your competition.  Be very specific and avoid using the
standard cliches that have long ago lost their meaning.

#4: Thou Shalt Know Thy Advantages

You should state why what you do and the way you do it are
important and meaningful to your prospects and customers.  What
problems do you solve?  What frustrations do you alleviate?  What
desirable results do you get for people?

#5: Thou Shalt Know Thy Offer

At the end of your response, you should make an irresistible
offer that will motivate prospects to immediately contact you or
visit your Web site.  This should be much more than the standard
(and meaningless) "Free Estimate," "Free Quotation," or "Free
Evaluaton."  Your offer must have specific, relatable and
tangible *value* to your prospects.

#6: Thou Shalt Not Have a Slow-Loading Home Page

The last thing you want is for prospects to arrive at your site
and wait...and wait...and wait...for your home page to load.  You
will lose up to 80% of your visitors if you have a slow-loading
home page.

#7: Thou Shalt Not Use Large Useless Graphics (LUGs)

Your home page should begin with a compelling headline that tells
visitors what's in it for them if they read your page and surf
your site.  LUGs, large logos and welcome messages are *not*

#8: Thou Shalt Not Be Self-Serving

Your home page should repeat, reaffirm and reemphasize
Commandmants #2, #3 and #4 at the top of the page.  All your
pages should be customer focused.  Delete all boring "name, rank
and serial number" text and replace it with interesting,
benefit-laden copy.

#9: Thou Shalt Not Have Missing Images or Broken Links

Visitors will judge you by the professionalism of your site. If
you have missing graphics or broken links, many people will
dismiss you as a person who is careless.  Why give visitors
reasons to click away before they get a chance to know you?

#10: Thou Shalt Not Omit Complete Contact Information

It's amazing how many online marketers attempt to remain
anonymous yet expect people to do business with them.  To build
credibility, trust and confidence, you should provide *complete*
contact info on *every* page of your site.  This includes your
*street* address, live-answered phone, and fax numbers.

Bonus Commandmant:

#11: Thou Shalt Set Up Thy Referral System

Referrals from satisfied customers and clients can be the most
profitable form of marketing you can use.  Why not make it easy
for people to refer business to you? 

1. Prepare a general-purpose email response that your customers
and clients can send to people who may need what you offer.  Be
certain to include the info from Commandmants #2, #3, #4, and #5.

2. Contact your customers or clients immediately after you think
they've experienced the main benefit(s) of what you do.  Ask them
to describe how what you do has helped them.  If you get a
positive response, ask the person to be a referral agent for you. 
You may want to offer some sort of referral compensation.

3. Send the referral agent your general-purpose email response
and ask her/him to use it when making referrals to you.  Be sure
to include some sort of coding that tells you where the referral
came from.

4. When you get an inquiry from a referral, respond promptly. 
Then immediately send a thank-you message to the referral agent. 
Let the agent know that you'll keep her/him posted on the status
of the referral. 

5. Pay referral compensation promptly or reciprocate in some
other meaningful way.  This will keep the referral spigot wide

I hope this is profitable for you.


Nick Nichols

 >>My High-Impact Copywriting Will Increase Your Sales <<
If you're not getting the results you deserve from your
email and Web marketing, it's probably because your sales
copy is not customer focused and benefit-laden. I can help.
My words will make you money.
**************** ******************

[Moderator's Comments]

Wow!  Great 'commandments' Nick.  I for one have printed them out
and am integrating them into my own system.  Thanks so much for
posting them.



 The Corkboard

***  FIRST TOPIC - Reciprocal Link Bank Website  ***

Hi All,

For all you reciprocal link builders want to let you know about a
new site called the Reciprocal Link Bank located at;

It is a searchable directory of Web sites that are willing to
exchange links with other sites.  Seems like a good place to go
to find the link partners you want.



 Question of the Week

What do you consider to be your 
favorite online marketing 'Killer App'?"

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