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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #157
 April 6, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + Ongoing

    "Building List Circulation"
       - Rick Smith
       - Moderator's Comments

    "Affiliate Programs"
       - Roy Hinkelman
       - Moderator's Comments
       - George Matyjewicz 

    "CT Survey Results"
       - Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer

 + Nuts 'n Bolts

       - George Matyjewicz 
       - John Charlesworth
       - Moderator's Comments

 + E-mail Corner

    "PostMe E-mail Program"
       - Klaus Arnholdt

 + The Corkboard

    "Beta test new marketing service"
       - Roy Hinkelman
       - Moderator's Comments

 + Question of the Week

    "Responses to Last Week's QOTW"
       - Charles Holt

    "This Week's QOTW"

    "How do You Differentiate Your
     Business from Your Competition?


 Moderator's Comments

Hi all,

Very busy day today, so I'll mention only that EMD Graphics
Contest voting is taking place all this week, through Friday,
April 10 at Midnight EDT (Greenwich Mean Time -0400).  To vote
for the EMD graphic of your choice go to the 'Voting Booth' at
the following URL;

And now, on with the show...




From: Rick Smith 
Subject: Building List Circulation

Gary -

[Nancy wrote]

>>Maybe a contest in order to get subscribers? Or maybe 1200 is a 
>>GREAT number and we shouldn't worry about it. If you are
>>for advertisers, that may be a concern..but if not, I wouldn't 
>>be too concerned..<<

A contest is a great idea!  I just concluded one for my e-zine.
It ran for two months. It started off rather slowly with one
subscriber submitting 20+ referrals. No one else even tried.  I
decided to give it a kick so I mentioned it again the following

One of the subscribers got it into her head she was going to win
and she ran with it. When the dust had settled, she had gotten
something like 140 new subscribers to subscribe to my zine in
just about two weeks.  Nothing I've tried has worked this well
since I sent my post to Net Announce.  So all told we had about
160 new subscribers and I gave out some great prizes, (that I'd
gotten free and had duplicates of already), to the winners.  The
first prize was "How To Self-Publish A Book and Sell A Million
Copies" by Ted Nicholas.  This book sold for $189.00 at one time
and I bought my own copy for $29.95.  The second place winner
received "Secrets of Winning Ad Copy", a tape also by Ted
Nicholas.  For those who don't know Ted Nicholas, he has sold
$200 Million+ of his own and his clients information products so
these were great prizes.

I think it would be worth a try but you would want to offer some
prizes that have a high preceived value and don't cost you much.
In my case, even the shipping was free because a friend who owns
a MailBoxes, Etc. type place owes me some favors.

BTW, if anyone wants to be around for my next contest, see the
subscription information in my sig.

Rick Smith, "The Guerrilla Computer Consultant"
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newsletter to learn how to competition proof your business.
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[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Rick,

With the votes coming in now for the EMD Graphics Contest we have
become staunch believers in contests as a way to bring attention
to almost any promotion, whether online or offline.  Thanks for
letting us know how well yours went.



***  NEXT TOPIC - Affiliate Programs  ***

Subject: Why Affiliate Programs

Regarding the question posed by Adam about affiliates that do not
force a visitor away from your site....

Some affiliates, I am thinking of RapidContent
( and NewsPage, have a script that
replaces a line of HTML code in your HTML page with the desired
content, thus not sending your visitor offsite.

I looked into doing this with my site reviews database, but could
not find an existing script that would do this, and have put it
together using a frames format. It's not as elegant, but it does
the trick, and your visitor stays with you.

If I remember correctly, they use an (insert) tag, which I am not
familiar with. I'm sure the script keeps track of click thru's
and unique visitors as well.

The other way is to use an inline frame tag in a page.

Roy Hinkelman

.......Put our FREE site directory on your website!.......
Syndicated Marketing

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Roy,

Thanks for the info.  I too dislike frames - except when there is
a specific need for them, as there seems to be here.

George mentioned the ,include. tag to me by e-mail today.  I
looked at his example, but have yet to take the time to really
understand it.  George, would you post an explanation for us?
I'll include it in the Nuts 'n Bolts section (where the above
post almost ended up) of the next issue.



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***  SAME TOPIC - Affiliate Programs - NEXT POST  ***

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Affiliate Programs

Spree.Com seems to be doing quite a job with an affiliates
program.  They have signed up some major players, and offer a
nice program.  

For example, Spree.Com has partnered to bring a seminar.  Mark
Victor Hansen, author of the runaway best seller Chicken Soup For
The Soul,  is coming to the Internet in his first live webcast
seminar -- a three hour program entitled "Creating Miracles Out
of Soup."  Hosted by Allan K. Hunkin, the Life Vision Institute
and the "How Good Can You Stand It." (tm) program,   the seminar
will take place on May 8, 1998 from Denver Colorado.  

You will be able to attend live seminar or listen to it for 15
days after the even ends.  I will get more information and post
it to the list, as well as the URL.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner   
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821  Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
350 Seminars & Trade shows:

***  NEXT TOPIC - CT Survey Results  ***

From: "Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer" 
Subject: Re: CT Survey Results

> My firm just completed the sending of a survey to 
> the nearly 1600 readers of our email newsletter
> Canine Times.   The primary purpose of the survey
> was to determine what method the readership 
> preferred for financially supporting the newsletter.
> They were asked their feelings on paying a
> nominal fee to receive the newsletter without 
> advertising.  

George M wrote: (snipped)
> Adam Boettiger surveyed his IA list some time ago, trying to
see if members would pay as little as $10 a year.  An
overwhelming no!

Ray Gabriel of the International Business List and I discussed
various alternatives that could keep the list
free, and give him an income, and finally came up with a
membership  program that appears to be working.
I would be interested in your results, and more importantly, how
many of your 1,600 members respond.  There is not doubt the Net
is going more towards fee-based information.  

Response:  George, over the last 25 years I have conducted
hundreds of surveys for clients using traditional methods
of phone or mail.  I have always considered response
rates to be excellent when they came in at ranges of
15-20%.  (yep!)  The results this time caught us completely
off-guard. At this writing, we have an unbelievable 60%
response rate and our email program, which is sighing,
can attest to that.  While formal tabulation is the next
onerous step, preliminary review already indicates that
Adam's response echoes ours. Subscribers don't even
want to part with $5/year, although they gave the
newsletter an overwhelming 5-star rating and expressed
fear that it would stop.  Demographically, I've already
noted that biz-people indicated willingness to pay,
but the general consumer vetoed it.  A membership
club situation was also suggested.  Those that pay
a particular amount would not only get the newsletter
but also value-added services free.  Still no takers.
But, it appears at this early stage of review that
subscribers definitely want advertising and 
"discount coupon" email advertising got the highest
support, it appears.  What was particularly bothersome,
but that I certainly haven't lost sleep over, were the
few who want it all: an html version with graphics,
no advertising and no fees.   Overall, though, I
could definitely feel a net culture that I can only
describe as users wanting "it" free.  Have we
taught netizens this?  That is what I'm pondering.

Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer
               CFNA, Inc.: PR/Marketing
    115 State St. Ste. 213, Pullman, WA 99163
Voice: 509-332-3956     Fax: 509-334-2525

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 Nuts 'n Bolts

***  FIRST TOPIC - Cookies  ***

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Cookies

>[Moderator's Comments]
>Hi George,
>Just wondering why you would want to 
> avoid getting cookies set on
>your machine altogether?  Privacy?  
> Security?  Is there something
>more we should know about cookies?

Privacy and security.  Unless I know you are on my machine, I
don't want you there.  Who  knows what will be coming down the
line later, so why should I worry about cookies?  They don't
benefit me.


George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner   
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821  Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
350 Seminars & Trade shows:


From: "John Charlesworth"

Subject: The Cookie Monster: How Cookies Work 
         (And Some Common Myths Explained)

I think it might help if we look at what *really* happens with


There's a lot of confusion and misinformation in the mainstream
press about *how* cookies work.

    - cannot "read" information off your hard drive
    - cannot "divulge" credit card information unknowingly
    - cannot "reveal" personal information about you

Here's how information is sent back and forth between your
browser and a web server:

SCENARIO #1: No cookies
1) Every time you click on a URL (or type one into your browser
or select a bookmark), several things happen:

    a) Your browser looks up the host name 
       (a DNS lookup) to find out what
       web server to talk to

    b) Your browser creates a small message 
       (let's call it a postcard) including:

        - the address of the web server
        - what file you want
        - where the web server should send 
          the requested file (your "return address")
        - supplemental (non-essential) information 
          like browser type, operating system, referrer, etc

    c) It then drops this postcard into the internet 
       and waits for the reply

    d) Your browser will create a separate postcard 
       for every single image named on the page and 
       drop them all into the internet.  They will
       arrive at the web server in a random order.

2) A web server's sole mission in life is to respond to these
postcards. Postcards are constantly arriving by the bagfull (if
you have a busy site).

    a) The web server selects the next postcard
    b) Reads it
    c) Retrieves the requested file
    d) Creates a new postcard that contains:
        - the contents of the requested file
        - your internet address (according to the 
          return address on your postcard)
        - supplemental (non-essential) information 
          like last-modified date etc
    e) And drops this new postcard back into the internet
    f) It then discards your original postcard and 
       moves on to the next one

3) Your browser eventually receives the return postcard and
displays its contents on your screen.

Several key points:

    1) There is never a direct 2-way connection 
        between your browser and the web server.  
        Your browser simply throws postcards into 
        the internet and waits for replies.

    2) The web server never "requests" anything from 
        your browser (it can't).  Your browser sends 
        it postcards and the web server replies.

    3) Your browser has total control over what 
        supplemental (non-essential) information is 
        included on a postcard.  The web server
        can't "read"any additional information from 
        your hard drive.

SCENARIO #2: With cookies
The conversation between a browser and a web server is almost
identical when cookies are involved... *except*

    2d) When the web server responds to your 
        postcard, it includes a "polite request" 
        (as supplemental information) stating:
        "Next time you send me a postcard, please 
        write this footnote on the bottom. Thanks"

This is what is known as a cookie.  Your browser is free to
ignore it. It is simply a polite request.


    1b) Next time your browser is preparing a 
        postcard, it checks to see if   the recipient 
        (i.e. web host) has previously made any polite
        requests. If so, it will include the requested 
        footnote *verbatim* as supplemental information
        --it won't (it can't!) add any other information.
        It simply parrots back the footnote it was 
        originally told.

Several key points:

    1) Browsers don't have to accept cookies (we all know that)

    2) If they do, then it is the *browser* that decides 
        if/when to send cookie information as part of its      

    3) Browsers only send back *exact copies* of the cookie 
        that they originally received from a web server.  
        No additional information is (nor can be) added.

    4) Web servers cannot "request" cookie information.  
        All they can do is make a polite request that 
        they receive it on future postcards.  Browsers 
        are free to ignore it.

    5) Browsers only send cookie information back to the
        specific web server that it originated from.  
        Your browser will not (and cannot) send
        cookie information to, say, Site A that it 
        originally received from Site B.

This is why Cookies:

    - cannot "read" information off your hard drive
    - cannot "divulge" credit card information unknowingly
    - cannot "reveal" personal information about you 
      (unless you have already sent that specific 
      information to that specific site)

Perhaps the more important issue is why cookies are considered so
offensive by visitors to a site....  Anyone??

Hope this helps,

.../John Charlesworth

---------    ------------
John Charlesworth, President BellaCoola Software Corporation

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            Everything you need to track visitor behavior.
---------------   ------------

[Moderator's Comments]

Helps!?  Heck it does more than that.  Now i think I really *do*
undersstand how cookies work.  Thanks, John for this great



 E-mail Corner

***  FIRST TOPIC - PostMe E-mail Program  ***

From: "K. Arnhold" 
Subject: Re: PostMe E-mail Program

On 01.04.98  schrieb  Hubertus Rank

> I find the marketing idea behind it very 
> interesting and when its
> converted in english I maybe use it. 
> The bad thing is that it is
> a bit expensive, actually you have to pay DM 998,- (appr. $
> 555,-) for the individual version.

This should be corrected. It is not US$ 555,- for the individual
program but for a customized company version, carrying the
company logo and having some other features as well as an
unlimited licence to distribute the customized version freely

Just for the individual program this would indeed be a bit
expensive. But compare that price to a company licence of maybe

Herzlichen Gruss


======> Klaus Arnhold NETPROMOTIONS - Always on Target <======= - We let the World know Your Web Site!  
 Webpromotion - Internet Advertising - PR - CD-ROM Herstellung 
   Ueberblick per Mail ==>
=============> A Member of Shuttlemedia Group <================ 

[Moderator's Comments]

Correction noted.  Thanks, Klaus.  Sorry for the confusion folks.



 The Corkboard

Subject: beta test new marketing service

I am looking for several ISP's and/or web sites to beta a new set
of 'syndicated marketing products' that I am developing in
exchange for some product and systems feedback.

My company, Compass IS, is developing a series of products called
'CompassWire' that offers low cost ways to market ISP's and web
sites, both online and in print medias. CompassWire consists of
several products:

- a FREE general interest web site directory that you place on
your site with your logo, and - a weekly column sponsored by you,
given to your local newspaper containing new sites of interest
that directs readers to your site.

The ideas behind the program are:

- you can provide an independent directory for new and seasoned
internet users and compete with AOL and MSN in the minds of your
subscribers, and it's FREE - you can place a banner ad on the
directory index to promote your services - newspapers and other
publications are interested in 'what's new' on the internet, and
will consider printing it, and you get low cost publicity

The beta involves:

1) placing the reviews database on your site for your subscribers
and offering a link to it from your default and home page. 2)
approaching the EDITORS of your local newspapers, business
journals or print city guides and offering them a free weekly
column of web site reviews, with your byline

If you are interested, more information is on my site at or contact me directly. I will be interested
in your market area and the number of subscribers/monthly
visitors you have.


Roy Hinkelman

.......Put our FREE site directory on your website!.......
Syndicated Marketing

[Moderator's Comments]

Fascinating concept.  I'll be stopping by to read the whole
presentation.  Thanks for letting us know, Roy.



 Question of the Week

Last Week's Question was:

"What do you consider to be your 
favorite online marketing 'Killer App'?"

***  RESPONSES  ***

From:             Charles Holt 
Subject:          EMD-QOTW

Hi Gary and fellow listmembers. We recently launched 


and have had an excellent response. Our killer app is our
Real Time Financial updates that give buy and sell signals
for futures daytraders on a real time basis. Our subscribers
do very well using our signals.

Charles Holt, Publisher, Daytraders Bulletin>

This Week's Question is:

"How do You Differentiate Your
Business from Your Competition?

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