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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #159
 April 10, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

    "Is Anyone Marketing in Newsgroups Anymore?"
       - Gary K. Foote

 + Ongoing

    "Affiliates Programs - Who's Buying?"
       - Shannon Warnick
       - Moderator's Comments
       - Allan Gardyne
       - Moderator's Comments
       - Amit Malik
       - Moderator's Comments

    "Charging for Online Information"
       - Bob Rankin
       - Moderator's Comments

    "ICQ & Internet Personalization"
       - Sam King
       - Moderator's Comments

 + Website Issues

    "Include Tag"
       - Roy Hinkelman
       - Moderator's Comments
       - George Matyjewicz

 + E-mail Corner

 + In The News

    "Judge Rules Some Domain Fees Illegal"
       - Posted by: Gary K. Foote

 + The Corkboard

    "Breaking eNews"
       - Phil Doyle

 + Question of the Week

    "How do You Differentiate Your
     Business from Your Competition?"


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Happy Good Friday.  Today's issue covers more on who is making
money with affiliate programs, some thoughts on the future of
charging for information online and lots more.  

This issue also marks the emergence of a new section of the EMD
called "Website Issues".  The now defunct (and short-lived)
section titled "Nuts 'n Bolts" quickly divided itself into two
distinct topics, e-mail and web, so the new section will fit in

It is my belief that e-marketing, like offline marketing, is a
'chair with many legs'.  Sure, an e-marketer could focus strictly
on e-mail marketing, or web marketing, or RealAudio marketing...
the list will certainly grow over time.  I just think that a
smart marketer's program should stand on 'many legs' to widen its
effectiveness.  A single facet marketing program is just that -
single faceted...  one dimentional, and that can mean not only a
smaller marketplace, but your business image may also be
percieved as one dimensional.  Can a 'one-trick-pony' survive?
Sure, but can a 'one-trick-pony' compete effectively with
'multi-talented-ponies'?  Not realistically.

Anyway, the above is my way of letting you know why I have
included these seemingly 'offtopic' sections as regular features.
Because they are the 'other legs of the chair'...  some of the
other facets to include in rounding out your e-marketing program.

On a final note, today is the last day of voting for the EMD
Graphic Button winner.  You may go to our online Voting Booth to
select your preference.  The URL is;

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


 New Topics

From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: Is Anyone Marketing in Newsgroups Anymore?

In the spirit of widening the scope of an e-marketing program I
submit the following;

It seems like Usenet is not mentioned in many online marketing
mixes these days.  I know the .biz groups are full of get rich
quick ads and are pretty useless, but what about becoming a part
of a newsgroup that contains your market, offering your
participation with an informative .sig pointing to your
website/autoresponder/ICQ/what-have-you?  Does anyone here still
use this method or is yesterday gone forever?

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


***  FIRST TOPIC - Affiliates Programs - Who's Buying?  ***

From: "Shannon" 
Subject: RE: Affiliates Programs - Who's Buying?

> So, my questions really is "Is anybody making any money with
> affiliates programs."  And please, not "It's coming" or other
> such fluff.

I have read on other lists of people actually making money with
affiliate programs. Success seems to be related to marketing
specific products:

1. Choose an affiliate program which relates to your website

2. Give the products a PRIME location on your website.
   a. A banner link "above the fold" (top 602x380) 
      of your web page
   b. Links to products near or in articles 
      relating to the product
   c. Create a "Useful Product/Resource Page"

3. Personalize the affiliation with your endorsement.
   a. Give a personal review of book or product.
   b. Ask for feedback/reviews/suggestions from visitors
   c. If you are offering a software product give tips on how the
      program will make life easier, share your advanced user

4. Highlight a few products.
   a. Select one or two products to "feature" each month. Keep an 
      archive of previous products.
   b. Start your own "book club" with an online chat discussion.

5. When all else fails, ask your visitors. 
   a. Include a feedback form on your product page that asks
      visitors why they did or didn't buy, what products they
      would like to see, what information they would like to see.

In other words, you have to actually work the program in order to
reap any rewards!

Have a great day!!
Shannon Warnick
GEN Independent Marketing Partner
Watkins Independent Marketing Representative

[Moderator's Comments]

Great checklist, Shannon.  Thanks for posting it here.  

I particularly like the idea of keeping an archive of previous
'Specials"...  leading the customer to your prime sellers.





From: Allan Gardyne 
Subject: Affiliates Program - Who's buying?

George Matyjewicz asked:

>I have one major question with all these 
> affiliates programs that
>are sprouting up -- Who is buying?  The way they are
>proliferating they are like MLM's.  Everybody is signing up
>affiliates, but is anybody making any money?

Many would-be entrepreneurs are joining lots of associate
programs and posting pages of links, apparently without stopping
to ask why anyone would want to visit - or revisit - those pages.

The people who are making money out of the programs are those who
are working hard at building an interesting, useful site - and
using associate programs as a sideline.

Here are four examples (blatant plug) from the Associate Programs

1. Gordon Currie of 

gets 13,000 visitors daily and operates an bookshop.
Sorry, I can't tell you how much he earns but he has a popular
bookshop and is very happy with the program. He sticks with because of its excellent discounts and good
reputation, even although appears to offer a more
attractive deal.

2. Ray Owens of Joke A Day 

makes $US200 to $US300 a month from One & Only Internet
Personals. He uses an intriguing "Love Connection" link on his
main page to lure customers.

3. Mike Tempel  uses several small sites such as 

and a "ton of entry pages" to make $US200 to $US300 a month from
One & Only Internet Personals.

You can learn about the One & Only associate program at


[Moderator's Note]

The above URL is too long to fit on one line in this publication
so you will have to paste it together to make it work properly.


4. Joshua Reimer of 

averages about
$100 (Canadian) a month from WebCards, which pays $1 when people
merely ask for a free sample. WebCards must have great faith in
their product! More details at

No doubt most people aren't making useful money. The sensible,
hard working ones are.

Oh, and by the way, my last commission from Jim Daniels 
was $US50.

Regards from sunny Queensland

------------ --------
Allan Gardyne             Associate Programs Directory
    find a richer income stream . . . and tell a friend.
       hundreds of ways to earn commissions.
-------------- -----------

[Moderator's Comments]

Thanks for the real numbers, Allan.  Even though these are making
money, none sound like a real living.  Does anyone know of a
small business with just one or two people working the keyboards
and making a full living by their affiliate efforts?

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


From: "Amit Malik, The Column Jockey Inc." 
Subject: Re: Affiliates Program - Who's buying?

GKF (who?) well,... our moderator, wrote:



I don't think its without reason. Besides having a simply
fantastic program ( takes-off where the others dread)
they have a simply fantastic crew!

I recently had a problem with signing up with them and Allison
Ector did a fine job to stop one problem get into another. This
was unlike some other companies where one does not hear from
people at all. 

Now, I won't play naming but would like to bring forward the
reason to send this mail (for the list.) I would like to share
with the budding associate-program developers on this list

Having a smart, active and caring crew helps: 
 . You to stop someone get "against" you. 
 . You get free positive word-of-mouth 
     publicity on good lists like this 
     (provided the moderator is willing, of course :). 
 . Which in turn gets you more customers and clients. 
 . Which gets you more money as sales. 
 . Which gets you press releases and headlines. 

And the money rolls in until you fumble with your customer.

With products, discounts, quality and options being the same,
Speed and "Human Touch" is what is going to save companies on the
net, more so because the medium is so dry and a small
misunderstanding can double... quadruple into a major problem.

Three cheers for Spree trying to begin a positive trend!

Best Wishes,

Top 09 business books of all time
every business must have. Get them at

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Amit,

You are so right when you write, "...a small misunderstanding can
double... quadruple into a major problem".  There is an old
saying that goes, "A single bad reference takes ten good
references to overcome."  I believe it fully.  Customer
service...  need I say more?

BTW - GKF...  is me.  I guess I have to stop using initials to
avoid being so low-profile  ;->

Thanks for your post, Amit.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

***  NEXT TOPIC - Charging for Online Information  ***

From: Bob Rankin 
Subject: re: Charging for Online Information

George Matyjewicz wrote:

>Yes.  Netizens believe everything should be free.  But that is
>changing.  The trend now is to charge for services, and soon you
>will see free lists going by the wayside. 

A more encouraging trend is subscription-based services which
piggyback on a free one.  Patrick Crispen and I have been running
the free Internet Tourbus mailing list since mid-1995, with
current readership at 80,000+ in 130 countries.  

Last December, we launched TOURBUS PLUS - a $10/year subscription
for people who like TOURBUS and want more.  We did extensive
surveys beforehand to determine whether or not people would pay,
and if so, how much.  And so far, so good!  Randy Cassingham does
something similar with his "This Is True" mailing list, offering
free and premium subscriptions.

Bob Rankin - Tourbus Driver

[Moderator's Comments]

Hmmmm...  interesting stuff.  But never fear, this publication
will remain 100% free to subscribers as long as the model
continues to offer other methods of generating revenue from the
exposure it provides to Webbers Communications.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

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***  NEXT TOPIC - ICQ & Internet Personalization ***

From:             Sam King 
Subject:          ICQ & Internet Personalization

Why don't you put your icq contact in in your emails?  This way
the number would be seen by a many more individuals than it is by
just being on your page.....

I follow your digest all the time, but have never seen your web
site.....( I didn't even know you had icq)


Marketing & Logistics
SPRINT Software
22 Green st Richmond 3121
Ph. (03)-9427-9996 ext.23 Fax. (03)-9427-0705

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Sam,

You know, we did consider doing just that, but felt the real use
for the tool was as an instant contact point for those with an
immediate question about something we do or some service we offer
from our site.  In other words ICQ has been a sales tool for
us...  a way of personalizing our customer interface.  For now
the contact point has only been on our website "Contact Us" page,
but your post has prompted us to look at other areas where a
contact point might be included, like in our portfolio
autoresponder for one.


Thanks Sam.  "Good stuff", as my Grandfather used to say.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 Website Issues

***  FIRST TOPIC - Include Tag  ***

Subject: pay for content/include.tag

We really need a programmer to solve this!

NewsPage uses an  tag to place their content into your
pages, without forcing your visitor to leave your site. As I
understand it, George is using a Perl command <#include filename>
that is used to insert a file into a script. In this case, he is
using it to insert an image into his site so that he just changes
one file and all the pages that contain that image are
automatically updated.


[Moderator's Note]

As I understand it the tag calls up a full HTML file (not simply
an image) and pastes it at the top of the document called up by
the browser.  The same goes for a page footer.



Can this be used to send a text file to another web site?

This technical issue touches on the issue of paying for content.
There is a battle raging between publishers and writers over the
rights of the work. Writers want to retain all rights as do
publishers, thats where the money is.

IF there is a software solution that would allow the writer to
control online publishing rights, the cost of the content could
go down thru syndication of content, and publishers could make
money thru the advertising model, without having to charge for

This is how I can spend 20+ hours a week writing reviews and only
charge for a fraction of my time to each client.

Roy Hinkelman

Syndicated Marketing Products........
.......Put our FREE site directory on your website!.......

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Roy,

> Can this be used to send a text file to another web site?

Interesting idea.  I'm interested in the answer.  Does anybody
here know?

Syndication software that tracks info flow.  There must be
something out there already that is either intended for this use
or that can be utilized for such.  What parameters would be
important?  Suggestions?

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


From:             George Matyjewicz 
Subject:          FP Extensions


I got clarifications on the include.  You do need Front Page
Extensions, even if the server is not an NT server...

"The webbot bot "Include" should work on any server if the
extensions are properly installed. "

You will need to ask your ISP of they have them installed.


George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner   
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821  Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
350 Seminars & Trade shows:

 E-mail Corner

[No Posts to This Section Today]

 In The News

Hi All,

Just in case you hadn't heard about the reduced cost of domain

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


Judge Rules Some Domain Fees Illegal 

By Courtney Macavinta and Janet Kornblum
Staff Writers, CNET NEWS.COM
April 9, 1998, 11:20 a.m. PT 

A federal judge has ruled that a government fund with more than
$50 million collected from domain name registrants is an illegal
tax because it was never approved by Congress.  InterNIC reduces

Full Story at:,4,20930,00.html?

 The Corkboard

[Moderator's Note]

The current issue of B2B Direct eNews (The source of the
following information) is available online at;



From: Phil Doyle 
Subject: Breaking eNews


The US government predicts e-commerce activity will reach
$365 billion by 2000 but industry experts say the real figure 
will be closer to $1 trillion with 70% of the transactions in 
the business-to-business market, according to MIT Media 
Lab director, Nicholas Negroponte.


Electronic mail is the communications vehicle of choice,
replacing the telephone as the primary means of business
communication, according to a survey of more than 400 Human
Resources executives attending an American Management Association
conference in New York City. Thirty-six percent of surveyed
executives say they use e-mail most often of any communications
tool, while 26 percent report using the telephone most frequently
and 15 percent cite face-to-face meetings. 


Five years ago, there were two commercial  (.com)  Internet  Web
sites. Today,  there are more than one million  of  them.
Relatively  few  business and  government  buyers had Internet
access  back  in  1993.   Today,  half (51.0%)  of  all purchase
decision-makers  in  the  United  States use the Internet in
their job, and 85.9%  expect to use the Internet for job-related
purposes in the next five years, according to a new Penton
Research Services study.

"Business  marketers  have worked hard to get Web sites up and
running in recent years, and this is reflected in their print
advertising," reports Ken   Long,   director   of  Penton
Research  Services.   An  analysis  of advertisements  that
appeared  in  twelve  Penton  business  magazines  in September
1992  found  that  none  of  the  ads listed an Internet address
readers  could  visit  to get more information, and practically
none (0.2%) provided  an  e-mail  address.   In September 1997,
60.9% of the ads in the same  twelve  magazines  supplied  an
Internet Web site address, and 17.7% listed an e-mail address.

"The  ability  to provide buyers with electronic access to
information has  become  a  necessity for firms selling to
industry," says Long.  Seven out  of  ten  purchase
decision-makers  surveyed  by Penton said that they expect  to
respond  to  more  ads over the next five years by visiting the
company's  Web  site  (72.2%)  or by sending e-mail to the
company (73.7%). Why?   "No  muss,  no  fuss,  and  it can be
done at any hour of the day or night,"  said  one  executive
interviewed.   More than half (55.1%) of the respondents  also
expect  to  use  the  Internet  to  purchase products or services
for their organization in the next five years. reports soaring demand since January of this
year for its Vantage e-Commerce Credit Card System from merchants

Phil Doyle, Publisher
B2B Direct eNews - the online e-commerce publication 
of the Business Marketing Association, the 75-year-old,
business-to-business, trade organization based in Chicago.
tel: 707-538-5043  fax 707-579-1197
PO Box 1397  Santa Rosa, CA  95402 USA       

 Question of the Week

"How do You Differentiate Your
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