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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator
 Volume #2,Issue #167
 April 29, 1998

 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

    "Online Sales Growth"
       - Gary K. Foote

 + Ongoing

    "Affiliate Programs"
       - John Gerits

    "Charging for Information Online"
       - Claudia Hafling

 + Website Issues

    "HTML Marketing"
       - Gary K. Foote

 + In The News

    " Fights Back Against Members who Spam"

 + The Corkboard

    "HONEY, you are bait for the IRS"
       - Amit Malik

 + Question of the Week

     "Where does the majority of your site traffic come from?"
       - Search engines
       - Links from other sites
       - Mailinglist participation
       - Newsgroup participation
       - E-mail marketing
       - Other (please explain)

       - Nancy Roebke
       - Terri Grodner
       - Joshua Reimer


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Our sister publication, The E-Tailer's Digest was recently
mentioned in a business magazine in Germany and that got me
thinking about just how everyone here heard about The E-Marketing
Digest.  How about it?  Where/how did you hear about the EMD?
And second, have you ever seen the EMD mentioned in a magazine?
If yes, which/where/when?

The EMD Archive now offers a search feature, as well as its
regular numerical-order index, thanks to subscriber Michael
Hammons  who spent hours writing
the script and installing it, and the necessary files, on his own
server space.  The searchable archive is at the following URL:

There is also a permanent link to the searchable archive on the
opening screen of the EMD website.  Thanks, Michael.

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

                In the SUBJECT type ""

 New Topics

***  FIRST TOPIC - Online Sales Growth  ***

Hi All,

> "The Internet constitutes the absolute model 
> for direct sales. Over the next few years, 
> more than half our sales will be from 
> e-commerce as more customers migrate to 
> electronic ordering." said Michael Dell,
> chairman of Dell Computer Corp.

> The company currently makes $5 million per 
> day in Internet sales, of which $1 million 
> is from Europe. Dell was making $1 million 
> per day from Internet sales a year ago.

The above to me as part of a larger press release the other day.
It made me wonder just how much growth the average internet
businessperson has seen in terms of online sales, compared to
last year.  Obviously there are few cases where there has been as
large an increase as Dell Computers has experienced, but growth
surely must be happening or we would not all still be here, eh?

As I have mentioned here before, Webbers Communications online
sales has gone from around 20-30% online last year to around 70%
so far this year.  Would anyone else care to share their
experience with recent growth?  Please post to the list.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


***  FIRST TOPIC - Affiliate Programs  ***

From: John Gerits 
Subject: Responsible Affiliating

The on-going discussion of affiliate programs is interesting and
has provided me with the view's of others here. But a problem IS
happening at this moment that makes me raise an issue here in
EMD. It is spam but I'm not looking for a discussion on spam.

In the last week, my newsgroups have been receiving +100 spams
from the same individual, listing all his affiliate programs.
(note, all are MLM-hombiz programs) And no surprise, using a fake
"from" headers, thus the only thing I have is the posting domains
and contacting has had no result. Thus I am left with all these
affiliate URLs and various member numbers. So surfing all of them
in hopes of obtaining his real name/email. Of ten programs
listed, I was able to find his name/email on two. And wouldn't
you know, "unknown user". I have also complained to the affiliate
programs, but no replies.

I have not looked into any affiliate programs, just designing my
own without example but I would take it, the major ones (amazon,
spree, have terms of agreement. But do they bother to
include anything about spamming...

The point of this post; if you have your own affiliate program,
spend time developing a "terms of agreement" as a member of your
program that markets in an improper way, reflects back on your
program and you. Further, if you do receive complaints, deal with
it accordingly as you would with customer complaints.

Perhaps a possibility is to have a "search" page or listing of
your affiliate members, so people like me can find who it is and
contact them directly. Unless, one prefers confidentiality but
you do want your members to be PROUD to be associated with your
program and not just merely a number.

This episode reinforces my believe to have few qualified
affiliates rather than open to all, as I want my affiliate
members to feel and act as true representatives of my business
rather than merely looking to make a buck here and there, and be
professional team players rather than treat the program more as

Affiliate programs are the current "WaVe", but there is a real
danger that the perception of it will go the way of MLM.

John Gerits
G e r i t s - K n e e f e l  &  A s s o c i a t e s
  Strategic Management & Marketing Consulting
     Will you be around tomorrow?  ICQ#: 7900814

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi John,

Thanks for posting your experience.  It is directly related to a
post in today's Corkboard, about taking steps to
prevent their affiliates from spamming people in their name.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

***  NEXT TOPIC - Charging for Information Online  ***

From: Claudia Hafling <>
Subject: Charging for Information Online

Re: Sunni Freyer's Post in Issue #166 
on Charging For Information Online.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...

Net consumers are wrong to expect everything (and many of the
"things" quite good, like Sunni's pet owner newsletter) for
nothing.  And their attitude will not change until we all bite
the bullet and force the issue by charging them.

Ten dollars a month will not break anybody and it is much cheaper
than any magazine subscriptions (annual) that I now take.  I have
paid $75 for the past year for an email newsletter on freelance
writing opportunities.  I didn't renew my subscription because I
was no longer interested in freelancing, but when I was, it was
worth the money to me to get the information.

I say charge for your newsletter, Sunni.  And yours, George.  And
all you others out there (Nancy comes to mind) in EMD land who
put out a high quality product for free.  Don't give away your
expertise and talents for free.  

If we all start to charge, then gradually it will become the norm
and the world will be a better place and everyone will go to
heaven.  And that's all I have to say about that.

--Claudia Hafling(tongue planted firmly in cheek)***
Media & Marketing Concepts
The Hospitality Marketer
Public Relations*Advertising*DTP*E-Marketing 
for Hotels*Motels*Restaurants & Resorts
Contact us at

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Claudia,

$75 for an e-mail publication subscription!  Wow!  Now that's
food for thought...  Let's see...  1200 subscribers X $75 each
equals...   ummm...  well... its rather embarrassing isn't it
when one considers it represents only 156 hours of my time.  Why
that's $576 per hour!

Just so everyone subscribed here will know, we will *not* be
going to a for-pay model for the EMD in the forseeable future.
Why?  Because, though I spend around 3 hours editing each issue,
it is our contributors - who are also our readers - who provide
the majority of content here.  Now, who in their right mind would
pay for something they had a hand in creating?  Certainly not
this smart bunch of folks.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 Website Issues

From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: HTML Marketing

Hi All,

I thought I'd open a discussion on how to optimize your website
for best positioning in the various search engines.  I know there
are a lot of techniques, some better than others and even some
that conflict with others.  Here is what I do;

Title:  In the title I try to include important keywords.  Don't
simply use a business' name in a page title, but instead add some
meaningful content.

BAD:            Bob's Canoe Rentals

BETTER:         Bob's Canoe Rentals - trips and guides.

MUCH BETTER:    Bob's Canoe Rentals - River canoe trips, 
                outdoor guides & whitewater adventure planning.

Keywords:  I use plurals whenever possible.  The search engines
will then read both the plurals and singulars of your keywords.
Use search phrases as well.  People like to enter things like,
"river canoeing", not just, "canoeing".  Separate keywords by
commas, but not spaces.  This will allow you to get more words
into your 1,000 character kayword list.

Graphics:  I use important keywords again in the ALT= tags of
every graphic on every page.  Not just spamming with keywords,
but using them in a meaningful description of the graphic itself.

Content:  I include as many keywords as possible in the content
of the first 200 words of text on each page onsite, as some
search engines use this content to rank returns.

Links:  Some search engines rank sites according to the number of
links on each page, assuming (I assume) these pages are 'hubs' of

What do you do to optimize your site's positioning in the search

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

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 In The News

*** Fights Back Against Members who Spam  ***


THORNTON, PA,  April 27, announced today that it
is taking over and reconfiguring the Web sites of members and
partners who are engaged in spamming.  In place of their sites,
the Internet retailer is offering one-click access to its mailbox, effectively turning the victims of spam
into Internet monitors.

This approach, which allows spam victims to report spamming
instantly, is generating positive comments from people who
received spam like, "I just wanted to send you a note
complementing you on your efforts to keep offensive Web sites off
of Spree," and "It's nice to know that people like you are out
there and are dedicated to monitoring...the web." President Mike Dever says he is taking this action to
protect all the people who have joined the Spree Independent
Partner program and who are setting up legitimate retail
operations. "Most of our partners sell books, music and flowers
and earn sizeable commissions from for doing so," says
Dever.  "But some of them have taken advantage of our free Web
site offer to spam people and send them to pornographic sites. We
won't tolerate that.

"Our message to spammers is that they are not welcome in's community," says Pat Muccigrosso, the Director of
Corporate Communications.  "Only a handful of the tens of
thousands who make up our community are engaging in spam, but
those few are disrupting business and threatening the reputation
and integrity of everyone associated with"
Muccigrosso, who heads up the team responsible for policing the
member sites, adds that is willing to prosecute
spammers, if necessary.   

Members who violate's policy are also being stripped of
their privileges and any commissions they might have earned.  The
Internet retailer, which has experienced rapid growth in the last
two quarters, is taking this strong stance to counter a recent
spate of pornographic spamming incidents, which are in direct
violation of's policies.

Since March, Muccigrosso's team has investigated all complaints
and responded, personally, to all e-mails sent in by concerned
"netizens". Recently, the Internet retailer also joined the
Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE). is getting help from some of CAUCE's members in
tracking down a particularly persistent porn spammer.  

" is dealing with the collateral damage caused by junk
e-mailers in an effective and innovative way, using the
opportunity to educate users about spam," says John Mozena, CAUCE
co-founder and vice president.  "It's yet another cost of spam,
imposed on innocent companies and individuals by unethical
marketers who refuse to live by the rules of a civilized

Andrew White of DCA Net,'s Internet Service Provider
(ISP) agrees.  "Everyone pays for spammers.  Our costs as ISPs go
up as e-mail volume goes up," says White.  "Costs for Internet
businesses go up because they have to hire full-time employees
and upgrade mail systems to handle junk e-mail and use resources.
This is really unfair to companies like that offer free
web sites to anyone who wants one."

If you have been spammed by someone using a Web site,
the company would like to know.  Please send an e-mail to

About CAUCE CAUCE is the world's largest "virtual organization,"
with 10,000 members across the United States and supporters
across the world.  It supports and works toward passage of HR
1748, sponsored by Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ), which would
extend the "junk fax" provisions of the Telephone Consumer
Protection Act to include junk e-mail.  CAUCE has no budget, no
office and is run by an all-volunteer board using donated
resources.  For more information about CAUCE, visit 

About, Where it pays to shop(, is the premier
online provider of books, gifts, flowers, coffee and tea to
Microsoft, Moms Online, The Black World Today, AOL's Digital
Cities, Internet Mall, Hecklers Online and Antagonist, and
Stockpoint? as well as charities like the National Adoption
Center and ActionAIDS. is the first web retailer to
share profits for life on every product purchased at its stores
with charities, businesses and individuals who refer customers to through the Spree Independent Partner Program.  Spree
offers a compelling mix of products including books, flowers,
music, gourmet coffee and gifts to ensure their partners'
success.  And Spree is adding new products and building new
stores for the community every day with plans to launch Video, a
PGA Golf Store, and Consumer Electronics by July of this year.'s Independent Partner program, combined with
intelligent agent software, intuitive user-friendly features and
free Web site hosting has powered to to monthly growth
rates in excess of 50% since its Web site launch in early
September 1997. at 
Where it pays to shop(.

 The Corkboard

From: "Amit Malik, The Column Jockey Inc." 
Subject: For entreprenuers: HONEY, you are bait for the IRS!


Since we have lots of entreprenuers on EMD and Tax is such an 
important (?!) aspect, I thought the following article (which 
 incidently  is from our Mag) might be useful.  
Check it out... 

HONEY, you are bait for the IRS!

Eva Rosenberg explains to YOU that if you're self-employed, you
are audit bait for the IRS. And how you can win, even within
the rules of the game!

Also she tells you about extensions if you missed the April 15 

If it interests you, the article is available at
Or by autoresponder:

Best Wishes,


PS: The site, btw, just became user-friendly! Downloads faster!

50% DISCOUNT for FIRST FIVE customers:
FREE online magazine:
FREE Gift Assistant Service:
FREE Top 09 business books list: FREE
Virtual Desktop Link For You:

 Put the EMD Member's Button on your website.  Declare your 
 pride in participation while helping to build circulation.

 Question of the Week

 Where does the majority of your 
 site traffic come from?
    - Search engines
    - Links from other sites
    - Mailinglist participation
    - Newsgroup participation
    - E-mail marketing
    - Other (please explain)

 Please Post Your Responses to:

***  RESPONSES  ***

From:               "Nancy Roebke" 

    - Mailinglist participation

AND the page of my site that gets the most traffic from this 
marketing is one that is INTERACTIVE... It requires 
PARTICIPATION by the visitor.. I find that is a very good 

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
Increase income, cut costs, and put an end to cold calling.
Subscribe to our FREE newsletter that teaches you the secrets
of successful networking. !

ProfNet- Helping Business Professionals Find More Business 

***  RESPONSES  ***

From:      (516 - Terri)

Where does the majority of your 
site traffic come from?

Traffic building is IMHO a multi-media effort.  I counsel my
clients to put their website URL on business cards, brochures,
press releases, trade show booths, handouts and every other piece
of written, verbal or otherwise-communicated material.  Depending
on the amount of people who might happen to search for an
individual client's products or services, this "complimentary
marketing material" may or may not provide the lion's share of
site visitors.  

Some products/sevices are in the "looked for" category. For
example, if the website is about the benefits of nutritional
supplements, then I can reasonably expect people to look in the
search engines for the supplements by name, or by benefit/effect
(i.e. energy, health, allergies or whatever).  But with *all* the
other websites in this category, we may never get to the top of
the search engine heap.  The client may need to do some
"alternative"  (i.e. alternative to search-engine-only) marketing
to get his/her website known.

Some products/services are in the "esoteric" category, where it's
hard to imagine anybody looking for them specifically.  So there
we have to get creative and focus on the benefits and hope people
will be searching for the end result rather than the
product/service itself. For example, a website designed to sell a
gizmo that helps stack papers where they can be easily accessed.
People might not be likely to search for a "paper-stacking
widget" but might search under efficient, organization, gift, or
the like.  Here's where "alternative" website promotion is
crucial, IMHO.

I always encourage clients to participate in relevant mailing
lists and/or newsgroups (and remind them to provide useful
information, not just excuses to get the sig in there ).  And
of course we submit to search engines and keep eyes out for
reciprocal links.

Terri Grodner
Ovation Design


From:               Joshua Reimer 

Hi there Gary (after cutting and pasting the subject line ;-),

In order of traffic:

    - Other... word of mouth and referrals
    - Running my own mailing list
    - Links from other sites
    - Mailinglist participation
    - Search engines


Joshua Reimer    
Promotion World! 
   Learn How To Promote Your Site For Free!


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