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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator
 Volume #2,Issue #170
 May 6, 1998

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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

 + Ongoing

    "Charging for Information Online"
       - Michael S. DeVries
       - Pat Muccigrosso

    "Affiliate Programs"
       - Dan Miller
       - Terry Van Horne

    "Marketing Insurance"
       - John McCabe

 + Website Issues

    "Front Page Bug"
       - Terry Van Horne

    "Search Engine Tips"
       - Pat Muccigrosso

 + E-mail Corner

 + In The News

    "Custom Cursors Coming To A Web Site Near You"

 + The Corkboard

    "The Internet Marketing Conference"
       - Alain Denis

 + Question of the Week
    "What makes EMD different from the 
     other marketing lists on the NET?"


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

With the rain pouring down and the wind blowing like crazy
today's issue has been a challenge to assemble.  My power has
gone off a number of times, prompting a series of reboots...
time consuming to say the least...  scary to say a bit more.  

Anyway, here is today's issue, perhaps a bit damp, but intact.

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote              
Webbers Communications         
Intelligent Website Design    Over 300 sites since 1994
PO Box 3214 N. Conway, NH 03860           (603)447-1024

 New Topics


***  FIRST TOPIC - Charging for Information Online  ***

From: "Michael S. & N. Lynnetta DeVries" 
Subject: Re: Charging for Information Online 

>  Because, though I spend 
>  around 3 hours editing each issue,

Despite your comments regarding the content authoring, Gary, 
my question is how can we, e-media publishers, afford the
time and effort commitments required to publish a quality e-pub
for very long with little or no compensation?

> [Moderator's Comments]

> John, your observation, "In your case, 
> your reward is from the
> business you get, directly and by 
> referral" is right on target. The EMD
> is definitely a vehicle for reaching 
> my potential market from a position
> of 'expert'.

Sure and I am glad to hear that it has had some real indirect
business benefits for you, Gary.

Further, I agree that there are many indirect benefits to e-media

However, there is currently discussions on several of the email
discussion lists regarding the reluctance of netizens to pay for
e-media, even relative to their willingness to pay for similar
printed material and IMHO, this is a concern to be addressed,
don't you agree?  My concern being that if e-media publishers
cannot afford to continue to invest their time and energy into
producing quality e-pubs, then we will see quality e-pubs "slowly
die off".  Eventually, one has to focus one's time on where the
real revenue comes from, right?  Be that from advertisers,
referral business, etc. right?  Unfortunately, at this point, I
don't have any really good answers, just concerns, and I would
like to hear the thoughts of the E-Mark Members regarding whether
they share these concerns and if there are any ideas on how we
can prevent the loss of quality e-pubs due to lack of revenue?

Hope this helps,

- Michael S. DeVries
  Moderator, the I-Barter Moderated Discussion List  

*************** I-Barter Discussion List ***************
  Moderated Discussions of Trade / Barter in Business
*************** ****************

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Michael,

There has been considerable discussion here on just this issue.
Much of it has centered around converting a for-free pub to a
for-pay pub.  Those interested may find this series of posts by
searching the EMD archive.  The thread title has remained
constant (Charging for Information Online) so you should have no
trouble finding them all.

 Searchable EMD Archive:

Of course, the subject is by no means closed (see the following
post), so post your ideas/comments to the list.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


From: Pat Muccigrosso 
Subject: Charging for Information Online

Just my two cents.  I am more willing to pay for print
publications for a couple of reasons.  

They are:

*   portable - I can take them on a train or a plane and not feel
guilty about printing them out and being personally responsible
for killing another tree.

*   accessible - I don't have to sit at my PC and read them.  I
can pick it up and read it in the den or the dining room.

*   readable - reading emails of any length wears you down.
Printed publications consider color and image and even the font
style and kerning in an effort to make the act of reading easy
and pleasurable. There is no universal method for doing that.

*   intangible - there is something to be said for perceived
value and for many publications that comes less from the
information contained in them than in the feel and look.

Until we can deliver email in such a way that it literally
compels people to read it, I think people will be less willing to
pay for it.

Pat Muccigrosso

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Pat,

Good solid reasons that, IMHO, most people share.  Can you - or
anyone else here - think of ideas for shifting or addressing
these general perceptions to maximize the percieved value of
e-pubs as compared to print pubs?

Your moderator,

Gary K. Foote

***  NEXT TOPIC - Affiliate Programs  ***

From: "Dan Miller" 
Subject: RE: Spamming by Affiliates


You make an excellent suggestion:

 >You could also offer a free homepage for each affiliate to
 >sell from, located at your domain. Provide a web based template
 >each affiliate can modify online to include their contact info
 >and some other basic stuff.  Control the basic web and text
 >message yourself so you don't have to police them.

This approach not only gives you control over the affiliate
sites' contents, but provides affiliates with some great benefits

1. Instant site content with no responsibility for updates 2.
Product info/pricing is always current 3. Seamless co-branding
(by combining affiliate logo with your content, the affiliate's
involvement with the product/service appears to be much more

I've been working on the launch of this type of program at  (We provide turn-key database-driven
websites that dramatically simplify the process of keeping site
content fresh.)  An example of a dynamically-generated affiliate
site can be viewed at  (Keep in
mind that we're still working on the product info.)

If anyone would like technical help designing similar affiliate
programs, please feel free to contact me.

Dan Miller
w e b c l a y . n e t
Mold your own dynamic website
ICQ: 10485507


From: "Webmaster T's World of Design" 
Subject: Afiliate Spam and programs

Hi Gary and fellow listees,

Sorry about the tardiness of my post but I am waist deep in 
alligators it seems lately. Pauls comment on affiliate spam is 
something that myself and another colleague have been kicking
around lately. We are marketing some online marketing books 
and the dealer program associated with them.

My associate has been controlling spam from his dealers using the
autoresponder method. It has been very successful for him so far.
Our problem is one that you have addressed with your program by
closer screening of applicants. He has had his program in place
for some time with all the resources needed to market the books. 

I would like to expand this program much further but he is
balking because he feels they will just be a drain on our
resources.He has at present over 40 dealers but his ad in my
ezine outsold his whole program for the month. He just shakes his
head about affiliate programs saying they are running on
enthusiasm at present to wait and see because this will wane
quickly when people realize they actually have to expend some
energy to achieve the sales needed for a decent living.

For those of you in programs that are using any form of cookie
for tracking you are not getting referrals for large amounts of
your referrals. I recently moved up a level to a reseller from an
affiliate status here's what I've seen so far since losing the
cookie factor.

Double the sales!Double the downloads! and an increase in
verified visitors exceeding 300%! WHY? Because users are afraid
to accept cookies. No cookie, no trackie! No it is not the vendor
because when I mentioned it, they were very curious as to the
figures and asked that I keep them informed.

I am currently in two programs and actively seeking more but have
not found any suitable programs. Many of them are just variations
on the methods. I laugh when I see a shareware program
that is offering a 30 day trial and a partner program where
referrals are only good for 30 days. A lot of sales will occur
after the referral has expired and the software company knows
that!I've never paid for a program before it's trial has expired
wanting to be sure it is worth it. I'm sure that I'm not the
exception to the rule or doing things that much differently.

Best regards
Terry Van Horne  |
Webmaster T's World of Design |
An e-zine featuring interviews, articles, references and
resources of
interest to site developers and internet marketers. and

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Terry,

When you wrote;

>...when people realize they actually 
>have to expend some energy to achieve 
>the sales needed for a decent living...

You hit the nail right on the head.  Qualified affiliates are the
only way to go IMHO.  Find people willing to expend the energy to
generate sales rather than simply going for the numbers.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

***  NEXT TOPIC - Marketing Insurance  ***

From: John McCabe 
Subject: Marketing Insurance

In issue #169, Gerald Bridgewater asked

>I sell health & life insurance which is very state specific, but
>recently I found a Dental, Vision, Prescription plan which I can
>market in all states. What is an inexpensive way to start to
>advertise or market this product?  E-mail, Banners, what?

The first thing that comes to mind is to find a niche that may
have a tough time acquiring the coverage you offer. One that
comes to mind is full-time network marketers and others in
home-based businesses. Finding affordable insurance can be very

Finding message boards and discussion lists that focus on this
niche, then offering the answers to insurance related questions,
posting short articles, etc. will build the recognition
necessary to offer the service.

And, as our moderator points out, develop a sig to use to do the
actual promotion work for you.
John McCabe-------------------->
The Road to Financial Freedom starts at
24 hour info line --------------------------->1-800-814-9859
In business? Increase your cash flow every time you pick up the
phone and push "1". Email me for more information.

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi All,

Just FYI, there is a page at the EMD website with a link to a
wonderful post by subscriber Nick Nichols on .sig files, as well
as a link to a number of examples.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 Website Issues

***  FIRST TOPIC - FrontPage Bug  ***

From: "Webmaster T's World of Design" 
Subject: Search Engine Tips

Hi Gary

On a search engine note some of you may have heard of the bug
that some Front page pages can't be indexed by engines for some
reason. Well, I had thought this was just MS bashing and paid it
no never mind. Til I got bitten by it on one of my most important

 My search engine placement index could not get into the Infoseek
dbase no matter what I did. Thinking it was detecting spamdexing
I started taking a close look and saw nothing.Emptied all the
images, still no go. I phoned Ms support and had a hard time even
convincing them there was a bug. So I went to one of my favorite
web apps NorthenWebs meta medic program which I knew looks at
pages and mirrors the way a search engine sees them. After a few
hours I figured it out.

It is not the tags themselves (as previously thought) but the way
that the program drops a line between  I corrected it by moving it all up to
one line which put no space between"keywords"content=, I then put
the space between the two, put the cursor at |content thusly, and
hit return. Why it worked who knows? But it did fix this page and
a few that I subsequently made to test the fix. 

This bug only seems to happen to pages prepared in a different
program before being added to a Front page web or possibly where
the author put the tag all on one line knowing that's how it
should be and then didn't add the space after FP drops the line.
This has also only been tested for Infoseek.

I would like to test this further so anyone else who has also
been bitten please contact me off list. I will try to fix your
page also.Or you can do it yourself and let me know as I would
like to put an end to this debate in many of the other forums I

the url for meta medic is

Best regards

Terry Van Horne  |
Webmaster T's World of Design |
An e-zine featuring interviews, articles, references and
resources of interest to site developers and internet marketers.
and promoters.

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***  NEXT TOPIC - Search Engine Tips  ***

From: Pat Muccigrosso 
Subject: Search Engine Tips

I recently purchased The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the
Search Engine Wars and I think it is packed with great
information. Although the price may seem steep, $97.00 for
something you download and print, it is updated frequently and is
current - which is hard to do in the ever-changing world of
search engines.  I was really impressed with it and just wanted
to share.

Pat Muccigrosso

[Moderator's Comments]

Thanks for the review, Pat.  Real-user impressions count for a
lot in my book.  Anyone else have recommendations or reviews of
resources they have experience with?

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 E-mail Corner

[No posts to The E-mail corner Today]

 In The News

Hi All,

The following fascinated me.  Truly a great branding idea.  

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

Custom cursors coming to a Web site near you  -- New York firm
has developed a technology that will transform your cursor into a
mini-marketing vehicle - some would call it an advertisement -
controlled by Web sites. [ZDNN, 05-01-98]

Full Story

 The Corkboard

BRUSSELS, 15 - 16 JUNE 1998

The Internet Marketing Conference offers professionals a unique
chance to learn more about the latest innovations in the domain
of Marketing. Marketing has found the ways to and through the
Internet and the World Wide Web and thus new paths to
successfully reach consumers and companies. During this two-day
Conference, 15 experienced Internet-marketing professionals will
present papers on the use of Internet as the future tool for
Marketing purposes. Themes covered include : web marketing,
electronic commerce, online advertising, relationship marketing
and online data collection. Speakers are coming from the USA, the
UK, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. The Conference language
is English. 

More information, brochure and registration :

Alain Denis
Yellow Window Management Consultants - Tel : +32/3/2410024
Internet Marketing Conference - Brussels - 15-16 June 1998
Yellow Window's B-to-B Webpanel for efficient market research

 Question of the Week

"What makes EMD different from the 
 other marketing lists on the NET?"

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