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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator
 Volume #2,Issue #172
 May 11, 1998

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 Table of Contents

 + Ongoing

    "Charging for E-pubs"
       - Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer
       - Douglas Freake
       - Gary K. Foote

 + Website Issues

    "Alternatives to Cookies"
       - Gary K. Foote

 + E-mail Corner

    ".sig Files"
       - Douglas Freake

 + In The News

    "Seeking Cyber-shoppers’ Hearts & Cash"

 + Question of the Week

    "What is involved in building brand awareness?"


 Moderator's Comments

Well, it rained all weekend, but finally cleared up to a sunny
morinig today.  I hope it bodes well for the week ahead for
everyone here.

Last Friday I had little time to publish the EMD and, as a
consequence, there was not a single comment by yours truly.  So,
I have taken the liberty of addressing some of those I passed by
in today's issue.  I just can't pass up the opportunity to
pontificate.  ;->

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote
Webbers Communications - "Website Designs with Marketing Smarts"      


From: "Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer" 
Subject: Re: Subject: Charging for E-pubs

 "B.A. Sybal"  wrote about Charging for
E-pubs saying that 

>I don't share these concerns for the following reasons.
>Perhaps it's because I tend to subscribe to a number
>of e-pubs, but am not always an active participant, which
>I'll presume occurs to most online publications.
>Why on earth would an e-pub expect to get paid
>(by subscribers) for people's comments, questions,
>and opinions? When I purchase a magazine, it's
>because I've had the opportunity to glimpse through
>it prior to purchasing it.

Had to jump in on this. Barb, please do correct me if I'm wrong,
but my read of your words leads me to conclude that there's some
terminology confusion occurring. An epub is not the same critter
as a discussion list.  Ezines (also sometimes called an epub)
delivered by email aren't vehicles for to-fro discussion amongst
subscribers. They are akin to their print brethern in that --
many of them -- deliver editorial copy in the same fashion as a
hard-copy newsletter, but within the the restrictions of email
distribution.  Rather than an e-pub, I believe you are referring
to a discussion list (such as this), which, as you state, is
certainly up-to-debate on the issue of a fee levied for
management of the posters' commentary.  In regard to your comment
on previwing a magazine prior to purchase, samples and archives
of ezines are created for that purpose, but additionally provide
the added benefit, via the archive, of allowing a subscriber to
also have easy e-access to past issues. 

Warm regards..
Sunni Freyer

            ~~~~~~~~C F N A,  I n c ~~~~~~~~
...........  The Online PR/Marketing Communications Agency
Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer,
1.509.332.3956 Voice.............................509.334.2525 FAX
      Online PR/Marketing/Business Management Services


From: Douglas Freake 
Subject: Charging for E-pubs

Dear Barb, Larry & Members,

>An e-pub is always moderated by 
>someone ... please don't gloss it
>over with the amount of time (for 
>nothing) that it takes to create it.

An e-pub is a general term that includes all electronic
publications and not just e-mail discussion lists. For example,
my e-mail newsletter takes about 100+ hours to research, edit and
format - its very time consuming - and one of its key selling
points is 'time saved'. I think we need to note the difference
when we are discussing the topic 'Charging For Information
On-line' because there is a big difference.

>Getting paid subscribers for print 
>publications is an extremely difficult,
>time consuming and expensive job.

While the cost of distributing a print pub may be slightly higher
than an e-pub, the cost of getting subscribers for print and
e-pubs are I think the same. 

>The ultimate success for the majority 
>of on-line publishers will be a result
>of selling advertising, meaning that 
>you need to get more eyeballs.

Larry, I don't know if you are thinking about a particular kind
of e-pub but I have to disagree. As you pointed out, selling
advertising is hard even with thousands of eyeballs reading the
e-pub. Selling advertising is just like trying to sell a product
or service - it's a 'sell' no matter how you look at it. If one
has a quality e-pub the subscribers should be willing to pay for
the content - if they are not willing to pay - how worth while is
the content?

>Overall, in my opinion, the 
>on-line future is a lot 
>more positive than the
>future of off-line publishing business.

While e-pubs will offer increased competition to print pubs due
to lower distribution costs I believe print pubs will continue to
dominate the market for the near future for reasons listed in
previous E-Marketing digests. Another key reason is that the
customers for most publications are off-line and the only way to
distribute the information to them is through print. 

For low priced pubs, distribution via the Internet can result in
dramatic savings and increased profits. But for higher priced
pubs, the cost saving is relatively smaller. In any event, the
customer and not the publisher will determine the preferred
method of distribution.


Doug Freake


From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: Charging for e-pubs

On Friday Shannon Kinnard wrote:

> Reading the whole making-money-off-epubs 
> thread gave me an idea. 


> If the publisher of your favorite 
> online pub were to offer a printed 
> booklet... [that] summarized, 
> indexed, and added pictures, charts and
> graphs to all the posts for that quarter, 
> would you buy it? Would you pay for a 
> subscription to it? How much would you 
> pay for such a valuable resource?

Hi Shannon,

Interesting that you should post this.  We were discussing the
very same idea just this week.  Talk about synchronicity...  

It seems to me that creating a book out of past issues of your
list would mean getting the permission to reprint from each
subscriber whose list posts would be included.  Are there any
legal eagles on-list who know whether or not I am correct?

Assuming copyright issues are satisfied [by written permission if
necessary] my next questions would be:

1) Who might buy this book? 

Your subscribers come to mind - in part, simply to own a book in
which their writing appears.  To increase its 'saleability' you
should also add value that was not present in the original
issues, like the charts you mentioned.  Other possibilities that
come to mind are resource lists, purpose-written articles, a
links directory, etc.  Other ideas anyone?

Amit Malik said it well...

> You charge on the
> printed version (sent by post to 
> them) but having extra 
> "subscriber's-only features/ content" 
> than the free internet version.

If all you do is reformat old information you will not sell many
copies to subscribers.  Value add-ons are absolutely necessary.

2) Will it have value to people who are not your subscribers? 

I think the answer would be yes, even greater value than it
offers to your subscribers.  After all, its the first time around
for them.  Shannon, if you pursue this venture will you keep us
posted on your experience here?  Its an interesting application
of the topic at hand.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 Website Issues

From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: Alternatives to Cookies

Hi All,

Dave Bredeweg wrote:

> Personally I have never had a 
> problem with permitting cookies,
> but this seems to be a major 
> concern for many. If so, what is
> there currently that suppliers 
> could use to record referrals?

The first thing that comes to mind is to set up separate order
pages for each affiliate.  Code the form return with the
affiliate's ID and you're set.  Any other ideas?

On another issue:

Has anyone else been having trouble updating their listings in
the Infoseek database?  I've been trying for a week now, to no
avail.  Usually your listing is updated within 24 hours.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 E-mail Corner

From: Douglas Freake 
Subject: E-mail Corner - Sig File

Dear George & Members,

> It' very similar to placing a 
> classified ad with every post.

I noted on Ray's list that he suggested people keep their sig
files to the basics like name, address etc. because it was not
fair to paid advertisers. Do you think e-mail discussion lists
which rely on paid advertisers should cut out the sig files? We
are on these lists for the content and not the hidden classified
ads right?


Doug Freake

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Doug,

Interesting question.  My personal opinion is that it depends on
the list in question.  I feel that the EMD is more than a place
to discuss the nuts and bolts of marketing.  The EMD is also a
place where subscribers can network.  Without the cues a good
.sig file gives it would be difficult to know whom to contact for
possible mutual benefit.  

This is a marketing list...  and a community.  Should I ask a
community of marketers to refrain from marketing here?  IMO, no.
Its too important for this community to get to know eachother.
Besides, .sig marketing in lists has fast become a 'time honored
tradition'.  Who am I to go against tradition  ;->

Now, a list whose sole purpose is to sell advertising is a 'horse
of a different color' and its publishers would be cutting into
their own revenue stream by allowing overtly commercial .sigs.

On the subject of .sig files, George wrote:

> I'll go one further and recommend 
> you use various sig lines depending 
> on what you want to promote or what 
> your post is all about.

Good tactics.  I have a dozen or so myself.  And don't forget to
test them - refine them - make them work to best advantage.

Connie Barrett wrote:

> I have some smaller mailing lists 
> in Netscape Mail (version
> 3.04). I have a Macintosh computer.

> I've been trying to open one of 
> the list (my customers!) so that
> I can print it out, but it's too 
> large for Simple Text to read.
> Does anyone have suggestions?

I'm not a Mac user, so have no direct experience.  I ran a couple
of searches on 'mac text editors' and got back few results that
pertained and none with a review.  Maybe someone else here uses a
Mac text editor that allows unlimited file sizes?

> I may decide to use Pegasus 
> instead of Netscape. If I do, can the
> email list be easily transferred?

It is a simple matter to import a list of addresses into Pegasus.
One address per line, no commas or other delimiters between
addresses.  Simple copy and paste.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 In The News

Seeking cyber-shoppers’ hearts & cash. Recent conference on
Internet retailing shows e-shoppers will be there, but they won’t
be browsing or spending big.
By Robin Sparkman MSNBC
Full Story:

 Question of the Week

Hi All,

In light of the ever-growing number of products available online
it becomes more and more important to build brand awareness.  The
process can be mysterious and can be many different processes to
many different vendors, but many strategies 'cross over' easily.

In an effort to help everyone here gain knowledge on how to build
brand awareness I offer the following QOTW;

 "What is involved in building brand awareness?"

 Please Post Your Responses to:


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