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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator
 Volume #2,Issue #179
 June 3, 1998

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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

    "Tapping the Internet Markets"
      --  "Amit Malik, The Column Jockey Inc." 

 + Ongoing

    "Affiliate Programs &  Spammers"
      --  Pat Muccigrosso 

    "Trading for pubs"
      --  John McCabe 

    "Charging for an E-Pub"
      --  Claudia Hafling <>
      -- (SoftSide Communications)

 + Website Issues

 + E-mail Corner

 + In The News

    "G&DA POS Software Article"
      -- George Matyjewicz 

 + The Corkboard

    " New Subscription Address for WMST"

    "Search Engine Forum"
      -- "K. Arnhold" 

 + Question of the Week

"What is your opening line?  How do you strike up
 a business conversation?"

       - Responses
          o "Nancy Roebke" 


 Moderator's Comments

Hi Gang:

Well my buddy Gary did it again.  I get a note that says he has
to go on a business/personal trip for two weeks and would I be
willing to act as guest moderator.  I may have said yes, but I
think it was more of a grunt.  next thing you know I get the
template and messages, and so here we are.  That's exactly what
he did when he asked me to take over the E-Tailer's Digest.  Good
thing he's cute.  Have fun Gary & CJ.

It's been a while since I acted as guest moderator, so bear with
me.  This will be a short issue, as we are late in getting it out.

So, to continue with Gary's flare.... And now, on with the show...

Your Guest Moderator,

George Matyjewicz

George Matyjewicz,  C.M.O.
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Moderator of E-Tailer's Digest
Your Resource for Retail on the Net
MYWEB - Marketing  Your Web

 New Topics

Subject: Tapping the Internet Markets.
From: "Amit Malik, The Column Jockey Inc." 

Dear EMDer's,

Hi! This mail is for those who have and those who haven't tapped
the Internet as a market.

-- For those who haven't....
Some Facts First backed by surveys from established companies
like Saatchi & Saatchi (Figures in brackets are projections):

* 350 million people in 23 countries around the world speak
  Spanish, the world's fourth most spoken language.

* Spanish speakers comprise of the third largest segment of
   Internet users, accounting for  9.2% of the Internet pie.
  (This vital  online segment is tripling annually; the 8.5
  million Spanish  speakers now online will mushroom to 34
   million over the next  two years.)

* 90% of Internet users in Latin America have significant
   purchasing  power.

* Already 27% of Latin Americans have made purchases over the
   Internet (by the year 2001, online shoppers will spend $59

The above is from an article from Anthony Schneider, President,
Web Zeit about Spanish Speakers Online: THE
from    (!!)

Obviously there are many other foreign markets/ languages that
are important from a marketers point of view.

--For those who have...


Are you tapping this vast *Internet market* which is not English?
If so, how did you address it? Have you been successful? To what
extent? What do you give as the reason for your success?

Looking forward to hearing some success stories.

Best Wishes,
Amit Malik.

    Marilyn Monroe, Nuclear Blasts, Instant Bartering!, Career
    Mom! Turning People Into Profit & a lot more. Only in the
>   award winning FREE Business Webzine - Monday Magazine.
    Free Text Version

+++++ [Moderator's Comments] +++++

Great stuff Amit.  I know of a couple of ad agencies who only
deal with the Hispanic market, and do very well.

But, I am more curious about what Marilyn Monroe has to do with
the other subjects in your sig line ;-}.


Subject: Affiliate Programs &  Spammers
From: Pat Muccigrosso 

Hi this is a long post so please feel free to cut it down if you
use it. I wanted to expand on Angela Smith's observation re
policing spammers from the perspective of a company that already
hosts 30,000 sites. has the fasted growing partner or affiliate program on
the Internet, in part because we offer free web sites of
unlimited size.  We will surpass in size by September
- which is pretty good considering that they have been on the
Internet more than 3 years and September will wrap up our first
year on the Web.  Because we are growing so quickly - 500 to 700
members and partners a day -- we have run into some unique
problems with spammers, especially porn sites that spam.

The percentages of problem sites are pretty low -- less than 1%
-- but that 1% can bring you a lot of grief.  We almost got
dumped into the "Realtime Black Hole" list because of one, just
one, person who was sending out spam about a pornographic site.

Here's what we have done to counteract both the spammers and the
negative publicity that arises from association of our name with them.

1.  We joined CAUCE - the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email -

2.  We put CAUCE member banners on our site.

3.  We don't just disable web sites of spammers and pornographers;  we
REPLACE them with a site of our own that explains that the person violated
our policies and offers people who have received spam an click-on e-mail
address to report the offender.  NOTE:  CAUCE says this is a unique
approach and it has had very favorable results for us. People don't have
to search our site to find ways to report spammers (and get angrier while

4.  We issued a press release, nationally, with CAUCE that clearly
stated our position on spamming.

5.  We moved the anti-spam and anti-porn messages in our policy to the top
of our terms and conditions.

6.  We created standard e-mail responses that are sent to spammers
telling them that they are going to lose their business and their

7.  We had our attorneys draft a letter to repeat offenders that
threatens legal action if they persist.

8.  We report the pornography sites to the Department of Justice and the

We have had to dedicate one resource to the job of spidering our
sites and check for pornography.  She is also responsible for
responding to any and all complaints about spamming.  Setting up
and monitoring this "attack" took a lot of my time but it was
worth it.  The numbers of people who spam for member
sites have gone way down.  Where it pays to shop
Books, Music, Flowers, Gifts, unlimited web sites
and the best partner program on the web!

+++++ Same Topic - Next Subject +++++

Subject: Trading for pubs
From: John McCabe 

In issue #178, you asked
"* Would you be more willing to pay for an e-pub if you could
trade your product or service as payment for it rather than pay
cash? Why or Why Not?"

I guess it depends on the pub and the trade. I have made this
trade once, and I'm satisfied with the result. I traded banner
advertising for a subscription.

The site I advertised for got exposure on a site with growing
traffic, I got the pub plus something besides a banner exchange
or "this space for rent" showing on the pages involved.

Both parties regard this as a win-win arrangement, subject to
suggestions from both sides. I'll look seriously at that kind of
deal anytime.
John McCabe-------------------->
The Road to Financial Freedom starts at
24 hour info line --------------------------->1-800-814-9859
In business? Increase your cash flow every time you pick up the
phone and push "1". Email me for more information.

+++++ Same Topic - Next Subject +++++

Subject: Charging for an E-Pub
From: Claudia Hafling <>

-------------------- Begin Original Message --------------------

Message text written by Ron S. LaVine:

"After 56 free issues, I got tired of writing and editing the
newsletter for free that was not generating any training, lead
qualification or consulting revenues and that's when as Marilyn
says "its time to find a new model" and so I went from
subscriptions to corporate sponsorships."

-------------------- End Original Message --------------------

Whatever works for you, Ron.  It sounds as though your content
is very valuable to the CEOs and other heavy hitters who
subscribe.  It is more than fair that you be recompensed for
your time and talents.

Let us know what you decide and what results you see.  In
the meantime, I am pulling for you!

There is too much valuable information out on the net from smart, hard-
working professionals  who are burning themselves out without seeing any
monetary benefit.

And that's not fair.

-Claudia Hafling*******************************
Media & Marketing Concepts
The Hospitality Marketer
Public Relations*Advertising*DTP*E-Marketing
for Hotels*Motels*Restaurants & Resorts
Contact us at
or toll free voice (800)544-6482

+++++ Same Subject - Next Post +++++

From: (SoftSide Communications)

Hi, Gary:
You asked William Bontrager 
>Hmmmm...  you pose a side of the issue I had not thought of.
>With this in mind, can PDF files be copied from the screen?

EASILY at least with Windows 95 & Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.1

Open the file to the page you want to copy
Choose 'Select all' from the Edit menu
Choose 'Copy'
Voila it's on the Clipboard.
Paste it into your WP app.
Edit it as you choose.
Save it as a document.

Adela van Hubers, Ph.D. 
SoftSide Communication Solutions
Precision Messaging for Professionals

 Website Issues

 E-mail Corner

 In The News

Subject: G&DA POS Software Article
From: George Matyjewicz 

My June column for Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine
entitled "Hot To Select The Right POS Software" has been posted to

George Matyjewicz

George Matyjewicz,  C.M.O.
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Moderator of E-Tailer's Digest
Your Resource for Retail on the Net
MYWEB - Marketing  Your Web

 The Corkboard

Subject: Search Engine Forum
From: "K. Arnhold" 

Greetings all,

Just want to let you know that I installed a new forum within my
site the "Search Engines Forum". That means the forum is open to
all sort of discussions, questions or whatever is related to the
matter of search engines, submissions also.

Although the rest of my site is in German and the forum is
mainly dedicated to the handling and usage of search engines and
directories in Germany I decided to leave the forum in English
language. Feel free to post your message in English, French,
Kisuaheli, German or whatever language you prefer. Maybe by that
you will meet some friends to help you, once you should decide
to localize your pages in Germany as well.

The program behind the forum is a cute little thing because you
can subscribe to receive e-mail notification of either responses
to your posting or of any new posting at all.

The URL of the Search Engines Forum is at

Herzlichen Gruss
from Germany


==============> Klaus Arnhold NETPROMOTIONS <================== - We let the World know Your Web Site!
 Webpromotion - Internet Advertising - PR - CD-ROM Herstellung

+++++ Same Topic - Next Subject +++++



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"What is your opening line?  How do you strike up
 a business conversation?"

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Nancy Roebke
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