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                     The E-Marketing Digest
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator
 George Matyjewicz, Guest Moderator
 Volume #2,Issue #181
 June 8, 1998

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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

    --  "How does the Y2K issue affect you?"

 + Ongoing

    --  "Charging for e-zines"
        --  Marilyn Strong 

    --   "Tapping the Internet Markets"
        --   George Matyjewicz 

 + Website Issues
    -- "Are there Net-based company's coattails that we should
hang on to for success?"

 + E-mail Corner

    --  "Do you believe e-mail marketing will ever be as
successful as telemarketing or direct mail?"

 + In The News

    --  "U.S., in Shift, Drops Its Effort to Manage Internet Addresses" --
     "U.S. Expected to File Suit Against Intel"

 + The Corkboard

 + Question of the Week

    -- "What do you think is the next Net marketing wave that we
can expect and why?"


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All:

When I guest moderated EMD in the past I introduced the Question
of the Week, which has worked very well since then.   On
E-Tailer's Digest we tried a different approach that has also
been successful, and I now introduce it here in EMD (Gary will
kill me ;-}).  In each section I posted a question to generate
some discussion, in addition to the Question of the Week.  So,
please feel free to respond to the questions posted, or submit
something else that is of interest to you and list members.

Gary is still enjoying his time off, and hopefully will come back
relaxed and raring to go.

So, to continue with Gary's flare.... And now, on with the show...

Your Guest Moderator,

George Matyjewicz

George Matyjewicz,  C.M.O.
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Moderator of E-Tailer's Digest
Your Resource for Retail on the Net
MYWEB - Marketing  Your Web

 New Topics

Question:  Everybody is talking about the year 2000 (Y2K) problem
(including an upcoming segment on tomorrow's Today Show).  Many
people are implementing the "ostrich theory" to solve the issue
(bury your head in the sand) and others are waiting for somebody
else to fix the problem.  If my Excel program is Y2K compliant,
and when I entered 1/1/2000 and subtracted from it 6/8/1998 I get
572 days left.  So the question I have is:

"How does the Y2K issue affect you?" (or at least how do you think it


Subject: charging for e-zines
From: Marilyn Strong 

Gary, our moderator wrote: <>

The real reason is to make money. Or at least it should be.

If we can't make money we ought not to be in business. Charging
for e-zines, charging for time, charging for a product. It's all
the same. It's to make money.

In order to be able to charge we have to have all the other
stuff: good content, timing, add value to customers etc. But
first and foremost, the real reason we charge is to make money.
And if we can make money, whether by the referrals, the sales or
advertising, we can continue to produce quality ezines that people will

You may think this a very strange statement coming from a
Canadian whose provincial government is socialist and whose
federal government is semi-socialist. Making money in Canada is
often associated with dirty laundry. Most of us just don't want
to talk about it. But there are a few us who aren't afraid to say
that we're in business to make money.

My little newsletter, a compilation of business news in my
region,  has free email subscriptions. Yes I accept paid
advertising. But I also allow excerpts from my ezine to be used
in other mediums, in particular, print.  And I CHARGE the
publisher to print the FREE material she receives as a subscriber.

The classified ads aren't printed and not all the material is
included  in the print version (time dating for some of it). She
is free to reprint what she wants. Material that will add value
to HER customers.  And every month I receive a cheque!

Marilyn Strong
The Strong Communication Group Inc.
Unconventional thinking for unconventional entrepreneurs

+++++ Same Topic - Next Subject +++++

Subject:  "Tapping the Internet Markets"
From:  George Matyjewicz 

In a previous digest we discussed the Latin market.  Well there
is now a newslist dedicated to that market:

NEW: Latin IT News - Entering the Latin American IT Market
Latin IT News via

Latin IT News is a bi-monthly newsletter that provides articles, tips,
interviews and news briefs that are valuable to professionals involved
with marketing software and hardware products into the Latin American IT
Markets.  Contributors are consultants, marketers, and channel
professionals who have hands-on experience in sales and marketing of
high-tech products and services in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina,
Brazil and other Latin countries.  The newsletter is in English.

To subscribe send a blank email to . To
change your subscription settings, you can use the web interface at .

Owners:  Fernando A. Labastida, ITMA
         Gerardo Dada, ITMA

Sponsor: Eric Shannon, LatPro:

 Website Issues

Question:  In the software business, many small companies build
on the edge of Microsoft (NY Times, June 8, 1998), i.e., if you
develop software complimentary to MS you will do well.   Years
ago the same thing held true for software companies developing
for IBM.  Is there a similar phenomena with the Net, i.e., are
there any companies where it pays to hang onto their coattails
for success with your site?

 E-mail Corner

Question:  In a recent survey it was reported that e-mail
marketing has (or shortly will) replaced telemarketing and direct
marketing as marketing choice.  We on the Net, recognize that as
spam, and it seems to be steadily increasing.  Do you believe
e-mail marketing will ever be as successful as telemarketing or
direct mail? (Yes they are successful, in spite of the fact most
people hate them).

 In The News

+++++ Moderator's Note +++++

Jan is a regular contributor to E-Tailer's Digest and scours the
NY Times three times a week and posts articles of interest to
retailers.  This article should be of interest to E-Marketeers also.


Subject: "U.S., in Shift, Drops Its Effort to Manage Internet Addresses"
From: Jan Owens 
           Posted to E-Tailer's Digest

>From National Edition of NY Times

"U.S., in Shift, Drops Its Effort to Manage Internet Addresses," by
Amy Harmon, 6/6/98, p. A1, B2.

The article reports that the U.S. Government acknowledges that the
Internet is too global and commercial to be overseen by any one nation. It
was increasingly difficult to manage claims on various domain/address

Of particular note is that the management of the address system will be
made more flexible.  The .gov, .edu, and such "official" extensions will
remain in place, but it is thought that there will be more options than
squeezing the rest of the world into ".com."  It may be possible to have a
.store or .web or .whatever.  A yet-to-be designated oversight will have
the authority to develop dozens of new top-level domains. Currently, this
function is administered by Network Solutions, under the auspices of the
National Science Foundation.

Of note: Prema Toy Company sued a 12-year-old for his registered web
name, "," since Prima owns the rights to the Gumby character,
Pokey.  "Pokey" is the boy's nickname.  Hopefully, such problems can be
resolved.  (Yes, I know that name conflicts can be a real nuisance for
businesses, and am not making light of the situation.)

++++ Same Topic - Next Subject +++++

In Today's NY Times (June 8, 1998) it was reported that the
Federal Trade Commission is expected to file a major antitrust
suit against Intel Corporation, and Intel executives and lawyers,
saying the future of the company is at stake, have vowed to fight
the suit vigorously.

 The Corkboard

 Question of the Week

On the Net folks have tried links, Web rings, banner ads, e-mail
marketing and now affiliates to promote their business.  What do
you think is the next marketing wave that we can expect and why?
Will it be successful, and why?

 Please Post Your Responses to:


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