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Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
ISSN 1522-6913
Volume #2,Issue #313
Monday, August 30, 1999

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In This Issue

+ Sponsor Message
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+ Editor's Corner
    - Gary K. Foote

+ Nancy Roebke's Column
    - "Networking In Online Communities" [Article]

+ Our Readers Speak Out
    - "Re: Linking With Other Websites"
        + Paul -the soarING- Siegel

    - "Re: Nancy Roebke's Column on Email"
        + Tony Hicks

    - "Improving Customer Service" [Article]
        + Dahna Chandler

+ EMD Marketing HelpDesk
    - "RE: Need help with two topics"
        + Shirley Kaiser

    - "E-Newsletter Administration"
        + Paul Entin

+ Pointer #1 [Resource]
    - "Link Alarm"

 + EMD Weekly Member's Poll
    - "Which of the following methods of
       marketing/advertising do you use?"

 + Items of Note
    - " Announces Congressional
       Approval Of Interactive E-Mail Attachments
       For Constituent Communications"

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Editor's Corner

Hi Everyone,

Its a busy Monday for me, so I'll simply ask that you to take the
time to visit this issue's sponsor as it is our advertisers who
keep the EMD a free resource.  You may follow links to our
sponsors from their links in each issue of the EMD, or from our
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Now let's get marketing...

Gary K. Foote, Editor
The E-Marketing Digest

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Nancy Roebke's Column

Networking In Online Communities

For the purposes of this article, an online community is defined
as a group of  business professionals who have a place to
"meet" that satisfies certain specific business criteria. These
online forums are often newsgroups and e-mail lists. It is here
where there is a chance for the reciprocal exchange of
questions and information.

It is also here where we, as a small business community, will
learn ways to communicate, and build relationships without the
benefit of seeing , hearing or touching those we associate with.
What are some tools that can be used to get and give the most
in this community? SAVE works wonders:

1. S-hare information. Specific information that helps people
who post questions and general information about business
development. When sharing information about your field, "less"
is better. Little bits of information shared with the group will
easier for them to remember. It will also aid in their ability to
focus on the faces of those people they know who can help you,
or who can help them. Sharing information also helps position
you as an "expert" in your field.

2. A-pplaud the efforts of others. Even if you do so in  a
message to them. Recognize what each person has to offer, and
what each person has to learn. The community is stronger when
people feel comfortable to ask for assistance and to give
assistance. Accolades are appreciated.. and can be great
marketing tools if used properly.

3. V-enture into new ways of thinking. Look at what you
believe and why you believe it. Online communities are an
excellent forum to learn the many sides to any issue.
Participation in these communities will increase your chances of
success when working online. The views and ideas expressed
will give you a glimpse of what the Internet small business
community thinks. It is a great testing ground for what works
and what doesn't work, and why.

4. E-xpect it to take time. No way to shorten the relationship-
building process has been found. Humans being humans, the
chances are good that no way WILL be found. The time
needed to build mutually-beneficial relationships is well worth
the wait.

Online communities SAVE you a lot of research time. They
SAVE you a lot of expense. And networking in them is as easy
as S-A-V-E.

Copyright 1999     Nancy Roebke

Nancy Roebke
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ProfNet- Helping Business Professionals Find More Business

* Our Readers Speak Out

From:    "Paul -the soarING- Siegel" 
Subject:  Re: Linking With Other Websites

Hi Richard, Gary & All:

We're so accustomed to thinking in competitive terms that we
forget what we're trying to do on the Net. Usually, our first
reaction is "Will it benefit my competitors?"

How about your visitors? Didn't you build your website to attract
visitors? Visitors come to your site because they want to learn
something. As good as your site, or any of our sites, may be, it
may not always be able to help your visitors. What do you do? You
provide extra help, in the form of links.

The purpose of a link is to help your visitors. In the process of
helping your visitors you will help yourself. You will form
linking arrangements with GOOD sites, sites that will bring extra
visitors to your site.

Concentrate on the needs of your visitor and you will be able to
answer the reciprocal link question.

Live your vision,

Paul -the soarING- Siegel**Subscribe to LearningFOUNT
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Learning Fountain Marketing *


From:               "Internet Promotions Co."
Subject:            Re Nancy Roebke's Column on Email...

I wanted to respond and tell you how much I appreciated Nancy's
informative and well-thought-out article on using email
effectively. The "spam" controversy has reached a point where it
doesn't even matter where you stand on it anymore, just the
mention of it in any group of more than three webmasters is sure
to start a ruckus, so solid info like this article is needed,
especially for the newbies...

When I first got online, I read everything I could find about how
to promote a website and "get rich" on the Internet... and email
seemed to be the way to go! However, early in my online efforts,
I heard about something called "spam"... and the potential
ramifications of this technique made me leery of trying it.

Well, after a long stretch of trying so many different things
that I get headaches trying to remember them all, but carefully
avoiding anything that might conceivably be called "spam" (and
thereby avoiding email almost entirely), I have finally found a
way to use email as an effective advertising tool.

All I do is, at the end of every email I send out to wherever and
whoever I may be sending it to, is put a link to my online
business card. People click on the link to see the card, and _it_
gives them my ad message! Judging from the hidden counters on the
Card-File.Com site, and the money I have made since I began using
it a couple weeks ago, almost everyone clicks that link... and,
to be honest, I have four cards, so I just change the last
identifying part of the card url to use the card that I think
will most interest or benefit whoever I'm sending to.

Card-File.Com is my own site, and I actually set it up originally
just to make myself, and my wife and son, look a bit more
professional in our various online businesses... but it was so
cool, I started giving them away, and the response was enormous!

So, if this isn't too commercial to post, if anybody wants a free
online business card, and I do mean FREE, you won't even get any
advertising emails from me, just drop by and sign up. No
gimmicks, no costs, just your own card. Get as many as you need,
they're still free.

Tony Hicks
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From:     Dahna Chandler 
Subject:  Improving Customer Service

It's the Service After the Sale that
Builds Your Web-Business:  Five Tips
For Improving Customer Service

By Dahna Chandler
Copyright 1999

You hear it all the time. "Draw more traffic! Get the hits! Make
the sale! Sell, sell, sell!". There are multiple books, web sites
and articles providing detailed strategies for creating
outstanding pre-sale service programs to bring in sales dollars.

But what about keeping the customer after the sale? Unlike in
brick and mortar enterprises, in e-tailing, relationships with
customers are even more important. Why? Because you don't have
face to face contact with your customers and often you don't even
speak directly to them. Your only contact with your customers
through your site. You need to personalize your contacts with
your customers to create long-term relationships with them.

The basic truth in any business - including e-commerce - is that
it's repeat business from loyal customers that keeps customers
returning to your site, builds brand equity and thus your bottom
line.  Statistically, it's much easier and more economical to
keep a customer and cross-sell other products and services to
that customer than it is to gain new customers.

In fact, 20% of your regular customers will generate about 80% of
your e-business.  With over 4 million other web sites on the WWW
competing with yours for your prospective customers attention,
this concept is even more crucial to grasp. Once you understand
and implement post-sale support strategies into your web business
management, you are destined for e-business profits.

Here are five tips for infusing outstanding customer service
throughout your web-based business. By beginning with these tips,
you will start to generate new and repeat traffic and sales on
your site:

1. Don't be a "fly by night, gone by day" e-business. Keep you
site updated, available and functional and sell an honest product
or service that you believe in. Don't focus primarily on profit.
Your product or service should be high quality or you should
consider another line of business.

Keep in mind that e-customers are among the best-educated, most
sophisticated segment of the consumer marketplace. Your product
should be high quality and your web site functional, user
friendly and secure. If you don't provide a quality product and a
quality web site, that lack of quality will be reflected in your
bottom line.

2. Guarantee your customer's satisfaction and stand by your
guarantee. Make your guarantee "no questions asked" and make it
twice as long as your industry's average-and your competitors'.
The longer your guarantee on your product or service, the less
likely the product will be returned or the customer will want a
refund.  On the other hand, don't guarantee something you can't

In the same connection, fulfillment on e-commerce sites is
expected to be quicker than in brick and mortar businesses. Make
certain your fulfillment capabilities meet or exceed your
industry standards and if you can't deliver when promised, inform
your customer IMMEDIATELY.  Then, offer to compensate them (e.g.,
gift certificate, discount on that product or service, etc.) for
any inconvenience your inability to deliver when promised.

3. Use all of the technology available today to make it easy for
your customers to contact you with questions or concerns. Having
an email link on your site is simply not enough. Add a toll-free
number to your site. Get voicemail and make it available 24 hours
a day. Make your fax machine dedicated and keep it on 24 hours.
Your site should offer an email address just for customer
comments, suggestions or complaints.

In some e-businesses, particularly those in which you offer web
site engineering, development or creation, a pager that offers
voicemail and numeric options and a cellular phone with voicemail
will be critical contact device. Don't make your customers have
to wait too long to talk to you or have to hunt you down. Their
inability to reach you may be the reason why your customer
becomes your competitor's.

4. Take seriously your customer's comments, concerns or questions
about your product or service.  There are fewer experiences more
insulting to web shoppers than emailing a complaint to an
e-service provider and having their correspondence ignored.
Respond to your customers' comments and get them answers to their
questions promptly!

If there's a problem with your product or service, tell them you
will solve the problem right away and then do it!  If you can't
solve the problem right away or to the customer's satisfaction,
offer a replacement or a refund promptly and readily. Or, offer
them a discount on future products or services. But let the
customer choose the option they want so they feel in control of
the process.

5. In addition to responding promptly to complaints or questions,
actively solicit your customers' opinion about your product or
service. Encourage them to be honest!  Provide forms or surveys
on your site for them to use to evaluate your product or service
or ask them to email with their comments. Let your customers'
know you value their time by offering some token of your
appreciation for their help. Give freebies, gift certificates,
discounts or other incentives or create contests for survey

Then USE your customers' input to make changes to your product or
service if necessary. Whenever you use customer suggestions to
improve your product or service, recognize the customer(s) who
submitted the suggestion on your site. Your customer will be
thrilled and others will be encouraged to make suggestions, too!

Like a brick and mortar business, your e-business must be
customer driven business. Your desire to build long-term
relationships with your customers' should be apparent throughout
the sales and service process with every customer.  While many
businesspeople understand that they need to provide a quality
product or service, they need to remember that customers care
just as much about service as quality.  You must provide both to
keep your customers coming back to your site to buy.

Dahna M. Chandler is the owner of Epifany[TM] Communications
Group, a new media marketing consulting firm based the
Washington, DC area. Ms. Chandler is also a marketing and
business journalist whose articles appear in print and
e-publications nationally.

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EMD Marketing HelpDesk

From:     "Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns" 
Subject:  RE: Need help with two topics


Well, I can help with number 1. Your questions are similar to
inquiries I receive through my business. Check out Dansie
Shopping Cart. Info at the website at It
integrates very well with Access, and is quite reasonably priced.
I have built 2 shopping cart systems for clients with this cart,
I'm in the midst of consulting for another client building the
database part himself while I build the website, and I'll be
building another one soon as an addition to a client's site (I
built the site, and for phase 2 I'll build and integrate the
online store).

Additionally, Craig Dansie, the owner and programmer of the
Dansie Cart, can customize it for you to manage what you need
done. Just ask him for what you need. He's great!

I have worked with Craig on several projects, and I have been
consistently impressed with how helpful he's been, how quickly he
responds, and he's also a nice person and enjoyable to do
business with. I don't get any kickback for recommending him, by
the way.

I also wrote an article about shopping cart systems and various
capabilities, so you might check that out. I wrote it last
November, so it's now beginning to get a bit dated, but I think
it could still be helpful:

Which Shopping Cart?

Shirley Kaiser
Website Development, Consulting, Marketing, Training
Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A.  Concert Pianist, Composer
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> 1. Do you know of a software
> program for mail order? I use Access
> for a database right now but it
> is cumbersome. I would like a
> program that could manage both
> the names that request catalogs
> and place orders and be able to
> sort them for marketing mailings.
> This would help me track who
> has received which marketing pieces.


> BZ Riger-Hull


From:               epr 
Subject:            E-Newsletter Administration

Greetings. I develop e-newsletters for several clients and am
interested in outsourcing the administrative function. Would
anyone care to recommend a company that handles mailing lists?

Paul Entin
epr - Ideas That Click

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* Pointer #1: Resource

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The EMD Weekly Member's Poll

"Which of the following methods of
marketing/advertising do you use?"

With 287 Current Votes [8:37 EST August 30, 1999] responses are;

       Search Engine Positioning (76)               26%
       Paid Banner Ads (32)                         11%
       Free Banner Ads (33)                         11%
       Reciprocal Links (48)                        17%
       One-way Strategic Links (24)                 08%
       Newsletter/E-zine Ads (40)                   14%
       E-mail Discussion List Postings (34)         12%

To participate in the EMD Member's Poll or to see current
results go to;

Items of Note
============= Announces Congressional Approval Of Interactive
E-Mail Attachments For Constituent Communications, Inc. (OTC BB: ECRL) today announced that the
interactive e-mail attachment technology which forms the nucleus
of the Company's eGramTM products and services has been approved
for use by members of the U.S. House of Representatives in their
mass communications to constituents.

The Committee on House Administration approved the use of
interactive e-mail attachments for announcing to constituents the
Congressional events and information traditionally distributed
via postal mail. From this point forward, this postal mail, on
which the House spent over

$50 million in 1998, may be supported or replaced by use of
interactive e-mail attachments.  Tom Blakeley,
president and CEO, said he believed today's announcement will
open the door to accelerating Congressional use of interactiv e
e-mail attachments.  eGrams, the first technology to incorporate
a full video and audio presentation embedded in an interactive
web-like page, will offer Congress key advantages over
constituent postal mail, including lower taxpayer cost, a more
personalized communications medium and a superior level of
constituent interaction, said Mr. Blakeley.

This interaction, he stated, will now allow House members to send
constituents personalized video/audio updates on important issues
and to receive immediate constituent feedback created solely by
the click of a mouse.   Mr. Blakeley added that, due to holding a measurable technology advantage over
competing vendors, he expected that the Company could penetrate
10 to 15 percent of the annual Congressional constituent mailing
market within 18 months.  This estimate is based, he said, on's current status as the only company capable of
producing asynchronous interactive e-mail attachments that
include audio, video, graphics, animations and hypertext links
within a super-compressed file.

It is this compression, said Mr. Blakeley, which allows the file
to be received by a recipient significantly quicker than other
files with identical or similar features. will
shortly establish an office in Washington, D.C. for the purpose
of servicing Congressional eGram accounts, said Mr. Blakeley. The
office will be partially funded from proceeds of a $5 million
private placement lead managed by KSH Investments, completed
earlier this month.

"Congressional authorization of interactive e-mail communications
is further indication of a massive shift in the manner in which
direct mail campaigns are conducted," said Mr. Blakeley. "We are
currently realizing, both in the government and private sectors,
that direct postal mail can no longer provide the efficient or
cost-effective results originally intended.

"Interactive e-mail attachments, on the other hand, offer so many
performance advantages over direct mail, in addition to being
significantly less expensive, that there now exists little reason
why greater and greater numbers of businesses and government
entities should not be considering this technology for a wide
spectrum of their communications needs."

An additional sector holding great potential for utilization of
interactive e-mail attachments may be on the campaign trail, said
the CEO. m is currently in discussions with
several candidates for use of eGrams in political races on the
Federal, State, and local levels, said Mr. Blakeley. is the only producer of fully integrated
Internet-based direct mail advertising campaigns.  The Company
derives revenues from eGram design, campaign consultation
services, eGram deliveries, results tracking services and
back-end sales commissions.    A sample eGram can be viewed at
the company's web site,

About, based in Aliso Viejo, California, is a leading
provider of asynchronous rich-media messaging to increase the
effectiveness of Internet marketing, advertising and electronic
commerce. The company has partnered with several global
corporate, entertainment and technology companies seeking to
expand and enhance their business through the use of the
Internet. maintains a growing staff of
professional software application and networking engineers,
content designers, producers and other skilled professionals to
create, deliver and track targeted and innovative eCommercial
campaigns.    This press release may contain certain forward
looking statements with respect to the company that are subject
to risks and uncertainties that include, but are not limited to,
the company's ability to obtain contracts, competition in the
marketplace and general market conditions. Actual results may
vary materially.


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