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T H E   E - M A R K E T I N G   D I G E S T   W E E K L Y
Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing. Since May, 1997

Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
ISSN 1522-6913
Volume #2,Issue #314
Monday, September 6, 1999

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In This Issue

+ Sponsor Message
   - "Recommend-It - "The Internet's Word of Mouth"

+ Editor's Corner
       + Gary K. Foote

+ Our Readers Speak Out
    - "When is it spam?"
        + George Matyjewicz
        + Editor's Comment

    - "Thanks, and an Apology"
        + Tony Hicks

    - "Customize Your Web Site's BookMark IN IE 5.0"
        + Curtis Stevens

+ Pointers
    - #1: Interview: Chris Knight: 'Promoting Your Newsletter'

 + EMD Weekly Member's Poll
    - "Which of the following methods of
       marketing/advertising do you use?"

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Editor's Corner

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday - and Happy Labor Day to our subscribers in the US.
Today's issue, sponsored by Recommend-It - "The Internet's Word
of Mouth", features Nancy Roebke's final article in her Online
Networking Series.  Nancy's presence here has been a major
benefit, not only freeing up my editing time by sending me
first-class material on time, but also by giving our readers
[That's you!] a multitude of strategies to include in their
online marketing plans.  Thanks, Nancy, for your valuable input.

For those interested in subscribing to Nancy's online networking
newsletter simple send any e-mail to the following address:

Next, with advertising space in the EMD becoming more and more in
demand I've found myself in an editorial quandry.  I have always
allowed long signature lines in the EMD beacuse I felt that an
online marketing newsletter/discussion list should be the one
place where this was acceptable practice.  Now, however, I am
forced to recognize that paying advertisers deserve to have not
only prominent positioning in a publication, but their message
must be allowed to be longer than that set aside for non-paying
promotions - i.e., signature lines.

I guess what I am leading up to is announcing a Formal Limit on
the length of signatures published with posts in the EMD, so here
it is...  hard and fast.  [NOTE: The following Formal Limit takes
effect in the very next issue of the EMD]

Limit your signature to 6 lines or less.  If you need more space
you should consider buying ad space.

I am very excited about the thread introduced in this issue by
George Matyjewicz, moderator of the E-Tailer's Digest, on the
subject of "When is it SPAM?".  The issue of how to regulate SPAM
begins with a definition of SPAM.  The EMD took this subject on
in some of our first issues, but that was long ago and far away
and the definition has surely shifted by now.  George gives us
his point of view - how about yours?  Just what is SPAM, anyway?

Finally, please take the time to visit this issue's sponsor,
Recommend-It - "The Internet's Word of Mouth", as it is our
advertisers who keep the EMD a free resource.  You may follow
links to our sponsors from their links in each issue of the EMD,
or from our Sponsor Resources web page located at;

Now let's get marketing...

Gary K. Foote, Editor
The E-Marketing Digest

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  the EMD on to two friends or business associates right now.

Nancy Roebke's Column

Networking Online in the Background : The Active Lurker

Many, many business professionals receive e-mail lists and
newsgroups on a daily basis. Most will tell you that they are
looking for:

* Information and resources that keep them abreast of their
business industry's climate and teach them new, effective,
productive techniques.

* Suppliers for their firm's needs.

* Potential clients for their firm.

But thousands and thousands of people never post a message to
any of these lists or newsgroups. They are called "lurkers".
Lurkers say that they have concerns about posting for fear they
will post something that is considered by the active membership
as worthless. Or they are concerned that their question was
already covered on the list or newsgroup, and no one will want
to discuss it again. Or they just plain feel they have nothing
positive to contribute.

How does someone like this network on these lists on the
Internet? Here are some lurker techniques that are very
effective in helping to build online relationships.

1. Send private posts to everyone who introduces themselves on
the list or newsgroup. Welcome them and thank them for their
introduction. I have found that sending a virtual postcard to do
this is a very effective welcome tool. Virtual postcards can be
seen at
There are several styles to choose from. The message I include
reads something like this:

         "Welcome to the mb-list. I read with interest the
          introduction you posted about your firm. I look
          forward to reading more of your posts and perhaps
          referring some business your way in the future".

I sign the postcard with my sig file, which includes a little
information about my firm. This allows the receiver to visit my
site if they are interested.

2. Send private posts to people who voice opinions that are
similar to yours. These people can become great allies in these
forums. They think like you think and probably handle things in a
way similar to how you would handle things. Should you want to
bounce ideas off of people, this group is liable to be your best
off-list source for ideas that fit your personal business

3. Send private posts asking for more information. Perhaps
someone posted about a topic that you have interest in but you
are not clear on what they meant. Ask for clarification. In this
situation, understand that the person may not have a lot of time
to go into too great detail. But I have never had someone not
answer my question at all, even if to just point me to a URL that
can help me.

4. Send private posts to people when you have information that
would help them. It is perfectly acceptable to answer a request
for help or advice off-list. If you have resources that can help
the person, feel free to share them. The receiver will be very

5. Send Thank You's privately. I have had people ask me if it is
improper netiquette to send a "thank you", since it is another
message that fills up someone's e-mail box. I think that saying
"thank you" is never out of place.

6. Send requests for more information on a person's firm if you
have an interest in either doing business with them or referring
business to them. People will be more than happy to send you
more information by e-mail or point you to their web site. It is
always welcome to ask:

             "How do I know that a person I am speaking
              with would be a good client for you".

7. If you are interested in sharing information about your firm
with a person an a list or newsgroup, whom you have no
relationship with, be sure the person has requested that
information. Perhaps they made a post about requiring a product
or service that you provide. It is acceptable to respond to that
post with information about your firm as long as you reference
the post the receiver made requesting this information.

8. If you feel the need to post something angry or negative to
someone, I feel this should ALWAYS be done in private. Not
only does the posting of a angry or negative posts on a list or
newsgroup, start controversy amongst other participants, but it
looks terribly unprofessional for you. Remember, if you are
looking for help from reading e-mail lists and newsgroups,
people are not too interested in helping someone who doesn't
know what belongs in public and what belongs in private.

And remember. Conversations help in private emails are
private. It is very bad netiquette to post a private message to a
public list without the writer's permission. Although Internet
is still being written, this practice is commonly considered
copyright infringement and at the very least makes you look
extremely unprofessional.

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
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ProfNet- Helping Business Professionals Find More Business

* Our Readers Speak Out

From:               George Matyjewicz 
Subject:            When is it spam?


Lately I have been getting a lot of e-mail from marketeers that I
consider spam (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail), and when I
complain about it to the sender, I often get back a comment like
"it wasn't spam, rather I was trying to do business with you and
got your e-address from your website."  Many believe that sending
individual e-mail is not spam, even though I never asked to be
contacted.  Some list owners (Ray Gabriel at AIB,  Adam Boettiger
at IADL and me with E-Tailer's Digest among others) will cancel a
subscription if somebody contacts a list member with promotional
material about their product or services.  Simple logic -- I
didn't ask for it, you are trying to make me aware of your
products/services, it is commercial, therefore it is
spam.  Responding to a post in a discussion list (to the list,
not individually) is OK.

I know one of the FAQ for E-Marketing Digest was "ethical e-mail
marketing."  So, my question is what is ethical?

George Matyjewicz,  C.M.O.
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Marketing Your Web
Automated Press Releases
CyberSolutioning (tm)
"How-to" Guides
Affiliates Program


Thanks, George, for bringing this issue up.  Our article on
ethical e-mail marketing was written in '97 or '98 and sorely
needs updating.  Let's all take this opportunity to hammer out a
definition of SPAM.  After all, commercial e-mail will always
exist - we have to face that fact - so, how can it be done


From:   "Internet Promotions Co." 
Subject: Thanks, and an Apology

Hi, Gary, and Everybody else!

This is a Thank you for all those who rushed to get a
Card-File.Com Online Business Card on Monday. I confess that I
expected a few new cards when I sent the post in, but the
response I got was overwhelming! Card-File.Com now houses a
database of Online Cards from literally all over the world, and I
am forced to "beef up" the site now by adding an internal
Directory to the existing search engine.

I also want to apologize to all who went to the site and found it
down... I can only conclude that Mr. Murphy has a grudge against
me. The site is back up now (or was a few moments prior to my
writing this post), and I have been assured by the server
administration that it will remain so, so if you were frustrated
on your first attempt, please feel free to try again.

Again, Thanks to all

Tony Hicks
Got Your Free Online Business Card Yet? Here's Mine:


Customize Your Web Site's BookMark IN IE 5.0

By Curtis Stevens

To be successful online with a business, your web site has to be
advertised and marketed well to receive the maximum amount of
exposure and sales.  There are many ways to draw traffic to your
online business, and I'm going to show you a free way to do it.

When someone bookmarks your web site, they see a default image
that Microsoft set the browser with, next to the title of your
web site.  Instead of having this image, you can change it to
your company logo.  Currently, Internet Explore 5.0 is the only
browser that supports this wonderful technique.  According to
Microsoft, there has been over one million people downloaded the
Internet Explore 5.0 browser, so you should receive a very good
percentage of your visitors using this browser.

This image can be a customized image you make and will show up in
several places.  Like in the Favorites section of the browser, in
the address box and in other places.  Not only will this let your
web site's bookmark stand out from the rest, it helps you gain
name and logo recognition, while increasing the chances of people
clicking on your bookmark and returning to your web site.

You can also see when someone is using the browser and are
bookmarking your web site by looking at your web site's
error_log.  In a few years, everyone will most likely know about
this little trick, but you can make yours stand out from the rest
until that time comes.

To get started making your own customized bookmark image, you
only have to do a few steps.

Step One:  You need to have a program that can create you an icon
image.  You can use the IconEdit Pro here: for free!
Download the free program or use your own.

Step Two:  Open up the program and make your company image with
the size of 16 X 16 pixels.  The image must be 16 colors or it
will not work.  The above icon editor does this great.

Step Three:  Once you have created your company image, you need
to save the file as favicon.ico and upload it to your home
directory on your server.  The url to the file should be:

Now you are all set and if you have the Internet Explore 5.0
browser, you may view your icon image in your web site's
bookmark.  Visit: for images and
explanations to where your icon images will be viewed in the

Curtis Stevens is the owner of the Internet Marketing Success.  A
free weekly newsletter that is shipped directly to your e-mail
box full of Internet marketing and promotion secrets.  A little
good advice never hurt anyone and everyone can use this valuable
resource on a consistent basis, so sign up now free of charge and
take your business to the next level! Go here:

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* Pointer #1: Resource

Christopher Knight Interview
EMD Rating 5.0

Karen Lake's interview with Chris Knight of LIST-TIPS newsletter.
The topic is 'Promoting Your Newsletter'.


The EMD Weekly Member's Poll

"Which of the following methods of
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       Search Engine Positioning (78)           26%
       Paid Banner Ads (34)                     11%
       Free Banner Ads (34)                     11%
       Reciprocal Links (50)                    17%
       One-way Strategic Links (25)             08%
       Newsletter/E-zine Ads (44)               15%
       E-mail Discussion List Postings (38)     13%

To participate in the EMD Member's Poll and to keep current on
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