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T h e   e M a r k e t i n g   D i g e s t   W e e k l y
Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing. Since May, 1997

Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
ISSN 1522-6913
Volume #2,Issue #317
Monday, September 27, 1999

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In This Issue

+ Sponsor Message
   - "Recommend-It - The Internet's Word of Mouth"

+ Editor's Corner
       + Gary K. Foote

+ Our Readers Speak Out
    - "When is it SPAM?"
        + Douglas Freake
        + George Matyjewicz

    - "Re: Y2K and Windows"
        + Bob Rankin
        + 'Doc' Don Taylor

+ eMD Marketing HelpDesk
    - "URL Choices"
        + Michael Kelley

    - "Re: eMarketing a Non-profit"
        + Geoff Halstead

 + eMD Weekly Member's Poll
    - "Which of the following methods of
       marketing/advertising do you use?"

 + eMarketing Tip of the Week
    - #001 - "Publish a Newsletter"

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Editor's Corner

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday.  The eMD Live! has picked up in activity over the
last week and, after setting the list to moderated to eliminate
SPAM, some interesting conversation has taken place.  If you're
interested in a more immediate eMarketing discussion you can
subscribe from the eMD website at:

Or you can send

In this week's issue we have more discussion on the topic of
"What is SPAM?", some clarifications on last issues "Y2K" post,
and a couple of "eMD HelpDesk" posts.  I'm also instituting a new
weekly feature, "The eMarketing Tip of the Week", a series of
tips that will address a wide variety of online marketing issues
and techniques.  This wqeek's eMarketing Tip of the Week is
titled, "Publish a Newsletter".

Before we go further, let me ask that you please take the time to
visit this issue's sponsor, Recommend-It - "The Internet's Word
of Mouth", as it is our advertisers who keep the eMD a free
resource.  You may follow links to our sponsors from their links
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Now let's get marketing...

Gary K. Foote, Editor
The eMarketing Digest

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* Our Readers Speak Out

From:               Douglas Freake 
Subject:            Re: "When is it spam?"

Hi E-marketers,

Linda wrote: "MONEY TALKS. ETHICS WALK ... Spam isn't an ethical
matter, it's a business matter. Anyone who responds that the two
aren't mutually exclusive is either very green or running for

I have to agree with Linda to a point. The post office is a great
example of money talking and ethics walking. ISPs would likely
agree if they could make a buck. Clearly, spamers agree too but
can they really be called "marketers". Any monkey with access to
the Internet can bulk e-mail. While you can take the ethics out
of business, you can not take the business out of ethics. To do
so would remove the customer from the whole process and any hope
of making a profit - so how can they be "mutually exclusive".

Best regards,

Douglas Freake

World Business Network


From:               Rainmaker 
Subject:            Re: When is it SPAM?

Gary wrote:

> ...To me targeting means knowing
>something more than just name and number about each individual
>you are contacting.  Targeting means knowing your audience IS
>interested in your content before you send it.  And if your
>audience is interested why should they react negatively?

It depends what you mean by targeting.  If I am on the
International Business List, am I considered  an international
trader?  (my sig line doesn't say anything that leads one to
believe I am, nor does our web page.  So, whey should somebody
send me information about doing business as a trader, or in a
particular country, or for international business-related
information?  Or if I am a member of the Internet Advertising
Discussion List, am I an ad agency?

Targeting means I signed up to receive information from you.  One
of our clients (Family Point who was recently purchased by
iVillage) has 600,000 members on file all of whom seek
information of interest to them.  They subscribed to the service
( ) use the facilities and said they
were interested.  When our client sends out a very targeted
mailing, they get a 34% return!  Disney does the same thing.
Opt-in lists like Netcreations are not really targeting folks,
because you are "opting in" as a result of using their search
engine subscription service, which has nothing to do with the

>Example:  You, George, are someone with whom I have enjoyed a
>long-term online relationship...  yet, if I include your name in
>a list of prospects to whom I send a commercial e-mail offer,
>following your strict guidelines, I can expect you to be angry
>and perhaps even worse, you might complain to my ISP.

First of all, you would know better.  You know what really
interests me, and, if it is appropriate you would send me info,
and, I would probably buy.  Because I trust you and your

However if Linda Cox (two messages down in this thread) sent me
something I would probably report her to her ISP (sorry
Linda).  Why?  Because I don't know her, and have nothing in
common except for being on this list.  There are many people like
you who I would listen to if I received an e-mail.  Then again,
there are thousands or maybe even millions more who send me stuff
supposedly because I am interested.

Case in point.  Somebody spend time on our site and noticed that
we are involved with the Timeslips software program for
professionals -- the only software program we support (only until
end of 1999).  Does that give a software house in Honk Kong the
right to contact me to sell their software -- in an industry that
we have no interest and very little experience?  Nothing at our
site says we are looking for software.  I never heard from these
folks in any other manner, and never visited their site, nor did
I ask to be on their spam list.

>I always send an e-mail directly to the individual and cc the
>discussion group.  My intent is to get valuable info to the
>person needing it as soon as possible, while maintaining the
>integrity of the group discussion.  It surprises  that people
>are upset when one discussion group member contact another.

I agree.  However, it is not proper etiquette to send a note to
the person directly.  That shortcuts the list, and other members
lose out on your valuable experience, and you are using the list
as your personal prospect list.  If somebody sends me a note
offlist and doesn't include the list, I would either delete it,
or send a note telling that person to include the list and
include a cc to the listowner.  Some, like Ray Gabriel (IBL) and
Adam Boettiger (IADL) would issue a warning after which you are

George Matyjewicz,  C.M.O.
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Marketing Your Web
Automated Press Releases
CyberSolutioning (tm)
"How-to" Guides
Affiliates Program


Thanks, George, for your well though post.  The crux of the
issue, I think, is in your comment:

> There are many people like
> you who I would listen to if I received an e-mail.  Then again,
> there are thousands or maybe even millions more who send me
> stuff supposedly because I am interested.

Everyone's intolerance for UCE seems to be triggered at a
different level.  It is this grey area of personal distinction
that makes it so important to know to whom you are sending an
UCE, and to individualize it - personalize it - target it before
you send it.



From:               Bob Rankin 
Subject:            Re: Y2K & Windows

This information is incorrect.  Following those instructions will
do NOTHING to make your computer Y2K compliant.

For more info, see the article "TOURBUS -- 5 AUGUST 1999 --

Bob Rankin

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From:               "'Doc' Don Taylor" 
Subject:            Y2k & Windows (Re: The eMarketing Digest V2,

 I do have a few small objections to the PC tip about changing
 your regional date setting. This might demonstrate why talking
 about Y2k is never a short-winded exercise - you should provide
 all the caveats as well.

 #1.    If you have readers overseas, mm/dd/yyyy is an
 inappropriate suggested setting.

 #2.    Making this change can create more work:
  -  Some applications will not accept it.
  -  It may cause resizing of column widths and report sizes in
  some applications, such as spreadsheets.

 #3.    It has absolutely no impact on a program's internal date

 #4.    It doesn't always have an impact on the date entered
 (database programs usually have programmed "masks" that
 determine what data is an acceptable entry).

 #5.    It affects only the display format, not the data entry.

 The best thing I can say about it is that it *may* make the date
 displayed less ambiguous (if you see a "3/15/30", is that for
 1930 or 2030?). A safer recommendation is the simple mantra:

     four digits good, two digits bad
     enter years as yyyy, or you may be had.

 I think that was essentially what Sunni was trying to do. But
 even that has a drawback for data entry clerks whose
 productivity it will impact. There are also a few programs
 available that restrict inputs to ensure input dates are in four
 digits, from any source. One is described at


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From:               Michael Kelley 
Subject:            URL choices


I want to make the move to a dedicated URL domain, but haven't
been able to come up with anything that I am comfortable with.
Are there any services that do a review or search of a site and
give recommendations for URLs based on content?

I have had a number of suggestions from acquaintances, friends,
and business associates, but just can't get a handle on a decent
domain. The one I want is currently in pending status, and I am
waiting to see what happens to payment on it. If it frees up due
to lack of payment, than I'm going to try to register it.
Any help and suggestions is appreciated.

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From:               Geoff Halstead 
Subject:            Re: eMarketing a Non-profit
                    [The eMarketing Digest V2, #315]

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your comments about our site. I am using a DTP program
at the moment, as it was easier to use than learning HTML. I've
reached the limits of what it can do, so will be learning code
for our next update - 6 months at the rate learning is going.

The site has had to go back to a previous version due to problems
with links brought about by updating to V6 of the DTP, so the
telco tirade is missing right now, but I be back. Where have I
heard that before?

I did run an HTM checking program and was horrified at all the
errors it showed. Really bad news. This made me realise that
using a do it all program is not the best way to designing a web

I will be following the steps you mentioned to Karen.

Thanks for the comments.
Great eZine.

Geoff Halstead - Trustee
Charity for African Education, Diss, Norfolk, England
Tel: UK(01379)651-652,
Buy'nDonate & eDonate via our site - Donations welcome, cash or
check any

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newsletter carries your opportunity to reach this targeted
audience with your business message.  Of course, you will want
your newsletter's topic to have something to do with your
product/service or you will be marketing to the wrong audience.

Here are three ways to gain value and new customers from your
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of applied imagination:

1)  Direct advertising for your business, placed
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