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T h e   e M a r k e t i n g   D i g e s t   W e e k l y
Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing. Since May, 1997

Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
ISSN 1522-6913
Volume #2,Issue #318
Monday, October 4, 1999

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+ Sponsor Message
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+ Editor's Corner
       + Gary K. Foote

+ Our Readers Speak Out
    - "E-mail Newsletters"
        + Joan Sotkin

    - "Responsible E-mail Marketing"
        + Sharon Tucci

    - "Clock, Doc and Microsoft"
        + Sunni Freyer

+ eMD Marketing HelpDesk

 + eMD Weekly Member's Poll
    - "Which of the following methods of
       marketing/advertising do you use?"

+ eMarketing Tip of the Week
    - "Search Engines"

+ eMarketing Classifieds

+ eMD Administration E-mail Addresses

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Editor's Corner

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday.  This week's issue carries a great post on
newsletters, written by subscriber Joan Sotkin, a wonderful post
on responsible e-mail marketing from Sharon Tucci, and some
noticable changes in the administration addresses for this
e-zine.  Basically, the old subscription management address will
no longer work as it did, and sending e-mail to it will now
return an autoresponse giving you the new subscription management
info.  Here is the new info:

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Simple, eh?

Finally, please take the time to visit this issue's sponsor,
Recommend-It - "The Internet's Word of Mouth", as it is our
advertisers who keep the eMD a free resource.  You may follow
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Now let's get marketing...

Gary K. Foote, Editor
The eMarketing Digest

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* Our Readers Speak Out

From:               Joan Sotkin 
Subject:            E-mail newsletters


I appreciate your tip about e-mail newsletters. I've been
publishing The E-Commerce Advisor since June, 1998,
had another one for my Prosperity Place site before that,
and help many of my clients set them up. They are a great
marketing tool.

However, there are a number of factors that people
should consider before deciding to publish a newsletter.
These include:

1. Are you willing to make the time commitment to produce your
e-zine on schedule.

2. How well do you write?

3. How much effort are you willing to put into building your
subscriber list?

4. How large is your potential audience?

(These are discussed in detail in Issue #5 of The E-Commerce
under Questions from Readers.)

If you feel that you want to make the commitment to publish an
e-zine. Then you have to decide:

1. How often you can reasonably publish without stressing

2. What content you will provide? Your publication can include
articles, tips, resources, information about your site and/or
products, etc.

3. How will you promote your e-zine? You'll need a viable
marketing plan.

3. Who will host your list? In the beginning, with a small
subscriber base, you can handle the list by yourself. As soon as
you get past 300 subscribers, you'll want to have the list

I have an article about hosting options in Issue #22 of ECA,
which is all about publishing newsletters.

Hope this helps.

Joan, Publisher, The E-Commerce Advisor(tm)

** The E-Commerce Advisor(tm) - Free Monthly Ezine ********
For new Website owners. Easy-to understand yet comprehensive
articles, tips and resources to help you build a successful
business online and off. Read past issues at .


Subject:            RE: Responsible E-mail Marketing

Hi Gary,

Responsible email marketing efforts have one or both of these

1. A relationship is developed
2. Permission is obtained at various levels

If you eliminate any grey areas, this means....

In building a relationship, you're always starting with what
a person, company or organization wants and not necessary your
own marketing message.

Take an example: Let's say someone named Ray visits our website.
Ray is a website designer. Ray sees our web site (which is crummy
now - but we have a new one going online soon which Ray doesn't
know about) Ray sees that our web site needs a lot of work. He
sees an opportunity here. Rather than email me about his web
design skills, Ray emails me and says something like "Hey, you
work with clients on email marketing. I have clients that need
help in this area. Can we work together? Why don't you tell me
what you do"

Now I am a sane person. Would I say NO to something like
this? Would I consider this inappropriate UCE or SPAM?
I doubt any business person would.

Once Ray and I get chatting about how we can work together,
be carefully broaches the topic of what a disaster our site
is and gives some careful suggestions. Is that UCE? Nope.
Relationship established. (Of course I wouldnt be too pleased
if I ever found out Ray did this just to get our business
and that he didn't have any intention of sending us business.)

Second similar example...

Let's say someone named Mary is on this list. Mary does
various Internet promotion for clients. This includes working
with clients on search engine submissions and meta tags.
After I post here, Mary looks at our web site and sees how
screwed up our meta tags are. She figures it's a good
opportunity for her, especially since we have a lot of pages
at our site.

Mary takes a similar approach to Ray and emails me. She
introduces herself and then says that she often wants to
recommend to clients to start a newsletter or something
related. She asks how we can work together.

Again, after we have a conversation started, Mary can use
a by the way approach to broach how we need some work
done on our meta tags and again gives some suggestions.

The key in relationship building is that you have to be
sincere. Of course, for a lot of you, it won't always be
easy to figure out a way how to initiate a relationship
with a contact. But there is always a way.

Here's an idea of my former clients was going
after a big account. She knew the name of the primary
contact. She did a search and found out their personal
email address. She then hit the search engines and found
archived messages from personal interest lists that
person was on. She joined one of the lists where the
person was more active and initiated contact through
there. They started to "chat" off the list and the client
at one point mentioned what it was that she did. Voila...
she landed the account.

The way of building a relationship may not necessarily
seem right. Sometimes it can feel manipulative in fact.
But that's part of the sales process.

Now onto permission....

The key here is go by the guidelines: Opt-in and ask
for permission at every possible stage. This means on
every page of your web site, have a link for them
to subscribe to your newsletter. When you have the
budget, it means capturing MORE than just their email
address by using a database. Find out what they want
you to tell them. Get them to check off a box giving
you permission to send them individual sales pitches
or special offers. It means making it as easy as 1-2-3
to get off of any individual list you have or to get
off of all the lists you have.

We already know that you'll have a higher response
rate by having the boxes initially checked - but do
you want to do that? No. You're going to lose some
good quality people that way. Others may not fully
understand what they are agreeing to.

The one area which is definitely grey that I don't
buy is when you do follow-up that really is follow-up.

Here's an example of obtaining permission at different

You advertise or use your sig file to promote a free

NO: when someone requests your free report, you sign
them up for your newsletter.

INSTEAD: include information about your newsletter
within the free report. This is not grey, but ok
by any definitions.

BORDERLINE (which *I* still think is ok): Do a check
a few days after the free report has gone out to see
if the person has joined your newsletter (see comments
below). If they haven't, then follow-up on the report
and reiterate that if they enjoyed it, they should
subscribe to your newsletter. Ask for feedback about
the report. If you do this,make sure your initial
report going out gives them the chance NOT to receive
future notices from you. Limit your follow-ups to
1 or at most 2. More than that is pure annoyance.

To many the above is grey. You haven't directly
obtained permission. However, I think IF it is does
carefully, it is ok.

We're handling some promotional work for Tom Peters
(In Search of Excellence etc) for his new book,
webcasts, web site, etc. We've set him up with
a database for his newsletter that is tied in with
the ads. When someone responds to an ad by email,
it will capture their email address to the database.
It will then track whether or not they go to the
website and sign up for the newsletter. We've set
up some if statements for a campaign so that if
someone has visited the website and signed up from
the newsletter, they receive no further mailings
related to that initial email. (Just what they
directly opted in for) If they visit the web site,
but haven't subscribed to the newsletter, they'll
get a follow-up message thanking them for visiting
the web site and pointing out the free newsletter in
case they missed it. If they don't visit the web
site, they'll get a follow-up message pointing out
the free resources at the site. If they get either
follow-up message and take no further action, they
won't hear again.

Sharon Tucci


From:               "Sunni Freyer" 
Subject:            Re: Clock, Doc and Microsoft

Hello All:

Regarding the post from 'Doc' Don Taylor"  on
Y2k & Windows...and his words " I do have a few small objections
to the PC tip about changing  your regional date setting. "

Good point.  All I can say is that the words posted earlier from
me were directly out of the mouth of one Microsoft support person
Now if I could only locate that MS guy again, to pass on what was
said here.  Wouldn't that be super -- EMD educating MS?  Nice


Sunni Freyer
CFNA Inc. PR/Marcom:
From the CFNA publishing division comes Canine Times,
the ezine for dog people.  Sample it --

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eMarketing Tip of the Week

Hi Everyone,

With all my talk about the importance of search engines in your
online marketing plan - even though there have been studies
showing that search engines are not the most popular way people
use for finding websites online - I have never printed my own
opinion of what the top 8 search engines are.  So, to correct
that lack I submit the following list:

Northern Light

Anyone want to add to this list of must-register search engines?

Your Editor - Gary K. Foote

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