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T h e   e M a r k e t i n g   D i g e s t   W e e k l y
Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing. Since May, 1997

Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
ISSN 1522-6913
Volume #2,Issue #319
Monday, October 11, 1999

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+ Editor's Corner
       + Gary K. Foote

+ Our Readers Speak Out
    - "Re: Responsible E-Mail marketing"
        + Veronica Yuill
        + Response by Sharon Tucci

+ eMD Marketing HelpDesk
    + "Where brick and mortar meet the net"
       - Gary K. Foote

 + eMD Weekly Member's Poll
    - "Which of the following methods of
       marketing/advertising do you use?"

+ eMarketing Tip of the Week
    - .sigfiles

+ How're We Doing?
    - "Fantastic View"
       + Scott Reynolds

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Editor's Corner

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday.  As we approach a new millennium I am preparing a
1999 year end survey for all eMD subscribers.  My goal is to not
only get a clear view of just who we all are, but what some of
our common hopes and goals are for the year 2000.  The survey
will be short, generally taking less than 5 minutes to complete.
I intend to email it to all eMD subscribers before our next
issue.  Please take the time to complete and return it as soon as
you can.

As always, please take the time to visit this issue's sponsor,
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Now let's get marketing...

Gary K. Foote, Editor
The eMarketing Digest

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* Our Readers Speak Out

From:               Veronica Yuill 
Subject:            Responsible E-Mail marketing


Sharon Tucci's post in the EMD was a very clear exposition of
just what is involved in getting permission to email potential
customers. But, Sharon, there's something puzzling me. You say:

 > When someone responds to an ad by email,
 > it will capture their email address to the database.
 > It will then track whether or not they go to the
 > website and sign up for the newsletter [...]
 > If they visit the web site,
 > but haven't subscribed to the newsletter, they'll
 > get a follow-up message thanking them for visiting
 > the web site and pointing out the free newsletter in
 > case they missed it.

Maybe I'm just naive, but when they respond to the ad, all you
have is their email address (and probably their IP address),
right? So if that person subsequently visits the Web site,
without signing up and hence without leaving their address -- how
do you identify who it is in your database in order to follow up?
I have guessed that you could use the IP address but that's
dynamically allocated in many cases so would not be reliable.

I'd be grateful for enlightenment!

Best regards

Veronica Yuill -- Archetype Information Technology Ltd
Successful Internet Marketing ... in just 60 minutes!
Buy the book at


From:               Sharon Tucci 
Subject:            Re: Responsible E-Mail marketing

Good question and one I'm sure others who read my post might have
had. The issue here is a matter of tracking. It's a relatively
simple task if you have the right background tools to handle it
(and we do).

Look at the entire process as a flow chart:

                   Mary sees ad and sends email


              Mary's email address is written to the
              database and database sends out message


             Each message is uniquely keyed is some way
            so that the database is written to when Mary
                    clicks through to a URL


              At a later date, the database does a
           query to see which if any URLs Mary has visited
           and what/if any other actions Mary has taken
              and returns later message based on what
                    Mary did or did not do

The process can continue on and you can use the same general
concept for many different types of applications. Whether it's
tracking renewals, sales follow-ups, etc.

I think in many respects, this is the "new age" of direct
marketing. Very very few companies are making use of this type
of technology in their online marketing efforts. Until recently,
only the very large companies could afford such a system. Now
it's getting to be more affordable so we're seeing more and
more companies wanting to implement such a system once it's
presented to them. It makes sense. For many types of promotions,
it is more cost effective to work with the leads you have rather
than to continually get new ones.  This is especially important
in one-shot campaigns where you may not have otherwise have a
second chance to reach the same prospect again.

Just as important in extended promotional campaigns is the
benefit of seeing specifically what promotional vehicles can
bring the best results. As we all know, in marketing, it's not
just about the number of leads (quantity), it's about the number
of people who actually do whatever your desired end result is
(conversion factor and quality).

Sharon Tucci - The List SpeciaLists

eMD Marketing HelpDesk

Subject:    Brick and mortar meet the net

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to hear from our readers who either have already, or are
now in the planning stages of adding a full-service web store to
their existing brick and mortar store[s].  I am interested in
exploring your experineces both during the building phases and
the operational phases of integrating your web store with your
B&M store.  Those places where brick and mortar meet the net.

Come on, all you lurkers out there.  I know you're listening...

Gary K. Foote, Ed.

Need help with your online marketing efforts?  Looking
for a particular resource that seems to be eluding you?
Need an answer to an online marketing question?  Let
the eMD Marketing HelpDesk help you find the answers
you need.  Here's the request address...  ask away!;

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The eMD Weekly Member's Poll

"Which of the following methods of
marketing/advertising do you use?"

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       Search Engine Positioning (91)           26%
       Paid Banner Ads (39)                     11%
       Free Banner Ads (42)                     12%
       Reciprocal Links (54)                    15%
       One-way Strategic Links (29)             08%
       Newsletter/E-zine Ads (47)               13%
       E-mail Discussion List Postings (47)     13%

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eMarketing Tip of the Week

Subject:    .sigfiles

What is a .sigfile?  A .sigfile is a footer that your software
can be configured to add to all of your outgoing email
correspondence, both private email and email sent to discussion
lists like this one.

Why should I have one?  You can - and should - develop a number
of different .sigfiles for use in different situations.  Think of
your .sigfile as your chance to present your sales pitch to a
wide audience - in just 6 lines of text.

Why just 6 lines of text?  Two reasons...  1) Your message should
be short and to the point.  2) If you need more than 6 lines for
your pitch you should consider buying advertising in the
discussion lists in which you are participating.

Subscriber Nick Nichols wrote a tremendous article covering all
you ever wanted to know about .sigfiles, that we have made
available - with his permission - as an autoresponder and on a

Email Autoresponder:


How're We Doing?

From:               Scott Reynolds 
Subject:            Fantastic View

Thanks for a bloody fantastic view of the Internet Phenomenon!!!

Scott Reynolds
New Zealand

Editor's Reply...

Hi Scott,

Good to hear we are making an impact.  Tell us, Scott...  what is
the internet's penetration into NZ public use?  Is the Internet
Phenomenon full blown in NZ or is it just beginning to become the
king of mediums it is already in many other parts of the world?

Gary K. Foote, Ed.

Give us feedback on how we're doing with the eMD.  Like our
style?  Don't like our style?  Take issue with something we've
published?  Have an issue you want to sound off on?  Well, here's
your chance.  Talk to us!

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