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T h e   e M a r k e t i n g   D i g e s t   W e e k l y
Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing. Since May, 1997

Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
ISSN 1522-6913
Volume #2,Issue #320
Monday, October 18, 1999

The eMD Weekly is *the* online marketing publication with
something for *every* internet business, whether newly formed or
online 'forever'. Print this issue out and take it to lunch
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In This Issue

+ Sponsor Message
   - Recommend-It - "The Internet's Word of Mouth"

+ Editor's Corner
       + Gary K. Foote

+ E-mail Marketing
    - "Beyond Banners - They've Got Mail"
        Entrepreneur's Business Start Ups Magazine article.

+ Web Marketing
    - "College Site Marketing"
        + Karen R. Roque

+ Search Engines
    + Search Engine Snapshot"

 + eMD Weekly Member's Poll
    - "Which of the following methods of
       marketing/advertising do you use?"

+ eMarketing Tip of the Week
    - What do your customers want?
        Gary K. Foote

+ Interview
    - "Tom Blakely, CEO of"

+ eMarketing Classifieds
    - "Weather by E-mail"

+ Administrivia and Subscription Management Info

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Editor's Corner

Hi Everyone,

Another interesting issue with some requests for resources by
readers and, finally, the long promised interview with Tom
Blakeley, CEO of, developers of just one of the
huge variety of emerging information delivery technologies
promising to revolutionize the internet's landscape.  Good

With over 40 responses to the eMD Year End Member's Survey on the
first day alone it looks like we'll be getting a great response
by the close of the survey on December 24, 1999.  If you haven't
yet responded please take the time.  Its not long.  If you need a
copy you can retrieve one by autoresponder using the following
email link:

Finally, please take the time to visit this issue's sponsor,
Recommend-It - "The Internet's Word of Mouth", as it is our
advertisers who keep the eMD a free resource.  You may follow
links to our sponsors from their links in each issue of the eMD,
or from our Sponsor Resources web page located at;

Now let's get marketing...

Gary K. Foote, Editor
The eMarketing Digest

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* E-mail Marketing

Hi Everyone,

Shannon Kinnard wrote an excellent article for Entrepreneur's
Business Start Ups magazine [both the hard copy and the online
version] that covers some excellent points about marketing with a
newsletter.  Don't let the fact that she quoted me in the lead-in
paragraphs keep you from reading this article, OK  ;->

Gary K. Foote, Ed.

Web Marketing

From:               "Roque, Karen R" 
Subject:            College site marketing

I need some assistance in coming up with some innovative ideas
for a college web site for students.  We are trying to launch a
brand new web site to both prospective and current students for
which the design is already set.

Our market ranges from the traditional students to the
nontraditional students. The average age believe it or not is 26
years old at our community college.

We're looking to be informative, playful, entertaining, and a
great source of communication.

Any suggestions?

Karen R. Roque

Search Engines

Search Engine Snapshot

Hi Everyone,

Here are the current search engines that carry the most traffic
according to [Oct 15, 1999 7:46 PM EDT] - in
descending order:

Alta Vista

Interesting how things change.  I'll keep posting this info for
those interested.  You can check these stats regularly yourself

Gary K. Foote, Ed.

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The eMD Weekly Member's Poll

"Which of the following methods of
marketing/advertising do you use?"

With 359 Current Votes [14:29 EST October 18, 1999] responses

         Search Engine Positioning (93)         26%
         Paid Banner Ads (40)                   11%
         Free Banner Ads (44)                   12%
         Reciprocal Links (55)                  15%
         One-way Strategic Links (30)           08%
         Newsletter/E-zine Ads (48)             13%
         E-mail Discussion List Postings (49)   14%

To participate in the eMD Member's Poll and to keep current on
results go to;

eMarketing Tip of the Week

What do your customers want?
by Gary K. Foote

A good friend of mine who owns a brick and mortar New & Used CD
store now in the process of developing an online storefront, said
to me the other day, "My customers ask me four things when they
come into my store."

    1) Can I listen to it?
    2) Do you have a used copy?
    3) What album is this song on or who does this song
    4) How much does it cost?

The fact that he knows the questions allows him to answer them in
advance.  This puts him miles ahead of his competition in terms
of turning prospect into customers.  Why?  Because a prospect
whose questions are answered is a satisfied prospect - and a
satisfied prospect is spelled 'customer'.  I expect this friend
of mine will go far online.  I'll keep you posted on his

How to transfer this experience to the net?  Make sure your
prospects have the opportunity to ask you questions at every
click of their mouse.  Then make sure you answer them right away.
Sure, a FAQ file can cover some of this ground for you, but is a
FAQ a personal experience?  You tell me...  Personally speaking,
I like the personal touch.

Gary K. Foote, Ed.

Items of Note

Tom Blakely [] Interview

GKF: Hi Tom.  Thanks for taking the time to answer a few
questions about eCommercials and Stan Lee Media's use of that
technology. The video and audio are very clear in your sample
eCommercial presentations. Of the two I viewed, one was 889K in
size and the other was 747K in size. Do you see the size of the
eCommercial e-mail attachments as a drawback? If yes, do you have
future technologies planned that will compress the data more?
Please tell me more.

TB: File size is sometimes an issue, however we've found that in
the consumer marketplace if the email is clearly anticipated,
it's almost never an issue. By this I mean if the consumer has
agreed to this message up front, and is expecting the email,
we've almost never heard complaints.

We've also found that in the business-to-business marketplace, it
is never an issue... and business-to-business is a large part of
our focus.

GKF: The Stan Lee PR mentioned that "computer telephony
capabilities" are part of the eCommercial experience, yet there
are no examples of this in either the Doug Flutie promo or the
Hendrix promo I viewed - unless I missed something. Can you tell
me in detail what this feature provides?

TB: This refers to the ability to have an eCommercial include
functionality so the viewer can request a call back from a live
phone operator, and our servers route this request through to a
call center for instant processing.

GKF: The Stan Lee PR says that "Third-party sponsors will have
the opportunity to purchase advertising space on each
eCommercial." Can you describe how this relationship works? How
do you 'target' possible symbiotic campaigns?

TB: Here's a scenario: a music CD club uses eCommercials to
deliver a rich-media monthly update to their subscriber list.
Each eCommercial highlights one band as part of a promotion, say
in the country/rock category. The CD club can also sell
additional advertising opportunities as graphic links on the
interface screen to either other artists of a similar bent, or to
vendors of products this audience is likely to buy. The prospects
for those sorts of sponsorships are targeted in cooperation with
the client.

GKF: The same PR also states "eCommericals are also completely
customizable to leverage brand equity." Can you elaborate on
exactly what this means and how it is implemented logistically
[from the net experience POV, not technically speaking]?

TB: For example, video clearly delivers a brand message in its
richest form, and that's built right into the eCommercial. The
video itself is not individualized, but each email message is
personalized by name or other information; so the perception on
the part of the recipient is that this rich brand message is at
least individually directed to me.

GKF: The same PR says, "All messages are trackable for senders to
analyze and measure client interaction." Can you tell me exactly
what info is trackable from a viewer's interaction with an
eCommercial and [generally speaking] how it is accomplished?

TB: Each eCommercial is actually an ultra-thin browser client
with web-like content built in. The eCommercial browser uses the
same open-standards logging methods used by any Internet browser
viewing a web page; so as a viewer works with the eCommercial
program, our servers log that activity in the same way any web
server logs user data. Generally speaking, it's just like
visiting a web page.

GKF: Can you tell me exactly what "asynchronous rich-media
messaging" means and why/how it is different from other delivery

TB: eCommercials constitute "asynchronous content delivery" in so
far as the user is not required to follow a hyperlink to a web
page, which we refer to as "synchronous" communication. Any
company's servers are in synchronous communication with that user
at that moment during normal web browsing. eCommercials are
significantly different in that the content is delivered as part
of the eCommercial; so the viewer is free to enjoy the content on
their own time (asynchronously), as often as they like, and
without being connected to the Internet to do so.

GKF: I personally feel that eCommercials are in the vanguard of
those technologies vying to become today's top content delivery
systems. Looking beyond what you have currently developed, what
do you see, both technologically and in terms of maximizing
audience impact, as the 'next' future of online content delivery?

TB: I'd have to agree with your assessment, with all due
humility. I think we are in front of the curve. Online content
delivery will continue to evolve, both in terms of technologies
(read: audio/video/interactive), and in terms of visual impact...
bandwidth will improve, video technologies will improve, and
smart, creative people will continue to use those tools.

Email is a central tool to all the current forms of
infomediation, and I expect that to remain true as well. We're
working in a market space where the natural unique benefits of a
IP switched-packet network like the Internet are combined with
the best practices of the past, the best new ideas of the present
and our best vision of the future. This includes heavy computing
power to profile, segment and append data in order to generate as
complete a picture as possible of the interests and needs of
individual users. We also apply massive network capabilities in
order to conduct a large number of one-to-one exchanges including
rich media, behavior mapping and survey polling, all with a
religious commitment to the fact that it's consumers driving the
online marketplace, not marketers.

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