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The Latest Issue of the eMD

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T h e   e M a r k e t i n g   D i g e s t   W e e k l y
Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing. Since May, 1997

Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
ISSN 1522-6913
Volume #2,Issue #321
Monday, October 25, 1999

The eMD Weekly is *the* online marketing publication with
something for *every* internet business, whether newly formed or
online 'forever'. Print this issue out and take it to lunch
today... learn something and get ahead! And, thanks in advance
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+ Editor's Corner
       + Gary K. Foote

+ Web Marketing
    - "Offline advertising to drive web visitors?"
        + Jim Straw
    + Editor's Comment

+ Marketing Resources
   - "eCommerce, the technological transformation of business"
        + College and Research Libraries News, October, 99
          Article by Deborah Lynn Harrington

 + eMD Weekly Member's Poll
    - "Which of the following methods of
       marketing/advertising do you use?"

+ eMarketing Classifieds

+ Administrivia

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Editor's Corner

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday.  I spent this weekend installing data into my new
computer, only to have it crash totally late yesterday afternoon.
I've been up all night working to get operational as soon as
possible, but some things just take time.  Thus today's issue of
the eMD is somewhat shorter than most.

Please take the time to visit this issue's sponsor,
Recommend-It - "The Internet's Word of Mouth", as it is our
advertisers who keep the eMD a free resource.  You may follow
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Now let's get marketing...

Gary K. Foote, Editor
The eMarketing Digest

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* Web Marketing

From:               "J.F. (Jim) Straw" 
Subject:            Offline advertising to drive web visitors?


I need some assistance from 'older' (not in years but experience)
webmasters who have used "off-line" advertising for their web

On Thursday (10/14) my first ad appeared in "The Wall Street
Journal" (Mart Section) ... with limited response. -- A similar
ad will appear in this weekend (Monday) edition of "Investor's
Business Daily" ... with another similar ad to appear in
"BusinessWeek" (MarketPlace) 12/6 & 12/20 editions ... and the
same ad in the "Robb Report" 01/00 edition.

Have any of your"eMarketing Digest" readers had any success with
off-line advertising?

Thanx a ho'bunch ...

J.F. (Jim) Straw
Attend the "Business Lyceum" for practical instruction in the
arts and sciences of doing business.
A Learning Place. -- Where we make Making-Money easier!

+++ Editor's Comment  +++

Hi Jim,

I'm very interested in using offline ads to support online
efforts.  In fact I think every medium should reference all
others in a well rounded campaign.

I have tested offline ads for an online service called Weather by
E-mail [ ] with limited success.
In a small market [under 15K] I garnered 300 subscribers for a
$40 ad.  Not too shabby, but I expect I will do better in larger
markets after I have fine tuned my copy.

I would love to hear from other readers using offline advertising
to support their online efforts.

Gary K. Foote, Ed.

* Marketing Resources

eCommerce, the technological transformation of business"
        + College and Research Libraries News, October, 99
          Article by Deborah Lynn Harrington
          eMD Rating: 5.0


Electronic commerce is only in its infancy, and the opportunities
for both business and consumer are limitless. Taking advantage of
opportunities requires both a knowledge of the many facets of
electronic commerce and an understanding of how to successfully
merge business and technology to bring it all together...

The information resources suggested here are the authorís
favorites and provide a general introduction to the many areas of
e-commerce in the following categories: getting started, academic
research centers, discussion lists and news groups, government
and industry organizations, news, statistics and trends, and


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"Which of the following methods of
marketing/advertising do you use?"

With 376 Current Votes [14:20 EST October 25, 1999] responses

Search Engine Positioning (98)          26%
Paid Banner Ads (41)                    11%
Free Banner Ads (46)                    12%
Reciprocal Links (58)                   15%
One-way Strategic Links (31)            08%
Newsletter/E-zine Ads (50)              13%
E-mail Discussion List Postings (52)    14%

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