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T h e   e M a r k e t i n g   D i g e s t   W e e k l y
Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing. Since May, 1997

Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
ISSN 1522-6913
Volume #2,Issue #323
Monday, November 8, 1999

The eMD Weekly is *the* online marketing publication with
something for *every* internet business, whether newly formed or
online 'forever'. Print this issue out and take it to lunch
today... learn something and get ahead! And, thanks in advance
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In This Issue

+ Sponsor Message
   - Recommend-It - "The Internet's Word of Mouth"

+ Editor's Corner
       + Gary K. Foote

+ Web Marketing
    - "The Value of a 'Sticky' Site"
        + Gary K. Foote

    - "Registering a Domain Name using
       Network Solutions web interface"
        + Gary K. Foote

+ Marketing Resources
    - "Search Engine Strategies '99 - Upcoming confererence"
        + Gary K. Foote

+ eMD Marketing HelpDesk
    - ""
        + Greg Reitman

 + eMD Weekly Member's Poll
    - "If you have ever run an e-mail marketing campaign please
       select from the following list to participate. My e-mail
       marketing campaign was:"

+ eMarketing Tip of the Week
    - "The Value of a Giveaway"

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Editor's Corner

Hi Everyone,

Today's issue carries a request for site input from Greg Reitman
of  Normally I don't include site review
requests in the eMD, but the purpose of this site, teaching
guitar and piano from an interactive website, caught my attention
and I had to check it out.  My impression?  This site rocks!  I
took a beginner's guitar lesson that made sense, and a piano
lesson too.  I learned something about written music and saw some
cool Macromedia Flash animations.  The functionality of the site
is top notch in my opinion, but what about its marketability?
Let's give Mr. Reitman some input on his site and all learn
something in the process.  His post appears in the eMD Marketing
HelpDesk section.  Don't miss it.

Finally, please take the time to visit this issue's sponsor,
Recommend-It - "The Internet's Word of Mouth" , as it is our
advertisers who keep the eMD a free resource.  You may follow
links to our sponsors from their links in each issue of the eMD,
or from our Sponsor Resources web page located at;

Now let's get marketing...

Gary K. Foote, Editor
The eMarketing Digest

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* Web Marketing

The Value of a 'Sticky' Site

Everyone here knows my own belief as a well established website
as the backbone of any online marketing effort.  Everyone here
also knows the value of multiple impressions in branding and
driving actual sales.  So, add these two things together and what
do you get?  The need for your site to not only be well
established in terms of search engine positioning, but to present
reasons for site visitors to return to your site again and again.
The idea is to make your site 'sticky' in the mind of your site
visitors - to make them think of you whenever they think of your
particular product niche.

How is this accomplished?  It depends.

In one case a recently newsworthy bridal site accomplished this
by creating a place online for brides to register their patterns
with the major industry players like Neiman Marcus and the like.
Friends and family of the bride are notified by email of the
bride's personal page location where they can go to choose gifts
without fear of duplicating another gift.  A place where they can
see pictures of their gift choices before they purchase them.
There is a lot more to the system, but the core of it is that it
provides a valuable tool to their target audience that brings
them back to their site over and over.  A site that also brings
related traffic from friends and relatives - all of whom
represent potential future brides or grooms, whether in their own
right or by referral to their personal contacts who are getting

In another case makes their site sticky by providing
free list hosting services that create literally millions of
monthly page views as list administrators and subscribers alike
use their site to manage their accounts.  Their system
also creates e-mail advertisements for their free service
appended to each list post.  Due to these two aspects their
growth has been nearly exponential.  In fact, their growth is as
attributable to their attention to viral marketing principles as
it is to their sticky website... but I will reserve the issue of
viral marketing for a future eMD.

The similarity between these two examples is that they both
create a reason for people to return to their site, and a method
for getting the word out to new people about their site, by
providing tools that are of real value to their site visitors.

The lesson here?

Create a tool for your site visitors - something that makes your
site an important place for them to frequent and an important
place for them to send their friends and family.  Don't depend on
your product to do this for you - unless your product is your
traffic driving force, as in the case of's free list
service/product.  Once you gey your audience there place your
revenue generating message[s] in front of your visitors as often
as possible.  Remember, repetition means branding, branding means
being the first name thought of in your industry, and numbers of
impressions really DO make an impression.

Just my opinion...  what's yours?

Gary K. Foote, Ed.

+++  NEXT  +++

Registering a Domain Name using Network Solutions web interface
By Gary K. Foote

Hi Everyone,

Everyone knows the importance of owning their own domain name...
right?  Well, in case you're trying to decide whether or not to
register your own domain name, my recommendation is, do it.  It
will raise your online credibility and costs little.  Convinced?
Ok, here's how you do it...

As of September 18, 1999 Network Solutions requires payment by
credit card at the time of a domain's registration.  This means
you must have your credit card at hand when you follow this

    1) Go to the Network Solutions website at:

    2) Enter the domain name you desire in the text box near the
    top of the screen.  Do not include www or the dot-extension
    in the text box.  Choose the dot-extension from the drop down
    menu box to the right of the text box.  Choices are .com,
    .net or .org.  Most businesses will choose .com.  The other
    dot-extensions are for non-profit organizations [.org] or
    Internet Network Service Providers [.net].

    3) Click the GO button.  You will next see a screen that
    tells you whether the domain you desire is available.  If it
    is click the CONTINUE button provided.  If it isn't available
    there is a text box entry area just like in step 2 on this
    page.  Use it to search for another domain name.  Once you
    have settled on a domain name that is available, click on the
    CONTINUE button and go to step 4.

    4) You now see a screen that asks you to choose to either
    reserve your domain name or register it.  Reserve it if you
    have not yet selected your domain's 'host' by clicking on the
    RESERVE button [A 'host' is the physical home for your
    domain]  If you have already selected your domain's host
    click the REGISTER button.

    5) Assuming you have chosen to REGISTER instead of RESERVING
    your domain name you will be asked for information regarding
    the "Account Holder (Registrant)".  Fill in this form and
    click on the CONTINUE button.

    6) On this next screen you will need the following technical

            Administrative Contact NIC handle:  This is your
            webmaster.  Ask your webmaster for their NIC handle
            [a shorthand registration your webmaster should have
            at hand.]

            Technical Contact NIC handle: This is your host's
            technical webmaster.  Get this info from your
            intended domain host.

            Billing Contact NIC number: This is whomever you
            designate within your organization to manage future
            bills from Network Solutions. If your billing contact
            does not yet have a NIC handle there is space
            provided for entering contact info and a number will
            be automatically assigned.

            When you have completed the above, click the CONTINUE

    7) On this screen you are asked for the primary and secondary
    server HOSTNAMES and IP ADDRESSES.  Your domain host will
    provide this information for you.

    On this screen you will also be asked to enter your e-mail
    address before clicking the CONTINUE button.

    8) On this next screen you will be asked to review all the
    information you have so far input to the system.  If it is
    all correct click the CONTINUE button.

    9) The final screen asks for your credit card information to
    pay for your domain.  You will also be required to check off
    the box indicating you have read and agree with the Domain
    Name Registration Agreement. A link to this document is
    provided on this screen.

    Your card will be charged $70 [US] for the first two years of
    your domain name ownership.  After the two years are up
    Network Solutions will begin billing you annually for
    continued ownership of your domain name.  The current annual
    charge is $35.

    Click the CONTINUE button and you are essentially finished
    registering your domain name.  Congratulations!

Gary K. Foote, Ed.

* Marketing Resources

"Search Engine Strategies '99 - Upcoming confererence"

Hi Everyone,

Danny Sullivan and Search Engine Watch are presenting "Search
Engine Strategies '99", a conference later this month. It's an
all-day event that Danny has organized, covering aspects of
search engine promotion and marketing. It gives you a chance to
hear editors from the major directories talk about submissions,
or to pose questions to representatives from some of the major
crawler-based services. Experts will also help you understand
issues about meta tags, doorway pages and how page design can
impact your rankings. More information on attending can be found
via the link below.

Search Engine Strategies '99

Gary K. Foote, Ed.

eMD Marketing HelpDesk

From:               "IMI Comments" 


I would love to get some feedback on our new site We launched about a month ago and I am
doing a bunch of case studies on how we can improve our site.

Don't be shy! The more feedback the merrier!!!

You contribution is greatly appreciated.

greg . reitman . marketing manager
interactive music inc . 212.242.2464 (v)
212.242.2805 (f) . .
"guitar & piano lessons over the 'net "

Need help with your online marketing efforts?  Looking
for a particular resource that seems to be eluding you?
Need an answer to an online marketing question?  Let
the eMD Marketing HelpDesk help you find the answers
you need.  Here's the request address...  ask away!;

* Help us build our circulation!  Please pass this issue of the
  eMD on to everyone you know who might benefit from our content.

The eMD Weekly Member's Poll

If you have ever run an e-mail marketing campaign please select
from the following list to participate. My e-mail marketing
campaign was:

With 2 Current Votes [8:51 EST November 3, 1999] responses are;

Wildly successful (0) 0%
Moderately successful (2) 100%
Barely successful (0) 0%
Not successful at all (0) 0%
Had a negative impact (0) 0%

To participate in the eMD Member's Poll and to keep current on
results go to;

eMarketing Tip of the Week

The Value of a Giveaway

I run a free service called Weather by E-mail, founded in 1996.
With a subscriber base of over 6000 and growing, though it is a
general audience, it does have a national US audience.  Some of
Webbers Communications website design clients, those in the
travel industry in particular, have such an audience as their
target market.  What we do is offer these clients some free
advertsing space on Weather by E-mail's forecasts and,
occasionally, a banner campaign onsite once we complete their new
site for them.

This practice doesn't cost us anything as we give them excess ad
inventory that would otherwise go empty.  What we get in return
is customer loyalty.  These clients recognise that they are
getting value with no strings attached.

What can you give away to add value to your service or product?

Think about it...

Gary K. Foote, Ed.

How're We Doing?

Give us feedback on how we're doing with the eMD.  Like our
style?  Don't like our style?  Take issue with something we've
published?  Have an issue you want to sound off on?  Well, here's
your chance.  Talk to us!

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