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    T h e   e M a r k e t i n g   D i g e s t   W e e k l y

    Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing. Since May, 1997

    Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
    ISSN 1522-6913
    Volume #2,Issue #325
    Monday, November 22, 1999

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*** Editor's Ramble
    by Gary K. Foote, Editor

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday,

My ramble will be short today as I am preparing for the family to
arrive for Thanksgiving this Thursday as well as getting ready to
move our home and office to Florida for the winter.  So much to

I am beginning a series of articles on international marketing
strategies beginning with this week's, titled, "China enters the
technological age".  This is but the first example.  Others will
deal with other countries.  I hope you all get some valuable
ideas from my research into international marketing startegies.

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Now let's get marketing...

GKF, Ed.

-----------------------  In This Issue  -------------------------

    - China enters the technological age

    - Female Shoppers to Dominate This Season

    - Weekly Top 200 Keyword Email Report

    - My e-mail marketing campaign was:
        eMD Weekly Poll

    - 1999 eMD Member's Survey


***  China enters the technological age
     Gary K. Foote

With this weekend's successful launch of an orbital vehicle
capable of carrying humans into space, the world's most populous
nation sent a loud signal to the rest of the world, in essence
saying, "We are getting ready to take our place on the world's
technological stage.

The total population of China was around 1,250 million [exclusive
of the population of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan] at the end of
1997.  This huge group of people will come online in big numbers
eventually, maybe next year, maybe in five years, maybe even
more, but come online they will.  And when they do they will
represent enough of the online community that there will likely
be noticable impact in all facets of the internet.

They will suddenly be exposed to the global village we all live
in today and, as evidenced by past examples of provincialized
populations in just this situation, very soon likely to become
consumers on the same scale as the rest of us.  In other words,
there will be nearly 1,300,000,000 more potential customers for
your products or services offered online.  That's a lot of

How do you reach an emerging market like this?  Here are a few

Research how they are already marketing internally.  By tuning
your marketing efforts to match your market's existing
expectations you can create a 'comfort zone' for your enterprise.

Translate your site.  This is easier than you might think.
Though there are many dialects in China the written language is
universal across these dialects.  Only one translation is

Contact your local government international business relations
representatives.  In the US that office is the Bureau of Economic
and Business Affairs, part of the Department of State.

Use the Country Commercial Guide 2000.  Country Commercial Guides
(CCG's) are prepared annually by U.S. embassies with the
assistance of several U.S. government agencies. These reports
present a comprehensive look at countries' commercial
environments, using economic, political and market analysis.
Here's the URL:

Make some contacts locally.  The internet is your best tool for
this.  Though I have not done so I believe it would not be hard
to find and get involved in the Chinese community, whether
directly or through Chinese-American communities.

I will be publishing more on this topic in next week's issue.  In
the meantime here are a few URLs to get you started on your own


US Govt. China Page


Yahoo China Directory

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***  Female Shoppers to Dominate This Season
     Gary K. Foote

A recent survey by NPD Research predicts the following emerging
trends in the sale of online goods by industry.  Interestingly
enough, women are predicted to out-purchase men during the coming
holiday season.

Here are some of their figures from a few sample industries;

Apparel Industry
This holiday shopping season will yield USD29.72 billion
of that figure, 13 percent, USD600 million will be spent online.
24 percent of netizens plan to buy apparel online.
Last year's figure was 15 percent.
58 percent of shoppers for apparel online this holiday season
will be female.

23 percent of netizens plan to purchase online this year.
Last year's figure was 11 percent last year.
65 percent of online toy shoppers will be female this holiday

Beauty Products
70 percent of all online purchases will be made by women.
11 percent of all netizens plan to buy beauty products online.
Last year's figure was 5 percent.

So, what this means to me is there is a major shift in online
shopping gender dominance, with women emerging as the shopper
upon whom you should focus more of your marketing efforts and

What does this mean?  It means that the psychology of online
marketing will have to be tuned to a different wavelength. In the
past the majority of online shopping has been done by men, who
make purchase decisions differently than women do.

What are these differences?  I'm not the expert on this, so I
would like to get some reader opinions.  I'll be soliciting some
non-subscriber experts for their input and will add that to any
reader contributions we get for publication in the next issue of
the eMD.

If you have studied the psychology of women's vs men's purchasing
patterns/criteria please post to the eMD about your experiences.
We can all benefit from your knowledge.

GKF, Ed.

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search engine game, the weekly report is informative and fun,
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what issues -- pornographic and otherwise -- actually click with


*** My e-mail marketing campaign was:
    The eMD Weekly Poll

Hi everyone,

This small turnout for this poll surprises me.  With all the e-
mail marketing going on I was sure there would be many readers
willing to share their outcome in general terms.  Come on all you
experienced e-mail marketers.  Tell us how it worked for you.

Here are current results;

    Wildly successful (0)        0%
    Moderately successful (5)   83%
    Barely successful (1)       17%
    Not successful at all (0)    0%
    Had a negative impact (0)    0%

Notice, only 6 responses to date.  This is the last week this
poll will run without greater participation.  Please note, this
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weekly poll question.

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