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    Volume #2,Issue #326
    Monday, December 6, 1999

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    - "Editor's Ramble"
         by Gary K. Foote

    - "Help with outbound bundled e-mail marketing"
         by Patrick D. Ucci

    - "Tools for eM"
         by Marlo J. P. Simon

    - "Serious Job Opportunity"
         by Brian Garvin

    - "Sponsor Message"
         RightNow Technologies, Inc

    - "eCommercials"
         by Alex Collmer

    - "What To Do When You Don’t Have Any Testimonials"
         by Jim Straw

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*** Editor's Ramble
    by Gary K. Foote, Editor

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday.  This week's issue carries some requests for help from eMD readers and a fine article by Jim Straw, titled, "What To Do When You Don’t Have Any Testimonials".

Our discussion on marketing to China will have to be placed on a back burner for a little while as my main source of Asian marketing info is not available for a couple of weeks.  We'll get back to this issue soon...  promise.

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Now let's get marketing...

GKF, Ed.

*** Help with outbound bundled e-mail marketing
    by "Patrick D. Ucci" 

You have a very informative web site that I think I will be using a lot of in the future.  It gets some great thoughts going.  My question for you is in reference to a way to outbound e-mail market to the top staff of fortune 500 types of companies, even better the top 500 most active e-companies as well. However, seeing that myself and my partner are budding webterpreneures, I have no idea on how to successfully get the e-mail specific information for the ongoing marketing project.  Can you help with some resources for this service of providing the proper specific list info?

Thank you for your time,
Patrick Ucci

Editor's Response

Hi Patrick,

The Fortune site has a link to a database of Fortune 500 companies that they sell.  This DB carries lots of info for each company listed. Contact info for each carries the following info:

+ Company name
+ CEO Name
+ Mailing Address
+ Phone Number
+ Web Site Address
+ Ticker Symbol

The URL is .  Follow the link that reads "The NEW Fortune 500 - April 1999" to check this out.

Unfortunately e-mail addresses are not listed, but you could use each company website [listed] to find their e-mail addresses.  I know, this sounds time consuming, and you are right - it is.

Maybe one of our readers has some better information to offer you.  I fanyone wnats to respond to Patrick, please do so, but remember to cc this publication so we can all get the benefit of your expertise.

GKF - Ed.

*** Tools for eM
    by "Marlo J. P. Simon" 


Have you already compiled any kind of golden tips, non-fail tools or best Marketing policy for e-Marketing?

If yes, where can I learn more?

I'm a new member of the list that wants to get more involved. I'm from Brazil and I'm studying e-commerce development right now.

Marlo Simon

Editor's Response

Hi Marlo,

A full answer to your question would cover a lot of ground, and would take more space than one issue of the eMD has.  The many facets that go into a successful e-marketing campaign include;

1) Web development
2) Community building
3) Branding
4) Viral marketing

... just to name a few.  Each also has many internal facets that affect the eventual effectiveness of an e-marketing campaign.  If you are currently focused on one of these issues in your studies let me know and I'll go on at length.  In the meantime, where are you studying e-commerce and what is the course outline?  Our readers are very interested in formal knowledge about all facets of e-commerce.

GKF - Ed.

*** Serious Job Opportunity
    by Brian Garvin 

[Editor's preface:  Normally I don't include this type of post in the eMD, but this time I make an exception because the post highlights one method of getting your product in front of your audience - real live sales reps.  Nothing like good old one-to-one marketing is there?  Anyway, here you go.  GKF - Ed.]

Dear List Members,

I hope this isn't considered 'off topic', but I've done
searches for 'manufacturers agents' and 'manufacturers reps'
and came up dry, so I'm posting to this discussion group,
because I know there's some savvy businessman or women who
can help me find what I'm looking for. So, without further
delay -->

The last 3 months, I have been working very hard developing
a new recipe CD with over 10,000+ Recipes in 90 categories.
This product will be 100% Merchant Ready (UPC and ISBN).
The quality will be there also. I am currently searching for
Manufacturing Agents or Reps in Canada, Hong-Kong, Australia
and any other English speaking countries to assist me in
distributing this product worldwide. You should have
experience only in the sense of having done this type of
thing before.

You should also be willing to work on a commission basis,
only getting paid a certain amount per product sold. This
job opportunity can make someone an awful lot of money for
someone with experience in negotiating deals with chain stores
and large volume purchasers in your area. I would be willing
to pay $2.00 per CD for each one sold based on deals you
negotiated. That might not sound like much, but what if
500,000 sell in your region?

Now the product won't be ready until April 2000, but I want
to do my homework and secure my reps for each region ASAP.

If interested, please send resume or letter of interest to:

Garvinweb POB 903 Dept# MREP, Oceanside, CA. 92049

You can also call us at (760)-722-3537
OR email us at:

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Editor's Comment

Hi Everyone,

As I stated in my preface to the above post, there is nothing more effective than one-to-one marketing for making sure your message gets through loud and clear.  The problem is that marketing must reach large numbers of people to succeed.  this begs the question, "How can a marketing program both operate on an effective one-to-one communication level, while simultaneously reaching and appealing to large, diverse groups of people?"

Any ideas?  The 'floor' is yours if you want it.

GKF - Ed.

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*** eCommercials
    by "Alex Collmer" 

I'm trying to find some information on the concept of eCommercials.  I recently heard through a friend of mine that there is at least one company working on the development of tools to enable companies to send video commercials in their direct email marketing campaigns.  Please let me know where to go to find more information on this subject.

Alex Collmer
Business Development
Phone (212) 414-0150
Fax (212) 414-9987

Editor's Response

Hi Alex,

The leaders in this technology have a website at;

They are delivering video content to opt-in audiences for advertisers for some time now.  Their site touts their efforts for on the front page and they offer a link to other campaigns they have produced and delivered.  Check them out.  They do good work.

GKF - Ed.

***  What To Do When You Don’t Have Any Testimonials
     by J.F. (Jim) Straw

This article was prompted by a question I received from a
Business Lyceum Attendee, when she asked ...

"Dan Kennedy always emphasizes testimonials.  What if you
are new to the business and don't have any?"

Although Dan is an old friend of mine and one of the finest
Mailorder Marketers alive (second only to myself), like all
of us ol'pros, he is always right and always wrong!

If there were only one technique, method or application that
would work, every marketing program would be identical to
all the others.  So, anything an ol'pro in marketing (even
me) espouses as a viable marketing method must be taken in
the context of your own product or service.

The only way to tell if any marketing technique, method or
application is right for your product or service is by
Testing, Re-testing and Testing Some More. -- Whatever works
is right ... whatever doesn't work is wrong.

Anywho, the question I was asked is almost the same as a
question I received from another one of my readers over a
year ago ... for one of my paper and ink publications. -- He
decided to challenge the ol’Mailorder Master (me), by asking

All the copy writing gurus and experts stress the vital
importance of testimonials in a winning direct mail sales
letter or ad.  How are you going to get a true, uncontrived
testimonial when you’re offering a product or service for
the first time?  This is especially problematic when your
offering a new money-making program or home-study course
that takes some time (3-12 months) before a client would
actually see significant financial results from using your

Then, he gave me four possible alternatives for

(1) A personal referral from people who think you, as the
author of the program, are a knowledgeable, talented and
honest guy.

(2) Results of your own experience in using the system.  In
this case, it’s simply your own testimonial.

(3) Engage in a joint venture with someone who is in a
related field and has a strong following similar to your
target market.  In this case, your sales letter would be
mailed to that person’s clients, along with his testimonial
letter as to the quality of your system.  Of course, this is
not always feasible.

(4) Ignore testimonials completely and pray that your
‘copywriting genius’ will save the day.

Well, to begin with, not all copy writing gurus and experts
stress the vital importance of testimonials. -- I know I

On page #11 in the mailorder bible (my book; "Own Your Own
Mailorder Business"), you will find my experienced
observations about the use of testimonials. -- Pay close
attention to the two schools of thought on the subject.

Note:  "Own Your Own Mailorder Business" ... the 'bible' of
the mailorder industry ... is available in the "Million
Dollar Library" at the "Business Lyceum."

When I wrote the book, I had discontinued using testimonials
in any of my sales pieces  ... I even explained ‘why’ in the
book. -- Since then, I have added true testimonials to my
sales letter for my WorldWide Business Exchange - but - I
did it my way ... which is different from the way some of my
contemporaries use testimonials. -- I used them as a

In choosing the testimonials for my sales letter, I used
testimonials that would appeal to real business people ...
as opposed to wannabes.  As a matter of fact, I used
testimonials that would turn-off the majority of ‘hype’
customers because the testimonials were purposely chosen to
make those kind of people feel inferior to my readers.

Note:  You can read those 'testimonial' in the information
about "WorldWide Business Exchange" at the "Business

Now ... back to the question at hand:

What Do You Do When You Don’t Have Any Testimonials?

Although all four of the alternatives my reader offered are
viable, #2 and #4 are the methods I have used consistently -
but - #1 and #3 touch upon some other methods I would use if
I absolutely wanted to use testimonials in my sales
material but didn’t have any.

First.  Instead of ‘referrals’ from people who know and like
ME, or ‘joint ventures’ with other notables in the
industry, I would try a ...

Celebrity Endorsement Approach

Referrals from your friends may be ego-building, and may
even inspire your potential customers - but - your potential
customers may too easily see through them.  After all,
‘friends’ have a way of expressing their friendship with
more sentiment than rationality.

Joint Ventures, on the other hand, while being a viable
‘marketing’ ploy, could be considered ‘suspect’ by your
potential customers because of the obvious profit motive.

So ... why not use a celebrity endorsement instead.

For many years, our ol’friend, Gary Halbert (another ol’pro
in the mailorder industry), espoused the use of underpaid,
over-exposed, minor TeeVee and Movie Actors as paid
endorsers for your products or services.  In his material,
Gary detailed the methods to use to contact those minor
celebrities; told how to approach them; and recommended how
much to offer them.

Even though these are paid endorsements, they can carry a
great deal of weight because your potential customers
recognize and, thereby, think they ‘know’ the person making
the endorsement. -- It’s all the better if you can afford to
‘hire’ Rush Limbaugh, Cher, Charlton Heston, Alex Trebek, or
some other super-well-known celebrity to do the endorsement.

Note:  Since I’ve never used paid celebrity endorsements
... like Gary Halbert ... I would be remiss in trying to
relate the methods to use in contacting and compensating
those celebrities - but - if’n you look around, you might be
able to find some of Gary’s writings on mailorder marketing
to help you. - Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from Gary in
too many years and the last letter I sent him came back
undeliverable, so I don’t even know how to tell you where to
get ahold of him or his materials.

Of course, using paid celebrity endorsements costs money
... even if it is just a few hundred dollars for a very
minor TeeVee or Movie Actor - but - there is a cheaper and
more effective way.

In many industries ... not all; or even most; but many ...
there are notables (industry celebrities) who are well-known
to the people who may want or need your products or
services. -- Instead of using ‘testimonials’ from people who
know you, try to get ‘quotable comments’ (indirect
endorsements) from people your customers know.

As an example:  When I finished writing Own Your Own
Mailorder Business, one of the first things I did was to
have a bunch of bound manuscript copies put together.  Then,
I mailed those copies ... with a personal letter ... to all
of my old friends and acquaintances in the mailorder
industry.  These were people who knew me but, they were also
well-known to my customers.

My purpose in sending the advance review copies to those
people was to get their input.  I wanted to know if there
were things I should have included in the book but didn’t
... or things I had included in the book that I shouldn’t

Even though my intention was not to gain ‘quotable comments’
from those people, almost every one of them told me I could
quote them ... if I wanted to. -- But ...

Had I chosen to ‘quote’ any of those mailorder notables, I
would have first written up the ‘quote’ exactly as I would
be using it in my sales material.  Then, I would have sent a
copy of the ‘quote’ I proposed using to the person who had
made the comment to get their approval and permission to use
the quote as written. -- I really wouldn’t have had to do
that because almost all of the letters I had received told
me I could quote them but it is something I have always
done.  As a matter of fact, that little practice once saved
me from a lawsuit.

You can use a similar approach to create your own
‘celebrity’ endorsements.

Just select a list of well-known people ... people your
potential customers will recognize and respect ... in your
industry.  Then, send them a ‘sample’ of your product (or
service) for their use and comment. -- You can do that even
if you don’t know them and they don’t know you ... as long
as your product is something that they should, would or
could comment on within the industry.

Hey ... don’t be chintzy. -- Send them the most valuable
sample of the product you have. No matter how much it costs
you, it beats the cost of a paid endorsement. -- The most
favorable comments you get can be used ... after getting
permission ... in your sales material.

Note:  Some of the ‘comments’ you get back from the notables
in your industry may not be quotable ... even
uncomplimentary or derogatory. -- Use those comments to
refine, revise and improve your product. -- In other cases,
the comments you get ... while not necessarily usable as
indirect endorsements ... may provide key-phrases,
buzz-words, motivational buttons, or other marketing ideas
you can use to enhance your sales material.

Beyond that, you might want to ...

Create a Board of Advisors

Invite well-known people ... people your potential customers
will recognize and respect ... in your industry to serve on
your Board of Advisors. -- If you have received some
favorable ‘comments’ from notables in your industry ...
comments you might use as ‘celebrity’ endorsements ... when
you ask their permission to use their quotes, also ask them
to serve on your Board of Advisors.  Then, print your Board
of Advisors in a side-bar on your company letterhead. -- Use
that letterhead in all your correspondence to lend credence
to company.

This works well even if there aren’t any well-known,
recognizable authorities in your industry.

How many times have you received a letter with a Board of
Advisors or Advisory Board (or some other such
nomenclature) listed on the company’s letterhead? -- The
names on that board are such people as the company’s
Banker(s), Accountant(s), Attorney(s), etc.  Any
‘professional’ who serves the company. -- Sometimes they
even list the organizations the principals belong to,
degrees the principals hold, and awards the company and/or
pricipals have received.

Using a Board of Advisors (Advisory Board; whatever) on your
letterhead ... even if you don’t have any ‘testimonials’ or
‘endorsements’ ... can lend the ‘credibility’ of your
‘advisors’ to your company ... enhancing the image of your
company in your customers’ eyes.

By the way, it is easier than you might think to put
together a Board of Advisors.

Some years ago, I helped a young company put together an
Advisory Board made up of some of the most recognizable
names in the Financial Industry. -- All I did was write to
each of those people explaining the financial service the
new company would be offering.  In the letter, I also asked
if the company could call upon them; personally, on occasion
for advice in their field of expertise.

Once I had a response from those people ... most of them
graciously agreeing to provide advice ... I wrote back and
advised them that I was putting together an Advisory Board
for the company and would like to list their name on that
board. -- You wouldn’t believe the big, Big, BIG names I
finally ended-up with on that board.

Remember, all people like to think of themselves as giving
and caring - and - they also like to have their egos
massaged ... so, being on an Advisory Board massages their
ego and makes them feel caring and giving.

Then again, even if there aren’t any well-known people your
potential customers will recognize and respect in your
industry, you might want to ...

Use Professional Endorsements

Some years ago, a small company that marketed a patented air
purification device was preparing their very first mailorder
sales campaign. -- They, too, had read all about using
‘testimonials’ in their sales materials but they didn’t have

At first, their sales materials focused on cleaning the air
in your home or office.  So, they had some friends use the
devices in their homes and report the results. -- Those
reports ... although not very convincing ... became their
very first ‘testimonials.’  But, they did make enough sales
of the device to start getting some ‘real’ testimonials from

One of the ‘testimonials’ they received was from a Doctor
who had bought one of the devices for his asthmatic daughter
... to clean-up the air in her bedroom. -- That
‘testimonial’ made the company refocus their sales message.

Having learned that their device was helpful in the
treatment of asthma, the company decided they could sell
more units by offering it to asthmatics. But, they only had
the one ‘testimonial’ from one Doctor about the device’s
effectiveness.  So ...

The company sent a letter to a list of Doctors around the
country who treated asthma patients. -- In the letter, the
company offered to provide one FREE air purification device
to an asthma patient of the Doctor's choice IF the Doctor
would agree to document any beneficial results to the
company. -- Of course, they limited the offer to the first
100 Doctors and required the Doctor to complete a survey
form about the patient who would received the device  ...
along with the Doctor’s signed agreement to provide feedback
about the applied use and effectiveness of the device.
(They enclosed a copy of the "one" doctor's testimonial as
initial evidence of the effectiveness of the device in the
treatment of asthma patients.)

Within 3 months, the company had enough ‘real’ testimonials
(endorsements) from ‘real’ Doctors to fill a full-page. --
That page of Doctor’s testimonials became the foundation for
their mailings to lists of asthma patients across the
country. -- A year later, the owners of the company were
‘real’ millionaires.

If you are marketing a product (or service) that can be most
effectively tested by some profession, why not create a
‘survey’ for members of that profession (doctors, lawyers,
accountants, indian chiefs) and have them ‘test’ the product
or service on their clients?  The resulting ‘testimonials’
can give you a ho’bunch of Professional Endorsements to use
in your sales material.

Then again, if you can’t find any ‘celebrities,’ don’t know
who to put on your Board of Advisors, or don’t have a
product or service to get some ‘professionals’ to endorse,
try ...

Using Article Reprints

Usually, when most business people think about getting a
News Release published, they do so with the intent of having
the resulting article generate inquiries for; or even sales
of, their product.  But, there is an even better use of
those published articles.

When I finished writing my book, beyond sending bound
manuscript copies to other giants in the mailorder industry,
I also sent out a ho’bunch of Review Copies to book
reviewers. -- Along with those review copies, I sent a very
brief (two paragraph) description of the book to give the
potential book reviewer an idea of what the book was about
... with a copy of my bio-sheet; so the reviewer would have
some idea of who I am.  (You can see a copy of the bio-sheet
in the About Us section of the Business Lyceum.)

Of all the reviews that were written about my book, the
very, very best was written by the book reviewer at
Jackpot. -- As a matter of fact, where the reviews in
other publications did pull some inquiries about the book,
the review in Jackpot eventually pulled a total of 17
paid orders for the book.  (At $50 per, that ain’t bad fer
a Freebie.)

To be quite honest with you, since I had sold over 1,000
copies of my book without any testimonials or endorsements,
I really wasn’t looking for anything to enhance my response
- but - when I saw the number of paid orders coming-in from
that review, I decided to reprint the article and make it
part of my sales letter offer. -- The results were
phenomenal ... still are. -- That reprint increased my
response rate by from 50% to 200% ... meaning lists that
pulled a 1% response without the reprint pulled from 1.5% to
3% with the reprint.

Having said that, you now have an even bigger reason to get
some News Articles printed about yourself, your business,
and your products or services. -- It isn’t just the
inquiries the articles can generate, it’s the potential use
of reprints of some of those articles to build your business

Now, following up on what I just said, here’s ...

How To Get A Good News Release Written

Most Journalists are on the low-end of the pay scale.  For
that reason, they are always looking for freelance writing

When you want to get a news article (Release) written about
yourself, your business or product, go to your local
newspaper office and talk to some of the reporters.  Ask if
any of them would be interested in earning a few bucks on a
freelance writing assignment.

Once you have the reporters’ interest ... which will happen
almost instantly ... tell them you want a dynamite news
article written about (whatever). -- Tell them they don’t
have to offer the article to their newspaper for publication
... just write it. -- Ask them to suggest or recommend
ideas, publicity stunts, gimmicks, tricks or anything else
you can do to give them a ‘story’ to write. -- Offer to pay
the reporters from $100 to $500 for each ‘story’ you accept.
-- Buy the articles that have the most punch to them. -- Use
those articles as News Releases.

Hey ... it works!  I’ve done it myself.

Copyright 1999 - PHLANDER Company.

J.F. (Jim) Straw is the publisher of the Business Lyceum
e-Letter - a monthly how-to e-Letter providing tried and
proven business methods, applications, techniques, and
insider secrets. - It’s FREE! - Sign-up, today! - Just
‘click’  in the Free Newsletter box, at:

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