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    T h e   e M a r k e t i n g   D i g e s t   W e e k l y

    Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing. Since May, 1997

    Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
    ISSN 1522-6913
    Volume #2,Issue #328
    Tuesday, December 21, 1999

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    by Gary K. Foote, Editor

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Now let's get marketing...

GKF, Ed.

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    - Re: Tools for eM
      by Marlo J. P. Simon

    - NFL Sues Website for Cybersquatting

    - How much paid for Printer Version sponsorship/advertsising?
      by Stephen Young

    - Full Banners Carry Bulk of Advertising Load

    - Sponsor Message
        RightNow Technologies, Inc.

    - eTail 2000 Conference
      by George Matyjewicz

    - Converting Offline to Online
      by Harry Cecil

    - India Market?
      by Marlo J. P. Simon

    - How do you market your site?
        eMD Site Visitor's Poll

    - 1999 eMD Millennium End Member's Survey


*** Re: Tools for eM
       by Marlo J. P. Simon


About the effectiveness of an e-marketing campaign... I agree
that is hard to cover all the aspects, and more, I believe that's
also it's hard to know exactly when we are succeeding on that
campaign. What do you think about it? Can we measure or evaluate
our sucess?

How could a Banner based campain be more effective then a Search
Positioning Policy? How can we consider the costs of it, when
considering investment?

I've just finished my Major on Industrial Eng., and my final
monograph was on E-commerce, about tendencies of development.
Till now I've not directed my studies to an specific topic (like
marketing or design), but I've tryed to colect and understand
them all. In the next year, on Universidade de São Paulo -
Brazil,  I'll be Mastering, and for two years I'll be studing E-
Commerce. My target/goal is to set an enterprise in the
consulting business focused on ECR and CRM, for the development
of  e-commerce solution.

Marlo J. P. Simon.

*** NFL Sues Web Site for Cybersquatting

Thie significance of this article is pretty obvious - if you hold
a domain that can be claimed infringes on someone else's
trademark, you could be in the same position as Ken Miller, a
website designer in Clearlake Park, CA, defending your ownership
of your domain in the courts.  The Standard has a clear article
about this particular case that I recommend you read.


*** How much paid for Printer Version sponsorship/advertising?
      by Stephen Young

Hi guys

Does anyone have any idea how much a printer manufacturer
(eg. HP) would be paying to get a mention next to
a "print version of this article" link?  eg. on the CBS
marketwatch site

Thanx in advance


* Stephen Young * Electric Mint Pty Ltd
* *
* PO Box 178 Mosman NSW 2088 Australia
* 61 2 9904-5882(bus) * 9418-8664(fax) * (0416)000-178(mob)

Editor's Comment

Hi Stephen,

The following notice will point you towards just the information
you seek.

GKF, Ed.

*** Full Banners Carry Bulk of Advertising Load

This article breaks down and compares the costs associated with
banner advertising, button advertising and micro-button
advertising.  Thier source is quarterly rate card survey by

URL: [Must be pasted together in your browser location box],

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days, enabling you to deliver superior support:


*** eTail 2000 Conference
      by George Matyjewicz

Hi Gary:

Do you remember me writing about that wonderful conference I
attended in July -- eTail '99?  It was the best I ever attended,
and I was so impressed I wrote a review for Gifts & Decorative
Accessories Magazine.

Well, they have another coming up that looks like it will be even
better (if that's possible).

"eTail 2000" in San Francisco on January 25-26, 2000.  Thirty
five+  online retail authorities will  gather to share their
knowledge and expertise with those of us fortunate to be in the
audience.  The show organizers are touting eTail 2000 as a
strategic two-day conference for senior executives,  which will
focus on how to develop marketing, branding & fulfillment
strategies to integrate your  sales and synchronize your online
and offline operations.

They have some top-level companies and speakers.  Folks from
CDNow,, Nordstrom,, Sears,
Autobytel,, The Sharper Image, Sotheby's, Disney,
Fingerhut,,,, Eddy Bauer and

I strongly recommend this conference.  Details are available at  They also have a toll-free

My review of last year's conference is at

If you are going, be sure to look me up, as it is always nice to
put a face to a cyber colleague.

See you there.

George Matyjewicz,  C.M.O.
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Marketing Your Web
Automated Press Releases
CyberSolutioning (tm)
"How-to" Guides
Affiliates Program

*** Converting Offline to Online
      by Harry Cecil

Before I go any farther, let me tell you that I'm new to this
emarketing stuff...but Do have a solid background in offline
direct marketing techniques.

Question:  We are a non-profit technology network serving the
small to medium sized manufacturers in the state of Alabama.  Is
there any way that an offline list can "profiled"(?) to indicate
any online activity any of these companies may have?

Another question:

In the offline world, most any list can be "overlayed" to
pinpoint characteristics unique to various segments within the
list.  Can this be accomplished in the online world, drawing from
an offline list?  I recognize that not all records in the offline
list will have domains that can be identified.



Editor's Response:

Hi Harry,

Thanks for posting your question to the eMD.  I hope we can help.
I have two suggestions regarding your first question:

1) You could use search engines with the company names as

2) You might try doing a WHOIS lookup on the companies to find
which have domains.

Either method would involve manually performing the search/lookup
for each individual company.I'm not aware of any compilations of
this info state-by-state.  I wonder if any eMD readers can help
further.  Anyone?

Re: Question #2: I would think that an offline list could be
overlayed on an online list by downloading the online list to the
same databse you use to manage your offline list.  Then you could
run overlays like you normally do.  Does this fit the bill or
have I missed some critical point here?

GKF, Ed.


*** India Market?
      by Marlo J. P. Simon


India, with a population of 952,107,694 (eMD#327), and being the
second country in software developent in this wise world, can be
spoted as an big sea of oportunities.

Do someone known, any contact or URLs, in India? That could be
reached, within english language, and used as an path to knowing
the market or the behavior of the customers of that country. From
Professors to Companies..?

Marlo J. P. Simon.

*** How do you market your site?
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    Other (2)                        4%

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Hi Everyone,

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GKF, Ed.

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