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    T h e   e M a r k e t i n g   D i g e s t   W e e k l y

    Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing. Since May, 1997

    Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
    ISSN 1522-6913
    Volume #2,Issue #336
    Tuesday, April 4, 2000

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*** Editor's Ramble
    by Gary K. Foote, Editor

Hi Everyone,

This week's issue covers a lot of good ground so I'll not add to
the bandwidth by writing a lengthy introduction.  I'll only ask
you to please take the time to visit this issue's sponsor, "NEW-
CONTENT" and "Retire Quickly", as it is our advertisers who keep
the eMD a free  resource. You may follow links to our sponsors
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Oh, and finally, please forward this issue of the eMD on to two
friends or business associates and help us build our circulation.

Now let's get marketing...

GKF, Ed.

-----------------------  In This Issue  -------------------------

    - Web Design & Marketing, Part VIII
        by Gary K. Foote

    - How do you market your site?
        eMD Marketing Poll

    - eMD HelpDesk

        Re: Personalizing Opt-In Email Messages
        by William Bontrager

        Asian Designers and Copyrighters
        by Magdalene Chan

        Re: Too Much Info
        by Barb Sybal

        by Partha Pratim Banerjee

        Re: Autoresponders
        by Shannon Kinnard

        eBranding and eMarketing
        by deen

    - NEW-CONTENT Announcement List
        by Gary K. Foote

    - New Member Comments

    - New Member Locations


*** Web Design & Marketing, Part VIII
    by Gary K. Foote

What is an autoresponder?

    An autoresponder is a system that delivers pre-prepared
    responses to email requests it receives.  It delivers these
    messages based on criteria that you can set up on your own
    computer [a local autoresponder system] or you can use an
    autoresponder hosting service [non-local autoresponder
    systems] to manage your responses and delivery criteria.

Imagine, if you will, the power of a system that responds to your
incoming emails, using responses that you write in advance.  Its
like having an electronic secretary answering your most frequent
phone call questions - one that works 24 hours a day.

Not only does each response give the requestor the information
they want quickly and easily, but each email autoresponse also
offers you, the sender, the opportunity to make your sales pitch
to the recipient.

What could you put in an autoresponder?  Well, the list is pretty
much limited only by your imagination.  Here are a few examples:

    Articles you've written
    Your product line with prices and descriptions
    E-zine or newsletter issues
    Lists of useful links to other online info
    Frequently Asked Questions

I use an email program called Pegasus, a powerful program that
allows me to not only manage my own autoresponders, but to also
manage my own mailinglists - including the distribution list for
this publication.  Plus, I can use both a webpage form and direct
email to generate the same autoresponses.

The program is available for free download from:

I'll be updating my own autoresponder that tells how to use
Pegasus to manage autoresponders and will publish the email
address where it can be retrieved in the next issue of the eMD.

The other method of managing autoresponders is to use an online
autoresponder hosting service.
[Offers followup autoresponders too]

More next week on autoresponders...

GKF - Ed.,

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*** eMD Marketing HelpDesk

Re: Personalizing Opt-In Email Messages

Hi Everyone,

In our last issue Kelli Groff has some questions about
Personalizing Opt-In Email Messages.  In my reply I mentioned
that I would ask William Bontrager, publisher of Willmaster
Possibilities - a personalized email publication - for an 'inside
look' at how he manages the process.  He was kind enough to
respond in depth about the software he developed and uses to
accomplish his publishing personalization.

Here is his response.  Thanks William:


Although there are many list servers available, Gary, I
distribute WillMaster Possibilities with my own software.
The list server is a fun personal project that may or may
not ever be completed -- because I keep thinking of more
stuff to add to it.

My plans are to make it into the ultimate ezine
personalization tool.

Currently, the personalization consists of:

(1) Subscribers can turn their personalization on and off
via a web page form.

(2) Subscribers can change the "name" that is used to
personalize their copies.

(3) I can tell the list server to insert specific text (with
or without the personalized "name") when the subscriber has
elected to receive personalized copies.

(4) And I can tell it to insert different text when the
subscriber has elected to *not* receive personalized copies.

(5) The personalization can be accomplished anywhere within
the email, headers and body.

My current feature list that I want to add to the list
server as I get time:

(1) Customizing clickable links and email addresses
depending on the software the subscriber uses to read
WillMaster Possibilities. For example, AOL demands clickable
links be in a format that is somewhat unsightly in many
other email reading programs. And there are other slight
differences among email reading programs that can be
addressed. The subscriber will, of course, be able to modify
their settings via a web page form.

(2) The ability to insert blocks of text depending on how
long the subscriber has been with us. This will allow me to
present certain texts to new subscribers that would be old
news to others. Although I often make free or heavily
discounted downloads available to subscribers when I release
new software, this system will allow me to make the offers
extra special to my most loyal subscribers.

(3) The ability to have my subscribers determine the day of
the week they receive WillMaster Possibilities. It is
published on Tuesdays, but that may be an inconvenient day
for some, in which case they could specify Wednesday or
later delivery.

(4) Something I'm thinking about is to customize content
according to subscriber interest.

That list will be added to, I'm sure :)

By the way, Gary, subscribers may carry the current
WillMaster Possibilities article on their sites. The page
with the article is automatically updated every week.

Thank you for this opportunity.


William Bontrager
WillMaster Possibilities

---  next post  ---

Asian Designers and Copyrighters
by Magdalene Chan

Dear editor,

I am a Marketing Director in a Hong Kong organization.  My role
has recently expanded to provide web marketing consulting
services to our customers.  The common problem with my customers
facing is, there is no experienced web copywriters and website
designers in the market (other Asian countries as well).  The
quality is really not acceptable.  Are there any possibilities
that we can find good copywriters and designers in the States to
work with us.  How can I get the source and of course budget is a

Thanks & best regards,
Magdalene Chan

Editor's Response,

Hi Magdalene,

To my mind one of the best things about the internet is its
ability to offer anyone, anywhere, the opportunity to make
contact with, and partner with companies they may never have had
the chance to do business with were the 'net not in existence
today.  However, you raise a good concern - first finding, then
gauging the experience and reliability of companies you are
considering hiring or recommending to your own clients, or even
to do your own web design work.

First you must find companies to consider.  Since search engines
return literally hundreds of thousands of returns to the
keyphrase 'website designers' and other related phrases, it
imight be better to look elsewhere for possible designers.

You might try:

Once there subscribe to "The Free
Weekly Newsletter", geared toward connecting web designers with
those seeking designers.

Regardless of how you find your list of possible designers your
first issue is 'Which is the best, most reliable, easiest to work
with, etc.  I always look at the 'visibility and longevity' of
companies I'm considering, thinking that a company with a higher
profile and longer life is more likely to 'be there when I need
them with the right thing in their hands' than other, shorter-
lived companies with lower profiles.

Look closely at their portfolios and take the time to communicate
with those sites referenced there.  Talk to your prospects on the
phone to gauge their ability to understand your needs and
willingness to bring new ideas to your project.

These are just a few ideas.  I'm sure that with a little research
you will find other places where website designers gather in

GKF - Ed.

---  next post  ---

Re: Too Much Info
by Barb Sybal

> Mark Crisp

> have the perfect item to sell over the Internet and/or through
> e-mail ( educational manual on trading shares) but I'll be
> truthful, I don't know where to begin. There seems so much
> information on "How to Set up a Site that Sells" etc.


My first question to you is do you really know who your
audience is?

Gary gives you some sound advice, with the exception
of partnering with online trading houses. A few of my
clients include online trading brokerages, and I
was surprised to learn that the people who are using
them are "power users": people that are comfortable
with technology, the internet and know the market
(or have a great understanding of it -- they had
a broker in a past life and are now speculating on
their own).

It sounds to me as though your manual is aimed at
people who are interested (the curiosity factor), but
may never have played the market before.

These wannabes could be anyone: your sister,
brother, aunt, neighbour, etc., so I personally
think you have a long haul in finding them and
attracting them to your site because there is
no real definition of who your target audience
actually is.

My recommendation is to spend some more time
in market research before you embark on a
web presence.


Barbara Sybal, Gf/X Inc. ~ Get More Customers through
Postcard Marketing at Where buying
a new customer has never cost so little!

---  next post  ---

***  Suggestions
     by Partha Pratim Banerjee

Dear Sir,

I am planning to open a e-shop for consumer electronics, I need
to know the following -

  1.. What are the basic design essentialities of such a site
  2.. What could be the ideal e-marketing practice
  3.. Some ideas regarding campaign management
  4.. What could be different ways of increase traffic
  5.. What could be the essential tools for such a site

Thanking you for maintaining such a good site.


Partha Pratim Banerjee

Editor's Response

Hi Partha,

Your questions go to the heart of almost every facet of online
marketing and website design - much more than can be answered
here in a single response.  What I will do is include your
questions, with appropriate discussions, in my ongoing series
being published here, titled, "Web Design & Marketing".

GKF - Ed.

*** Re: Autoresponders
    by Shannon Kinnard

GKF wrote "I requested your autoresponder and it is darned
comprehensive. Good stuff...Got any more autoresponders up your

As a matter of fact, I do!

Here goes:

In addition to the email distribution software vendors list
available at

+ For a list of questions that you should ask your vendor, send a
blank email to

+ If you're interested in becoming an Idea Station client, get
more info about our pricing and how we work by sending an email

+ For an article about writing red hot content for your email
newsletter, send an email to

If you're interested, I can send a few more. I have a bunch out
there, I just don't want to be obnoxious and list them all!


  Shannon Kinnard,
    Author of "Marketing With E-Mail"
  President, Idea Station, 404-527-3612
Online Publishers Discussion List: send a
blank email to with
 the word 'subscribe' in the message body


Editor's Response,

Thanks Shannon,

Being informatively obnoxious works every time, eh?

GKF - Ed.

---  next post  ---

eBranding and eMarketing
by deen


I subscribed your eMarketing Digest a month ago, and I would say
it is very useful.

I need some guidance in eMarketing. I dont come from marketing
background but was given a task to lead a Marketing and Branding
effort for a soon-to-launch website. My questions are more
towards basic things about eMarketing:

a) What are the differences between Branding and Marketing? Is
there any borderline that separate these two, especially in the
dotcom environment?

b) The dot com company that I am working with
would like to have traditional advertising agency to do the
marketing. I have contacted few of them and they claimed that
they do eMarketing as well (in addtion to the traditional way),
although they failed to show me the credentials. Due to this
reason,I am skeptical about their ability. Does any eMD members
have any thought on how the advertising agency can assist the
dotcom company?

c) Besides looking into the traditional way, I
have made an effort talking to another dotcom company i.e
DoubleClick and also attend a presentation by Prime Response
(with regards to their software for eCRM). However, these two,
from my understanding, are more towards marketing rather than
branding. Any thought on how I should brand my website?

Thanks a lot. I hope my questions are clear enough for others to
understand and hopefully to response as well.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Editor's Rsponse,

Hi deen,

Branding is a part of marketing.  Marketing covers almost all
'intangible' aspects of selling, like branding, market
positioning, market analysis, ad creation, media buying, etc.

Branding means making your name or logo the identifier most
associated with a product.  A good example here in the US is the
'Golden Arches' of McDonalds.  All you have to see is those twin
arches to make you think about the McDonalds fast food chain.

An example of a dotcom failure to brand - at least in my opinion
- is the campaign that began very strongly
featuring a memorable character named "Stuart" - an off-beat
'online genius' who was shown in only two commercials before
being replaced by a long list of forgettable people in just-as-
forgettable situations.

My point here is that the company in question seems to not only
have missed an opportunity to strongly brand their dotcom, but to
even possibly create a 'commercial icon' just as memorable as
those golden arches we all know so well.

Regarding advertising agencies and their ability to work for you
effectively online as well as offline, their portfolio and your
ability to talk to successful past customers are your best
indicators of their abilities.  An ad agency/web designer can be
an asset or can be a liability, depending on how well rounded
their knowledge base really is.  Longevity online relates
directly to knowledge of how the online environment works.

Hope this helps,

GKF - Ed.

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***  NEW-CONTENT Announcement List
     by Gary K. Foote

Hi Everyone,

As an online publisher of many years I receive dozens of article
submissions each day.  I'm sure many of you do too.  I've
recently started asking those who submit articles to me to go to
a website I've created that not only gives authors a central
location to place their work in front of online publishers who
might be interested in reprinting it, but gives publishers a
place to find FRESH NEW-CONTENT for inclusion in their

Then there is The NEW-CONTENT announcement list, a companion
publication to the NEW-CONTENT website.  This is a weekly
announcement list where newsletter publishers can read a short
[2-3 sentence] synopsis of available articles recently submitted
to the website, and get instructions for retrieving those he/she
would like to publish.

Right now I am building the website database of content at the
same time I'm building a subscriber list of publishers interested
in receiving the weekly NEW-CONTENT announcement list.   I hope
all your readers will consider submitting content onsite and
subscribing to the NEW-CONTENT announcement list.

Regular weekly publication of the NEW-CONTENT announcement list
will begin this coming Friday, April 7, 2000.

The NEW-CONTENT website:

Submit Your Articles:

Subscribe to the NEW-CONTENT list:

Or you can subscribe by email:

Best Regards,

GKF - Ed.

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