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    T h e   e M a r k e t i n g   D i g e s t   W e e k l y

    Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing. Since May, 1997

    Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
    ISSN 1522-6913
    Volume #2,Issue #336
    Monday, April 24, 2000

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-----------------------  In This Issue  -------------------------

    - Editor's Ramble
        by Gary K. Foote

    - Web Design & Marketing, Part IX

        Autoresponders & Pegasus Software
        by Gary K. Foote

    - How do you market your site?
        eMD Marketing Poll

    - eMD HelpDesk

        Re: Driving global traffic
        by Bill Dunlap

        eMarketing and Fiber Optics
        by dinesh srikakolapu

    - New Member Comments

        Product Launch Strategies

        Making a Website Pay


        E-mail marketing

        Various areas of interest
        by Chris

    - New Member Locations


*** Editor's Ramble
    by Gary K. Foote, Editor

Hi Everyone,

This issue covers some interesting stuff for internet marketers,
so I won't ramble on too much.  The following should be of

Excerpt from a recent NUA Surveys story:

    Messaging Online:One Billion Email Accounts by 2002

    There were 569 million email accounts globally at year-end
    1999, up 83 percent on the previous year, according a new
    report to Messaging Online.

    The report predicts there will be 1 billion email accounts in
    two years’ time. In the early 1990s, there were 15 million
    email accounts in the world.

    [Full story linked from:
    [ ]

I bring this us because it points out the importance of managing
an effective email marketing campaign.  What are the important
facets to consider when preparing an effective email marketing
campaign?  I'll begin covering that in the next issue of the eMD.

Meanwhile, this issue carries a 'how-to' on using Pegasus' free
email software to deliver autoresponders from your own computer.
I use V3.12a, but the current version available for download is
V3.12c, so there might be some minor 'irregularities' in this
how-to article.

As always, please take the time to visit this issue's sponsor, "
", as it is our advertisers who keep the eMD a free resource.
You may follow links to our sponsors from their links in each
issue of the eMD, or from our Sponsor Resources web page located

Finally, please forward this issue of the eMD on to two friends
or business associates and help us build our circulation.

Now let's get marketing...

GKF, Ed.

*** Web Design & Marketing, Part IX
    Autoresponders & Pegasus Software

Hi Everyone,

Last issue I talked about some of the uses of autoresponders.
This issue I'll tell you how I use Pegasus, a free e-mail
management product you can download from:

After you download and install Pegasus [just follow onscreen
instructions when you install to configure your address, etc.]
run it by clicking on its icon on your desktop.  Once the program
is running choose the following sequence of menu items from the
text menu across the top of the screen to tell Pegasus to work


Now its time to set up your first autoresponder filters.  Of
course, this assumes you already have some text files written
that you want to include as autoresponders.

    [If you haven't yet written your autoresponder text do that
    first.  Just make sure you use a plain text editor like
    Notepad or Textpad, make a 'hard carriage return' at the end
    of each line, keeping each line at a maximum of 60 characters
    per line - including spaces.]

To access the filter editing utility follow this sequence of menu
items from the text menu across the top of the screen:


A dialog box will appear that is titled 'New Mail Filtering
Rules'.  To begin creating a filter click once on the button that


At this point you have a lot of choices on just what you want to
be the trigger for your new filter.  Leaving the top selection
box set to 'Standard Header Match' you can choose the email
address being sent To: as the trigger.  This is the method I use.
Alternatively you can choose the Subject, From, Sender, Reply To
or CC, but I will use the To: for this example.

In the box just under the text reading 'This rule triggers when
the following text:', type the address you choose as your
autoresponder trigger.  Here are some examples of trigger
addresses I use at Webbers Communications:

For this example I'll type in the box.
Next I select the checkbox that reads:


    This assures that it will be this exact address only that
    triggers the filter, not another that might contain the same
    address.  An example of just such an address conflict might


As you can see the first example is also contained in the second,
so selecting the MATCH THIS TEXT EXACTLY checkbox is the only way
of differentiating between the two.

Next, just below the text reading 'What to do when the rule is
triggered:', there is a selection box from which you should
choose the action you want your filter to take.  Choose the
option titled:


A file selection box will appear in which you should click your
way to the location of the autoresponder file you want this
filter to send. Select the filename and click the button that


HINT: I keep all my autoresponders in one folder so they are easy
to find, both for editing and for setting up in filters.

Now click on:


This will set the filter in place.  Now, when you set up an
autoresponder you often want it to do more than one thing.  In
our example I not only set up a filter to send the proper text
file, but a second filter to move it to a folder of those who
have requested that autoresponder.  Another could be set up to
add the sender's address to a distribution list managed by
Pegasus, though this one would have to come before the second
filter in the above example as the action of moving it to another
folder stops the chain of filters.

In any case, no matter how many filters you set up in one
session, before you close the filter editing utility you must be
sure to click the large button that reads:


If you don't do this your filters will not be saved and your hard
work will go out the window.

One caveat:  You must remove all filtered emails from your NEW
mailbox, either by setting up a filter to do it for you, or by
deleting them manually.  If you don't do this your email program
will send a new round of autoresponses each time you close and
subsequently reopen your NEW mailbox [which happens every time
you close and reopen the program].

Oh, one more thing.  Pegasus will only deliver your
autoresponders when you are online, so whenever you are offline
your autoresponders will not go out until you go online and check
your email again.

That's it - Free autoresponders that run on your own computer
using Pegasus as the delivery system.

GKF - Ed.

*** How do you market your site?
    eMD Marketing Poll

To participate in the eMD Member's Poll and to keep current on
results go to;

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*** eMD Marketing HelpDesk

Re: Driving global traffic
by Bill Dunlap

Dear Kerry,

You asked recently:

>Local Going Global
>I am particularly interested in how a local company can drive
>global traffic to its web site.

You do it in the same way as you would in the English language:

   o - index registrations
   o - search engine optimization
   o - press releases
   o - placing posts in appropriate email discussion groups and
   Newsgroups to call attention to your Website
   o - obtaining strategic links on appropriate Websites that
   correspond to your subject material
   o - run an affiliate program
   o - banner ads

But now, outside the seven English-speaking countries, you need
to do this in the language of your target market(s).  And know
what you are  doing.  This requires quite a bit of coordination,
but it can be  done.  Take a look at for many
details about building  global traffic to a Website.

Best regards,

Bill Dunlap

---  next post  ---

eMarketing and Fiber Optics
by dinesh srikakolapu


Could you please educate me about e-marketing and
fibre optics.

Than q


Editor's Response

Hi Sachin,

Wow!  Those are two widely different topics.  I'm sute the
eMarketing Digest can help educate you on eMarketing, but fibre
optics are beyond my current tech knowledge, with the exception
of a general idea of how they operate.  Since I'm sure the tech
end of fibre optics is not what you are asking about it would be
best if you could be more specific about your question so I can
do my best to help out.

GKF - Ed.

*** Need help with your online marketing efforts?  Looking for a
particular resource that seems to be eluding you? Need an answer
to an online marketing question?  Let the eMD Marketing HelpDesk
help you find the answers you need.  Here's the request
address...  ask away.

***  New Member Comments

by Viv Abbott

Good Morning, Everybody!

I'm new to this list - the address from one of Shannon Kinnard's
useful downloads. ( ) . Thank you,

Since you list geographic locations of new members, I live in
Ireland and am delighted to have have found - or been pointed to
this great USEFUL list. Thank you, everybody.

My tuppence-halpenny's worth on Barb Sybal's suggestion for Mark
Crisp, re: selling an educational manual on trading shares I
think she was spot on. This is clearly a widely scattered, but
ENTHUSIASTIC niche market. It will take time to reach out to
them, but when you do, it will be more than worth while.

Actually, I am involved in an even more elusive nice market and
am doing very nicely. I sell new Irish poetry books here and
there all over the web. My opt-in mailing list is growing slowly
but very steadily. My Online Community is thriving - and what is
really nice is, my visitors really like to contribute, to make
suggestions, to tell me about 'stuff' I should know about. Niche
marketing, that to my mind, is the GREAT ADVANTAGE of e-commerce.
I can get other stuff more easily and meet the friends for a
coffee in the High Street, but niche stuff is where the Web wins
out every time.

I've put together a page with the outrageous title of  'How to
Produce and Market your E-Product in 10 Days'. OK, a bit over
the top, but what I was trying to do was to give a rapid overview
of what is working, how to start now doing worthwhile stuff to
build that niche (was tempted to say, 'nice niche')  market that
is certainly out there. It's at:

...and might give a few useful ideas from one who has been there
and knows the problems.

Best wishes and thank you all again!

Viv Abbott, Webmaster

Celebrate PEACE and POETRY for the Millennium! An Irish
PEACE POEM in many languages for a global celebration.

Editor's Response

Hi Viv,

Thanks for taking the time to write a full introduction for us.
Your observation about finding and supplying a particular niche
is right on - not only in the online world, but offline too.
Differentiation DOES makes the world go 'round.

GKF - Ed.

---  next post  ---

Product Launch Strategies

I'm trying to get information about Frito-Lay´s "Better-for-You"
Product Launches in order to know in more detail the marketing
strategies used by the company in the USA, Asian countries,
Europe and Mexico. Do you know where I can get this kind of


Editor's Response


A look at the Frito-Lay website offered no information on a
Better-for-You product line, but it did offer a contact for the
Asian Global Markating manager who might be able to help you out.

        Asia Pacific
        Yee Boon Ling (Singapore)
        Phone: 65-431-9221
        Fax: 65-334-7992

Hope this helps.

GKF - Ed.

---  next post  ---

Making a Website Pay

I want to create my own website and offering free information to
people. How can I earn money with my website? I also have to
write a marketing plan for an Internet company which was founded
some weeks ago. What special things do I have to look for?

Editor's Response


Earning money from a website takes two basic forms:

    1) Generate revenues from ad sales onsite.

    2) Generate revenues from actual on-site sales of products or

The advertising model can be a hard sell if your traffic is
moderate [under 150,000 page views per month], but gets easier as
your traffic grows beyond this point.  Many companies have
affiliate programs in place and if you do not stand above the
crowd you will likely be directed towards these programs by
company ad buyers.

Selling products and/or services seems to me the better way of
assuring a more steady revenue generating website.  The right
product, the right positioning, the right timing and the right
price add up to online sales.

GKF - Ed.

---  next post  ---


[I would like to know about the] latest trend, and its
development in Asia.

Editor's Response


With all the current interest in Asia's growth online I guess I'd
better do more than just cover the high points of this issue as I
did in a previous eMD.  I'm going to include it as part of my
research for an in-depth look in a near-future issue of the eMD.

GKF - Ed.

---  next post  ---

E-mail marketing
by Emex

How to organize a marketing plan using e-mail as the vehicle

Thank you,


Editor's Response


If you are looking for a guide to developing an email marketing
campaign you can start with my article on the subject, available
online at:

It is fairly comprehensive and should help.

GKF - Ed.

---  next post  ---

Various areas of interest
by Chris

[I am interested in information about] meta programming,
robot.txt and art-mails.


Editor's Response

Hi Chris,

Within an HTML document can be placed what are called META TAGS.
A META EAG is merely a predefined format that lets search engine
'spiders' know what are the important keywords and keyphrases
related to that HTML document [webpage].

A robots.txt file is a simple text file that, when placed in your
website's home directory folder, tells search engine 'spiders'
which directories and folders it may visit for indexing and which
they may not.

I believe art-mails are HTML documents sent by e-mail.  They can
therefore carry graphics and layout formatting just like a

Hope this helps,

GKF - Ed.

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