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    T h e   e M a r k e t i n g   D i g e s t   W e e k l y

    Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing. Since May, 1997

    Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote
    Library of Congress ISSN 1522-6913
    Volume #2,Issue #347
    Monday, September 25, 2000

    Current Membership Count: 2576

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-----------------------  In This Issue  -------------------------

   - Editor's Ramble
        by Gary K. Foote

   - eMail Marketing: Ethics and Methods, Part I
        by Gary K. Foote

   - How do you market your site?
        eMD Marketing Poll

   - eMD Member to Member HelpDesk

        Re: Managing eMail Campaigns
        by Doug Boicourt

        Desktop Email Marketing Software
        by Karen Fegarty

   - New Member Comments & Questions

        by Lakesha Carstarphen

   - New Member Locations

Archive by issue#:

*** Editor's Ramble
    by Gary K. Foote, Editor

Hi Everyone,

This week I received the following question from eMD member Tom
Spaulding, of :

    "If I do everything right & have a great product, can
     I expect a buy rate of 2 % or can it be higher?"

Tom's question is an important question - one I suspect many eMD
members would like some form of answer to.  Though any answer
will have to contain a lot of 'that depends' factors I think this
one is worthy of asking our whole membership to participate in
answering.  Maybe we can get some hard numbers from a significant
number of members with long-term e-commerce experience that will
help others project their own buy-rate.

Here's how to figure your buy-rate:
buy_rate = #_of_paying_customers/#_of_site_visitors

Results of this poll will be posted to an upcoming issue of the
eMD.  To participate go to the following URL:

I'll post responses to the next issue of the eMD.  In the
meantime you can keep current on responses by going to the survey
page [at the above URL] and clicking on the link that reads

This issue of the eMD marks the first of a long series on email
marketing that will cover the subject from end-to-end.  Real in-
depth stuff.  Anyway, this is a perfect time to urge your
business associates to become a member of the eMD community so
they can receive this series and benefit from every issue.

Send interested parties to the signup page at:

Or go to our new 'Recommend Us' page and use the form there to
send recommendations to join:

As always, please take the time to visit this issue's sponsor,
"Broadc@st HTML from MailWorkZ", as it is our advertisers who
keep the eMD a free resource. You may follow links to our
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Finally, please forward this issue of the eMD on to your friends
and business associates to help us build our membership.

Now let's get marketing...

GKF, Ed.

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***  eMail Marketing: Ethics and Methods, Part I
     by Gary K. Foote

This is the first entry in a long series on email marketing.  If
you know someone interested in a complete discussion on email
marketing now is the time to urge them to become a member of the
eMD.  Send them to the following URL to sign up;

OK, let's start by defining the wrong way to go about marketing
with email.  After all, if you do the wrong things the first time
out you will have damaged your reputation as trustworthy and will
likely spend years repairing the damage.


    SPAM: n,v: 1) n; Unsolicited commercial email [otherwise
    known as UCE] sent to one or many recipients.  2) v; to send
    unsolicited commercial emails to one or many recipients.

This definition, which is my own, is pretty straightforward, but
it still needs some expansion to be perfectly clear.    For
instance, what about the following questions?

    1) If someone has their email address on their website is it
    OK to send them commercial emails?

    2) If someone posts to an online forum about their interests
    and you happen to sell a service or product that matches
    their interests can you send them a commercial email without
    engaging in SPAMming?

    3) Is it OK to use email address harvesting software to
    gather addresses from interest-specific discussion archives
    to which you then send commercial emails?

    4) Is it OK to send commercial emails to people who have
    their email addresses included in their offline advertising?

    5) Is it OK to purchase 'targeted' email lists containing
    millions of addresses and send them your commercial emails?

The answers to these questions are all the same...  no, no, no,
no, no.  Why?  Because in none of these cases [with the exception
of #5, under very specific conditions] have the recipients given
you permission to send them your commercial email messages.  They
don't have a clue about who you are and you really don't know who
they are either.

You are stealing their connection time and email management time
to send them your commercial email message.  You are alos, in
many cases, stealing their money as some people pay per email
downloaded!  This placing the cost on the recipient is directly
analogous to sending commercial FAXes.  It is not allowed because
the recipient pays for the paper, the sender does not.  This is
the same as you paying for your connection to receive email...
YOU paid for it, not SPAMmers.  SPAMmers not only steal your
connection time, but they steal your time in deleting their
messages...  lots of your time.

All of the above reasons not to SPAM are very important to
consider, and lead us directly to, 'Doing It Right'.

Successful email marketing depends on two factors to be

    1) The absolute NEED to have permission to send commercial
    emails.  Remember, without this permission you are stealing
    your potential customer's time and maybe even money.

    2) Being an active part of an 'email community' that includes
    you and your audience, creating believability in, and a
    strong branding of, you and your business through a
    continuity of dialog and common interests.

What kinds of email communities are there, and what are the right
ones for you?  Well, there are a lot of email communities out
there - literally hundreds of thousands at last count.  These
email communities are your focus when marketing online with
email.  So, eMail Communities will be the focus of the next entry
in this series, slated to appear in the next issue of the
eMarketing Digest.

Don't forget to tell your business associates about this email
marketing series now.  The sooner interested people subscribe the
less they will miss.  Here's the page where you can recommend the
eMD to others by email.

Recommend the eMD:

Until next time...

Gary K. Foote, Editor

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*** How do you market your site?
    eMD Marketing Poll

Banners                     (113)   16%
Opt in E-mail               (102)   14%
Reciprocal links             (81)   11%
One-way links                (47)   7%
Newsletter/e-zine ads        (72)   10%
Search engine positioning   (155)   21%
Offline ads                  (89)   12%
Other                        (62)   9%

Total Votes:                 721

To participate in the eMD Member's Poll and to keep current on
results go to;

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*** eMD Member to Member HelpDesk

Re: Managing eMail Campaigns
by Doug Boicourt

Shannon Kinnard wrote;

>I've worked with both opt-in rental email services and vendors
>(like What I always suggest is that an email
>marketer use the opt-in rental lists not to promote their
>service, but to promote their list.

I have been tempted to use one of these, so called "targeted"
"opt-in" list rental and mailing services. We would like to build
the  subscriber base for our free reports list, but I have not
done anything  like this, for fear of spamming, or being
perceived as spamming.

Does anyone have direct experience with these types of services?

Is there one that you would recommend over others?

Can someone please share a real world experience, including the
number of messages sent, percent responce, type of offer, list
type,  etc.

Doug Boicourt

749 S. Lemay Ave.   Suite 214
Fort Collins, CO  80524

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[Editor's Response]

Hi Doug,

PostmasterDirect has a great reputation.  I can't speak for their
hard numbers though.  They do have case studies at their site
that may offer you some good info.  You'll have to paste this URL
together to make it work.

According to their documentation online lists cost 10 to 30 cents
per name ($100 to $300 CPM), including list rental fee, email
distribution, and merge/purge.

GKF - Ed.

-----  NEXT POST  -----

Desktop Email Marketing Software
by Karen Fegarty

We produce a desktop email marketing software product called
Broadc@st. It currently sells for $249 US, $795 and $2495.  The
difference between the products is the size of the email lists
that they can create, manage and send.  The product currently
requires that the sender have a valid email account and access to
an SMTP server.  We have developed a product/feature that works
with Broadc@st that will allow the user to send their email
campaigns directly from their desktop without the need for the
SMTP server from their local ISP.  We intend to offer this
product to the high-end Broadc@st customers free of charge.  I
would like comments on what price point we should be placing on
the product to work with the small and mid-range customers.

Thank you,

Karen Fegarty
Empowering Your Email Marketing

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***  Need help with your online marketing efforts?  Looking for a
particular resource that seems to be eluding you? Need an answer
to an online marketing question?  Let the eMD Member to Member
HelpDesk help you find the answers you need.  Here's the request
address...  ask away.

***  New Member Comments & Questions

by Lakesha Carstarphen

I would like to read about all aspects of internet
marketing. More specifically, I would like information
on marketing strategies used to appeal to specific
target markets.

Respond to this post:

[Editor's Response]

Welcome Lakesha,

You've come to the right place.  We will be covering the
specifics of targeting during our just-begun eMail Marketing

GKF - Ed.

***  New Member Locations

Canada                  6
Egypt                   1
Germany                 1
India                   2
Iran                     1
Lithuania               1
Malaysia                1
Mexico                  1
Singapore               1
Thailand                1
United Kingdom          1
United States          27

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