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The Latest Issue of the eMD

The eMarketing Digest Weekly, V2 #358
Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing
Library of Congress ISSN 1522-6913
Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote

Tuesday February 20, 2001
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//-----  In This Issue

   - Editor's Preamble
        by Gary K. Foote

   - eMail Marketing Series: Hi, Hello, How Are You?
        by Shannon Kinnard

        Re: 'F is for Feedback'
        by Helge Fahrnberger

   - eMD Member to Member
        New Requests for Resources

        Internet Marketing Courses in London?
        by Steve

        eMail to Deliver R&D Questionnaires?
        by Amy Rose

   - New Member Introductions

        Definition of eMarketing?
        by Khalid Hamadeh

        Website as Promotional Tool
        by Carole Sustak

   - New Member Locations

//-----   Editor's Preamble

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all find our new, simpler eMarketing Digest design to
be easier to read, less 'heavy' looking, more to the point, and a
big improvement over the old.  The changes instituted with this
issue have been driven by reader comments.  Please know that, as
caretaker of this email community, I welcome your continuing
feedback on this publication at all times.  If we are ignoring
something you want to know more about, or if you think we should
drop something that you find unnecessary let us know.  Here's the
Member's Feedback address:

As always, please take the time to visit this issue's sponsors,
"My Affiliate Program", "Marketing With Email: A Spam-Free
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And now...  on with the show.

Gary K. Foote, Editor.

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//-----   eMail Marketing Series: 'Hi, Hello, How Are You?'
          by Shannon Kinnard

 Show some two-way love to your audience. Email marketing is more
 about building relationships than it is about sales. (Yes, once
 you build relationships, the sales will come... or does that
 sound too field of dreamsish?)

 The way to build relationships with your audience is to have an
 approachable personality in every email newsletter that you
 publish for your subscriber base, in each email that you send to
 a discussion list moderator for redistribution to their
 audience, and especially in every single private email that you
 send to a potential customer (or someone who can bring you

 Your assignment, should you choose to accept, is this:

 1. Subscribe to a discussion list that has NOTHING to do with
 your business. 2. Pick a random comment with whose author you
 are going to practice building a relationship. 3. Send a private
 email to that person and cc the moderator of said discussion
 list. The point of the email is to simply build a relationship.
 Don't try to sell them anything. Don't try to get them to join
 your list. Just help them out by answering their question or
 offering some resource. 4. Become email friends with that
 person. Practice the 'hi, hello, how are you' approach and make
 a new online friends. Be sincere!

 This helps you practice the two-way love (and, heck, you'll
 probably end up with a new customer).

 Just between us, the goal of these relationships that you're
 building with this "hey, how ya doin' pal?" approach is, of
 course, online marketing and money-making. That will happen, but
 don't be surprised when you actually make some online friends
 and meet some likeminded pals in the process. In the process of
 trying to wrangle a few more book sales out of my audience using
 this email marketing approach, I've also gotten Christmas
 shopping ideas, found out how to make a better omelet, learned
 where to buy a digital camera online and received wedding
 planning advice!

Shannon Kinnard,

Author of "Marketing With E-Mail"

President, Idea Station, 404-527-3612


//-----  Member's Response to 'F is for Feedback'

by Helge Fahrnberger

Hi Shannon,

Thank you for your interesting article on email-feedback across
which i stumbled by accident (i'm not subscribed).

We run a free community site in uk, germany and austria (1.2 mio
users) and have every single email answered by three local
feedback teams. This proofed to be very helpful building
stickiness and acting as an email-helpdesk (as the web-
application is rather complex).

So far we have been using ordinary mail-clients to answer about
1,000 mails a day which is proofing highly inefficient. We
evaluated some software solutions (e.g. From but they
all include many features we don't need (tracking, call-center-
integration, crm) and are thus too expensive.

Do you know any email-client or server-client-system that could
help us?

All we would need:

    - multiple user mode (multiple agents acting as one feedback
    - simple knowledge management (FAQ-style)
    - auto-text support to add productivity
    - maybe assigning mails to another agent
    - maybe archiving Q/A pairs together
    - export-rules to have server-error-messages (user unknown)
    filtered to
    update our user database
    - ideally some type of reporting/statistics

Thanks for your time!

Helge Fahrnberger
Product Management Uboot - U better be inside

Universal Communication Platform Ag


//-----   Sponsor Message: Marketing With Email
                           A Spam-Free Guide

 Get the book that guides you through the steps of
 launching and sustaining your email marketing program
 'Marketing With Email: A Spam-Free Guide' by Shannon Kinnard

 Or call 800-989-6733

//-----   eMD Member to Member:
          New Requests for Resources

Internet Marketing Courses in London?
by Steve

Are there any Internet Marekting or Internet Business courses in
London that is a mix between theorectical and practical.  For
example, a course that combines a small group of students that
are mentored by a teacher(s) that consult e-businesses start-ups.



//-----  Next Request for Resources

eMail to Deliver R&D Questionnaires?
Amy Rose

Where can I find and purchase a targeted list of e-mail addresses
for commerical use?    How do I go about setting up an e-mail
questionnaire targeting the users of our products for R&D
purposes? Do e-mail questionnaires work as well as telemarketing

Amy Rose


//-----   New Member Introductions:

Definition of eMarketing?
by Khalid Hamadeh

Are there any case studies of real E-marketing project we can
have a look at? It seems to me that people view E-marketing as
submitting their site to as many search engines as possible and
that is it... In actual reality it is far from that alone... do
you agree?

Khalid Hamadeh

[Editor's Response]

Hi Khalid,

I definitely agree with you.  Though this publication is mostly
about email marketing, it is all the other facets of internet
marketing that tie together to create a well rounded package.

GKF - Ed.


//-----  Next New Member Introduction:

Web Site as Promotional Tool
by Carole Sustak

I am the Manager of Marketing Strategy & Branding for AAA
(American Automobile Association) national office located in
Heathrow, Florida (north of Orlando).  I'm always looking for
fresh new information on how to best use a web site for promotion
that really works.

Carole Sustak

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