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The Latest Issue of the eMD

The eMarketing Digest Weekly, V2 #359
Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing
Library of Congress ISSN 1522-6913
Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote

Monday March 19, 2001
Current Membership Count: 3047

//-----  In This Issue

   - Editor's Preamble
        by Gary K. Foote

   - eMail Marketing Series:
          I is for Ideas
          by Shannon Kinnard

   - Web Marketing Series:
          A is for Audience & Customer Targeting
          by Gary K. Foote

   - eMD Member to Member

        Where Does One Buy Opt In Email
        Lists Without A Broker?

        Re: eMail to Deliver R&D Questionnaires?
        Beth Bressman, New Jersey Monthly

        Representing Regional Companies
        Sandor Szilveszter

        How to...?
        Patricia Goettel

        New Web Designer
        Linwood Brooks

        Online Physical Training
        John Piacentino

        The Difference?
        Carlos R.Martinez

        Web Visitor Behavior
        Abbie Scott

   - New Member Locations

        25 Countries
        85 New Members

---  end index  ---

//-----   Editor's Preamble

Hi Everyone,

In the same alphabetical format as that of Shannon Kinnard's
excellent eMail Marketing series currently running in the eMD I
have decided to run a similar series on the ABC's of web
marketing, beginning with this issue.  I don't promise an
installment in each issue of the eMD, but I do promise the series
will be informative and thorough.  I would also like to urge all
of our knowledgable eMD members/writers to consider arranging
your own online marketing related knowledge in the same
alphabetical manner and submit them to me for possible inclusion
in future issues of the eMD, as well as at the eMD website
located at

My first installment in "Alphabet Soup of Web Marketing", found
later in this issue, is titled "A is for Audience: Customer
Targeting".  After all if you don't know who you want to market
and sell to how can you reach them effectively and get them to

Other multi-part Alphabet Soup series I would like to see
developed for publication by eMD members are:

        Affiliate Programs
        Offline Advertising
        Banner Ads
        Link Enchanging
        Newsgroup Marketing
        Strategic Partnering

As always, please take the time to visit this issue's sponsors,
"My Affiliate Program", "Marketing With Email: A Spam-Free
Guide", and "Webbers Communications Search Engine Positioning" as
it is these same sponsors who keep the eMD a free resource. You
may follow links to our sponsors from their links in each issue
of the eMD, or from our Sponsor Resources web page located at:

Finally, please recommend the eMD by email or by using
the simple online form located at:

And now...  on with the show.

Gary K. Foote, Editor.

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//-----   eMail Marketing Series:
          I is for Ideas
          by Shannon Kinnard

Thereís a reason why an email marketing agency is called Idea
Station. Ideas are the core of any email marketing program. You
donít want to bore your audience, you want to engage them with
your great ideas and witty banter. Fresh, new and creative ideas
are central to any good email marketing program. With this in
mind here are some idea starters like the ones in the back of the
book Marketing With Email: A Spam-Free Guide.

- Need: To sell more units of your product on the Internet. -
Idea: Create a monthly newsletter that includes a case study of a
current customer, showing how your product makes them happier,
wiser or healthier (or whatever it is that your product does).

- Need: To increase the desire for your audience to ask retailers
about your product. - Idea: Advertise in existing email
newsletters and link to a page that can be printed and taken into
retailers. Make it easy and obvious for your audience to do this.

- Need: To get more publicity for your company in trade and
consumer publications. - Idea: Work with PRNewswire, PROFNET or
another public relations business to help you build relationships
with members of the media.

- Need: To learn more about email marketing. - Idea: Buy my book.
(Just kidding! This and other online marketing forums are great
free resources for learning about different facets of online
marketing. You are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of
these resources.)

See if you can  look at the ideas listed here and incorporate
them into your own email marketing program as a way to build
stronger relationships with your audience and start a two-way
dialogue (via email) with them. It free, itís authentic and it
can be quite rewarding!

Shannon Kinnard,

Author of "Marketing With E-Mail"


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                           A Spam-Free Guide

 Get the book that guides you through the steps of
 launching and sustaining your email marketing program
 'Marketing With Email: A Spam-Free Guide' by Shannon Kinnard

 Or call 800-989-6733

 //-----  Web Marketing Series:
          A is for Audience & Customer Targeting
          by Gary K. Foote

Audience Targeting, or Customer Targeting:  You've heard the
terms, but just what do they mean, why are they important and how
do you accomplish this?  Let's look at these three questions

    1) What Does Audience, or Customer Targeting Mean?

Targeting your audience means closely [or at least as closely as
you can] predicting the needs and/or desires, common or singular,
that define your preferred customer's lifestyle requirements.

    2) Why is Audience Targeting Important?

A clearly defined picture of your potential customer will tell
you what they want, help you define where to find them, and give
you clues about how to best attract them to purchase your
product/service.  This will help you write your sales copy to
generate your best response from your website visitors.  This
will also help you build your website's keyword list [More on
keywords in a later entry in this series, 'B is for Building Your
Keyword List'].

    3) How do you Target Your Audience?

Think of your product or service in terms of what needs or
desires they fulfill and you will begin to get a picture of who
might purchase your product or service.

In this example we sell boat covers.  Well, right away you can
pretty much eliminate just about everyone who does not own a
boat.  Then you can further eliminate those whose boats do not
require, or cannot use your boat covers.  You can use further
criteria, like age, income, location, etc, to even more closely
target your best audience.

You must look at your product or service from the perspective of
who it will best benefit.  Don't exclude those who don't come to
mind first, rather prioritize your list of potential customers,
according to each targeted group of potential customers is likely
believe your product/service to be of value in their lives.

Now we can begin to define the best places to find these
interest-related groups of potential customers.  Online you might
find this audience frequenting boating websites, weather
websites, aviation sites [Boaters are more likely to be
interested in aviation that most other demographically related
groups.], fishing sites, etc.  Offline places like marinas, boat
shows, fishing magazines, boat landings and the like are good
candidates for our boat cover marketplace too.  They can be great
places to use to make people aware of your website.  More about
offline website marketing later on in this series.

Next issue - B is for Building Your Keyword List.

GKF - Ed.


//-----   eMD Member to Member
          Topic: Where Does One Buy Opt In Email
                 Lists Without A Broker?

Hi Gary-

I was just visiting your fine site and thoughty you
might be able to help me.  I am looking to buy some
good opt in lists but I don't want to have to go
through a list broker and get charged an arm and a

Do you have any suggestions on where I can find these
lists?  I mean, where do they get their lists from?
Is it just a matter of contacting webmasters related
to my target audience and asking them if they will
sell me their lists or what?

Thanks for whatever insights you might have.



//-----  Next Topic: Re: eMail to Deliver R&D Questionnaires?
                     Beth Bressman, New Jersey Monthly


> Question #1: Where can I find and purchase a targeted
> list of e-mail addresses for commerical use?

I don't have the information at my fingertips, but I found
several companies that handle this in Internet Marketing News.

I would ask you why you want to do this.  I work for a small
company, and at least on my scale, I found the only savings to be
time.  While I would save on printing and postage, the
transmission costs negated any savings.  Plus, I think it is so
easy to delete e-mail without even looking at it, especially from
strangers.  With direct mail, at least it has a chance of being
seen before it gets thrown in the trash.

> Question #2:  How do I go about setting up an e-mail
> questionnaire targeting the users of our products for
> R&D purposes?

Do you currently collect the e-mail addresses of your customers?
If not, start, but be sure they wish to be contacted in this

Write the questionnaire as you would any other.  Then decide how
you're going to send it.  For instance, as a text e-mail? This
could work for a simple survey.  An HTML e-mail?  This would be
better for a more involved survey, perhaps with radio buttons,
but not everyone can read these.  What we did was a combination.
I sent a text e-mail directing people to to a (hidden) web page
on our site, and offered a small incentive to reply. (All
respondents were entered into a drawing for dinner for two.)  I
found a freelancer to program my questionnaire for a few hundred

> Question #3:  Do e-mail questionnaires work as well
> as telemarketing calls?

I recently set up an e-mail survey that worked very well and was
quite cost effective.  We wanted to measure what the brides-to-be
who are my magazine's audience spent on their weddings.  The
response rate was 7%.  I did have a high number of e-mails that
couldn't go through--18%--but I expected this because of the
market (new brides who may have moved or consolidated e-mail
accounts, and a number of free e-mail addresses).   The overall
costs were so low.  Also, I never could have afforded a
telemarketing program.

Good luck!
Beth Bressman
Promotions Director
New Jersey Monthly and New Jersey Bride
T: (973) 539-8230 x4912
F: (973) 538-2953

//-----  Next Topic: Representing Regional Companies
                     Sandor Szilveszter

I'm 50 years old, electromecanical Dipl.  [I'm now] working like
contact person for a group of small companies from my region. I'm
speaking hungarian,german,roumanian and english and a little bit
russian. My tools : natural and artificial inteligence.(My brain
and my computer) My hobbies:languages,music and agriculture.

 I'm searching web addresses , marketplaces where I can offer the
 products of the mentioned companies.  Can/want somebody help ?

Sandor Szilveszter


//-----  Next Topic: How to...?
                     Patricia Goettel

I am president of a Millennium Christian Gift Shows, I have been
a Christian bookstore manager for nearly 20 years.  I have two
children both grown and several assorted animals..LOL  I am
starting what I hope is my last and best career........working
with the people I have learned to love over the years.  I am
hoping to reaquaint with some of the people I have missed in the
last 4 years..( I was working in another field)  so who knows..I
enjoy working with people.. and visiting with each and every
person..  God Bless YOU!

This is new to me.. but I am very interested in making our
company known to others.. through this type of avenue..

1.  How do you get on all the search engines.. and just get your
name out there.. much of this is brand new to me..  as I have
only had a computer for 11 months.

2.  What is the best.. most user friendly graphics program out
there.. ibm compatible.. some of them seem very limited.. and
Being somewhat of an artist.. and used to drawing..painting..
some of the stuff takes too long.. ...

3.  Where does one sell prints, of art work..  and how to do

Patricia Goettel


//-----  Next Topic: New Web Designer
                     Linwood Brooks

I am a southerner who is only two years into his second career,
this time as a web designer who needs all the help he can get to
get his business going!

Linwood Brooks


[Editor's Comment]

Linwood - both you and Patricia Goettel [from the previous post]
are in the right place at the right time, considering this issue
carries the first in a series on web marketing.  Hope it is if
help to you!

GKF - Ed.

//-----  Next Topic: Online Physical Training
                     John Piacentino

I am a personal traner who specializes in training women.  I have
been a trainer for over 13 years and decided to bring my services
to the internet.  How can I go about starting a online list of
females interested in health & fitness, nutrition, resistance
training and more...

John Piacentino


//-----  Next Topic: The Difference?
                     Carlos R.Martinez

What is the difference between e-marketing, internet marketing,
e-commerce, and e-business ?

Carlos R.Martinez


//-----  Next Topic: Web Visitor Behavior
                     Abbie Scott

I am looking to understand customer behaviour on a website -
what creative do they click on and why?

Abbie Scott


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//-----   Sponsor Message: Search Engine Optimization

                        IT WORKS.
                WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY ?

//-----   Feedback

Rob Yarlett
Hi Gary,

Thanks for putting together a very useful newsletter, While I did
not find the old one hard to handle I do think the new version is
easier to use.

I hope that others will contribute to it's success by sharing
their experiences. Sometimes it's not easy persuading others in
our organisations to work to best practice in emarketing and the
experience of others that the right way works is a big help....

Keltec ltd

[Editor's Response]


Thanks for your comments.  Its good to know when readers find a
publication's changes to be positive.  Makes an editor smile all

You're right about how hard it can be to turn a client or co-
worker away from potentially damaging online marketing practices.
We spend at least 20% of every initial meeting in internet-
practices education, tho the figure was more like 90% when we
started in '93.  Definitely a step in the right direction.


GKF - Ed.

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Let us know how we're doing with the eMD.  Like our style?  Don't
like our style?  Take issue with something we've published?  Have
an issue you want to sound off on?  Well, here's your chance.
Talk to us!

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