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The eMarketing Digest Weekly, V2 #360
Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing
Library of Congress ISSN 1522-6913
Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote

Monday April 2, 2001
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   - Editor's Preamble
        by Gary K. Foote

   - eMail Marketing Series:
          J is for Journalism
          by Shannon Kinnard

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   - Web Marketing Series:
          B is for  Building your Keyphrase List
          by Gary K. Foote

   - eMD Member to Member

        Set Top Box Business In Latin America
        Jaime Alberto Massard Ll.

        Newsletter Conversion Rates
        Jorge Enderica

        Re: Purchasing targeted email lists?
        Marty Foley

        Re: The Difference
        Rob Yarlett

        Re: Online Physical Training
        Lynda Partner

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//-----   Editor's Preamble

Hi Everyone,

I'll keep this short and sweet as there is much to get to this

Please take the time to visit this issue's sponsors, "Marketing
With Email: A Spam-Free Guide", and "Webbers Communications
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And now...  on with the show.

Gary K. Foote, Editor.

//-----   eMail Marketing Series:
          J is for Journalism
          by Shannon Kinnard

J is for Journalism

This series of email marketing pointers is about marketing. And
while there’s a definite line to be drawn between marketing and
journalism, they are two sides to the same coin. Both marketing
and journalism have communications at their core. With this in
mind, think of yourself as a journalist when you sit down to type
up the copy for your email newsletter.

Here are some tips to remember when you’re bringing out your
inner Lois Lane:

1. Show, don’t tell. Instead of telling your readers about how
your wonderful widget outwidgets all the competitor widgets, show
them the results of a widget to widget showdown or let a customer
talk about how their world is more wonderful with your widgets in

2. KISS, KISS! (Even though Valentine's Day is in the past.) Keep
it short and simple. There’s so much information out there that
if you keep your paragraphs short and easy to quickly read,
there’s a higher probability that they will read them.

3. Get an A in English 101. Pay attention to grammar and
punctuation. The only thing more annoying than a newsletter chock
full o’ typos is a reader that writes to tell you all the
mistakes you’ve made.

4. Your very first paragraph should quickly sum up the following
(which your article can then detail): who, what, when, where, how
and why.

5. Be creative. It’s more fun to read an article where the writer
verb-izes nouns and tells stories like grandpa used to tell when
you were just a little tot on his knee.

Keep journalism in mind as you create your email marketing
publications and you will see the rewards of building a two-way
relationship with your readers. The results won’t just be good,
they’ll be super, man!

Get it? Superman? Lois Lane?

(Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Shannon Kinnard,

Author of "Marketing With E-Mail"


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                           A Spam-Free Guide

 Get the book that guides you through the steps of
 launching and sustaining your email marketing program
 'Marketing With Email: A Spam-Free Guide' by Shannon Kinnard

 Or call 800-989-6733

 //-----  Web Marketing Series:
          B is for Building your Keyphrase List
          by Gary K. Foote

In the first installment I wrote about 'A is for Audience
Targeting'...  about defining your audience.  Now its time to
begin thinking about how your defined audience will use online
search engines and directories to search for your particular
service or product.  The words and phrases they use to find what
they want in these online 'phone books' are called 'keywords' and
'keyphrases'.  Buildinging your website's keyword and keyphrase
list is the first step in designing your website as you will want
to build them in during the design phase using specific
requirements that we will explore in a later installment.

How do you develop your key list?  The first thing you need to
know is, unless your company already has national or global brand
recognition AND your domain name matches your company name,
forget the idea that your company name is a valuable keyword.
99% of your potential search engine driven traffic has never
heard of your company, so they way to reach these new customers
thru search engines is to focus on your company's functions,
defining key words and key phrases that best describe them.

In our boat example, instead of focusing on 'Westwind Boat
Covers' [a fictitional company name I hope] you would be better
served to simplify your primary keyphrase to 'Boat Covers'.  This
term is way more likely to be used by SE users when searching for
boat covers that our fictitious company name ever could.

Next might be "canvas boat covers", assuming our covers are made
from canvas.  This might be followed by "Boating Accessories",
Boat shows and more.  The idea is to prioritize your final list
so your prime phrases/words are at the top of your list.

You also might subsequently consider breaking out your keys
according to your separate site categories.  For example, a river
runner's rental company might haVe a page named canoes, one named
kayaks, river equipment, canoe rental rates, kayak rental rates,
river route maps, and so forth.  You can see that each category
is also a phrase that people are likely to use when searching for
your services.

The idea behind organizing your keys using this categorized
approach is to allow you to use these keywords as your common
navigational text links to their corresponding pages.  Then you
keyword each corresponding page singly as though it is a separate
entity from your opening screen, allowing each to then act as a
differently focused search engine entry-doorway for your website.
Detais on all this later on.

When developing your keys for each single page try to keep your
list of keys to as few as you can,  with some specific exceptions
which I will discuss later.  The problem with using a bunch of
keys can be, the more keys you stuff into one page the more you
water down each individual's key's impact, lowering each page's
relevance to individual SE searches.

So, start thinking about your website's offerings in terms of
what keys your customers are likely to input to search engines
when trying to find purveyors of your service or product.
Prioritize that list.  Categorize that list.  Put it in your
development folder.  We'll use it in our next section, "C is for
Copy and Other Content".

GKF - Ed.


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                WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY?

//-----   eMD Member to Member:

Set Top Box Business In Latin America
Jaime Alberto Massard Ll.


I'm doing some research related with the implementation of the
set top box technology in latin america, so I was wondering
whether you could help me.

Thank you for you help.


James Massard
Rosario University
Bogotá- Colombia


//-----  Next Post: Newsletter Conversion Rates
                    Jorge Enderica

Does anyone have any information as to what the average
conversion rate is for newsletters?

We have just finished doing an extensive testing of the message,
and the form that are used to get visitors to subscribe to our
web site's newsletter. We were looking to find a format that
would help us increase the Conversion Rate.

After 2 months of testing, we found out that the old format which
took visitors to a separate page, and asked them to fill out
their information voluntarily worked better than a box that just
asked for their email in order to subscribe.

The next test used two variations of the call to action. One that
used text only, and another one that incorporated red characters
to make the text stand out from the rest of the content. The
later did increase the CR to slightly over 8%.

The piece of information that we are missing is a CR benchmark to
determine whether or not we are achieving a normal CR. If anyone
can give us information regarding what an average range for a CR
should be we would be very grateful!


//-----  Next Post: Re: Purchasing targeted email lists?
                    Marty Foley

> Question #1: Where can I find and purchase a targeted
> list of e-mail addresses for commerical use?

One site where list owners advertise their opt-in lists for
sale is

Buying ownership of existing opt-in lists can be controversial,
but it's generally agreed that if subscribers are sufficiently
notified a number of times of the opportunity to unsubscribe
from a list before the list changes ownership, it's possible to
avoid crossing the line into non permission-based email

There are also companies that can build targeted opt-in email
lists for you from scratch. This is much more advantageous than
paying for one-shot opt-in mailings from companies such as
offered by When you *own* the opt-in
list, you can continue to "milk" it for recurring profit.

Our company develops opt-in subscribers for various types of
email lists, at a reasonable price. The service is called List
Builder, and we've invested quite a bit of programming into it
to develop features that stand out from other opt-in list
building services.

We have a number of happy repeat customers, but we could
always use a few more ;-)

I'm here if you have any questions about List Builder.

Best Regards,
Marty Foley ~ Victory Ventures ~ +1 (713) 467-3933


//-----  Next Post: Re: The Difference
                    Rob Yarlett

Carlos R.Martinez asked:
> What is the difference between e-marketing,
> internet marketing, e-commerce, and e-business ?

I think a lot of it has to do with the audience your talking to
however in my view ... e-business - is using the electronic media
to do business - email - web sites - Intranets etc e-commerce -
is the transaction of business using electronic media Internet
Marketing - is using your web site to advertise your business,
linking to search engines, banners on web sites etc mainly re-
active? e-marketing - using email to drive business to your

--- ed. I have two questions for the list?

1) Why buy in lists at all? surely it's better to build your own
database of customers by collecting data as they visit your web
site or better still by getting the customer to ask for
information from you in the form of a competition or newsletter?

2) Has anyone Selected and Set-up a Search engine on their own
website, I'm looking it to it and would appreciate some advice.

Rob Yarlett
Keltec Web Marketeer

Keltec is proud to be the Compaq sponsored Microscope Partner
Excellence winner for January 2001, and the Sun System Reseller
of the Year 2000


//-----  Re: Online Physical Training
             Lynda Partner

Several email management companies offer a simple kit that
allows you to easily put an icon on your website that
invites visitors to input their email address so you can
contact them later - ie; Sign up for our newsletter, or Sign
up here to receive information about us.  Some companies
charge for the service, others do not.

GotMarketing's Opt-in-List-Builder is free. Your list builds
itself with qualified permission-based email addresses.  It
is stored in your secure on-line account for you and is
available instantly when you want to send out a marketing
message to them.  Of course GotMarketing would like you to
use their email campaign management product to send your
emails but there is no obligation.

Every minute that you are not collecting permission-based
email addresses from your website visitors, you are losing
prospects for your newsletter and services.   The biggest
problem most small site owners have is the technical part of
collecting and storing the email addresses so they are
readily accessible - GotMarketing's Opt-In-List-Builder
takes away all the complexity.

Lynda Partner
GotMarketing Inc
On-line self-serve eMarketing Tools
Phone:(613) 727-7588, ext 280
Fax:  (613) 727-9514


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                WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY?

//-----   Feedback


I like you style! Clear. Concise. Informative, all underscored by
a sense of realness, personality.


Liz Madden-Zibman

[Editor's Response]

Thanks Liz.  It's always fantastic when members let me know how
they like our publication.  And comments on my personal writing
style are especially appreciated.  I hope I continue to offer you
good content, stylishly written.

GKF - Ed.

Let us know how we're doing with the eMD.  Like our style?  Don't
like our style?  Take issue with something we've published?  Have
an issue you want to sound off on?  Well, here's your chance.
Talk to us!

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