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The Latest Issue of the eMD

The eMarketing Digest Weekly, V2 #362

Discussing & Defining Internet Marketing
Library of Congress ISSN 1522-6913
Edited by Gary K. Foote & C.J. Foote

Monday July 8, 2001
Current Membership Count: 3247

//-----  In This Issue

   - Editor's Preamble
        by Gary K. Foote

   - eMail Marketing Series:
        L is for
        by Shannon Kinnard

   - Web Marketing Series:
        D is for Domains
        by Gary K. Foote

   - eMD Member to Member

        Beyond Word of Mouth
        by Sean Joseph Doyle

   - New Members

//-----   Editor's Preamble

Hi Everyone,

It's great to be back!  After 3 of the busiest months I've ever
had I once again find myself with enough time to turn around, so
here's the eMD in your emailbox again.  When we left off we were
running two series' - one on email marketing and one on web
marketing.  In this issue you will find a continuation of both
those series'.  I hope they are helpful to you in your e-
marketing efforts.

As always, please take the time to visit this issue's sponsors,
"Marketing With Email: A Spam-Free Guide", and "Webbers
Communications Search Engine Positioning" as it is they who keep
the eMD a free resource. You may follow links to our sponsors
from their URLs in each issue of the eMD, or from our Sponsor
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Finally, please recommend the eMD by email or by using
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And now...  on with the show.

Gary K. Foote, Editor.

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                  Webbers Communications

//-----   eMail Marketing Series:
          L is for Listserv (R)
          by Shannon Kinnard

Listserv (R) is actually a trademarked name owned by the company
L-Soft. But since they were the first well-known email
distribution software program to come along (in the year 1986),
their brand name - the word "listserv" - set the standard and is
often used to refer to any email distribution product on the
market. It is similar to the way we often say "Kleenex"(R) to
refer to any brand of tissue paper or "Xerox"(R) to refer to any

The way a list distribution program works is this: the list
manager or owner sets up an email program to distribute one
message to a group of subscribers. The company recognizes the
importance of opt-in email as a tool to build relationships with
clients. "Now that everyone has a web site, people are less
likely to return to a particular site," says Eric Thomas, CEO of
L-Soft. Newsletters are an effective way of leading customers
back to the web site and enhancing customer relationships."

Listserv (R) set up very specific terminology to run their
software program. The company provides an excellent tutorial on
using this software at L-Soft boasts
around100 million subscribers using their service. The possibile
uses include distribution of product announcements, promotional
offers, special discounts and database integration using mail-
merge to personalize messages.

(I apologize for making this article end in an ad, but I do
heartily endorse this product (along with the more than 1,500
organizations currently using their software. If you are
interested in using L-Soft's Listserv(R) program to distribute
your email  publication, their site is available at

Shannon Kinnard,

Author of "Marketing With E-Mail"


//-----   Sponsor Message: Marketing With Email
                           A Spam-Free Guide

 Get the book that guides you through the steps of
 launching and sustaining your email marketing program
 'Marketing With Email: A Spam-Free Guide' by Shannon Kinnard

 Or call 800-989-6733

 //-----  Web Marketing Series:
          D is for Domains
          by Gary K. Foote

Here are the basic questions commonly asked about domains, with
their attendant answers.

1) What is a domain name?  A domain name is the address you type
into your computer to get to a specific website.  It is a website
address.  For example, Webbers Communications' web address, or
domain name, is .  You usually write web addresses a
bit more formally, like, but in this day
and age all you have to say is [webbers-dot-com] and
people know exactly what you mean.

2) Why do you need one?  Well, you could 'piggyback' on another
domain, or even avail yourself of one of the many free webspace
services online [list here], but the truth is, if you don't have
your own domain name you just don't carry the credibility of a
business with its own, unique web address.

3) How do you pick one?  Well, that depends on what you plan to
do with your website.  If you are going to sell bronze statues
you wouldn't choose, unless that is your
actual business name.  Assuming it is not, consider your keys
when choosing your possible domain names.  Consider instead of your business name.  It adds
strength to your search engine presence when those keys [bronze
statues] are input to their search forms.

Many people pick more than one domain, each emphasizing a
different key phrase in its content and construction.  That way
they can reach a different audience with a different website at
each domain.  This is good strategy, as long as you don't just
put up mirror sites at a bunch of domains.  That will often
negatively impact your positioning in the search engines, many of
which watch for just such practices.

4) How do you get a domain?  You can go to our website at and click on the link that reads 'Get a
Domain'.  This link will take you to Network Solutions website
where you simply follow the directions you are presented with,
paying your first year's ownership fee of $35 with your credit
card.  You will be billed directly by Network Solutions for
subsequent year's ownership of your domain name.  OK...  Now that
you own your domain name, it's time to choose a domain host.

5) What is a domain host?  To understand what a domain host IS
you first have to understand what a domain name ISN'T.  A domain
name is not a physical address, like your home or work address.
It is instead a 'virtual' address that you keep as long as you
pay your annual fee to Network Solutions for its ownership.  Now,
you need a place to host that domain address, in other words, a
physical computer connected 24/7 to the internet where you can
rent space that your domain can 'reside' on.  Once your domain
has a host and your website's pages are in residence there, all
people have to do to get to your website is to either type in its
domain name directly or click a link to it from someone else's

6) How do you find a domain host?  If you have local connectivity
to the internet [not AOL, Earthlink, et. al.] they are likely to
also offer domain hosting services.  Ask them.  If not, there are
a number of online places you can visit to look for good domain
hosting services.  There is an excellent list at LookSmart.  Go
to . Enter the search term 'domain
hosting'.  On the results screen choose the first link in the
Directory Topics section.  It reads:

    Web Hosting Services

The resulting list is broken down by US states, followed by
Canadian and International hosting.

7) What services are important to consider when choosing a host?

        eMail Services:  You will want unlimited email aliasing
        and forwarding.  This means that all email addressed to
        your can be automatically forwarded to your
        current email address.

        If your company needs to have different email addresses
        go to different people's computers you will want to have
        the ability to add on 'users'.

        Autoresponders are a handy tool to have for offering your
        website visitors instant info in a return email.

        Best is a web interface where you can configure your
        email settings yourself, putting in place your main
        forwarding address [your current address], additional
        users and autoresponder[s].

8) What does domain hosting cost?  Anywhere from free to about
$30 US per month for normal range usage.  Heavily used sites and
those that demand a lot of system resources to run complicated
scripts cost more.  Shopping carts and online transactions add
even more to the cost.  Assuming normal range usage you can find
a good hosting plan for around $20 per month average.  As for the
free hosting services?  You get what you pay for.  In otherwords,
these services usually 'piggyback' popup ads on your pages, so
beware or you might find yourself selling someone else's stuff
instead of your own.

Next issue:  E is for Examining Web Design Options

GKF - Ed.


//-----   eMD Member to Member:

Beyond Word of Mouth
Sean Joseph Doyle

I want to advertise our web site on the internet. I have tried
word of mouth. I didn't work. We have virtually no money to
invest in advertising at the moment. Is this the end of the world
for us? I there something out there that we can use?

Sean Joseph Doyle


//-----   Next Post

Topic: Re: Industry Vendors

Last issue a member asked about finding vendors by industry type.
Check out Industry Vendors website at:

GKF - Ed.

//-----   New Members

We have over 200 new members with this issue.  Welcome to all.
Normally I post all new member's countries here, but with the
volume I have had to pass this up for this issue.  I'll be
returning to our original format here with the next issue of the

GKF - Ed.

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