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Volume III, Issue I, Sep. 13, 2005

XML and RSS Feeds: Push Technology for Today

XML isn't new, yet is it only now that it is being used as a mainstream method of 'pushing' information to your subscribers rather than waiting for them to come to your website or open your email.

What is XML? Well, it's the language used to write RSS feeds. It's very straightforward and easy to use. In fact, as of early September of 2005 the eMarketing Digest has not only returned to regular publication, but is offering it in two forms;

  1. RSS Feed: Using XML markup lnaguage the eMarketing Digest is delivered direct to each subscriber's feed reader, a program that does just what it sounds like it should do - read RSS feeds. RSS stands for 'really simple syndication' and it lives up to it's name. All a person has to do to subscribe to any RSS feed is to include it's URL in their feed reader and, like clockwork, the software will deliver breaking articles to their reader the minute they are published.

    Here is an excellent tutorial on this exploding technology.

  2. eMail Distribution: No, the old tried and true email newsletter is still alive and well. In fact, the popularity of these publications is growing once again since HTML can be sent via email, hence whole webpages can arrive in your customer's email boxes regularly.

    Sure, there is a glut of them around, but if you have a real niche that you are knowlegable in, use that knowlege to publish your own newsletter to your target audience and watch your sales soar!

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