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Volume III, Issue XIV, Oct. 11, 2005

How To Promote Your Online Business Offline
By: Josh Schoenly

There are a number of great ways to promote your online business offline. Combining offline advertising with your online presence will create momentum and increase your profits. I am going to focus on three offline techniques in particular newspaper advertising, customized million dollar bills and flyers.

Newspaper advertising is an easy way to get your message in front of a large audience. When placing these kind of ads you want to put them in the business opportunities or work at home section of the classifieds. If you are only going to run them one day a week focus on the Sunday edition as this normally has the highest circulation. If possible run the ad consistently as this will build some familiarity with the readers and will lead to better response. Be sure to find out the circulation and compare the cost with the circulation to find the best deals. I would also suggest you "test" a few different ads and keep track of the results of each. Here are some examples of ads I have run recently:

STOP reading classified ads make money from them instead... I'll show you how:

Don't Read This Ad until you've tried everything else on this page. When they all fail you, I'll show you how to make real money:

Lastly I would recommend trying at least three different papers with three different ad copies and expand from there as your budget allows.

Customized Million Dollar Bills are another great way to advertise offline. If you havenít heard about these before you can check them out at These can be used a number of different ways including as an attention getter, door opener, response generator, networking device, or simply to get a smile out of the recipient. I would recommend ordering a minimum of 2000 and handing them out as quickly as possible. You can even hire someone to hand them out for you if you are short on time. As strange as this may sound to some of you this method works great and is worth the cost.

The last offline advertising method I am going to talk about in this article is a simple flyer. These are a great way to get your website in front of a wide audience. Make 1000 copies and dedicate yourself to handing out all of them in the next 7 days. Here are just a couple of places to hand these out: around your neighborhood or a large neighborhood nearby, place stacks at local restaurants, dry cleaners or other places of business, or go to your local college campuses and find areas you can place your flyers.

These are just three simple ways you can increase your traffic and subsequently your income with offline advertising.

About the Author: Josh Schoenly owns the work at home directory website located at: Come by and visit us today! Also, be sure to check out our "top pick" work at home opportunity at:

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