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Volume III, Issue XIX, Nov. 22, 2008

What About Those Zero Dollar Sale Days?

If you haven't already experienced this, odds are that you will. You sit in front of the computer, checking your email, waiting for that first order of the day to come in...but it never does. So what do you do on those zero dollar sale days?

It is not the best feeling for a small business owner to see those numbers staying still all day long. However, there are ways to combat the negative thoughts this brings on.

  1. Use that down time to update your site or catch up on your inventory. Think of it as a work day.

  2. Use it as a day off. Sometimes you will get so caught up in this business that you may even forget it's the weekend or that there is no more milk in the fridge. Consider a slow business day a day to catch up on your non-business life.

  3. Know that business will likely pick up. It may be later in the day, it may be tomorrow, it may be next week. Most small business owners would agree that slow days are typically followed by very busy days.

  4. If you're just starting out, realize that internet businesses almost always start out slowly. At the beginning, you may get a lot of window shoppers. As your business picks up, your sales will begin to include repeat customers and your slow days will slowly pick up too.

  5. Keep the lives of your customers in mind. It may be a holiday, or vacation season. It may be the day of the month when a majority of your shoppers have to pay the mortgage or other bills. There may be a reason that people just aren't visiting your site.

  6. Use this time to think of new ways to advertise. There are always new places to promote your business. If you are selling a product directed to parents of small children, try checking into some parent forums or homeschooling forums. If your product is directed toward users of a certain product, do a goggle search to find message boards about that subject. Use a slow day to get your name out there.

  7. If your slow day has turned into a week or more, it may be time to start a new promotion. Try to figure out what is preventing people from purchasing and create a promotion that addresses that issue.

  8. Know that every business out there has it's zero dollar days. If you have friends or colleagues who are also small business owners, ask them about their own experiences with slow sales.

  9. Make sure everything is working properly on your site. This seems like the first thing most people would check, but it is often overlooked. It may take several customers visiting before they find a way to contact you to alert you to a problem, so don't forget to check for yourself.

  10. Lastly, don't get discouraged! Every business out there suffers its slow periods. You may be especially prone to discouragement from these slow days if you are in the beginning stages of your business. Remind yourself that it will not last forever.

    Diego Norte, Contributing Writer

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