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Coarse Octrahedrite - one of only 230 struck. No more will be made.
[See above and below for pics ]
[ Closeup ]

This coin was sliced and stamped from a piece of Campo del Cielo meteorite and was then acid etched to bring out its widmanstatten bands. It is one of only 400 made. It is stamped with, 'Space Coin, Campo del Cielo, In the Skies We Trust' and has a very nice complete ridged edge and a clear Widmanstatten pattern. This pattern does not appear in terrestrial iron ores. Its presence is diagnostic for meteorites. Pattern variations are indicative of different subtypes.

On the obverse [see below] there is the coin's serial number. It reads 1/07. This means series #1, strike #7. Since there will never be a series #2, this is number seven of only 230 in existence. Its rim is different from the earlier, unserialized coin [Only 400 ever struck] in that it does not have a ridged edge. [ See earlier, unserialized coin here ]

One can also see that, in the right aspect of the obverse picture's edge below, is a melted area which shows that this space coin was struck from the very outside of the parent meteorite. This feature, to my knowlege, is not common among serialized Campo Del Cielo Space Coins to display this outer edge in its rim so clearly.

Shock level is unknown. Weathering level is 2. TKW is >30 tons.

[ Closeup ]

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