Barringer Crater
I.M.C.A #2215

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Canyon Diablo 260.3 gram sculptural individual
[Item #S19]

Canyon Diablo meteorites come from the meteor crater area 40 miles east of Flagstaff Arizona where Barringer Meteor fell. Its structural class is a Coarse octahedrite. Its Widmanstatten bandwidth is 2.0 0.5mm.

260.3 gram sculptural Canyon Diablo Iron. It was deeply rusted in places and quickly needed some preservations when I got it, so here's what I did.
  1. I used a shallow bowl of rust remover and soaked the specimen in it for a couple of hours. In retrospect I may try the next ruster I end up with overnight in rust remover.
  2. While it was still wet with rust remover I used brass brushes to remove as much of the deep rust as possible. During this process some of 'bluing' was also removed, though the picture below does exaggerate it to some degree. While some may not like this I personally enjoy the contrast more than the completely blued piece. In fact, I am not sure the bluing was original since it came off as easily as it did.
  3. I rinsed and brushed the specimen in a bath of distilled water to stop the rust remover actrion and remove all traces of it.
  4. I soaked the specimen overnight in a bath of 96% alcohol to drive out the water.
  5. I baked it on the oven for about 2 hours at just below 200 degrees to drive out the alcohol and fully dry the specimen. I let it cool to room temperature while it remained in the oven.
  6. Finally, I used a product known to motorcycle riders as 'Chain Wax', a 'fling free' lubricant that coats, but is not oily. I rubbed this wax with a soft cloth and the specimen has been completely stable since August, 2006.

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