Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona
I.M.C.A #2215

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0.4 grams, 2 frags with fusion crust.

Sikhote Alin Iron
39.7 grams "The Mayflower"
73.5 grams "Buck Rogers Spaceship"
20.7 Gram Oriented Individual
14 Gram Sikhote Shrapnel
7 Gram Oriented Individual

Gibeon Iron
46.7 gram Etched Slice

Nantan Iron
69 gram individual

Canyon Diablo Iron
260.3 gram Individual
17 grams, My First Acqusition
19 grams
21 grams

Campo del Cielo Iron
Unserialized 21 gram Space Coin [Only 400 made]
Serialized 21.3 gram Space Coin [Only 230 made]
115 gram Individual
495 grams "The Owl"
240 grams "The Hand"
665 grams
840 grams
The Snake

Taza Iron [NWA 859]
19 gram etched endcut

Martian Nakhlite [NWA 998]
.010 grams in vial

Northbranch H5 Meteorite
4.2 gram part-slice

Forestburg (b) Meteorite
2.6 gram part-slice

Chondrule Grouping View X100

Closeup View of Photo Above.

Tulia (b) Meteorite
2.2 gram part-slice

Gao-Guenie Carbonaceous Chondrites
46.7 gram individual
.47 gram oriented individual

Unclassified NWA Chondrites
97.3 grams
NWA "Halfloaf"
Grouping: Weight Unknown
10 gram H5-6 chondrite encut
16 gram pair - From Risanni, Morocco
Strewnfield on my Table

NWA 869
30 gram slice
17.7 grams
90.2 grams - Complete Individual
38 gram Oriented Individual

NWA 4464 Provisional Classification
6.9 gram part slice


Teardrop tektite
Cowflop tektite
Oblong tektite
Straight tektite

Wahnapitea Impact Breccia
Sudbury Melt Glass
Black Onaping Fallback Breccia
Sudbury Brecciated Melt Glass

Iron Slag

Below right is a nice slice of Sudbury Impact Melt Glass

Other Interesting Terrestrial Specimens
Obsidian w/Pink Granite and Feldspar Breccia
Pink Granite with Feldspar Inclusions 25.2 grams
Hematite 34.9 grams
Essexite Gabbro
Fossilized Bone in Matrix 98.7 grams
4.5 inch Megalodon Shark Tooth 4.5 inches
Petrified Wood 36.4 grams
Pure Silicon 61.4 grams
Amber 37.4 grams
Apache Tear 70.6 grams
Unknown #1
Unknown Slab 110.7 grams
Unknown Slab 172.3 grams


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