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Sikhote Alin 39.7g Oriented Individual
[Item #S4]
$79 USD
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sikhote alin 39.7 gram oriented individual - The Mayflower

ABOVE: Notice the deep regmaglypts and two impact craters on the surface of this piece. You can also see flow lines crossing the leading lip from right to left.
ABOVE: View of port bow.
ABOVE: View of starboard side. This meteorite traveled through the atmosphere from left to right as seen in the above photo.

"The ratio between the diameter of the regmaglypts and of the fragments ranges from 0.05 to 0.25, with the majority giving 0.08-0.10, for specimens 5-45 cm in size."


BUCHWALD V.F. (1975) Iron Meteorites (UCLA, 1975, Vol.3, pp. 1123-1130).

BUCHWALD V.F. (1975) Iron Meteorites
(Univ. of California, 1975, Vol.1 , p. 18 / Vol. 3, p. 1126):

Date of fall: Feb 12, 1947
Time: 10.38 a.m. (local time)
Direction: N => S (10-15 east of north)
Initial inclination: 41
The initial declination had increased to 60-70 at the time of impact (zenith angle about 49).
Apparent diameter of the bolide: 600m (with its luminous envelope).
Length of smoke trail: 33 9 km
Dust trail observed for several hours.
Brightness of bolide: exceeded that of the sun (about - 26)
Point of complete breakup: 4 - 6 km (Hemmungspunkt)
Initial velocity: 14.5 km/s
Geocentric velocity: 9.2 km/s
Heliocentric velocity: 37 km/s
Preatmospheric mass: 1000 t
Radius of light and sound phenomena: 300 - 400 km
Largest fragment: 1.745 kg
Specimens collected: 8.500
Total weight: > 23 tons
It is estimated that a total of 70 tons fell, including dust.
Impact holes: 122 ( 0.5 - 26 m/ 1 - 12 m)
Scatter ellipse: 1.6 km^2 ( N => S = 2.1 km /E => W = 1.0 km )
A smaller ellipse of 0.75 x 0.30 km was found to exist.
Final velocities: 0.1 - 1 km/s

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